Establishment judge annuls 90% Royal Mail strike ballot – 1950s Korean war “there was nothing left to bomb” – mushroom foraging: know your species and the law

Friday 13th October 2017

BCfm’s weekly Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

At five – discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
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 straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

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First hour: news review: with Labour councillor for central ward and Communication Workers’ Union branch secretary Kye Dudd – HR Committee;  Three new Bristol City Council bosses could each earn more than former chief executive’s £160k salary;  controversy over appointment of Chief Executive Anna Klonowski who resigned;  Bristol City Council accused of letting ‘fat cats milk the system’ after former chief executive ‘given £70k payment’;  Communication Workers Union in Bristol – 90% mandate for strike action against Royal Mail next week – but court has ruled it illegal – what is strike about? – since privatisation management wants more work for less money while Royal Mail Chief Executive Moya Greene gets £1.9m a year; PMQs Corbyn – Universal Credit is a disaster for millions of poor people – the Tories decide to roll it out anyway‘Chaotic’ roll out of Universal Credit benefit scheme will ’cause evictions, homelessness, spiralling debt and even suicide’: In a dire message to Whitehall, public sector bosses, advice services and a string of MPs have all demanded an immediate halt to the policy – insisting it will send the UK’s poorest people into a downward spiral – work poverty, 200,000 children will be put into poverty; I work for the DWP as a universal credit case manager – and what I’ve seen is shocking: I see so much suffering on a daily basis. Case managers like me are well-trained to deal with any claimants threatening suicide, simply because it’s become such a frequent occurrence – PMQs Heidi Allen – Tory MP criticises Universal Credit at PMQs – six week wait before you get any money doesn’t work, advance payments; PMQs Bristol East Labour MP Kerry McCarthy wants more Meningitis B vaccines for infants – but have big pharma been lobbying her? THE GHOST LOBBY New Labour and the Pharmaceutical Industry – Vaccine manufacturers big winners in fight for government cash – that’s what the pharmaceutical firms want – children in US get 70 vaccine injections by age oneRespiratory RSV vaccine to be trialled on unborn babies – Martin favours nationalising pharmaceuticals; ‘Spectre of conspiracy’ raised by #MI5 dossier on Establishment burying of Cyril Smith child sexual abuse evidence  – why MI5 even involved? Why did prosecutor lie to press?;  Ted Heath – police chief calls for a new inquiry into a Westminster child-sex ring ‘covered up’ by the Establishment  – policy decided on the back of blackmail; contradictory stories about house prices in the Independent online: House prices hit record high after rising at fastest pace in eight months UK house prices fall for fifth month in a row;  Paul Smith and promise to build 800 affordable homes a year in Bristol;  PMQs – 2000 job losses at BAE Systems138 Lockheed Martin’s F35s, at £90m ($120m) each, thats £17 billion, to be bought from US rather than British Typhoons for £87m each which are built at BAe’s Warton plant in Lancashire. BUT… Our RAF jets ‘BEATEN’ in training exercise with Indian pilots in Russian planes – THE best of Britain’s RAF fighter command have been shamed into a humiliating defeat in a contest with India’s military pilots, it has been claimed.

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Second hour: Investigative reports: Trump moves against Iran & threatens North Korea – we take a look at the devastating Korean War of 1950-1953 in which the US Air Force virtually levelled North Korea expending more bombs than they had against Japan in the entire WWII Pacific War. Trump tearing up nuclear deal with Iran – Israel want war with Iran.  Israel and US pulled out of UNESCO this week.  Korea ramping up again – history of 1950s 1950-53 Korean War and events leading to it:  Korea splitting in to two and fascist dictator in south; US bombing of N. Korea with 635,000 tons of bombs and napalm; geopolitics and China;  situation now; US bombers flying over S. Korea to threaten North Korea; what is US motive? Steve Bannon says 10m people in Seoul will die in first 30 minutes of a war if the US strikes N. Korea; Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said ‘Trump is a moron’ – Trump wants to take intelligence test to prove him wrong, so do we. Interview with Prof. Alexander Azadgan from Saddleback College, California – about the history of Kurdistan:  Iran is literally the land of the Aryans; origins of Atlantis; Kurds one of Aryan tribes;  Kurds being given a state – Kirkuk has oil fields; Lt Col. Ralph Peters’ map of new borders of area – another stitch up like 1916 Sykes-Picot agreement? Oded Yinon Plan to Balkanise the Middle East for Israel’s benefit.  Congress want to stop US Air Force refuelling Saudi jets that are bombing YemenBritish jihadi ‘White Widow’ killed by U.S. drone: Sun report – Syria war, ISIS individuals said to have been killed only to reappear, West supporting ISIS.  Sonic attack on the US Embassy in Cuba – real or made up? expulsion of Cuban diplomats in US; Operation Northwoods; motive? US losing hegemony. Today is Friday 13th October, 710 years to the day since French King Philip the Fair arrested the Knights Templar cult in dawn raids; HISTORY STORIES: Why Friday the 13th Spelled Doom for the Knights Templar, by Barbara Maranzani, October 13, 2017; but did the cult go underground and survive? Are the modern crusaders the Christian Zionists? ‘Christian Zionism: Road Map to Armageddon’ book by Steven Sizer – list of what Zionism wants. Days closing in and depression: Magic mushrooms may one day treat depression – Study investigating active substance in the illegal drug is due to launch early next year; Magic mushrooms ‘reboot’ brain in depressed people – studyWARNING: whenever collecting mushrooms remember two things: 1. don’t be 99% sure of identification, only 100% sure! Many mushrooms and toadstools are poisonous! 2. take a penknife or use your fingernail to cut the fungi stem if collecting so you leave the base of the stem, the mycelium from which mushrooms grow, in the ground, UK Liberty Cap, our native UK ‘magic mushroom’ and its legal status, Magic Mushrooms consumed by man as part of religious and spiritual rites from bronze age and neolithic timesDaily Telegraph: Five things you didn’t know about magic mushrooms; Guide book to mushroom foraging: Edible Mushrooms by By Geoff Dann – A forager’s guide to the wild fungi of Britain and Europe. Further reading: free PDF book download: Magic Mushrooms Around The World by Jochen Gartz – Magic mushrooms and the roots of witchcraft: A study of the effects of hallucinogenic plants can explain much about sorcery and demonic possession through the ages

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Beginning his working life in the aviation industry and trained by the BBC, Tony Gosling is a British land rights activist, historian & investigative radio journalist. Over the last 20 years he has been exposing the secret power of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and élite Bilderberg Conferences where the dark forces of corporations, media, banks and royalty conspire to accumulate wealth and power through extortion and war. Tony has spent much of his life too advocating solutions which heal the wealth divide, such as free housing for all and a press which reflects the concerns of ordinary people rather than attempting to lead opinion, sensationalise or dumb-down. Tony tweets at @TonyGosling. Tune in to his Friday politics show at BCfm here

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