Introducing ‘forgotten’ WWII SBU commando CO, Harold Goulding DSO

Friday 16th January 2015

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First hour: News review: NHS cuts;  Mayor Ferguson’s residential parking – bus fares up;  ISIS – oil prices down, Saudi Arabia against Russia and Iran;  stock markets wobbling, Swiss – exiting currency pegged to Euro, deflation;  clip Osborne – saying long term economic plan working –  Baltic Dry Index down, cost of living crisis, the 1% protected; clip of Owen Jones on BBC3 saying should be TV programme ‘Tax Dodgers and Bankers Street’ not ‘Benefits Street’;  Charlotte Leslie says some councillors are having gagging orders or ‘compromise agreements’ put on them – commercial confidentiality but for public contracts;  Steve Webb says it’s right to be able to sell off pensions for cash – need more housing;  should Green Party be included in leadership debate – Lynton Crosby doesn’t want Cameron to debate, Ofcom;  PMQs Michael Fabricant – there are gaps in MI5 surveillance – do we need more?  Or change to stop being illegal;  MI5 on Blue Peter –  ‘Find a Spy’ competition for kids where winner gets tour of MI5 but MI5 are embroiled in Kincora boys home paedophile scandal and deputy head of sister service MI6, Peter Hayman was a paedophile too;  government refuses to publish internal reviews into deaths related to benefit cuts or sanctions – blood on governments hands.
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Second hour: Investigative reports: Interview with Ian Fraser, author of ‘Shredded’, about RBS and Fred Goodwin or ‘Fred the Shred’:  RBS was most expensive bank in world to bail out; no regulation; inside RBS – male orientated; bank assets bigger than UK economy;  Rona Fairhead – HSBC to head of BBC – revolving door;  banks influence over government; banking fraud – foreign exchange rate, Libor rigging, money laundering – fines won’t change anything – jailing bankers.  Turkish president, Erdogan, accuses ‘the West’ of being behind Charlie Hebdo attacks: former US White House presidential advisers Paul Craig Roberts says Paris attacks are false flag to bring France back into line; Israeli journalist filmed attack; Netanyahu asked not to come to Paris but became centre of attention; oil pipe line from Russia to Turkey; western intelligence services, NATO; Jihadi training camp in Ardennes. Interview with Jill Goulding, who found some secret WW2 documents of her grandfathers’ in her mother’s attic:  WWII COPP commando training unit on Hayling Island near Chichester in Hampshire; John Ainsworth-Davis, aka. Christopher Creighton, author of ‘OPJB’, was trained by him, were both part of secret operations and were lied to; putting the record straight over the world war two 3,500 Canadian casualties at Dieppe – Wednesday 19th August 1942, did the German’s know Canadians were coming?

Dieppe, 1942: 3,500 Canadians sacrificed as cover for MI6 agent JAD who later grabbed Nazis’ looted billions?
Why was my war hero grandfather written out of history? Jill Goulding discovered an attaché case in her Hampshire loft which contained a host of secret wartime documents confirming her grandfather Harold Goulding had been the commanding officer of the Royal Navy’s elite Special Boat Unit (SBU). So why did he die just months after the war, why was his DSO not recognised on his gravestone and elsewhere, and why did one of the commandos he trained at COPP headquarters, John Ainsworth-Davis, say it was lucky Harold died so soon after the war because he wouldn’t have wanted to know ‘we’d been lied to’.  Was that lie the secret ‘Operation James Bond’ mission that took place in April 1945, just before the end of World War Two, to snatch Hitler’s treasurer, Martin Bormann, from under the noses of the Russians so he could begin the work of running an underground Fourth Reich? The COPP commandos that took part in that top secret MI6 mission were told they were extracting Bormann, codename ‘Piglet’, so that the Nazis looted billions could be redistributed and returned to its rightful owners across Europe, but that was Churchill’s man of mystery Desmond Morton’s big lie. A body double who’d had dental surgery, of Bormann was taken on the mission and once Bormann had been identified and rescued the double was killed and left behind as ‘Bormann’s body.  Only Morton, Ian Fleming, King George VI and Winston Churchill knew the real plan was to get Bormann out of Berlin, via Britain, to South America where he could safely begin the bureaucratic job of creating 750 or so new corporations around the world into which the laundered billions could be injected and former SS supporters in suits would be placed on the various boards.  This is detailed in two books which I respectfully ask you to read and distribute  1. ‘Op JB, the last great secret of world war two’ by Christopher Crieghton (John Aisworth Davis was using a pen name still nervouis about the official secrets act)  2. ‘Martin Bormann Nazi in Exile’ by wartime CBS news correspondent Paul Manning.  Jill met John Ainsworth-Davis – aka. Christopher Creighton, author of ‘Op JB, the Last Great Secret of World War Two’, who told her that Harold would have been upset that they were lied to about secret missions they were sent on at the end of the war.  So how and why did Harold die and why has his memory been expunged from history? Anyone that knew Commander Harold Goulding, R.N. D.S.O. please contact his grand-daughter Jill at See also
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6 comments on “Introducing ‘forgotten’ WWII SBU commando CO, Harold Goulding DSO
  1. dahszil dahszil says:

    no show today?

  2. dahszil dahszil says:

    hope everyone on the politics show is ok

  3. Yes, we’re all fine – hope you enjoyed it?

    • dahszil dahszil says:

      Thanks, relieved to know all is right. I finally was able to listen to show on Sunday.

      Charlotte Lesley says “it’s not a crime to be rich and it’s not a crime to be poor”? The Uk is something like 6 or 7th largest economy or wealth, in that context poverty is a crime and the Tories and the Republicans over here are the criminals creating poverty while the corporations and wealthy get wealthier. Dr. Michael Parenti says it is wealth that creates poverty. think about it. And it is a lie that capitalism gave everyone a better standard of living. It was the workers struggles in the 19th and early and mid 20th century that gave the working people more of the economic and resource pie. Since Thatcher/Reagan(actually we got the start of austerity in the last two years of Jimmy Carter) reactionary culture, which was continued by all major parties in the US and UK we are being pushed backed to Dicken’s time. If capitalists has there way they’d have us and our children working in factories or walmarts 16 hours a day for a dollar a day. There is strength in numbers and only from the bottom up, or grass roots will we get back to where we were in the mid 70’s and continue back on the road to the growth of true social democracy.

      “deranged terrorists”? cut to the main point: 911 would have never occurred if the US and NATO had not caused misery, poverty, death and destruction directly or by proxy via bought off dictators. 911 was a response, imperialism and aggression prior to 911 by the US and western allies and crooked middle eastern leaders was the stimulus.


  4. dahszil dahszil says:

    I forgot to add: It was not unbridled capitalism that gave the disabled and jobless, and again the workers, a better quality of life. It was the socialists, chartists and workers struggles of the 19th and early to mid 20th century that also gave the workers, disabled and the jobless a better quality of life.

  5. dahszil dahszil says:

    sorry forgot one more important demographic: it was the workers struggles that also gave the retired and elderly a better quality of life. it’s a nonsense to think and feel the “robber barons” and their bought off politicians that gave the elderly and retired a better quality of life. Again real change comes from the bottom up, the grass roots which forced Franklin Delano Roosevelt and William Beveridge to put into law the better quality of life for the common woman, man and child.

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