‘Scientist’ Behind the Lockdown, Neil Ferguson Sacked, Imperial College ‘Expert’ Didn’t Believe His Own Rules – Evidence Emerging Nazis Tested Atom Bomb Nine Months Before US. The Secret Allied/Nazi Deals: VE Day Traitors Exposed. Friday 44th of Lockdown: With Yesterday’s Elections Cancelled Is Bristol Now A Dictatorship? Boris to Announce ‘Red’ Lockdown Relaxation Plan on Sunday? Banking it all on a vaccine that might never come? Nato today’s Nazis in travesty of VE Day 75 years on – BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

Friday 8th May 2020

At six – discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After seven – straight talking and investigative reports

BCfm’s weekly Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling with Irish Republican Labour activist Martin Summers – internet only BCfm Politics Show available Friday afternoons. We are ready to go live remotely, awaiting a BCfm Covid-19 Emergency Schedule slot from managing editor Pat Hart and the team. In the light of government and Ofcom guidance they have decided not to broadcast discussion or political shows that might put the FM licence at risk and don’t want the added burden of dealing with potential Ofcom complaints.

February 2019 Ofcom complaint result: UKLFI exposed as creation of Israeli foreign ministryBristol Post article: BCfm cleared after being reported to Ofcom for anti-semitic conspiracy theories

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First hour news review with local politician: Was Sunday’s Boris Lockdown Lifting announcement leaked to the Daily Mirror three weeks ago?

Tory councillor John Goulandris: ‘Bristol Is Not, And Never Should Be, A One-Party Dictatorship’Changes to Bristol City Council’s constitution have been branded a “shameless power grab” that will “effectively neuter local democracy”. The Labour administration insists that the move will make the democratic process fairer and more transparent, as it effectively gives elected councillors from the ruling party more opportunity to make their voices heard on behalf of their constituents. Under the changes, Labour will increase the number of its backbench councillors taking chair roles in committees and decrease opportunities for opposition parties to put forward ‘golden’ motions for debate – which will reflect the proportionality of the chamber instead of working on rotation.

Labour’s Bristol Mayor Candidate Marvin Rees In 2016: ‘I Want To Share My Power As Mayor’ – Marvin Rees has vowed to welcome politicians of all parties into his cabinet if elected mayor of Bristol, in a significant move away from his unsuccessful last campaign. Following his selection by the Labour Party to run against George Ferguson for a second time, he said he is now open to a “rainbow cabinet” – considered a major sticking point at the last election – and wants to give more power to his cabinet members. In his first extensive interview following his selection in September, Rees also said he wanted to give councillors the job of reviewing residents’ parking zones which he said were “too expensive to scrap”. He also pledged his support to newly elected Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, “a good man” who Rees said he would work with to bring greater powers to Bristol to build houses and improve the city’s transport. Speaking to Bristol24/7 following his selection in a tight contest with councillor Mark Bradshaw, Rees said his campaign was in the “early stages”, but some changes had already been made to his approach at the last election in 2012. Most notably, the former BBC Radio Bristol journalist said he had changed his position on who would be part of his cabinet. “We would have people from other parties in our cabinet. The key is to work with the city to set out a Bristol agenda.” He added that he wants to give his cabinet “real political power” instead of treating them “essentially as an advisory room”. “My approach to cabinet is to genuinely share power with them so that you don’t end up retaining all the executive power and it all being about the self,” he said, asking: “Do we share power or do we hold power with a sole individual?” He said he wanted to extend his approach to decentralising the power of the mayor by also giving councillors more of a stake in the democratic process….

Bristol Mayor George Ferguson Denies ‘Dictatorial’ SlurMr Ferguson, an architect, was elected as an independent in 2012 – Bristol’s mayor George Ferguson says he will be “more consensual” should he win a second term in May’s election and has denied being “dictatorial”. He told the BBC he had “taken flak” for his residents’ parking zones (RPZ) but successful cities had to be prepared to make “brave decisions”. RPZ opponents drove a tank through Clifton while his city-wide 20mph limit roll-out has also been criticised…. “I’m not that dictatorial person that people try to paint me as,” he said. “Occasionally I may have lost my rag with people….it may have been once a year….but it gets repeated and repeated and that becomes my image….

Ex-Mayor George Ferguson: ‘The Mayor’s Office’s Decision-Making Process Seems To Have Broken All Seven Principles Of Public Life’ I do not doubt mayor Marvin Rees’ honesty, or question his personal integrity. I am absolutely sure he believes he is doing the right thing for Bristol. However, I do strongly question the motives of some of those who advise and influence him. In particular, his political head of office who seems to have been driving council policy; and YTL, the Malaysian company that seeks to relieve Bristol of our hard-won £53m grant towards the arena project. I have been listening to statements from the mayor’s office with increasing concern over the last couple of weeks, compounding a confused decision-making process that seems to have broken all seven principles of public life: 1. Selflessness: It is evident that the decision making has been driven, at least in part, by personal resentment rather than by what is best for the people of Bristol who have been clear as to their preference. 2. Integrity: Accepting thousands of pounds worth of hospitality from a company seeking advantage from a mayoral decision is not “normal”, as claimed. 3. Objectivity: Freedom of Information requests have revealed clear bias in consultancy appointments and decision-making ever since Marvin’s first trip to Malaysia to meet with YTL in December 2017. 4. Accountability: The mayor, presumably advised by his head of office, has refused to submit himself to the council’s scrutiny process. 5. Openness: The mayor’s office has grossly underplayed the significance of thousands of pounds of expenses paid by YTL, listing them inconspicuously with minor gifts or meals, without declaring even an estimated cost. 6. Honesty: Misleading figures have been quoted regarding project costs to make false comparisons, and the people of Bristol have been misled that the mayor was yet to make up his mind. 7. Leadership: Marvin has allowed his office and other interested parties to drive what has been a fiasco of a decision making process and to lose their moral compass….

Mayor Marvin Rees blasted for ‘truly shocking’ attack on democracy by claiming opponents play ‘ping-pong’ with issues. He said ‘one of the death-knells of getting things done in Bristol is to begin to get people on these benches to play ping-pong with it’. Marvin Rees has been criticised for launching a “truly shocking” attack on democracy in Bristol. The city’s mayor blamed inaction over major decisions on “political shenanigans” in the council chamber and accused councillors of playing “ping-pong” with issues. His comments, during a debate at full council on the proposed multi-million pound revamp of Cumberland Basin, have alarmed opposition leaders. Explaining the creation of two unelected advisory groups which will progress the plans for the area rebranded as Western Harbour, Mr Rees slammed members’ right to debate controversial topics on behalf of the residents they represent as counter-productive. The leaders of the three city council opposition parties have blasted the Labour mayor’s statements, accusing him of “attacking democracy”, “losing contact with reality” and being unable to take criticism. Rounding off the Western Harbour debate at the full council meeting on November 12, Mr Rees said: “Historically this organisation has failed to meet the challenges of the city because of political shenanigans. “They have not made decisions, they haven’t delivered homes or transport solutions and we are dealing with the legacy of that today.” He said he was taking the Western Harbour advisory groups “out of politics”. One of the working groups will include local people, residents’ groups and businesses, set up to “influence early plans” for the area. Alongside that will be a “reference group” comprising “individuals and organisations that enables local groups and the community to be engaged and informed about what is happening and how to participate with the proposed scheme development”.“I’m not on it. No cabinet member is on it. After the meeting, Lib Dem group leader Gary Hopkins said: “It is a symptom of the mayoral system that the further they get up and up the ivory tower, they lose contact with reality and see anyone who doesn’t agree with them 100 per cent as an enemy. “He actually uses the public disquiet with politicians, which undoubtedly has grown over the past two or three years because of what’s been going on in Parliament, to prevent scrutiny, and sees people asking relevant questions as acting irresponsibly. “It is an attack on the democratic process. “The majority of Bristol’s public are well-informed and do not like what they’re hearing and seeing. “The mayor trying to pull the wool over their eyes on everything is not a good way to proceed. “Clearly the mayoral system has got to go. “In the meantime we will be trying every means possible to uphold the democractic process and raise issues so the public can actually see what is going on and get involved. “But the mayor has bent the constitution, he’s got all the power on his side and it’s quite difficult to do that now.”…

Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees’ Bullying Breaks All His Own Rules: Why Bristol mayor Marvin Rees’ jokes are no laughing matter – Today, Bristol Live is standing up for a reporter targeted for public ridicule by our city’s political elite. This is why… – Look at this line-up of the most powerful politicians in our city. Mayor Marvin Rees, and, to his left, his deputy Craig Cheney. In front of them, ex-council leader Helen Holland and the housing lead Paul Smith, both of whom are laughing gleefully at a joke by the mayor. “Just joking, that’s just a joke,” smiles Mr Rees as he starts a public meeting of the city’s cabinet. And they all smile. “All very nice,” adds Mr Rees, as he turns on his microphone. But all isn’t very nice. Because the mayor is ridiculing another human being. In fact, some of those in front of Mr Rees are sneaking a look at the target of this so-called humour. He is sat on his own on the other side of the council chamber, trying to do his job while being publicly humiliated by Bristol’s political elite. That person is Adam Postans. He is a journalist. And, today, Bristol Live is standing up for Adam. The meeting began with what the mayor, still laughing at his own humour, called “a jovial start” – made, coincidentally, with the recording microphones switched off. Seeing Adam, Mr Rees had joked: “Be great to have a journalist here”. And how they laughed. This from a mayor who, in the same meeting, bemoaned the “downward spiral of the quality of our civic discourse”. Civic discourse? In another context, Mr Rees’ attempt to publicly tarnish Adam’s reputation could be seen as slander. It was certainly a breach of the council members’ code of conduct which, under a section entitled “Respecting others”, advises members that they should “Always treat people with respect, including the organisations and public you engage with.”…

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Second hour Investigative reports:

Venezuela says eight killed in foiled ‘invasion by sea’ Interior Minister Nestor Reverol says ‘mercenary terrorists’ launched attack from Colombia. 3 May 2020 Interior Minister Nestor Reverol said the group landed early on the coast of La Guaira, about 32km from the capital Caracas [Reuters] Venezuela’s government has said it foiled a marine incursion by “terrorist mercenaries” who attempted to enter the country on speedboats from neighbouring Colombia, adding security forces killed eight of the fighters. The group landed early on Sunday on a beach in the port city of La Guaira, about 20 miles (32km) from the capital Caracas, Interior Minister Nestor Reverol said in a televised address. 

World War 3: How Japan could be ‘glove over US fist’ in fight against ChinaWORLD WAR 3 fears have intensified as Donald Trump ramps up his coronavirus rhetoric against China – but an unearthed documentary suggests Japan, in a strategic sense, could be “the glove over Washington’s fist”.

US Pulling Patriot Missiles, Warplanes Out of Saudi Arabia Amid Dispute. US wants Saudi oil production cut to ensure stable pricesThe Trump Administration has been annoyed at Saudi Arabia’s inability to stabilize oil prices at a level high enough to ensure US producers a profit, and in a move that appears to be retaliation based on those tensions, the US is starting to pull military assets out of Saudi Arabia. Officials announced on Thursday that the US will be withdrawing two Patriot missile batteries, along with a number of warplanes from the Saudi desert, along with other air defenses. The assets were placed in the area in recent months to “counter Iran.” The US buildup in Saudi Arabia began after a Yemeni missile hit oil-producing regions. Saudis blamed Iran, and the US sent forces there to “deter” them. US-Iran tensions over Iraq ultimately led to more deployments into the area. Putting troops there appears to have given the US the leverage to pull troops out of there, and with Saudi efforts to try to get oil prices back up largely unsuccessful, the US appears to have decided that this will coax them into action…

Senate fails to override Trump’s veto of Iran war resolution that would have curbed his ability to launch a strike.WASHINGTON – The Senate on Thursday failed to override President Donald Trump’s veto of an Iran war powers resolution that would have curbed his ability to launch a military strike against that country. In a 49-to-44 vote, supporters fell short of the two-thirds supermajority needed to overturn Trump’s veto, which came Wednesday evening. The resolution would have barred Trump from using military force against Iran without explicit congressional authorization. In his veto statement, Trump called the resolution “very insulting” and leveled unexpectedly harsh criticism at Republicans who supported it. He argued that Democrats were using the issue to divide the GOP in an election year. “The few Republicans who voted for it played right into their hands,” Trump said. Sen. Tim Kaine, the chief author of the resolution, blasted Trump for bringing electoral politics into a debate about war.”It was not introduced to divide the Republican Party. It was not introduced to affect the election. It was introduced to stop a rush to an unnecessary war,” Kaine told reporters in a conference call before Thursday’s vote. “But the president can’t see that because all he can see is himself and the prospects for his own election.”

VE Day Secrets Exposed 1: BBC Scotland (available for 25 days) Eminent Monsters – MK Ultra: US Human Experimentation, Picking Up Where The Nazis Left Off – Documentary tracing the shocking truth of our governments’ love affair with torture. In 1950s Montreal, Scottish-born psychiatrist Dr Ewen Cameron experimented on his unwitting patients. His techniques included sensory deprivation, forced comas and LSD injections. His work was covertly funded by the Canadian government and the CIA and since then, his techniques have been used in Northern Ireland, Guantanamo and 27 countries around the world. Featuring extraordinary first-hand testimony from Guantanamo Bay survivors, the Hooded Men from Northern Ireland and senior American psychologists and military personnel.

VE Day Secrets Exposed 2: Evidence emerging since 2017 that Hitler tested an atomic weapon in October 1944, nine months before the Manhattan Project’s Trinity Test on 16th July 1945. Daily Express: Secret documents reveal Germans tested nuclear bomb in 1944 as doodlebugs pounded London: “A cloud shaped like a mushroom with turbulent, billowing sections (at about 7000 metres) stood, without any seeming connections over the spot where the explosion took place. Strong electrical disturbances and the impossibility to continue radio communication as by lighting turned up.” He estimated the cloud stretching for nine kilometres and described further “strange colourings” followed by a blast wave which translated into a “strong pull on the stick” – meaning his cockpit controls. The report concurs that Hitler’s scientists failed to achieve a breakthrough in nuclear technology An hour later a pilot in a different machine took off from Ludwigslust and observed the same phenomenon. According to other archival documents, the Italian correspondent Luigi Romersa observed on the ground the same explosion. He had been sent by dictator Benito Mussolini to watch the test of a “new weapon” of the Germans. He was ordered to report his impressions back to Mussolini….

Discovery of radioactive metal points to ‘success’ of Nazi atomic bomb programme. Oranienburg was reportedly the location of Adolf Hitler’s secret uranium enrichment facilityAn amateur treasure hunter in Germany has stumbled upon what could be radioactive material from a secret research facility dating back to World War II. 64-year-old Bernd Thälmann was exploring the ground in Oranienburg, north-east Germany, with his metal detector when it gave an unusual ‘bleep’. After bringing the mysterious object home, the pensioner alerted the authorities about his discovery of a shiny lump of metal. Police discovered the find was radioactive, leading to the evacuation of 15 residents from several houses by emergency services. Specialists in hazmat suits searched Mr Thälmann’s home and removed the suspicious object in a lead-lined container which was then placed inside a protective suitcase. Mr Thälmann is now being investigated for being in possession of “unauthorised radioactive substances”, according to the Berlin Courier. German authorities have revealed that the area of Oranienburg was the location of Adolf Hitler’s secret uranium enrichment facility. The research centre was tasked with enriching uranium oxide imported from South America, to make weapons-grade plutonium. The ultimate aim was to create a Nazi atomic bomb

VE Day Secrets Exposed 3: The falsification of evidence as the truth was emerging in 1972 and 1998 that Hitler’s private secretary and treasurer Martin Bormann died on May 1 1945 fleeing the Berlin Fuhrerbunker: Firstly in 1972 as Daily Express journalist son of Jewish emigree parents Stewart Steven discovered Martin Bormann alive in Buenos Aires with Hungarian journalist Ladislas Farago. Just after this front page lead in the Daily Express the Body of the Bormann double ‘Gunther’ was unearthed. Secondly in 1996 on the publication of Op JB The Last Great Secret Of The Second World War about Ian Fleming, Desmond Morton, Winston Churchill and King George VI’s secret operation to rescue Bormann from the ruins of Berlin to do deals with him was published. The Establishment and press responded with derisive sneers and fabricated evidence that a skull had been DNA tested (quite how was not clear) and proven to be Bormann’s despite having red clay on it from Ita, Paraguay where Bormann is thought now to have lived out his days to a ripe old age as a Fourth Reich Mafia Kingpin.


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Beginning his working life in the aviation industry and trained by the BBC, Tony Gosling is a British land rights activist, historian & investigative radio journalist. Over the last 20 years he has been exposing the secret power of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and élite Bilderberg Conferences where the dark forces of corporations, media, banks and royalty conspire to accumulate wealth and power through extortion and war. Tony has spent much of his life too advocating solutions which heal the wealth divide, such as free housing for all and a press which reflects the concerns of ordinary people rather than attempting to lead opinion, sensationalise or dumb-down. Tony tweets at @TonyGosling. Tune in to his Friday politics show at BCfm here http://www.thisweek.org.uk

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6 comments on “‘Scientist’ Behind the Lockdown, Neil Ferguson Sacked, Imperial College ‘Expert’ Didn’t Believe His Own Rules – Evidence Emerging Nazis Tested Atom Bomb Nine Months Before US. The Secret Allied/Nazi Deals: VE Day Traitors Exposed. Friday 44th of Lockdown: With Yesterday’s Elections Cancelled Is Bristol Now A Dictatorship? Boris to Announce ‘Red’ Lockdown Relaxation Plan on Sunday? Banking it all on a vaccine that might never come? Nato today’s Nazis in travesty of VE Day 75 years on – BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling
  1. Collette Lord says:

    why cant i access the segment of the richie allen show on 5/5/20 in which Gosling talks about Boormans DNA???

  2. Telesur News with Audio of conversation of contract to attack Venezuela

  3. Where’s the logic in many people saying the trump administration had nothing to do with the failed coup ? The 15 million dollar reward put up by the Trump administration is a crime by itself . If people think the US had nothing to do with this failed coup on Venezuela May 2020, then they know nothing about the track record of US support for coup d’etats ( prior to, and after ww2 ) in Latin America of governments which try for a fair distribution of wealth . The filthy rich and corporations run the US government .


  4. To Tony Gosling : We are eternally grateful for your keeping the show going and continuing to get the truth out which the corporate media ” incarcerates ” . Martin Summers ” hits the nail on the head ” regarding billionaires’ and corporations’ profit motive being behind their false veneer of caring about people and the planet . These fat cat’s raison d’etre is wealth and power accumulation at any cost – to others besides themselves, cronies and their families .

  5. Martin Summers , how should i say it ,was just superb on this week’s show . Inter alia , Martin was absolutely correct about our current situation as likened to war time , as being in the midst of the greatest depression ever , regardless of covid-19 or no . Vital is the need for centralized economies , very high taxes on the super wealthy , banksters, corporations and the like . Privatization must be done away with . The public good must be first and foremost . Capitalism must be put on the back burner on a very low flame . When things stabilize we can slowly allow for the private sector for small and medium sized endeavors and businesses, but imho never again this dare i say it , this evil , profoundly immoral prevailing finance capitalism . The public good , vital goods and services must be public and the public good must have the upper hand over capitalism .

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