Bristol full council meetings under system his party created in 2012 ‘almost entirely pointless’ says ex-lord mayor – Ex NATO European Commander General Sir Richard Shirreff On BBC ‘World at One’ Discussing Ukraine War – Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrei Kelin Grilled By BBC’s Clive Myrie – War Criminal Henry Kissinger plays the peacemaker once again in a war he helped create – Ukraine ‘Bottom’ Of The Agenda As Anglo-Zionist Empire Deep State In Session, Bilderberg 2022 Convenes in Washington DC – Serial War Criminal Still Playing The Peacemaker, Can Henry Kissinger Start WWIII Before He Dies? – Undercover Nazis (not just the chairman for the first two decades Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands) at the inaugural Bilderberg hotel meeting, Oosterbeek, 29-31 May 1954 – ‘Adepts’ Occult Skill Is In Being ‘Adept’ At Controlling, Or Enslaving, Everybody Else In Society, Which Is A Luciferian Philosophy – In their WWII ‘Double Cross’ programme MI5 Replaced Genuine Agents With Fake Ones, Alex Jones is the fake Bill Cooper and rose to national prominence after Bill Cooper was shot dead by the FBI – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

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Part One News Review and Investigative Reports

Jos Clark, Lib Dem Councillor, on Councillor meetings. Planning deals that will continue after the Bristol Mayor has gone. Outgoing Lord Mayor of Bristol, New Lord Mayor Paula O’Rourke, says Councillor meetings are pointless, as Mayor vetoes their decisions.  “The committee system is better than the mayoral model but it’s only better if we work together, and maybe it’s about time we had some grown-up politics in this chamber.” Lib Dem leader Cllr Jos Clark said: “Bristolians have made it really clear that they did not want so much power ceded to one person. “Marvin, wouldn’t it be nice to leave the city in a good place when you leave office in 2024 and get some of the basics sorted? The issues around SEND are still not resolved.” Mr Rees said: “When the cameras are rolling, we use this chamber for theatre when actually there are very serious challenges facing the city. “As the lord mayor suggested, the quality of debate and discussion in this chamber is poor, and then we get this lament that people don’t take the chamber seriously.”

Bristol full council meetings ‘almost entirely pointless’ says ex-lord mayor – Cllr Steve Smith wants to see a format similar to that used in the House of Commons The outgoing lord mayor of Bristol is calling for major changes to full council meetings after branding them “almost entirely pointless”. Cllr Steve Smith spoke out after his successor Cllr Paula O’Rourke, who took over the largely ceremonial role last week, criticised the quality of debate among councillors in response to an annual speech by elected mayor Marvin Rees. Green Cllr O’Rourke, whose duties as the new lord mayor include chairing full council meetings of Bristol City Council, called out party group leaders in the chamber for delivering pre-scripted remarks that failed to directly address the comments by Labour’s Mr Rees. Now Conservative Cllr Smith, who is the new deputy lord mayor following 12 months in the hot seat, has echoed her sentiments and says reform is needed. Writing on social media, he said full council rules prevented members from challenging other statements and that so-called debate was “really a pre-planned series of three-minute speeches” by councillors picked in advance. Cllr Smith said the format should be more like that in the House of Commons where anyone can speak, with the Speaker’s permission, and “intervene” on specific points. He wrote on Twitter: “The new Lord Mayor questioned the quality of debate this week, and having just finished a year chairing these meetings I think she is right. There are some reasons for this IMHO. It isn’t just that lazy Councillors can’t be bothered to do our job properly (though let’s be honest, most of us have made speeches at some point that are just a bit of a token effort). “There are some fundamental problems that I hope a change of system might address. First, full council meetings are almost entirely pointless under the current system. “Other than formally ‘signing off’ one or two policies (eg licensing) where the real work is done beforehand in committees, full council meetings have no power to affect anything. We can’t make policy, we can’t make or change decisions. “The only thing we really affect is the budget once a year, and even then we’re really only fiddling around the edges. With no real purpose, what you end up with is the political theatre that was rightly criticised.”

‘F* the Jubilee’ Punk event in The Plough pub in Easton, Bristol. Migrants due to be sent to Rwanda go on hunger strike. ‘Why I had to put the Church before Charles’ Daily Express 2020 – Prayers today for Liz’ health, despite her jab Why Queen said ‘I had to put Church before Charles’ QUEEN ELIZABETH II did not attend the marriage of her eldest son Prince Charles to Camilla Parker Bowles – and Her Majesty spoke about how she felt she had to put the Church of England before Charles. According to reports from the time, Her Majesty had concerns about damaging the Church of England and spoke to a friend about how she had to put the Church before Charles. Reporting for The Telegraph in 2005, Andrew Alderson wrote: “It has been widely reported that the Queen would boycott the ceremony in the Guildhall because she did not want to attend a humiliating ‘town hall’ service, but the real reason can now be revealed. “The Queen has let it be known that the reason she will not be attending the wedding of the Prince of Wales is because she is putting her duties as the head of the Church of England before family feelings.” He continued: “She has told a friend that she feels it incompatible with her role as Supreme Governor of the Church to attend a civil marriage ceremony, particularly one involving the heir to the throne. She does not want to set a precedent that could damage the Church of England.” Mr Alderson reported that the Queen told a friend: ”I am not able to go. I do not feel that my position [as Supreme Governor of the Church] permits it.” He added: “Until now, it has been unclear why the Queen declined to attend the wedding of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles in Windsor on Friday.” The author continued: “The Queen privately disapproves of the 33-year on-off relationship between Prince Charles and Mrs Parker Bowles and feels that her eldest son has put personal concerns before duty.

Mountbatten (Mounty) behind Wilson plot? Concerns about Prince Charles becoming King. Repressive side of the State. Wealth gap rise since Queen has been in power – and rich paying less tax.

RIP Roger Yates, Bristol author and saxophonist – in a previous interview he discusses his book ‘The Beautiful Season’ about the Spanish Revolution. Anarchism. The Beautiful Season a short novel based around the beginnings of the Spanish Civil War by Roger Yates – novel by Roger Yates about the joy, excitement and rage of the 1936 Spanish Revolution when many people had hopes of a real change. This is a sweet story celebrating that time and the people who fought against the fascists and for their revolution. If you weren’t there, or you aren’t already versed in the history of the Spanish Civil War and its impact on Leftist movements, you don’t have the context you need for a lot of things. The author provides it. Good! Awesome. Clear communication, and fuck the MFA crowd, y’know? It reads like an extended slice of life set during a famous historical moment, as seen through the eyes of a collection of militants, their friends and family. The narration prefers to focus on their everyday lives and important moments leading up to major battles or events — there’s less emphasis on the action of itself. Works for me, I’m more interested in that anyway. There’s plenty of historical sidetalk, mostly just to situate things, and additionally to drill home that this better world actually existed, even if only for a short time.

Marvin the mayor takes a 9000 mile round trip to Canada to discuss climate change Bristol Mayor who declared ‘climate emergency’ flies 9,000 miles to Canada to lecture on the importance of cutting carbon emissions Bristol’s mayor Marvin Rees made a 9,000-mile trip to give a speech last month. Declaring a ‘climate emergency’ in 2018, he wanted Bristol to be carbon neutral He told Canada that city mayors were ‘stepping up and taking action’ on climate His trip created two tons of carbon dioxide per passenger or 7,000 miles in a car The first city mayor in Britain to declare a ‘climate emergency’ has come under fire for flying nine hours to Canada to tell other local leaders how to cut emissions. Bristol’s Labour mayor Marvin Rees made the 9,000-mile round trip to give a 14-minute speech at a conference in Vancouver last month. Climate campaigners blasted Mr Rees over his long-haul flight, with one critic complaining on social media: ‘Why didn’t he do it virtually?’ Mr Rees told the audience in Canada that city mayors were ‘stepping up and taking action’ and ‘leading beyond their authority’ (ie breaking the law) on cutting carbon emissions.

Ex NATO European commander General Sir Richard Shirreff on BBC ‘World at One’ discussing Ukraine war – Advanced Medium Range Rockets to help Ukrainian army, Donbass region. Tim Heyward, Professor at Edinburgh University, accused of citing Russian propaganda, after tweeting the Russian point of view  General Shirreff – grain out of Ukraine, Russian plans not working. The ex NATO Chief also warned that Putin may escalate the war in Ukraine further. Vladimir Putin has threatened any country that decides to intervene in his invasion of Ukraine, with harsh nuclear retaliation. Mr Shirreff also discussed how NATO was already gearing up for Russia’s worst. and encouraged Western NATO-aligned countries to show strength as claimed Putin respects that. BBC host Martha Kearney said: “I mean it’s all very well for the foreign secretary to say this. “And as you say it would have to be a long-term aim, but you can see from what President Putin is saying. “Increasing the alarmist statements, warnings of lightning-quick responses from Russia if Ukraine’s allies meddle, anymore.” Mr Shirreff told BBC Radio 4’s Today: “And that’s absolutely to be expected from Putin.

Michael Hudson – new book out ‘The Destiny of Civilisation’ – he discusses what free trade should really be, and the Western Empire. Michael Hudson on his New Book The Destiny of Civilisation: Finance Capitalism, Industrial Capitalism or Socialism  – Global economy run by banksters city of London, etc.  After World War One, America had already achieved its industrial dominance. And it was after World War One that America said, ok, now our protective tariffs have enabled us to outproduce all the other countries, and our protectionist agriculture especially – the most protected sector in America, has always been agriculture, since the 1930s. Basically it said, well, now we can outproduce other countries, we can undersell them, now we can tell them to go for free trade. And after World War Two, the Americans created the World Bank for economic impoverishment, and the International Monetary Austerity Fund. And the World Bank’s leading objective was to prevent other countries from investing in their own food production. The guiding line of the World Bank was, we’ve got to provide infrastructure for building up plantation agriculture in Latin America, and Africa, and other countries, so that they will grow tropical export crops, but they cannot be permitted to grow grain or wheat to feed themselves; they must be dependent on the United States. And so the function of free trade, the World Bank, and the International Monetary Fund has been to finance dependency, backed up by the American support of dictatorships throughout Latin America who agree to have client oligarchies supporting pro-American trade patterns and avoiding any kind of self-reliance, so that the United States can do what it has recently done to Russia and other countries, impose sanctions – say, well, now that you depended on us for your grain, we can now impose sanctions, and you can’t feed yourself if you don’t follow the policies we want.

The Global Gamble: Washington’s Faustian Bid for World Dominance by Peter Gowan (1999) The collapse of the Soviet Bloc presented policy makers in Washington with a temptation reminiscent of Faust’s, opening up vistas of hitherto unimaginable global power; but the cold breath of Mephistopheles is already blowing across devastated communities from southeast Asia to the Balkan peninsula in the wake of America’s bid for world power. ...  Far from being an unstoppable natural force against which every nation state is powerless, Gowan argues compellingly that the process of globalisation has been relentlessly driven forward by the enormous political power of the US state and business interests in a highly conscious bid to extend their strategic dominance over the world economy. He shows how the international finance system—the ‘Dollar-Wall Street Regime’—created out of the ashes of Breton Woods has been exploited as a political lever to open up local economies to US products and speculative flows of ‘hot’ money, and demonstrates how each financial crisis over the last ten years has been used by the Washington-Wall Street axis to force through dramatic economic and social re-engineering in the targeted countries. While posing as a benign economic education for ‘developing’ economies, US-led rescue packages in fact leave these countries seriously weakened, destroying national industrial sectors while elevating to power such local rentier interests as the Russian mafia-capitalists and leaving the already fragile social tissue of many of these companies irreparably damaged.

Russian Ambassador to UK, Andre Kelin, gives the Russian point of view on issues covering the Ukraine war. Collect Prayer for the Queen on her Platinum Jubilee from .Clive Myrie interviews Andrei Kelin, ambassador of the Russian Federation to the UK Is this how Russia is conducting this war? Clive Myrie asks Russian ambassador to the UK Andrei Kelin to explain CCTV footage of Moscow’s soldiers committing alleged war crimes in Ukraine ;

Bitchute video of complete show

Part Two – Ukraine/Covid/Climate Round-Up With End Times Prophecy Reports

War Criminal Henry Kissinger plays the peacemaker once again in a war he helped create – Bilderberg Meeting happening now – what is their power? says West should not back Ukraine with weapons. Henry Kissinger tells Ukraine it should give Russia territory to try to find a peace deal – as Zelensky insists Putin has ‘no interest in talking’

Bilderberg guru Henry Kissinger, two weeks ago, discussing Ukraine war, how Putin has miscalculated, and how China sees the war. Subjects to be covered at Bilderberg – with Ukraine at the end of the list! Henry Kissinger: Ukraine Should Give Up Territory to Russia to Reach Peace Former secretary of state Henry Kissinger has said Ukraine should accept giving up part of its territory to reach a peace deal with Russia, and end the now three-month-long war immediately. Talking at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos, Switzerland, on Monday, 98-year-old Kissinger said that failing to restart negotiations with Russia and continuing to antagonize Moscow could have disastrous consequences for Europe’s stability in the long term. Cover Image”Negotiations need to begin in the next two months before it creates upheavals and tensions that will not be easily overcome,” he said. “Ideally, the dividing line should be a return to the status quo ante. Pursuing the war beyond that point would not be about the freedom of Ukraine, but a new war against Russia itself.”

Undercover Nazis (not just the chairman for the first two decades Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands) at the inaugural Bilderberg hotel meeting, Oosterbeek, 29-31 May 1954. West Germany, or the Federal Republic of Germany, was re-established in the Allied-occupied German zones five years after the end of WWII in 1949. Another five years later the first Bilderberg conference was convened. The number of major players in the Nazi party and at the key wartime industries at the first conferences is astonishing and only just now in 2018 coming to light. Most of the Bilderberg participants from former Nazi occupied countries, as well as the U.S. and U.K., would have known nothing of the role of these individuals during the second world war, which had only ended a little over a decade before. After Oosterbeek the 1955 Bilderberg took place in Barbizon, France, in 1956 Fedensborg, Denmark, in 1957 there were two meetings in St Simons Island Georgia USA and Fiuggi, Italy and 1958 the Bilderbergers were at the Palace Hotel, Buxton, Derbyshire in the UK. As Nazi and Allied leaders had wished, tensions between the NATO countries and the Soviet Union were high. Stalin’ staff were convinced, and it now looks almost certain he was correct, that Britain was harbouring the keeper of the Nazi treasure chest and head of the Nazi party, Reichsleiter Martin Bormann. The dramatic 1948-1949 200,000 sortie Berlin airlift, when the introduction of the Deutschmark in West Berlin caused Moscow to block all ground trade and movement between West Berlin and West Germany, was over. In 1949 the West German state had been established to replace the British, American and French military zones. But the 1961-1989 Berlin wall was just around the corner. The Cold War and spread of communism was the main talking point at these early Bilderberg meetings so one can understand Soviet concerns, on the other side of the Iron Curtain, that former Nazis were taking such an influential role in shaping Western Europe. The new power bloc was almost being defined by its Bilderberg and NATO influenced anti-Soviet stance and the mass media participants used their influence to constantly ‘talk up’ a virtually non-existent Soviet threat. As ‘All Smoke And Mirrors’ blogger Manfred Petritsch puts it in his 5 June 2018 article, ‘The German Chancellor who was a Nazi, and a Bilderberger’, from the German language original: This means that the Bilderbergers are a group of Nazis with Nazi ideology, which was led by a Nazi as Chairman. Because you should know, the Nazis did not disappear just after the war and vanish into thin air. No, they only changed their tactics, with great stealth, and put on a new image. Their original goals continue, the conquest of the whole of Europe under one leadership, one economic system, one nation and a single currency. Retinger’s emissaries who invited 1954 Bilderberg participants by visiting them personally Cardinal Josef Frings – Catholic archbishop of Cologne 1942-1969 – spoke out against Nazi persecution but ‘his popularity saved him from reprisals’. Catholic ‘ratlines’ helped thousands of Nazi war criminals escape to Tyrol in Austria and other places Otto John – West Germany’s Verfassungsschutz internal secret service chief. Just after the first Bilderberg conference, in July 1954, he was dubbed a ‘double defector’ when he disappeared off to East Germany for a few weeks unannounced, much to NATO and German media consternation.

List if attendees at Bilderberg. Alan Sabrosky on feeling dreadful as an honourable American due to it’s behaviour round the World. –

Alex Jones is the fake Bill Cooper on spiritual warfare and the mystery schools such as Freemasonry being the real enemy infiltrating countries and families all over the world. The aim of the occult ‘adepts’ being how to be adept at controlling everybody else. Alex Jones Exposed 1.) Alex Jones has a Jewish wife named Kelly Rebecca Nichols, and he has three (3) children with her. 2.) Alex Jones and his Jewish wife and children all qualify for Israeli citizenship under Israel’s “Law of Return”. 3.) Alex Jones has at least twenty(20) Zionist sponsors and advertisers that financially support his radio show and websites. 4.) Alex Jones’ flagship radio station, KLBJ AM, in Austin, Texas, is owned by Emmis Communications, a media conglomerate based in Indianapolis, Indiana. The founder, chairman, president, and CEO of Emmis Communications is the dual Israeli citizen Zionist Jeffrey H. Smulyan. 5.) Alex Jones’ radio show was broadcast on Sirius XM Radio. The chairman of Sirius XM Radio is the Zionist Eddy W. Hartenstein. The CEO of Sirius XM Radio is the Zionist Mel Karmazin. The President of Sirius XM Radio is the Zionist Scott Greenstein. Of the six(6) senior executives of Sirius XM Radio, five(5) are Zionists. 6.) Alex Jones has a Zionist lawyer named Elizabeth M. Schurig who is also the lawyer for Holly Lev Bronfman, the sister of Edgar Bronfman, Jr. Thus there are only two degrees of separation between Alex Jones and the Bronfman family, one of the wealthiest and most influential Zionist families in North America.

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#5 – Michael Hudson The Destiny Of Civilisation 01:00:00

Partial List of Bilderberg Participants 2022

Achleitner, Paul M. (DEU), Former Chairman Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG; Treasurer Bilderberg Meetings

Adeyemo, Adewale (USA), Deputy Secretary, Department of  The Treasury

Albares, José Manuel (ESP), Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation

Altman, Roger C. (USA), Founder and Senior Chairman, Evercore Inc.

Altman, Sam (USA), CEO, OpenAI

Applebaum, Anne (USA), Staff Writer, The Atlantic

Arnaut, José Luís (PRT), Managing Partner, CMS Rui Pena & Arnaut

Auken, Ida (DNK), Member of Parliament, The Social Democrat Party

Azoulay, Audrey (INT), Director-General, UNESCO

Baker, James H. (USA), Director, Office of Net Assessment, Office of the Secretary of Defense

Barbizet, Patricia (FRA), Chairwoman and CEO, Temaris & Associés SAS

Barroso, José Manuel (PRT), Chairman, Goldman Sachs International LLC

Baudson, Valérie (FRA), CEO, Amundi

Beurden, Ben van (NLD), CEO, Shell plc

Bourla, Albert (USA), Chairman and CEO, Pfizer Inc.

Buberl, Thomas (FRA), CEO, AXA SA

Burns, William J. (USA), Director, CIA

Byrne, Thomas (IRL), Minister of State for European Affairs

Campbell, Kurt (USA), White House Coordinator for Indo-Pacific, NSC

Carney, Mark J. (CAN), Vice Chair, Brookfield Asset Management

Casado, Pablo (ESP), Former President, Partido Popular

Chhabra, Tarun (USA), Senior Director for Technology and National Security, National Security Council

Donohoe, Paschal (IRL), Minister for Finance; President, Eurogroup

Döpfner, Mathias (DEU), Chairman and CEO, Axel Springer SE

Dudley, William C. (USA), Senior Research Scholar, Princeton University

Easterly, Jen (USA), Director, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency

Economy, Elizabeth (USA), Senior Advisor for China, Department of Commerce

Émié, Bernard (FRA), Director General, Ministry of the Armed Forces

Emond, Charles (CAN), CEO, CDPQ

Erdogan, Emre (TUR), Professor Political Science, Istanbul Bilgi University

Eriksen, Øyvind (NOR), President and CEO, Aker ASA

Ermotti, Sergio (CHE), Chairman, Swiss Re

Fanusie, Yaya (USA), Adjunct Senior Fellow, Center for a New American Security

Feltri, Stefano (ITA), Editor-in-Chief, Domani

Fleming, Jeremy (GBR), Director, British Government Communications Headquarters

Freeland, Chrystia (CAN), Deputy Prime Minister

Furtado, Isabel (PRT), CEO, TMG Automotive

Gove, Michael (GBR), Secretary of State for Levelling Up, Cabinet Office

Halberstadt, Victor (NLD), Co-Chair Bilderberg Meetings; Professor of Economics, Leiden University

Hallengren, Lena (SWE), Minister for Health and Social Affairs

Hamers, Ralph (NLD), CEO, UBS Group AG

Hassabis, Demis (GBR), CEO and Founder, DeepMind

Hedegaard, Connie (DNK), Chair, KR Foundation

Henry, Mary Kay (USA), International President, Service Employees International Union

Hobson, Mellody (USA), Co-CEO and President, Ariel Investments LLC

Hodges, Ben (USA), Pershing Chair in Strategic Studies, Center for European Policy Analysis

Hoekstra, Wopke (NLD), Minister of Foreign Affairs

Hoffman, Reid (USA), Co-Founder, Inflection AI; Partner, Greylock

Huët, Jean Marc (NLD), Chairman, Heineken NV

Joshi, Shashank (GBR), Defence Editor, The Economist

Karp, Alex (USA), CEO, Palantir Technologies Inc.

Kissinger, Henry A. (USA), Chairman, Kissinger Associates Inc.

Koç, Ömer (TUR), Chairman, Koç Holding AS

Kofman, Michael (USA), Director, Russia Studies Program, Center for Naval Analysis

Kostrzewa, Wojciech (POL), President, Polish Business Roundtable

Krasnik, Martin (DNK), Editor-in-Chief, Weekendavisen

Kravis, Henry R. (USA), Co-Chairman, KKR & Co. Inc.  

Kravis, Marie-Josée (USA), Co-Chair Bilderberg Meetings; Chair, The Museum of Modern Art

Kudelski, André (CHE), Chairman and CEO, Kudelski Group SA

Kukies, Jörg (DEU), State Secretary, Chancellery

Lammy, David (GBR), Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, House of Commons

LeCun, Yann (USA), Vice-President and Chief AI Scientist, Facebook, Inc.

Leu, Livia (CHE), State Secretary, Federal Department of Foreign Affairs

Leysen, Thomas (BEL), Chairman, Umicore and Mediahuis; Chairman DSM N.V.

Liikanen, Erkki (FIN), Chairman, IFRS  Foundation Trustees

Little, Mark (CAN), President and CEO, Suncor Energy Inc.

Looney, Bernard (GBR), CEO, BP plc

Lundstedt, Martin (SWE), CEO and President, Volvo Group

Lütke, Tobias (CAN), CEO, Shopify

Marin, Sanna (FIN), Prime Minister

Markarowa, Oksana (UKR), Ambassador of Ukraine to the US

Meinl-Reisinger, Beate (AUT), Party Leader, NEOS

Michel, Charles (INT), President, European Council

Minton Beddoes, Zanny (GBR), Editor-in-Chief, The Economist

Mullen, Michael (USA), Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Mundie, Craig J. (USA), President, Mundie & Associates LLC

Netherlands, H.M. the King of the (NLD)

Niemi, Kaius (FIN), Senior Editor-in-Chief, Helsingin Sanomat Newspaper

Núñez, Carlos (ESP), Executive Chairman, PRISA Media

O’Leary, Michael (IRL), Group CEO, Ryanair Group

Papalexopoulos, Dimitri (GRC), Chairman, TITAN Cement Group

Petraeus, David H. (USA), Chairman, KKR Global Institute

Pierrakakis, Kyriakos (GRC), Minister of Digital Governance

Pinho, Ana (PRT), President and CEO, Serralves Foundation

Pouyanné, Patrick (FRA), Chairman and CEO, TotalEnergies SE

Rachman, Gideon (GBR), Chief Foreign Affairs Commentator, The Financial Times

Raimondo, Gina M. (USA), Secretary of Commerce

Reksten Skaugen, Grace (NOR), Board Member, Investor AB

Rende, Mithat (TUR), Member of the Board, TSKB

Reynders, Didier (INT), European Commissioner for Justice

Rutte, Mark (NLD), Prime Minister

Salvi, Diogo (PRT), Co-Founder and CEO, TIMWE

Sawers, John (GBR), Executive Chairman, Newbridge Advisory Ltd.

Schadlow, Nadia (USA), Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Schinas, Margaritis (INT), Vice President, European Commission

Schmidt, Eric E. (USA), Former CEO and Chairman, Google LLC

Scott, Kevin (USA), CTO, Microsoft Corporation

Sebastião, Nuno (PRT), CEO, Feedzai

Sedwill, Mark (GBR), Chairman, Atlantic Futures Forum

Sikorski, Radoslaw (POL), MEP, European Parliament

Sinema, Kyrsten (USA), Senator

Starace, Francesco (ITA), CEO, Enel S.p.A.

Stelzenmüller, Constanze (DEU), Fritz Stern Chair, The Brookings Institution

Stoltenberg, Jens (INT), Secretary General, NATO

Straeten, Tinne Van der (BEL), Minister for Energy

Suleyman, Mustafa (GBR), CEO, Inflection AI

Sullivan, Jake (USA), Director, National Security Council

Tellis, Ashley J. (USA), Tata Chair for Strategic Affairs, Carnegie Endowment

Thiel, Peter (USA), President, Thiel Capital LLC

Treichl, Andreas (AUT), President, Chairman ERSTE Foundation

Tugendhat, Tom (GBR), MP; Chair Foreign Affairs Committee, House of Commons

Veremis, Markos (GRC), Co-Founder and Chairman, Upstream

Vitrenko, Yuriy (UKR), CEO, Naftogaz

Wallander, Celeste (USA), Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs

Wallenberg, Marcus (SWE), Chair, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB

Walmsley, Emma (GBR), CEO, GlaxoSmithKline plc

Wennink, Peter (NLD), President and CEO, ASML Holding NV

Yetkin, Murat (TUR), Journalist/Writer, YetkinReport

Yurdakul, Afsin (TUR), Journalist, Habertürk News Network

Zeiler, Gerhard (AUS), President Warnermedia International

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BCfm’s weekly Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling with Irish Republican Labour activist Martin Summers was forced off FM, now online only. We were ‘rested due to the pandemic’ on 24 March 2020 by BCfm charity ‘CEO’ Patrick Hart who is a longtime personal friend of Bristol’s all-powerful right-wing ‘Labour’ mayor Marvin Rees. This Internet only NOT The BCfm Politics Show is now available 17:00-c. 21:00 live on Fridays. Pat Hart replaced us with an inane student show repeating MSM stories called The Bristol Agenda. If you’d like to share your views on his deliberate dumbing-down mismanagement you can contact UK broadcasting regulator Ofcom or BCfm board chair and the ‘Don’ here.

February 2019 Ofcom complaint result: UKLFI exposed as creation of Israeli foreign ministryBristol Post article: BCfm cleared after being reported to Ofcom for anti-semitic conspiracy theories


Beginning his working life in the aviation industry and trained by the BBC, Tony Gosling is a British land rights activist, historian & investigative radio journalist. Over the last 20 years he has been exposing the secret power of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and élite Bilderberg Conferences where the dark forces of corporations, media, banks and royalty conspire to accumulate wealth and power through extortion and war. Tony has spent much of his life too advocating solutions which heal the wealth divide, such as free housing for all and a press which reflects the concerns of ordinary people rather than attempting to lead opinion, sensationalise or dumb-down. Tony tweets at @TonyGosling. Tune in to his Friday politics show at BCfm here

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One comment on “Bristol full council meetings under system his party created in 2012 ‘almost entirely pointless’ says ex-lord mayor – Ex NATO European Commander General Sir Richard Shirreff On BBC ‘World at One’ Discussing Ukraine War – Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrei Kelin Grilled By BBC’s Clive Myrie – War Criminal Henry Kissinger plays the peacemaker once again in a war he helped create – Ukraine ‘Bottom’ Of The Agenda As Anglo-Zionist Empire Deep State In Session, Bilderberg 2022 Convenes in Washington DC – Serial War Criminal Still Playing The Peacemaker, Can Henry Kissinger Start WWIII Before He Dies? – Undercover Nazis (not just the chairman for the first two decades Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands) at the inaugural Bilderberg hotel meeting, Oosterbeek, 29-31 May 1954 – ‘Adepts’ Occult Skill Is In Being ‘Adept’ At Controlling, Or Enslaving, Everybody Else In Society, Which Is A Luciferian Philosophy – In their WWII ‘Double Cross’ programme MI5 Replaced Genuine Agents With Fake Ones, Alex Jones is the fake Bill Cooper and rose to national prominence after Bill Cooper was shot dead by the FBI – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling
  1. […] Russian Ambassador to the UK Andrei Kelin grilled by Clive Myrie BBC World Service Newshour 29May22 Ex NATO European Commander General Sir Richard Shirreff On BBC ‘World at One’ Discussing Ukraine… […]

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