Was Nixon Ousted Over His 1971 CIA/NSA Lie Detector Test Threats? – Ghislaine Maxwell’s Decades-Old Friendship With Labour’s Lord Mandelson – English Channel People Trafficking Is Masterminded From Germany – Public Services Stripped Away, Millions Wasted On Pet Projects: Bristol Gets Chance To Vote Out Corrupt, US Style, Mayoral System On 7th Dec – ‘Climate Fire’ Arson Trials Take Place Round The World: Fires Set Deliberately In California, Australia, Spain, Albania, Turkey, UK Etc. WEF COP26 Politically Motivated? – Israeli Press: Five-Fold Increase in Cardiac And Sudden Deaths Among FIFA Athletes -The Tyranny Of The Mediocre, Pliable Stooges Ushering In New Tyranny Using Mass Delusion Akin To Hitler’s Scapegoating of Jews In 1930s – Bryan Melvyn’s Near Death Experience: Teenager’s Shocking Vision Of ‘The Matrix’ Bottomless Pit Of Hell In 1980 – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

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Part One News Review and Investigative Reports

Successful libel action after Twitter post by Tory Cllr Paul Nickerson of Jeremy Corbyn as a ‘terrorist sympathiser’  On 15 November 2021 a false defamatory statement, for which I accept full responsibility, was published on my Twitter account about Jeremy Corbyn MP. My apology is attached. I have agreed to pay substantial damages and legal costs to Mr Corbyn. Please retweet


WAS NIXON OUSTED OVER CIA/NSA LIE DETECTOR THREAT? Watergate scandal five part series on BBC4 this week – Nixon demanded 1,000 NSA/CIA polygraph tests. Use of government intelligence services against legitimate dissent in domestic populations – UK Brigade 77. Kentucky New Era – Jun 7, 1974Nixon Considered Lie Detector Tests . By JOHN BECKLER Associated Press Writer WASHINGTON President Nixon considered giving lie detector tests to several hundred thousand federal employees during a 1971 hunt for security leaks says a house judiciary committee source. In a taped presidential conversation the committee heard Thursday Nixon reportedly discussed giving the tests to all employees with a security classification, estimated then to be around 300,000. Advised the tests would result in mass resignations, he finally ordered the tests for about 1,000 employees in the State and Defence Departments, the Central Intelligence agency and the National Security Agency, the source said. There is no evidence they were ever administered. The source quoted Nixon as saying about the polygraph tests “I don’t know much about these things but is scares the [expletive deleted] out of them.” The July 24th 1971 tape was played as the committee, considering its impeachment enquiry, received evidence relating to the domestic surveillance activities of the Nixon administration….

Ghislaine Maxwell connections with Lord Mandelson – list of other connections.  LORD MANDELSON – A TIMELINE Dec 6 1979 – May 1982 Mandelson serves as a Councillor on Labour-run Lambeth Borough Council in London. Children in Lambeth’s ‘care’ are sexually abused in Lambeth care homes on an industrial scale during the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s and beyond. Until 1982, the assistant director of social services is Valerie ‘Val’ Howarth who will later – in 1986 – be picked by Esther Rantzen to become founding chief executive of Childline from July 1987, notwithstanding an abysmal track record of failing to protect vulnerable children in care. Another of Mandelson‘s local Lambeth contemporaries, Paul Boateng (whose wife Janet Boateng becomes a Lambeth councillor in 1982), will visit the predatory manager (Michael John Carroll) of Lambeth’s Angell Road children’s home “on up to six occasions during the mid-1980s”. And were that not by itself shocking enough: “An unnamed youth worker claims he saw Mr Boateng at a holiday camp for young people in care, run by Caroll. He claimed Carroll boasted of his friendship with Mr Boateng” (Daily Mirror, March 2 2016). Separately, MP Cyril Smith will be recorded by hidden police camera committing paedophile offences at a flat in Lambeth Council owned Coronation Buildings (BBC Newsnight March 2015). Given Mandelson‘s involvement in Lambeth governance during a period of industrial scale child abuse, was he interviewed? Almost unbelievably in light of the catastrophic events in Lambeth, the individuals cited above will later be honoured as Lord Mandelson, Baroness Howarth, Dame Esther Rantzen, and Lord and Lady Boateng. – 1980s Mandelson meets and befriends Ghislaine Maxwell at an unspecified point in the 1980s, according to an “acquaintance” of Mandelson quoted in the Daily Mail on August 30 2019. The anonymous source alleges that it was Maxwell who, on an unspecified later date, introduced Mandelson to Jeffrey Epstein. However, no corroborating evidence is provided that this is indeed how Mandelson and Epstein later became friends, vacation shopping partners and apparent business allies. – 1993/5-1998 Mandelson has by late 1998 received “at least five” free flights from his close friend Linda Wachner aboard her company’s private jet. Wachner claims in December 1998 that she met Mandelson “two or three years ago”, while newspaper reports trace their initial introduction to a small dinner party in London hosted by Lady Carla Powell in either 1993 or 1995 (sources differ). Another report claims that Mandelson and Wachner met when the politician was staying on Long Island with PR executive Peter Brown. Like Mandelson‘s other close friend Jeffrey Epstein of whom Wachner is reportedly a client (NYMag.com), Wachner‘s main home is in New York’s Upper East Side. She has additional homes in Southampton in the Hamptons district of Long Island, and Aspen (site of the Aspen Institute where Mandelson has spoken). Mandelson has reportedly stayed with Wachner at her home in Aspen, yet whether he has also stayed at her Upper East Side home near their mutual friend Jeffrey Epstein is unknown. Southampton is 25 minutes from the Hamptons home of Childline co-founder Shaun Woodward and his wife Camilla Sainsbury, whose names – like Wachner‘s – are listed in the ‘little black book’ of Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. As well as Mandelson and Wachner, others who’ve summered in the Hamptons include Ghislaine Maxwell-linked Toby Young, Hugh Grant and Mariella Frostrup.


Redress – Priti Patel says Hamas are terrorists .  UK government outlaws Palestinian resistance What does Hamas believe?The Islamic Resistance Movement is a distinguished Palestinian movement, whose allegiance is to Allah, and whose way of life is Islam. It strives to raise the banner of Allah over every inch of Palestine.’ (Article 6)   Anti-Semitic Incitement: ‘The Day of Judgment will not come about until Moslems fight Jews and kill them. Then, the Jews will hide behind rocks and trees, and the rocks and trees will cry out: ‘O Moslem, there is a Jew hiding behind me, come and kill him.’ (Article 7)

Iran nuclear deal – Centcom prepared if talks fail   Second US trip to Taiwan in a month   Bridge to Northern Ireland not happening. Gaps between Northern Ireland and EU may lead to a United Ireland referendum – CENTCOM Says Military ‘Prepared’ If Iran Nuclear Deal Talks Fail Biden’s envoy for Iran said the US would not ‘sit idly’ if the talks drag out by Dave DeCamp Posted on November 24, 2021Categories NewsTags Iran Gen. Frank McKenzie, the head of US Central Command (CENTCOM), told Time Magazine on Wednesday that his forces are prepared for a potential military option against Iran should talks to revive the nuclear deal fail. “The diplomats are in the lead on this, but Central Command always has a variety of plans that we could execute, if directed,” McKenzie said. US officials often speak of the potential for failure in negotiations with Iran and like to portray Tehran as the difficult party. But it was the US that withdrew from the JCPOA in the first place, and President Biden’s hardline stance is to blame for why earlier talks failed. Robert Malley, Biden’s special envoy for Iran, also delivered a threat on Wednesday. He said if the talks dragged out, the US would not “sit idly” while Iran’s nuclear program grew. “If they start getting too close, too close for comfort, then of course we will not be prepared to sit idly,” Malley told NPR

Channel people trafficking masterminded from Germany says Daily Mail: Channel crossings to Britain ‘are being plotted in Germany by criminal trafficking gangs’, UK claims Asylum seekers massing in country as new staging post for Channel crossings Organised crime groups are also using German sites to store dinghies Six out of ten migrants arrive in France only on day they attempt their crossing By David Barrett and Andy Jehring For The Daily Mail Published: 00:15, 20 November 2021 | Germany is becoming a hub for migrants attempting to reach Britain, it emerged last night. Asylum seekers are massing in the country as a new staging post for Channel crossings masterminded by people-smuggling gangs. Organised crime groups are also using German sites to store dinghies and other small boats used to attempt crossings, sources said. Six out of ten migrants arrive in France only on the day they attempt their crossing, travelling there through Belgium and the Netherlands. A UK government source described Germany as ‘the established hub for criminal trafficking gangs’ in Europe. It is also a key location in the criminals’ supply chains, where boats, life jackets and other equipment is sourced for Channel crossings, they added. Germany is becoming a hub for migrants attempting to reach Britain, it emerged last night. Asylum seekers are massing in the country as a new staging post for Channel crossings masterminded by people-smuggling gangs. This week Home Secretary Priti Patel attacked the EU’s open borders policies for allowing migrants free access across the Continent, and called on Brussels to act. UK officials are increasingly dissatisfied with the French government’s response to the crisis.

EU Biometrics: facial recognition and fingerprint software will be required for entry in all EU airports next year. British travellers will ‘face huge border queues for holidays to Europe next year’ as EU brings in post-Brexit facial scans and FINGERPRINT checks from May – The European Union is expected to roll-out two new travel systems in 2022 – One will require people from non-EU nations to apply for authorisation to travel – The other will keep track of non-EU travellers when they enter and exit the EU – Peers have written to Priti Patel to warn the UK is ‘unprepared’ for the changes – The European Travel Information and Authorisation Scheme (ETIAS) will require non-EU citizens to apply for permission to travel ahead of time and will come with a cost of €7 (£6). A beach on the island of Ibiza is pictured Meanwhile, EES is expected to be operational in the first half of 2022, potentially by May. It will see all non-EU travellers told to use a self-service kiosk which will check biometric data against security databases. The system will keep track of travellers each time they cross an external EU border. The European Commission has said it will ‘register the person’s name, type of the travel document, biometric data (fingerprints and captured facial images) and the date and place of entry and exit’.

Lib Dem Councillor Alex Hartley discusses the Tuesday December 7th vote to get rid of the mayoral system in Bristol. ‘Bristol’s mayoral model has failed to deliver on its promises’ – By Alex Hartley, Friday Nov 26, 2021 – Imagine a city where the leader rules with absolute power and checks and balances on the city government have been eroded away. Public money is spent snooping on people’s social media, big business has an overwhelming level of control on policy and public services are stripped away while millions are wasted on pet projects. This is not a city in a post-Soviet oligarchy or a Latin American kleptocracy, but Bristol under a mayoral system. When the people of Bristol voted for a mayoral system in 2012, they were told it would improve city leadership and allow politicians to deliver on their promises. This has unfortunately not been the case. City leadership has been centralised in the hands of the mayor, and the business leaders that have been able to get close to him, while neighbourhood partnerships and community politics have been shelved. There has been a failure to deliver the city centre arena, enough social housing, and the reduction in carbon emissions that are central to our fight against the climate emergency. At the same time, objective scrutiny by councillors and the public has been curtailed by a failure to deliver the necessary papers, and a refusal to answer freedom of information requests in a timely manner….. If people choose to escape from the mayoral system, the current mayor would be our last, and a new system would commence from May 2024. We would like to encourage all Bristolians to write to your local councillors to ask them to support the motion, and to write statements and questions to full council asking councillors to support the motion. – Alex Hartley is Lib Dem councillor for Hotwells & Harbourside

Hilary Sudbury discusses the new PRSC Land Trust, launched this week. Land issues.  Piers Corbyn on living in Elgin Ave squat in Kensington in the 1970s.  Homelessness today. Our mission at the Stokes Croft Land Trust is to acquire and steward buildings and property in Stokes Croft, with and on behalf of the local community, for the long term. Our goal is to take land out of the speculative capital investment market, and into secure community ownership, thereby enabling long-term affordable and sustainable local development, putting the control of local areas back into the hands of local people. On a local level, this share offer will allow the Stokes Croft Land Trust to purchase the freehold tenure of its first building and thereafter, to plan a longer-term programme of improvements to the building in partnership with the tenant PRSC. The Stokes Croft Land Trust will be off the starting blocks and at the same time securing PRSC’s license to occupy and develop the building’s space and facilities for its range of cultural, artistic and campaigning activities and events. In the longer term, the Stokes Croft Land Trust plans to negotiate stewardship of all the buildings that PRSC now uses or has an interest in and intends to convey the buildings and property into the Stokes Croft Land Trust ownership, subject to feasibility and viability assessments at the appropriate time.

Shamima Begum was recruited to ISIS by Canadian Intelligence. Tony’s article:Shamima Begum interviewed for Sky TV, on how she wants to go on trial in UK. Did Canadian taxpayers foot Islamic State’s recruitment bill? The allegation in all of the London media coverage of Kadiza and her two friends, Shamima Begum, 15, and Amira Abase, 15, was that the schoolgirls chose to travel to Syria of their own free will after becoming radicalised online. Not a single London journalist, though, asked the burning question: Who got her to Syria? There is no excuse in the internet age for not putting two and two together here because there are several reports from March 2015 quoting a Turkish police report on Syrian national Muhammad al-Rasheed, who says he met the girls after their flight from London Gatwick airport to Istanbul and took them to the Syrian border. He was subsequently arrested by Turkish police and gave them a full statement about who he had been smuggling and, more importantly, who he had been working for. He approached the Canadian government, he says, in 2013 who recruited him and provided him with a laptop, mobile phone and money. He promised to email details of all those he smuggled, to his Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) contact, ‘Matt’. Al-Rasheed told his Turkish interrogators that the CSIS promised to give him citizenship if he would gather information about IS and share it with them. Al-Rasheed explained he met Kadiza, Shamima and Amira, in Istanbul’s Esenler coach station, bought their tickets, after and arranging meetings on WhatsApp, delivered them to one ‘Abu-Kaka’ in Gaziantep, 40 miles from the Syrian border. According to Al-Rasheed, British national Abu-Kaka’s real name was Ilhami Bali and he took the girls the final 40 miles or so into Syria to join IS.

Firebugs’ ‘Climate Fire’ trials take place round the world: ‘Climate Fires’ were set deliberately in California, Australia, Spain, Albania, Turkey and UK – WEF #COP26 Politically Motivated Arson? Now known to be arson – so who was paying whom to start them? Fire starting equipment found in car near fire.  Fires started in northern Greece. Climate change…. Or  We already know that the Australian government stopped maintaining fire breaks and began drying up natural rivers for irrigation nearly fifteen years ago Turkey: Antalya Mayor Muhittin Böcek said he suspected foul play because the fires started in four locations at once. “This suggests arson, but we don’t have clear information about that at this stage,” Böcek said.- Ex-college professor charged with setting California fires. A federal grand jury has indicted a former college professor for allegedly starting four wildfires in Northern California that threatened to trap firefighters as they battled a massive fire nearby –  Police in Australia accuse 24 of deliberately setting bushfires – 24 Australians have been arrested in New South Wales for deliberately igniting fires since November, alongside 47 who allegedly threw lit cigarettes or matches. Police have taken a strict no-tolerance approach to taking legal action against recklessness as the country struggles to gain control over the bushfire crisis that has destroyed over 2,000 homes so far.

Parking row murder in Somerset – suspect a former Commando and Royal Marine. Pictured: Ex-soldier arrested over ‘parking row murder’ of married couple while their children were at home The ex-soldier and father-of-two arrested on suspicion of murdering a married couple while their children were asleep upstairs has been pictured. Former commando Royal Engineer Colin Reeves, 34, lived next door to IT teacher Stephen Chapple, 36, and his wife Jenny, 33, who worked at a garden centre. The couple were found with serious injuries and pronounced dead at the scene at their home in a new build estate in Norton Fitzwarren, near Taunton, at around 9.45pm on Sunday.

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Part Two – Covid Climate Round-Up With End Times Prophecy Reports

Israel – 1967 Six-Day War and 1973 Yom-Kippur War – setting up the terrible situation today. The seven-year period between May 1967, when the crisis that led to the Six Day War erupted, and May 1974, when the Yom Kippur War officially ended, constitutes the most intensive phase in the history of the Arab-Israeli conflict. It saw two high-intensity wars (1967 and 1973), one war of attrition (Israel and Egypt in 1969–1970), and lower-intensity conflicts between Israel and Jordan (summer 1967–September 1970), Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) (mostly in Jordan but also in Lebanon, the West Bank, and Gaza), Israel and Lebanon, and between Jordan and the PLO (summer 1970). At the same time, it also saw the beginning of a political process based on the “land for peace” 1967 UN Resolution 242 formula. The 1967 war also triggered significant changes in the Arab world. It delivered the coup de grâce to Nasser’s pan-Arabism, contributed to the rise of radical Islam as an alternative to secular nationalism, and turned the PLO into a major actor in inter-Arab politics. It further set the stage for Lebanon’s reentry into the Arab-Israeli conflict, as it became the launching ground for the Palestinian armed struggle against Israel. This intensity of events, and their legacy, garnered much academic and non-academic attention. Much of it was written by Israelis using newly available Hebrew archival sources. Unfortunately, as is known to any student of the conflict, for various reasons the Arab historical and analytical narratives are scarce. This is especially true with regard to Syria and less so with regard to the Egyptian, the Jordanian, and the Palestinian sides of the conflict. Academic studies of the Soviet military and diplomatic involvement in the conflict are quite numerous, and US activity during this stormy Middle Eastern period is well covered.

Gulf War Syndrome. UK MoD Use Of Illegal Vaccine Behind ‘Mysterious’ 1990 Gulf War Syndrome – Paul Brown, Environment Correspondent – The illness known as Gulf war syndrome looks likely to have been caused by an illegal vaccine “booster” given by the Ministry of Defence to protect soldiers against biological weapons, according to the results of a new series of tests. Scientists in the United States found that symptoms of the illness were the same for service personnel who received the injections whether or not they served in the Gulf. The common factor for the 275,000 British and US veterans who are ill appears to be a substance called squalene, allegedly used in injections to add to their potency. Such an action would have been illegal. Squalene is not licensed for use on either side of the Atlantic because of potential side effects. Pam Asa and her team at the Tulane medical school in Louisiana tested more than 300 former US military personnel who were given vaccinations to go to the Gulf: 95% tested positive for squalene antibodies. In addition veterans from both sides of the Atlantic were tested, including 20 who were given preparatory injections but who did not go to the war. All 20 tested positive to squalene antibodies.

Five-Fold increase in Cardiac and Sudden Deaths Among FIFA Athletes – Natalie Minis’ ‘Finding Freedom’ blog: Israeli athletes have a 5 fold increase in heart issues – Since December, 183 pro athletes, coaches and college and youth athletes have collapsed, and 108 have died. Some of the athletes, like the football stars in Sergio Agorro and Christian Eriksen, collapsed in the middle of a game, in front of the Boy Scouts. Main reason: Heart problems – Mu/Fricardboard, cardiac arrest and heart attacks. What causes the sudden plague? “Real Time News” investigatesThe Kyrie Irving saga and his refusal to be vaccinated for coronavirus never cease to upset the NBA and the sports world. The Brooklyn Nets star did not back down from the decision even after the team announced that Irving would not be allowed to attend games or practice with his friends until he is vaccinated, a decision that, according to the report, is expected to lose $17 million. “This is my life,” he said last Thursday on a live part of his Instagram account, which has been viewed by about 100,000 followers. “It’s my body. And you tell me what to do with my body… I remain stable with what I believe in. It’s that simple. It’s not about being anti-Vax or being on one side or another. It’s just being true to what I feel is right for me… If I’m going to be vilified because I have more questions and I take the time to make decisions with my life, then that’s what it is… I am aware of the implications of my decisions on my life.” But Irving isn’t the only one who refuses the NBA’s unequivocal demand to be vaccinated as a condition of the ability to do so. The press mockingly calls them “vaccine refusers.” The NBA has already gone from threats to actions, and yet, according to Rolling Stone magazine, about 50-60 NBA players have not been vaccinated. “I’m going to keep doing what I believe in… What is true of one person is not true for another. It’s none of your business,” Golden State Warriors player Andrew Wiggins said recently, while Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of the coronavirus vaccines [in an interview with the Washington Post]. “I’d like an explanation. Why are vaccinated people still infected with coronavirus? If it’s something we’re supposed to be very protected from, it’s funny that it just reduces your chances of going to the hospital. It doesn’t stop anyone from contracting coronavirus, does it? It turns out this trend is far from marginal. The UK press reports that contrary to what is happening in the NBA, most Premier League players are unwilling to be vaccinated against Corona, including most of the players of Manchester United, the largest and most influential football club. They are joined by a host of football, tennis, golf and football players who have also not been vaccinated, and some, such as Irving Wiggins, have even spoken out against the pressure to be vaccinated. “It’s bigger than baseball, it’s a life’s decision,” said Anthony Rizzo, considered the legendary star of the Chicago Cubs. “She’s heavyweight. It’s a decision I made and I stand by it… It’s a big issue… I’m taking more time to see the data on all this.”

EU – mandatory Covid vaccines can be necessary in a democratic society. Obligatory jabs ‘necessary in democratic society’: Europe rights court 08 April 2021 – The European Court of Human Rights ruled on Thursday that obligatory vaccinations can be seen as necessary in democratic societies, in a landmark judgement after a complaint brought by Czech families over compulsory jabs for children. This is the first time that the ECHR has delivered a judgement about compulsory vaccination against childhood diseases. Experts say it could have implications for any policy of compulsory vaccinations against Covid-19. The Czech cases were lodged between 2013-2015, well before the current pandemic. “The… measures could be regarded as being ‘necessary in a democratic society'” the court ruled, saying that the Czech health policy was consistent with the “best interests” of children.

Katharine Gun  – vaccine passports – Three Cathay Pacific cargo pilots were sacked in Frankfurt for having a positive Covid PCR test, and other staff had to isolate for 21 days – protests in Hong Kong entirely criminalised and squashed by Covid lockdowns.  Having been in the same hotel as one person who tested positive for coronavirus (even if you were there 10 days later) is enough to be put into a 21-day quarantine (despite testing negative daily), then one would want to avoid that. Ouch: Cathay Pacific Crews Put Into Quarantine Camp For 21 Days, As A Precaution While most of the world is moving on from a zero-tolerance approach to coronavirus, Hong Kong is remaining steadfast, and some Cathay Pacific employees are suffering the consequences of that right now. Some of Hong Kong’s recent imported coronavirus cases are linked to Cathay Pacific crews, and the details are interesting. Specifically, three Cathay Pacific cargo pilots have tested positive for coronavirus, following two separate layovers at the Hyatt Regency Mainz (just outside of Frankfurt). What’s interesting here is that: Cathay Pacific pilots aren’t allowed to leave their hotel rooms during layovers, to limit the risk of infection Furthermore, the pilot who arrived on November 3 claimed to have no contact with the pilots who arrived on November 1 and tested positive An investigation is now being conducted into whether this was truly just a coincidence, or if the pilots had breached protocols during their layovers. Of course it’s possible that the pilots got infected by the same hotel employee (whether it’s someone at the front desk, or someone who delivers room service), but this sure does seem like quite a coincidence. As you’d expect, all of these pilots were immediately required to quarantine upon testing positive, which is fair enough. What’s harsher is what other employees are being subjected to. One cargo pilot for the airline took to Instagram to share just how bad conditions are at the infamous Penny’s Bay quarantine camp, where Cathay Pacific employees have been put up. In addition to posting a video of her room, she wrote the following: I am currently in a Hong Kong government quarantine facility. I was sent here with my crew after flying from Frankfurt. Our post-flight PCR tests were negative, but we are considered ‘potential close contacts.’ I need to stay in a container in Penny Bay Isolation Camp for 21 days. Many of my colleagues are in this camp. This is my personal account and I am not a spokesperson for the airline I work for, but as this is a highly sensitive matter I need to run posting about the situation via them first. But I want to use my platform to show and tell what is going on.

Inside Hong Kong’s mandatory coronavirus quarantine detention camp at Penny’s BayHong Kong’s quarantine laws are among the strictest in the world. Close contact cases are isolated from the community by being moved into isolation facilities. One of the largest of the camps has been built on undeveloped land at Penny’s Bay, near Hong Kong Disneyland. A recent surge in infections that started with a superspreading event at a gym in the city, has forced hundreds of people into quarantine.


Katharine Gun – people over-reacting to Covid – Dr. Arianne Bilheran who studies psychopathology on our drift towards totalitarianism and how mass contagious delusions can lead to harassment of ‘others’.  The meaning of totalitarianism and fascism.  Katharine Gun – Dr. Arianne Bilheran on 5 character traits of non hypnotisable people – the glaring inconsistencies in Covid measures. Ariane Bilheran est normalienne (Ulm), psychologue clinicienne, docteur en psychopathologie, chargée de cours à l’Université, auteur, conférencière, consultante. Auteur de plus de vingt-cinq ouvrages, ses domaines d’expertise sont le harcèlement, la paranoïa, les déviances du pouvoir et la reprise de son pouvoir personnel. « Tâchez d’aimer vos semblables activement et sans relâche. A mesure de vos progrès dans l’amour, vous vous convaincrez aussi de l’existence de Dieu et de l’immortalité de votre âme. Et si vous allez jusqu’à l’oubli total de vous-même dans l’amour du prochain, alors vous croirez à coup sûr et aucun doute ne pourra pénétrer dans votre âme. » Dostoïevski, Les Frères Karamazov.

Times of Israel – a pandemic coming out of China US alerted Israel, NATO to disease outbreak in China in November 2019 – TV report White House was reportedly not interested in the intel, but it was passed onto NATO, IDF; when it reached Israel’s Health Ministry, ‘nothing was done’ By TOI staff 16 April 2020  –  US intelligence agencies alerted Israel to the coronavirus outbreak in China already in November, Israeli television reported Thursday. According to Channel 12 news, the US intelligence community became aware of the emerging disease in Wuhan in the second week of that month and drew up a classified document. Information on the disease outbreak was not in the public domain at that stage – and was known only apparently to the Chinese government. US intelligence informed the Trump administration, ‘which did not deem it of interest,’ but the report said the Americans also decided to update two allies with the classified document: NATO and Israel, specifically the IDF.

Vee Townsend, a carer and vegan, explains how she will lose her job unless she is vaccinated.  James from ‘The Resistance’ group – his ideas about how a fascist and technocratic New World Order is destroying democracy … and going to take over unless we do something about it.  Pat Cash’s elderly mother has a bad reaction to a Covid vaccine. Can I get a COVID-19 vaccine if I’m vegan? The goal of being vegan and advocating for animal rights should always be to bring about positive change for animals. As long as tests on animals are a legal requirement, refusing to take a medicine on ethical grounds will not help animals who have already been used in tests or spare any the same fate in the future. What needs to happen is a change in the law so that animals are no longer required to suffer in tests, and you can most effectively bring this about by using your voice to speak out for animals in laboratories and supporting our work. To keep yourself and others as fit and healthy as possible – and allow you to continue advocating for animals – please follow the advice of your health-care provider on taking a medicine.

The Crowhouse – Max Igan – A Genocide is Happening in Northern Australia Aboriginals being forced to have the Covid vaccine BREAKING: Aboriginals Hunted by Military, Kids Jabbed by Force – Disturbing Video – Nov 24 2021

Sacked New Zealand nurse, Debra from Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB), on how they are seeing many more cardiac events in her hospital in young healthy people  – most likely linked to Covid vaccine.  “Debra is a nurse from New Zealand, she has recently been sacked from her role in the Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) and says that she is concerned Doctors are not wanting to admit there are vaccine injuries.” This is Chantelle Baker interviewing a nurse at one of the protests on Sunday 21st Nov 2021. This is the first New Zealand nurse to speak out about what is happening in the hospitals.

Catholic Life Site News boss calls out ‘Evil Covid Agenda’ LifeSite president Steve Jalsevac warns ‘diabolical’ COVID agenda wants to ‘destroy Christian civilization’ – Steve Jalsevac, co-founder and president of LifeSiteNews, sits down with LSNTV correspondent Jim Hale to talk about the news organization’s history and the worldwide Global Reset. Steve warns about Big Pharma’s erroneous treatments, Dr. Fauci, the de-population efforts of COVID globalists, and describes how Christians should act in these times.


Tim Cohen explains Biblical prophecy around the events at the end of the world which he believes Prince Charles will play a major part in as a Zionist ‘Messiah’ or antichrist THE ANTICHRIST AND A CUP OF TEA presents the fascinating saga of the British Monarchy’s centuries-long endeavor to establish a “New World Order,” and for the first time, gives hard evidence to suggest the identity of the AntiChrist. “The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea” by Tim Cohen is superbly researched and a great time to read the book, published in 1998, as the British monarchy unravels in 2021. There are names and quotes that cannot be denied. Most of the book is fact and almost no conjecture. I particularly enjoyed the section on homeopathy and Prince Charles’ impact. Author Cohen does note that good can come from homeopathy. Prince Charles was one of the first to push Climate Change via the U.N. He also meddled in Israel and Palestinian peace talks. It’s his mother Queen Elizabeth II who seems to run the world by using those in her club the Committee of 300. Oh and then there’s the Vatican. You must read this book. Only time will tell what is the truth.

Near death experience from 1980 – Near Death Experience Of Hell: Somewhere in between Dante’s Inferno and The Matrix Bryan Melvin, a dying Atheist, Experiences, In 1980, Unimaginable Levels of Torment in Hell

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February 2019 Ofcom complaint result: UKLFI exposed as creation of Israeli foreign ministryBristol Post article: BCfm cleared after being reported to Ofcom for anti-semitic conspiracy theories

Beginning his working life in the aviation industry and trained by the BBC, Tony Gosling is a British land rights activist, historian & investigative radio journalist. Over the last 20 years he has been exposing the secret power of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and élite Bilderberg Conferences where the dark forces of corporations, media, banks and royalty conspire to accumulate wealth and power through extortion and war. Tony has spent much of his life too advocating solutions which heal the wealth divide, such as free housing for all and a press which reflects the concerns of ordinary people rather than attempting to lead opinion, sensationalise or dumb-down. Tony tweets at @TonyGosling. Tune in to his Friday politics show at BCfm here http://www.thisweek.org.uk

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4 comments on “Was Nixon Ousted Over His 1971 CIA/NSA Lie Detector Test Threats? – Ghislaine Maxwell’s Decades-Old Friendship With Labour’s Lord Mandelson – English Channel People Trafficking Is Masterminded From Germany – Public Services Stripped Away, Millions Wasted On Pet Projects: Bristol Gets Chance To Vote Out Corrupt, US Style, Mayoral System On 7th Dec – ‘Climate Fire’ Arson Trials Take Place Round The World: Fires Set Deliberately In California, Australia, Spain, Albania, Turkey, UK Etc. WEF COP26 Politically Motivated? – Israeli Press: Five-Fold Increase in Cardiac And Sudden Deaths Among FIFA Athletes -The Tyranny Of The Mediocre, Pliable Stooges Ushering In New Tyranny Using Mass Delusion Akin To Hitler’s Scapegoating of Jews In 1930s – Bryan Melvyn’s Near Death Experience: Teenager’s Shocking Vision Of ‘The Matrix’ Bottomless Pit Of Hell In 1980 – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling
  1. hr says:

    About time the misinformed took the time to read this and shout ENOUGH !

  2. dodgy duo says:

    Bristol MP Thangam Debbonaire demonstrated her true feeling in front of cameras at the House of Commons recently. Debbonaire was seen showing off while the much younger Sarah Sultana was making an important speech.
    Sultana was calling out Boris Pig and his cronies, daring to go so far as to describe them as ‘dodgy’.
    Not liking the young Coventry MP getting the limelight the old sweat (supposingly) representing Bristol came over all jealous and started seeing green. Not only offering absolutely no support to her young sister but instead attempted to up stage her. This she did by stupidly flinging herself around on the front bench. This ridiculous behaviour from both an elder and shadow leader of the commons only succeeded in publicising the astonishing revelation that Sultana, elected for first time in 2019, is yet to speak to Labour leader Keir long knife Starmer.
    What a shambolic display in the lack of comradory from the party’s older members.

  3. windy miller says:

    During last night’s storm Arwen wind generation matched gas for electricity generation.
    Coal was still being burned particularly since they had to turn off the turbines in order to protect them from damage.
    Fossil fuels were then required to repair the storm damage.

  4. doh ! says:

    Not wind generation but wind power

    525 til next General election.

    Hasn’t Starmer got a voice that matches his personality ?

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