France comes to NATO’s heel after Charlie Hebdo massacre

Friday 9th January 2015

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First hour: News review: with Conservative councillor Claire Hiscott. Terrorist attacks in France; political party electioneering – Tory manifesto, cuts; cuts to the NHS – Southmead Hospital; the slowing of UK manufacturing; deflation in Europe – last time 1930s – ECB starting QE; oil prices going down; clip of Cameron on Andrew Marr show – ideological cuts; privatisation of health care; PMQs Ed Miliband – A&E and Cameron’s broken promise – worse waiting times in last 10 years; Cameron alliance with UKIP; PMQs Better Care Fund; Mayor Ferguson – tweeting about cyclists; Prince Andrew and rape claims – he stood up for Geoffrey Epstein, rape victim’s lawyers sue Prince Andrew’s lawyer for defamation; Theresa May and finding a chair for child sex abuse commission; clip of Tim Fortescue from 1995 BBC documentary ‘Westminister’s Secret Service’; hidden homeless living in caves and air raid shelters – spiral of benefit cuts and rent arrears.
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Second hour: Investigative reports: Charlie Hebdo massacre and terror attacks in Paris, France. Terror attacks in France and many contextual aspects such as the timing which suggest an ulterior motive associated with persuading the French political classes to join the NATO coalition against ISIS: NATO and Gladio networks; attacks on Belgian supermarkets in 1980s, US marines stole guns and killing Belgian police in Vielsalm and civilians; terrorists had military training; Syria; Operation Cyclone; international coalition against ISIS; Libya; Saudi Arabia; Brabant massacre; Israel; Club be Berne. NATO conducted a European terrorist campaign targeting innocent civilians called Operation Gladio from the 1970s to 1990s. Mainly US and British troops worked with irregular fascist ‘stay behind’ units, under NATO Intelligence and private ‘Club De Berne’ command and posed as far left terrorists killing hundreds of Europeans in a successful attempt to further US policy, such as placement of cruise missiles in Europe. Belgium, Italy and Switzerland conducted fairly thourough parliamentary inquiries into these NATO terror massacres but nobody was prosecuted.
NATO have been working with Jihadis ever since 1980s ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ Operation Cyclone when 4 billion dollars was spent by UK & US destabilising Russian occupied Afganistan.
A 80 year old Charlie Hebdo cartoonist sacked and tried under french criminal law for mild jibe about president Sarkozy’s son converting to Judaism.
If this had happened to an Assad magazine office that would be a legitimate act of war by Assad rebels we support
All hostages and gunmen shot dead so no questioning the official police story and no trials or evidence required for anything just the word of anonymous French police spokespeople
Francois Hollande just ade trip to Russia to negotiate down sanctions with Russia which is hurting Europe – no such thing allowed NATO escalation with Russia is on a ratchet up.
October 2014’s Ottawa parliament attack and December 2014’s Sydney attack came as both the Canadian and Australian parliament was making big decisions about whether or not to join UK/US in NATO anti ISIS coalition – ditto this time in France.
Since then NATO special forces have been training ‘rebel’ fighters in Libya and Syria as well as in training camps in neaby Jordan and NATO country Turkey.
Fighters were very well trained, probably by NATO special forces for the ISIS group which was created by the Western intelligence services.
‘One Rogue Reporter’, former Daily Star reporter Richard Peppiatt. Interview with Richard Peppiatt, former journalist for The Daily Star, who has made a film ‘One Rogue Reporter’ about what’s wrong with the press: The Daily Star, The News of the World and the English Defence League; reader interaction; Leveson Inquiry; good tabloid possible; advertiser’s influence increasing; stories from newswires cheaper than investigative journalism. Interview with Dave Barnby who has written book ‘EU – Corporatist Racket’, starting from 1940 up until present time: EU run for large corporations; Britain joined EEC in 1973 – referendum afterwards; Joseph Retinger and Bilderberg; Hugh Gaitskell – possible future Prime Minister; Ted Heath gave up space programme with ‘Black Arrow’ and ‘Blue Streak’ which were picked up by the French and elsewhere, Common Agricultural Policy, and fisheries to join EEC; TTIP. Dave Barnby on his new book about the origins of the European Union. What deals were done when UK entered the EEC in 1973.
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Investigative Journalist

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2 comments on “France comes to NATO’s heel after Charlie Hebdo massacre
  1. dahszil dahszil says:

    The terrorist attacks on the satirical newspaper and elsewhere in Paris and France this week: The US and UK “deep state” has a hand in this. Of course there never work directly but through capo like middlemen who get paid a lot of dosh. They want France to join in another war in Iraq. Martin Summers, Daniele Ganzer, Judge Impositmoto, et al have given legitimacy that false flag, gladio attacks in Italy, Belgium and elsewhere, and the kidnapping of Aldo Moro on his way to form a coalition government with the anti-soviet, communist Italian party led by the courageous, incorruptible Enrico Berlinguer and murder were US led nato false flag operations.

    Indeed, the hitmen probably believed they were on a mission for Islam, but no doubt they were “down and outers”, disillusioned, sociopathic types, which are a tiny minority in any ethnicity or religion. They were on the watchlist because they were allowed to be. If US/UK cared about security these guys would have never gotten the weapons, training and money to pull off these attacks. These are the kind of people secret services look for. You can go back to an old John Le Carre(who worked for mi5 or mi6 for awhile) novel and tells you that hitmen or on the ground operatives are usually men and women with problems whether they are european or middle eastern or whatever ethnicity.

    Just like al qaeda, ISIL is a tool created by the NATO deep state countries as a tool to scare the people to vote for war. The highest US decorated General Smedly Butler wrote a book and gave a speech in 1937:”WAR is a Racket: I went to war for the corporations” . Mussolini’s definition of fascism was the amalgamation of the Corporations and the Government. And I would add to that aggressive war against resource rich countries for profit of course.

    I don’t believe in this free speech at any cost and that is hurtful to “the other” , the oppressed minorities? in a European country or Anglo country.(Of course the plutocracy always have the power to shut down any satire or expose’s against them, and even criminal proceedings in most cases) How long would a satirical newspaper last in the US which offended african americans and offended what they hold sacred? Why was a satirical newspaper closed after they did a satirical piece on Charles De Gaul on the day of his funeral in 1970?

  2. dahszil dahszil says:

    Truly grateful that the “the politics show” is back on the air with Tony, Martin, et al. I’m one of those guys who look forward to my favorite indy media audio programs like most men and I suppose many women theses days, look forward to an american football game and in the rest of the world, the better sport soccer, or what ouside the US and Canada called football. I have a hard time reading in my late middle age. And with a cheap fm transmitter(i bought one for 12 us dollars. so small you can hide one in your closed hand. and i use rechargeable aaa batteries to save money in the long run. no doubt there are fm transmitters that you can plug in to your electric home socket or in the usb port of your pc, but they are probably more expensive) i plug into the headphone jack in my old pc, i can listen with any conventional radio withing 30 ft. So i don’t have to be seated watching a video which has less narrative description, and then can do other things away from my computer listening to audio. I usually listen through my headphones to my portable personal radio(e.g. = for example, like a sony walkman). but it is getting harder to find a personal stereo or an mp3 player that also has an fm radio in it. so i bought a couple of cheap personal stereo radios for back up. dx/local switch is a help. i usually switch to local to listen to clean static “white noise”at the extreme two ends of the fm dial, to distract from my chronic ringing in the ears, i.e. tinnitus to help me rest or sleep. digital radios are problematic. broadcasts keep coming in and out. In my bed i just turn on my old analog radio on my bead-stand and dial to one of ten channels i can set my fm transmitter to.


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