Bristol to ban homeless tents from 9 Bristol parks – deep Turkish contradictions and the Third Intifada in Palestine

Friday 16th October 2015

BCfm’s weekly Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

At five – discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six –
 straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

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First hour: News review: with Lib Dem cabinet member Simon Cook. How council works differently with Mayor; Library changes; residents parking;  Simon and his acting career, playing in Dennis Potter’s ‘Son of Man’;  Police Chief Constable, Nick Gargan, has finally resigned – he was a reformer; Metro Mayors – City Regions – Manchester – devolved local government; events closing parks in Bristol – clip of possible mayor candidate next year Paul Saville discussing this – money to council for fun events; end of the ‘Wilson Doctrine’ – it is legal for GCHQ to spy on MPs – lawyers – journalists – clip of David Davis MP in PMQs on this – Watergate scandal when Republican party used secret services, NSA or CIA as a weapon against the Democratic party; clip of Snowden on Panorama discussing how smart phones are easily hacked – The NSA GCHQ secret Smurfs that hack into your smartphone – balance between paranoia and civil liberties, Snoopers Charter is an attempt by secret service signals intelligence criminals to make warrantless surveillance legal, hacking of Simon Cook’s Bristol City Council e-mail account discovered and council employee sacked; PMQs Jeremy Corbyn on poverty and the stopping of tax credits – Osborne and his fiscal charter passes through the Commons which limits parliament to endless austerity – damaging social policies of Tories; clip of Yannis Varoufakis on Question Time discussing how our personal budget is very different to running the economy of a country – if you stop people spending then tax receipts fall – possibly catastrophically – 2008 bailout, welfare state as cushion for economy, how a national economy works, 1929 crash and Roosevelt set up welfare state, Keynesianism; inflation below zero again; Bristol park by-laws – will stop homeless people sleeping in tents in parks and force them out of the public eye onto waste ground.
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Second hour: investigative reports: Bombs kill around 100 at peace march in Ankara ISIS or the government? PKK and ISIS working with MIT and NATO;  Kurds and Turks fighting – 40,000 dead; Ergenekon – Turkish version of Gladio – top generals sent to prison;  NATO and false flag terrorism;  history of Turkey;  Syria;  what is the future?  PMQs Angus Robertson – failure of various UK military interventions and Britain not helping Syrian refugees enough – western intelligence services arming and training extremists in Syria. Cancellation of £6m government prison contract from Saudi Arabia. Syria and West wanting to remove Assad. What does ‘deep state’ mean? Where do some obviously untrue stories in press come from? Intelligence services sowing disinformation – Strat Com; author Frederick Forsyth on BBC ‘Start the Week’ reveals he worked for MI6 – about his fury at how he was expected, as BBC reporter in 1960s, to cover Biafra civil war – slavishly adherent to government. Dutch report on MH17 downed plane in Ukraine: Russian made Buk SAM missile – type Ukrainian government was using! misleading UK press reports; what about black box? Normal procedure for investigation not followed.  Two new suspects found connected to Lockerbie downing of PanAm flight 103 in December 1988: Allan Frankovitch’s  ‘Maltese Double Cross’ made for and eventually shown on Channel 4 Dispatches; Al Magrahi not guilty Israeli security clampdown against and killing of Palestinians; Al Aqsa mosque closed by Israelis general Middle East war a ‘final solution’ to Israel’s problems; fighting over use of Al Aqsa Mosque and borders.
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