How MI5 tried to recruit me: Bristol radio presenter Mohamed Makawi

Friday 20th March 2015

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five – discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six –
 straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

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First hour: News review: with Conservative councillor for Avonmouth Matthew Melias – Avonmouth – docks, sold off by council to private company, businesses;  Avon and Somerset Police and Wiltshire Police to share services for £30m savings;  Carriage Works plans – compulsory purchase, 5th Capital, speculators, social housing;  new free school in basement of  central library – poor light, Merchant Venturers;  Grant Shapps, Chairman of Conservative Party, a liar and a bully – did have second job after trying to sue constituent for saying so, telling truth, ministerial code, Chairman Shapps breaks it by lying and bullying, Leader Cameron breaks it by attending secret Bilderberg conference in Watford 2013; The Budget – £12 bn welfare cuts,  IFS asks how Tories are going to do this;  Greece leaving Euro and defaulting, crash, derivatives, oil price, property bubble;  Homes for Britain RallyKen Loach says how can sixth richest country in the world have 93,000 children in poverty? Social housing, mortgage boom and bust, the planning system; PMQs Ed Miliband and David Cameron: NHS and Tories’ broken promises – cuts; PMQs Fiona McTaggart, NHS cancer patient waiting lists up – cuts, QE money printing, banks; PMQs Theresa Pearce: long waiting times to see GPs, reorganisation of NHS, cuts; IPCC open 2nd criminal enquiry into Met police cover up of paedophile MP Cyril Smith and long list of allegations and names of high ranking and public figure paedophiles. Metropolitan Police, Scotland Yard, MI5 covered up VIP involvement (such as Cyril Smith) in child sex abuse; rising number of suicides in jails linked to spending cuts – special squads sent in to prisons every week to put down riots – less guards mean regular riots.
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Second hour: Investigative reports: Matt Campbell who lost his brother Geoff in the 9/11 attacks challenging BBC in court over cover-up of real 9/11 terrorists – his brother Geoff Campbell was working as a risk consultant to Reuters who are ‘supposed’ to have told the BBC’s Jane Standley and Martyn Lewis about the collapse of WTC7 Salomon brothers building twenty minutes BEFORE it actually happened – BBC boss Richard Porter said it was a ‘genuine mistake’ Press Gazette’s Axegrinder says ‘Pull the other one Lizard Man’ – complicity under Terrorism Act 2000. Interview with Matt Campbell, whose brother died in 9/11 attacks – he has refused to pay BBC licence fee because he doesn’t feel 9/11 has been covered properly by BBC. Conspiracy Files, controlled demolition of buildings, Building 7, Gladio, NATO.  BCfm ‘Arabian Nights’ presenter Mohamed Makawi describes attempts by MI5 to intimidate and recruit him in the late 1990s and passes on advice for others they approach. Interview with Mohammed Makawi who presents BCfm’s Arabian Nights show – MI5 tried to recruit him years ago as he was part of the Muslim community – NATO, Operation Cyclone, CIA. Now occupied Stapleton allotments and smallholdings have been evicted Steve Satan from pressure group Rail Future gives his views on Bristol’s Metrobus proposal for Guided Rail buses costing around £100m. Steve Satan discusses the Metrobus plan – same kind of ‘misguided bus’ being cancelled in Nancy, France, trams, green?  Simon Lewis from Carriageworks Action Group describes forthcoming planning decision about Fifth Capital proposal to develop Carriageworks and Westmoreland House in Stokes Croft. Simon Lewis discusses the Carriage Works – derelict, 5th Capital, preferred developer, social housing. The Bristol Party also campaigning against luxury flats on the site. Rev. Stephen Sizer from Virginia Water Anglican church. Stephen Sizer, vicar who has been banned from discussing the Middle East, talks about heresy and hypocrisy of Christian Zionism and danger of Israeli Zionism. Netanyahu wins Israel elections. Osborne brings Britain into Chinese Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) the Chinese equivalent to IMF, much to the consternation of the US and IMF.
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