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Bristol Post: Mayor Marvin Rees says as a private citizen it is up to him what he does with £9K pay rise

How to contact your local Bristol city councillor

MPs, how to register to vote in general elections

Bristol East: Kerry McCarthy (Labour)Twitter – (apologies, too busy)

Bristol North-West:  Darren Jones (Labour) – Twitter – (apologies, too busy right now)

Bristol South: Karin Smyth MP (Labour)Twitter – (apologies, too busy)

Bristol West: Thangam Debbonaire (Labour)Twitter – (apologies, too busy)

Filton and Bradley Stoke: Jack Lopresti MP (Conservative) – Twitter – (apologies, too busy)

Kingswood: Chris Skidmore MP (Conservative) – Twitter – (apologies, too busy)

Bristol MPs and MEPs on Bristol City Council website

Bristol Metro Mayor

EXCLUSIVE: Bristol mayor. Leaked Labour party 2020 re-selection statement where Marvin Rees takes credit for saving the libraries and council tax reduction scheme he tried to close and abolish

Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees has blocked me on Twitter after I criticised a speech he made but you can view his feed by clicking on him here:

marvin rees

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