Is UK Investigative Journalism Dead? Tim Tate and Phil Chamberlain

Friday 27th March 2015

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five – discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six –
 straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

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First hour: News review: with LibDem leader Gary Hopkins. Residents parking zones – previous consultations; Bristol Arena – parking;  local media – South West Business News, Bristol Chamber of Commerce, same as news in Bristol Post;  Mayor Ferguson – referendum for mayor;  Jo Moss from Bristol Cannabis Club discusses medicinal uses for cannabis, legalising cannabis, and their Cannabis Education and Social Evening event tomorrow evening – Iran Contra, big banks and drug cartels, Spain and decriminalisation of cannabis; Longest serving member of the Conservative party & wartime MI6 code breaker Harry Beckhough dies aged 101. Former MI6 Nazi hunter Harry Beckhough’s 2008 radio autobiography part 1 and Christmas special part 2 and Harry’s Christmas news review 2012.  Harry Beckhough, former intelligence officer, business man and author, died last week at age of 101 – clips of him discussing meeting Winston Churchill, and being a spy in WW2  – also Hitler’s Treasurer Martin Bormann and Vatican’s Nazi ratlines to South America. EU making Britain’s laws. Zero inflation for the UK and will deflation affect us? PMQs Ed Miliband – Do Tories plan further cuts? Cameron asking Miliband questions as if Miliband is Prime Minister already. Miliband spontaneous or rehearsed. VAT and NI contributions – Tory failed plan for reducing immigration – cuts, damage to public services, ideological cuts, deficit, crash; Theresa May and crackdown on hate preachers – NATO; PMQs Kingswood MP Chris Skidmore – M4 link to Avon Ring Road.
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military bases in ME centcom-map

Second hour: Investigative reports: Saudi Arabia led military action in Yemen:  ISIS; Syria; Iraq; Africom; Centcom; NATO. Crashing drones are exposing secrets about U.S. war operations:  US money to ISIS.  Germanwings plane crash throws spotlight on cockpit security: 150 more victims of 9/11 because of extra door security measures. US and NATO terrorism in Germany eg. Herrhausen assassination. Daniele Ganser, on Julian Charles show ‘The Mind Renewed’, discusses NATOs’ secret armies in Germany and who was really behind the Red Army Faction (RAF) and Baader Meinhof German terror gangs:  Gorbachev; Nazis; Red Army Faction; communism. Is Investigative Journalism Dead? With senior journalism lecturer at UWE Phil Chamberlain and TV documentary maker Tim TateDiscussion: ‘Is Investigative Journalism Dead?’ between Tim Tate, documentary maker and author, and Phil Chamberlain, Senior Journalism Lecturer at University of the West of England (UWE) and author of ‘Blacklisted: The Secret War between Big Business and Union Activists. Will the internet do the job of big documentary teams? Paul Foot; investigative journalism being starved; enormous cost of hard-hitting investigations; after 1988 Thames TV documentary about the SAS executing IRA terrorists ‘Death on the Rock’ but Tories didn’t like it, Thames TV ‘lost’ their licence. Thatcher changed quotas for TV; Panorama, Dispatches;  Cook Report; lawyers; Boeing; ‘Blacklisted’ book by Phil;  child sexual abuse – Liz MacKean’s Savile piece pulled from BBC’s Newsnight editor Peter Ripon then subsequent story by Miles Goslett was refused by every national newspaper, finally published in The Oldie (whose editor Richard Ingrams was subsequently sacked); clip from Tim’s film ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ about child sexual abuse, FBI and The Franklin Scandal which was pulled from Discovery Channel;  does investigative journalism change anything? Watergate, US investigative journalist Michael Hastings killed investigating CIA spying on journalists and elected politicians.
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