Triple Jabbed THREE times more likely to die than everyone else say UK Govt statistics – Extreme Shanghai Covid measures include placing electronic door alarms to prevent those infected from leaving and evacuating people to disinfect their homes – Macron/Le Pen debate: As Al Capone said: “Capitalism is the racketeering legitimately organized by the ruling class” – Netflix reveal how David Icke Met Jimmy Savile on the set of Breakfast Time – Ex-USMC Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter on sinking of the Moscova and Russia’s Ukraine Operation Phase II – Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis claims the CIA used the break-in at Democratic Headquarters to “get rid” of Richard Nixon because Nixon demanded to see CIA files about the assassination of John F. Kennedy – Unique Collection of Top Secret Operation Market Garden Battle Orders Up For Sale for £35-40k- NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

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Part One News Review and Investigative Reports

Mark Steyn on GB News on figures that show those who have had the Covid booster jab are three times more likely to die from the Covid jabs – or is it just that this group is more likely to be older or more vulnerable? On the Thursday edition of The Mark Steyn Show we started with …well, let’s leave it to a Steyn Clubber from the East Midlands, Gareth Wigmore: Just watched Thursday’s show. WOW. The first 20 minutes were jaw-dropping. What did Mark do that was so jaw-dropping? Nothing much: he simply read out various numbers from the UK Health Security Agency’s April vaccine surveillance reports. Which apparently is not something that happens on other TV networks.

China Covid lockdowns continuing.  Piers Corbyn on a Tory MP Bob Blackman, mowing them down in his car, when they were protesting against the Online Harms Bill in London. Authorities in Shanghai have said they will tighten the enforcement of lockdown measures, as a ‘Covid surge’ continues in China’s financial capital. New measures include placing electronic door alarms to prevent those infected from leaving, as well as evacuating people to disinfect their homes. Earlier this week, hundreds were forcibly evacuated from their homes to allow for buildings to be disinfected. The restrictions will take Shanghai’s lockdown into its fifth week. Shanghai city officials said all infected patients and close contacts will be transferred to government-run centralised quarantine. In addition, disinfection measures will be escalated in some of the city’s worst-hit areas. This will likely mean some residents will be forced to move out temporarily – including those who have tested negative. The move comes days after people in two other Shanghai communities – Beicai and Pingwang – were ordered to leave their residences for temporary accommodations. In Beicai, an official notice issued to residents told them to pack their belongings and leave their wardrobe doors open. They were also told to leave open the front door of their home and their pets behind. Images on social media of people queuing with packed suitcases at night-time showed the scale of the operation.

Referendum on the Mayoral system in Bristol in May – peoples opinions on College Green Mayor vs committee: What do Bristolians think? Bristolians will be heading to the polls in two weeks. The mayoral referendum on May 5 offers the city a choice of keeping an elected mayor or returning to the committee system of governance. It comes after Bristol councillors passed a motion by 41 votes to 24 to hold a referendum on whether to abolish the mayoral system in December 2021. Since then, fervent political campaigns have launched promoting both ballot tick-boxes. Debate around democracy, scrutiny, accountability, visibility and stability are being voiced by councillors and political figures in the city, but what do the citizens of Bristol think, and how do they plan on voting? With the referendum just around the corner, Bristol24/7 spoke to the people with the power to decide whether to retain the mayoral model or return to a committee system. Smith said the role of a city mayor is “redundant” Marcus Smith, a 35-year-old creative, said: “I was really up for the mayor initially in the first referendum. I thought it would stop all the drama and infighting in the council, and among councillors and get some decisions made. “But over the last 10 years, things have changed. We now have a regional mayor, Dan Norris, for the West of England … so I feel like the Bristol mayor has become redundant.” He added: “Processes may have happened slower than the old system, but more people felt involved and had input in decisions. Whereas now, what do councillors do? What are they there for?” Manassieva is 35 and a receptionist Gergana Manassieva echoed these concerns, arguing a committee system would be better because “two heads are better than one”. She added: “The more viewpoints and insights and opinions you get, the wiser I think. We should live collectively, together.

BBC report by Lucy Williamson on the Macron – Le Pen debate.  Eric Simon, who lives in France and has been one of the Yellow Vest protestors, on how the left wing will vote for Macron, and how he noticed Antifa always turned up at protests and were left alone by the police – agent provocateurs? MACRON IS A GANGSTER! Article written by Brigitte Bouzonnie Macron is a jerk. Macron is an impostor. Macron is a gangster, for whom human life has no importance. mass death too Macron is a gangster. A man without faith or law participating in this criminal capitalism, described and denounced by Jean-Francois Gayrot, police commissioner, in his book: “The new criminal capitalism”, prefaced by the appalled economist Paul Jorion. As Al Capone said: “Capitalism is the racketeering legitimately organized by the ruling class” (sic)) With him, all minimal morality disappeared. Make way for racketeering published in the Official Journal. Make way for the social and psychological killing of the French people. 1.1)– Macron seized power with a hussar. While he was a bad candidate, unable to debate enough with his opponents: seeing his first meeting on TV seen by 10 million people, where he lowered his head, he was so bad. Not filling meeting rooms. Obliged to organize a slap of paid fans to applaud him. And while the first figures gave him between 6 and 9% of the vote at 7 p.m. (see Eric Montana article of November 24, 2020: “Scytl: the software that votes for you”). Alain Badiou denounced the democratic coup fomented by Macron in his book: “Praise of politics”, Cafe Voltaire / Flammarion edition, 2017. The promotion of his book was brutally interrupted by the henchmen of the little powder. However, he was credited with 23% of the votes on the evening of the first round of the Presidential, siphoning off all the other lists: Fillon, FI, RN, PS, UPR, NPA, Dupont-Aignan list, animalist party, etc. . As Al Capone said: “capitalism is the racketeering legitimately organized by the ruling class” (sic)). And all means are good for criminal capitalism, to reach the Elysee: in particular, by abyssal cheats made possible, thanks to the Dominion servers (CIA farm in Nice) and SCYTL. 1.2)-  With him, the yellow vests were treated like cattle . As the metropolises treated colonized peoples before 1914. The caregivers were surprised at the severity and violence of the beatings received by the demonstrators, on Macron’s orders. Many have been in prison, where the common rights called them: “the politicians”. Many have lost their jobs and their wives. On the count: 11 dead, 26 blinded, 5,000 injured, 5 hands torn off. 315 injured in the head. 1.3)-Macron did not manage the Covid-19 well or badly, he laughed at us, nuance . Thus, the rumor circulates that Macron would have received a billion euros, to prevent the French from wearing a mask (read on Alain Benajam’s Facebook wall). Similarly, in Germany, the Minister of Health is accused of having had a superb villa built, of not having treated German patients (see Courier des strateges of March 10, 2021). Everything has been done not to treat the French..This pandemic has been used by Macron to produce fear: therefore the fearful obedience of millions of women and men to his dictatorial power. 1.4)-If Macron had been an honest man, he would never have blackmailed Professor Raoult , threatening to cut the public funds of the IFU, if he continued to defend Chloroquine. He would never have had this fake article published in The Lancet magazine, sold by a prostitute, “showing” the ineffectiveness of Chloroquine. He would never have trained Didier Raoult before the Council of the Order created by Petain, guided by the Elysee, in order to break him psychologically. The methods used by Macron are the methods of a blackmailer, a thug experienced in all villainy. And yet, nobody flinches, presenting his “normal”, “self-evident” conduct. 1.5)-Macron is a rascal. Macron is an impostor. Macron is a gangster, for whom human life has no importance. Mass death too. On the saw with the Covid-19 affair, I will not go back to it. We also saw the summer of 2019, a heat wave: 45 degrees in Paris. In the streets, it was like being in a boiling pool. The elderly and frail were left to fend for themselves. Of course, the figure of a thousand additional deaths given by Buzyn in September was a “fake”. Because during the summer, we learned that the morgues were full. A general rehearsal of the Covid of March 2020. Partygate: Steve Baker – Boris should go. 

Julian Assange – Priti Patel to rubber stamp extradition to US – but he can appeal again.  Big Brother Watch on the Online Harms Bill.  RT not getting so many viewers since it was banned in UK. Julian Assange moves one step closer to US extradition as magistrates issue order leaving it down to Priti Patel to rubber stamp decision – but WikiLeaks founder can STILL appealWestminster Magistrates’ Court issued formal order for Assange’s US extradition Home Secretary will now have to rubber stamp WikiLeaks founder’s extradition Assange supporters say they have a month to make representations to Priti Patel It comes after Supreme Court rejected plea to allow him to appeal to High Court But Assange’s legal team also say there are other parts of appeal still to be heard Julian Assange’s extradition to the United States has moved a step closer today after magistrates issued an official extradition order – but supporters say he can still appeal before Priti Patel rubber stamps the decision. After years of legal toing and froing, Westminster Magistrates’ Court formally issued an order to extradite the WikiLeaks founder this morning. During a seven-minute hearing at the court, chief magistrate Paul Goldspring said: ‘In layman’s terms, I am duty bound to send your case to the Secretary of State for a decision.’ It will now be down to Home Secretary Priti Patel to rubber stamp the 50-year-old’s extradition to the US, where he is wanted on espionage charges. However, Assange’s legal team have previously said there are other parts of his appeal that had not yet been heard by the High Court. Meanwhile, supporters say they will have four weeks to submit representations to the Home Secretary following today’s order. Not-for-profit group Reporters Without Borders, who are supporting Assange, have called on Ms Patel to ‘protect journalism and press freedom by refusing extradition’. And they say the Home Secretary has the power to reject the extradition, if she wishes. However refusing the extradition would go against the long-standing extradition agreement between the UK and the US, and could spark a diplomatic crisis between the two countries.

Conspiracy Archive – Will Banyon showing footage David Icke met Jimmy Savile, but he said he hadn’t. The Savile Affair Redux: When David Met Jimmy at Breakfast Time. In amongst the many disturbing revelations in Netflix’s recent two-part documentary series, Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story, keen viewers would also have caught a brief glimpse of the creepy Savile sitting next to a youthful, permed David Icke on the set of the BBC program Breakfast Time. This brief footage cropped up during a segment focusing on Breakfast Time’s anchor Selina Scott who was recalling her uncomfortable encounters with Savile on that program in the 1980s. The reaction of a number of viewers, though, was to focus on the sheer bizarreness of Savile, Icke and the disgraced Frank Bough, all sharing the same couch with Scott (Figure 1). Missing from this bemused commentary was recognition that David Icke had once denied that an encounter like this had ever taken place. Looking beyond the grim humour of the moment, this few seconds of footage refuted one of the pillars of Icke’s claims to being both ignorant of and separated from Savile while at the BBC. One might easily dismiss this revelation as trivial and attribute Icke’s false claim to an unfortunate memory lapse. Perhaps. But why after making that explicit claim in 2012 did Icke avoid making it again? Why hasn’t he written about his encounter with Savile in the same vein as his supposedly supernatural encounters with Jimmy Carter and Edward Heath? Didn’t he feel anything weird when he met with Jimmy Savile on Breakfast Time? But what conclusion should we draw about Icke’s curious omission, including his curious failure to acknowledge this? We could just let it go as an innocent (yet uncorrected and unacknowledged) failure of memory; or we could adopt the same standard Icke applied to Savile over the latter’s apparently false claim in 2008 that he hadn’t visited the notorious Haut de la Garenne children’s home on Jersey.1 According to Icke: “Savile denied any knowledge of ever being at the home, but a picture surfaced of him there to show that he was lying” (Perception Deception, p.288; emphasis added). This sentence could easily be completed in the same way: “Icke denied meeting Savile at the BBC, but pictures have surfaced to show that he was…….” But we cannot be as certain about Icke’s motives for not remembering as he was about Savile’s recollection issues.

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Part Two – Ukraine/Covid/Climate Round-Up With End Times Prophecy Reports

Scott Ritter on Ukraine war – the sinking of the Moskva.  Scott Ritter on sinking of the Moscova and Russia’s Ukraine Operation Phase II – According to the same NBC News report: “Multiple US officials acknowledged that the US has used information as a weapon even when confidence in the accuracy of the information wasn’t high. Sometimes,” the report noted, “it has used low-confidence intelligence.” The purpose for using intelligence which, to quote NBC News, “wasn’t rock solid”, was to deter Russian actions by keeping Russian President Vladimir Putin “off balance.” So much for the intelligence community’s commitment to the “incontrovertible truth.” It is well known that Ukraine maintains an expansive and capable information warfare capability. Units such as the Ukrainian Intelligence Service’s 72nd Center for Information and Psychological Operations (PSO) have been carrying out a sophisticated propaganda campaign designed to enhance the perception of Ukrainian strength and resolve while denigrating the Russian special military operation underway in Ukraine. Indeed, the 72nd PSO was considered by Russia to be such a threat that the Russian military singled out its headquarters for destruction early on in the conflict. Moreover, it has been reported that, in the aftermath of the February 2014 “Maidan Revolution” in Ukraine, the US intelligence community has initiated and maintained in-depth contacts with their Ukrainian intelligence and security counterparts, a relationship which has only expanded in scope and scale over the course of the preceding eight years. Logic dictates that information operations targeting Russia would be an area of joint interest, and that the US would be assisting Ukraine in this effort following the initiation of the current Russian-Ukrainian conflict on February 24, 2022. Providing declassified intelligence to Ukraine for it to be repackaged and disseminated as anti-Russian propaganda is very much a legitimate use of intelligence information. Moreover, under certain conditions relating to covert political action, US intelligence organizations may use manufactured information to help breathe life and credibility into a false narrative designed to undermine the operations of a designated enemy. Under such conditions, however, the information must not be able to be sourced back to the US and, most importantly, this information should not be disseminated in a manner which would misinform US policymakers. ‘Recession shock coming,’ major US bank warns

Where’s the Line’ BBC ‘debate’ on Ukraine war – but no even slightly pro-Russian perspective on the panel – Jeremy Bowen on Russian way of fighting – Sir Richard Sherriff saying now is time for NATO to take part – Douglas Loof on preparing for WW3 – Jeremy Bowen. Eight weeks ago it still seemed almost unthinkable that Russia would mount a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Since then the reality of the war – and the way it has been waged – has shocked and appalled the world. Mishal Husain and a panel of expert guests ask what it would take for NATO to confront Russia directly over Ukraine. Guests: General Sir Richard Shirreff who served in the Gulf War, Kosovo and Iraq while in the British Army, before becoming NATO’s Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe between 2011 and 2014. Orysia Lutsevych, head of the Ukraine Forum at Chatham House. BBC Middle East Editor Jeremy Bowen, who has been reporting from Ukraine for weeks. And we’re joined from Washington by Douglas Lute, former US Ambassador to NATO. 

Russia tests new long range missile   Demo in London supporting Ukraine – Unions chanting ‘arm Ukraine’.  Russia’s Sarmat and China’s YJ-21: What the missile tests mean – In a public display of force, Russia’s newest heavy long-range missile blasted off on Wednesday from a test silo in Plesetsk, western Russia. Russian media said it flew nearly 6,000km (3,700 miles) before hitting targets in Kamchatka on the other side of the vast country. The Sarmat Intercontinental Ballistic Missile, or ICBM, has been in development for years and is designed to replace the older Soviet legacy S-18 missiles. These ICBMs were meant to fly around the planet showering strategic targets with multiple nuclear weapons in a nuclear war that no one wanted to fight. The Sarmat’s extreme range, some estimate as far as 35,000km (22,000 miles), allows it to fly the long way around to its intended target, bypassing likely radar and missile defence systems, striking its target from an unexpected direction. The huge payload of 10 tonnes means it can carry up to 15 nuclear warheads, each with its own limited manoeuvrability. The payload can be swapped out to include an unknown number of Avangard Hypersonic glide missiles that can travel further and faster, flying in an unpredictable path to spoof missile defences.

George Galloway interviewed Gonzalo Lira who then went missing in Ukraine – the Ukraine secret police SBU have now set him free. Chilean vlogger Gonzalo Lira, who went missing for a week in Kharkov, Ukraine turned up on Friday saying he was fine and thanking everyone for their concern. “I am OK physically, a little rattled,” Lira said during a live podcast on The Duran channel on YouTube. The citizen-journalist said he was picked up by the SBU (Ukraine’s Security Service) on April 15 – the day all contact was lost with him, with many of his followers fearing the worst. Though the somewhat shaken Lira did not provide details, it was apparent he had been held and interrogated by the SBU. “Thank you for your concern…there are others far more deserving than me,” said the 54-year-old, alluding to a number of people in Ukraine who have allegedly vanished. “I am still in Kharkov, and for the time being I cannot leave. The authority here has told me that I cannot leave the city,” he added. Lira said anything posted under his social media accounts after April 15 should be ignored, as “that wasn’t me.” Lira’s YouTube channel has 150,000 subscribers. He is also active on Telegram. The Chilean, who also has US citizenship by birth, has repeatedly criticised the government of President Volodymyr Zelenskiy as well as Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi. He has been described in the media as being pro-Russian and pro-Putin. Before going missing, he had said that some action could be taken against him, such as being kidnapped by the Ukrainian SBU. In Lira’s last tweet on March 26 he posted a number of names of well-known people listed as missing, kidnapped or dead in Ukraine, including Vlodymyr Struk, Denis Kireev, Mikhail and Aleksander Kononovich, Nestor Shufrych, Yan Taksyur, Dmitri Djangirov and Elena Berezhnaya. “If you haven’t heard from me in 12 hours, put my name on the list,” Lira said.

Richard Branson: Pour Arms Into Ukraine, Stop Using Oil & Gas: ‘B Team’ IEA BBC Victoria Derbyshire Richard Branson interviewed by Victoria Derbyshire on the BBC, saying arm Ukraine and stop buying Russian oil. Richard Branson says individuals, governments should cap their energy use to help end the war in Ukraine The Virgin Group founder told CNBC Wednesday that individuals, companies and governments need to play their part to reduce reliance on Russian energy. Small personal sacrifices would lower demand, bringing down prices and easing the cost-of-living crisis, he said. Airlines like his own Virgin Atlantic ­ which have been heavily impacted by rising energy costs as they seek to capitalize on post-pandemic travel demand ­ could cut certain unprofitable routes, for example, Branson noted. Virgin Group founder Richard Branson on Wednesday called on individuals and governments to cap their driving speeds and turn down their heating in a bid to reduce reliance on Russian energy and bring about an end to the war in Ukraine. The billionaire entrepreneur told CNBC that small personal sacrifices could reduce demand for Russian power, in turn bringing down prices and easing the cost-of-living crisis. “It’s really important than we get rid of our dependence on Russian oil, gas and coal, and we must do that immediately,” Branson told CNBC’s Rosanna Lockwood. “If we can reduce the West’s dependence on fuel, say by just 10%, that will free up something like three billion barrels of fuel. That will be plenty to make sure that countries like Germany do not have to import anymore,” he said, referring to European countries’ reliance on Russian energy. Russia is a major source of energy for consumers globally. The European Union is particularly dependent, importing 45% of its gas from Russia in 2021, according to the International Energy Agency. However, Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine earlier this year has drawn that reliance into question. As governments have sought to reduce their dependence on Russian energy imports ­ which are seen as funding President Vladimir Putin’s war chest ­ prices have surged higher as global supply struggles to catch up with demand.

Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, interviewed by India Today – crimes the West has accused Russia of over the years. We are investigating the atrocities of the neo-Nazi battalions of Ukraine and of Ukrainian armed forces. There is a special commission created by the Russian chamber – there is a public organisation which is very experienced. They have been discovering the fakes staged by the so-called White Helmets in Syria, in many other cases. We will not cease our efforts to establish the truth. We are used to the fact that the United States, the United Kingdom, and other Western countries have a very interesting habit: they just throw in news when they believe this news will work ideologically for their benefit, and then, when it comes to the facts, and when more facts are discovered, putting a big question mark on their assertions, they just lose interest. 2007, London. Poisoning of Mr Litvinenko. Huge outcry. The investigation begins, and after a few weeks a public inquiry is announced, which in the UK means that it is secret. Until now, we cannot get the facts about what had happened to Mr Litvinenko. 2014, Malaysian Airlines Boeing. Shot down over Ukraine. We presented a huge amount of facts. We requested that we be part of the investigation – no way. Ukrainians who did not close their skies during the conflict were invited to this investigation group, Russia was not. Malaysia, as the owner of the plane, was invited only five months later after the Australians, the Dutch. They and the Malaysians agreed among themselves that anything coming out of this room must be subject to consensus, meaning that Ukraine, which did not close the skies, had a veto power on this investigation. We could not get the truth on this one as well. 2019, Salisbury poisoning. The people disappeared. The only proof which was made public is “highly likely,” as Theresa May said. The Brits insisted on the expulsion of Russian diplomats by most of the European countries. When I asked my friends, did they provide proof beyond the public statements about “highly likely” it was Russia, they said “no, but they promised to.” I checked one year later, whether this was done, it was not done. And so on, and so forth. 2020. Our opposition blogger Mr Navalny was poisoned. We asked the Germans. We immediately responded to the German request to let him go to the Berlin hospital. Twenty-four hours after the request he was flown to Berlin. We don’t have any confirmation who was flying with him, where did they get the bottle which is the key element in this investigation. When we asked the Germans to show us the formula which they discovered in his blood, they said this is a military secret. It is us who until now insist on the truth about Litvinenko, about the Skripals, about Malaysian Boeing, and about Navalny. The stories that they stage in Ukraine these days are of the same nature.

Frank Sturgis, CIA, being interviewed by Bill O’Reilly in 1977, on the JFK assassination.  Alan Francovich on Alternative Views in 1980s, on how the CIA cancel assassinations to cover themselves – but they actually go ahead.  James Files, former Mafia hitman who shot JFK, on how CIA cancelled JFK assassination at last minute – but not from the main man they took orders from.  James Files, on his transformation to become a Christian and away from hate, in prison. Sturgis claims CIA ‘got rid’ of Nixon – DALLAS (UPI) ­ Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis claims the CIA used the break-in at Democratic Headquarters to “get rid” of Richard Nixon because Nixon was getting interested in CIA files about the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Sturgis made the charge in interview filmed in Miami and broadcast Wednesday by Dallas’ WFAA-TV. “Several times the President asked then CIA Director Richard Helms for the file to the Kennedy assassination but Helms refused to give it to him; refused a direct order from President,” Sturgis said. Sturgis said he felt Nixon may have been close to shedding new light on the Kennedy assassination, which was why he wanted the file. He said the CIA was involved in the planning execution of the Watergate burglary. I believe Nixon would uncovered the true facts in assassination of President Kennedy and that would have taken off the heat in Watergate. Because Nixon wanted files, the CIA felts they had to get rid of him.” Sturgis also was asked if Nixon ever was in danger. “Yes, absolutely,” Sturgis said. “Nixon was lucky he wasn’t killed ­ assinated President Kennedy.” In the interview, Sturgis said he believed “Deep Throat” ­ a major source for Washington Post reporters Carl Berstein and Bob Woodward ­ was Robert Bennett, then a partner in a CIA-front public relations firm in Washington and now employed by the late Howard Hughes ‘Summa Corp. Sturgis said Bennett ­ on orders from Helms ­ was fed information by Alexander Haig, Nixon’s chief of staff; Alexander Butterfield, who disclosed the existence of Nixon’s taping system; and Watergate conspirator Howard Hunt. He also said the CIA feared Nixon because it felt he was too powerful and too easily influenced on foreign affairs by special interest groups. Sturgis, a Cuban-born resident of Miami and a former CIA operative, served part of a 1-4 year sentence for his role in the Watergate break-in. 

JFK assassin and Grassy Knoll Chicago Mob JFK shooter James Files says he was visited twice in Stateville Prison by Jesus Christ who re awoke the spirit to follow God within him. An “anonymous FBI source”, later identified as Zack Shelton, has been reported by some researchers as having told Joe West, a private investigator in Houston, in the early 1990s about an inmate in an Illinois penitentiary who might have information about the Kennedy assassination. On August 17, 1992, West interviewed Files at Stateville Correctional Center in Crest Hill, Illinois. After West’s death in 1993, his family requested that his friend, Houston television producer Bob Vernon, take over the records concerning the story.Vernon is the owner of a bullet casing with teeth marks on it, even though it was not found until 1987.However, the bullet casing’s markings (head stamp) indicate it was manufactured before the year 1972 so it could have belonged to James Files.

Market Garden documents up for auction WWII: OPERATION “MARKET GARDEN” ARNHEM 17th-25th SEPTEMBER 1944. Lieutenant William Albert Peter Grose (Known as W.A.P Grose), 1st British Airborne Division: 11th Parachute Battalion, A Company No.2 Platoon, Part of The 4th Parachute Brigade (Nicknamed “The Red Devils”) flew from Saltby in one of the 33 C-47’s as part of Operation Market Garden landing outside Arnhem on 18th September. The battalion was gradually worn down withdrawing through the city and casualties mounted. A move to gain some high ground to the north was discovered and the battalion was caught in the open and decimated, with only around 150 men left. One of the casualties being the commanding officer Lieutenant Colonel George Lea. The second in command Major Richard Lonsdale now took command of the battalion and the remnants of the 1st, 3rd Parachute and 2nd South Staffords battalions. Forming them into an ad hoc force which became known as Lonsdale Force.

They were withdrawn to Oosterbeek where the division was forming a defensive perimeter, digging in on the south eastern side with their right flank on the river. Lonsdale addressed the men before the Germans arrived; “You know as well as I do there are a lot of bloody Germans coming at us. Well, all we can do is to stay here and hang on in the hope that somebody catches us up. We must fight for our lives and stick together. We’ve fought the Germans before ­ in North Africa, Sicily, Italy. They weren’t good enough for us then, and they’re bloody well not good enough for us now. They’re up against the finest soldiers in the world. An hour from now you will take up defensive positions north of the road outside. Make certain you dig in well and that your weapons and ammo are in good order. We are getting short of ammo, so when you shoot you shoot to kill. Good luck to you all”. The Battalion sustained very heavy casualties, 571 men from his Battalion went in & he was one of only 72 who made it out across the Rhine on 26th Sept 1944.

Three El Alamein maps – Three large Market Garden aerial photos – 40 pages of ‘Top Secret’ Market Garden Battle Orders – 94 6×6″ aerial photo reconnaissance Market Garden pix – Unique Market Garden Paras presentation book with letters from Churchill etc – Dagger, medals, red beret with badge and more – We are privileged to offer for sale this extensive group relating to Operation “Market Garden” Arnhem including the medals of Lieutenant Grose with Malaya & Palestine Clasps + 8th Army clasp, together with his badged paratroopers beret, Fairbairn Sykes commando knife, scabbard & badges, together with his numerous quantity of allocated Top Secret Documents including the codewords for Operation Market Garden dated 13th/15th Sept 1944 + Large quantity of original detailed & dated Ariel reconnaissance photographs (94 in total) taken by 541 Squadron from their Spitfires on 6th September 1944 for the operation including a large scale photograph of the road bridge at Arnhem , target of the 1st Airborne Division & annotated photographs with positions of gliders, strategic positions etc, extensively detailed Maps with annotations, further Hand drawn maps, other maps, amusing related cartoon drawings signed Pag, together with a Battalion Crested Book with letters from Winston Churchill, Eisenhower, Battalion Photographs etc.

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Police investigating hacking of Welsh ‘Propel’ party computers – Russia supplied some 60 to 70% of all EU diesel before the Ukraine war – A Visit From MI5, disguised as farmers? Len Lawrence, former pilot, toxic cabin air class action – ‘Dark Waters’ documentary about toxic effects of Teflon (2019) – Inside the shocking legal guardianship industry In dark Netflix thriller ‘I Care a Lot’ (2020) – Europe’s Easter dilemma: Did Ukraine or NATO Sink Russian Black Sea Flagship RTS Moscova? – Police raid Al Aqsa Mosque Israeli forces storm al-Aqsa Mosque for second time in 48 hours – Jim Keith, author of ‘Mind Control, World Control – Good Friday NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

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Part One News Review and Investigative Reports

Police investigating hacking of Welsh ‘Propel’ party. Election rigging in Wales. Wikileaks Vault 7.  Neil McAvoy, from Propel political party, on having his local election database hacked. Update on the stepping up of harassment, why it won’t work and why Propel candidates will get elected and clean up Welsh politics. Our policies summarised in this video also PROPEL ELECTION N POLICIES: frre bus travel in Wales, council senior management restructures to save money, set up Keeping Families Together Agencies, fill all long term empty property, no increase in council tax, scrap LDPs, create food cooperatives to make Wales food independent, social mobility fund, arms length companies to get first time buyers on the property ladder and much more…   

Richard Watson’s report for BBC Newsnight on the failings of new intelligence software (NCIS) before the Manchester terror attack.  Libyan Islamic Fighting Group working with Western Intelligence to overthrow Gaddafi.  Terror attacks steering the TV news narrative in the run-up to supposedly free elections. Police anti-terror IT system was ‘not fit for purpose’ – former officer By Richard Watson BBC Newsnight A key intelligence database used by police to investigate extremists was “not fit for purpose” when introduced in 2014, a former counter-terrorism officer has told the BBC. The officer, who retired in 2018, says the National Common Intelligence Application (NCIA) had serious flaws. Counter Terrorism Policing says “substantial improvements” were made following a significant review after terror attacks in 2017, including at the Manchester Arena. BBC Newsnight has collaborated with BuzzFeed News on a detailed investigation into problems with the IT system, which cost hundreds of millions of pounds and was designed to allow police forces across the UK to share secret intelligence seamlessly. Former detective constable Tony Thorne, who was part of a pilot project in 2013, told the BBC the NCIA was known to be “clunky”, “clumsy” and to produce inconsistent results. During the pilot, Mr Thorne said users sitting side-by-side at computer terminals were watched while they conducted identical searches. When these searches yielded different results Mr Thorne says he was immediately concerned. “They came up with different data – the bio details that were coming back were completely different,” he said. “There was something wrong there.” He told BBC Newsnight the 2013 trial also found that the system allowed data to be destroyed as users could accidentally overwrite it – and that there was no way of monitoring if any information had been altered. Mr Thorne said he tested this by accessing an intelligence file. “I was able to go in and edit it, and it couldn’t be unedited. I said, ‘We shouldn’t be able to do that.'” “To have [intelligence data] in one area is a fantastic thing – it can’t get lost, it backs up,” he continued, “but from the very start the application was just not fit for purpose.” 

Boris on the new plan to send illegal migrants to Rwanda.  ‘The Rift’ book by Alex Parry.  Migrants undercutting wages as with P&O Ferries.  Priti Patel on the new plan sending illegal migrants to Rwanda. Organised Crime Bringing In Economic Migrants To Make Money In UK – Mastermind: The evil genius behind the migrant crisis By Alex Perry AND Connie Agius Ermias Ghermay’s clients describe him as about 40, short and stocky. In conversation, he seems uneducated but street-smart: dynamic, plausible and fluent in several languages, including Arabic and Tigrinya, the ancient tongue of northern Ethiopia and Eritrea. “Really smart,” says one Palermo police officer. “He has the capacity to organise an international criminal enterprise that is very complicated – lots of people, lots of contacts, spread everywhere, and moving money and people between them. He’s a professional.” Over the months Ferrara has been tapping Ghermay’s calls, the Ethiopian has given glimpses of his operation in asides and casual boasts. Ghermay, it transpires, has been working as a people smuggler for about a decade. Like many others, he bases himself on the Libyan coast, mostly in the capital, Tripoli or, in the port of Zuwarah to the west. Importantly for EU officials thinking of targeting traffickers’ ships, Ghermay regards the wooden fishing boats or inflatable rafts he buys as disposable; they generally either sink or are confiscated on landing in Sicily. That has encouraged him to seek out the cheapest seaworthy vessels he can – inevitably, they barely float at all. To combat the chances of his clients losing their nerve or finding another boat, Ghermay came up with the idea of renting warehouses in Zuwarah in which he locks thousands for months after first removing their mobile phones. Most people smugglers seem content to be links in a chain. But Ghermay’s phone calls reveal bigger ambitions, and a sprawling network of such sophistication and flexibility as to dampen any expectations of a quick fix. To ensure a steady supply of migrants, he works with those in Sudan, Somalia, Nigeria or Eritrea who run trucks across the Sahara. Simultaneously, he continually establishes fresh relationships with people traffickers further down the line: those in Sicily, operating in migrant centres, or in Rome, Milan or even further afield in Berlin, Paris, Stockholm or London. These contacts – whom Ghermay flatteringly addresses as his “colonels” – perform two main tasks: they send and receive both people and money. The latter Ghermay mostly funnels through international cash transfer agents in Ethiopia, Israel, Switzerland and the US. As part of their service, the colonels also give the migrants a number for the colonel at the next stage of their journey. Communicating mainly by text, the migrants then call the next colonel for more help. The colonels give their clients the latest information on migration routes: refuse to stay in this migration centre because it’s filthy and asylum takes for ever; don’t take the train from Milan – it’s routinely raided by police; don’t try to cross from France to the UK at Calais right now as the border guards are cracking down. Some of Ghermay’s colonels exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit themselves, advertising their services on Facebook and other social media.

Russian diesel imports cancelled. 65% of EU diesel! Since Ukraine war a non US Dollar economic system starting, based on energy.  Elvira Nabiullina, head of Russian Central Bank offers resignation but Putin refuses. Russia Central Banker Wanted Out Over Ukraine, Putin Said No Russia’s highly regarded central bank Governor Elvira Nabiullina sought to resign after Vladimir Putin ordered an invasion of Ukraine, only to be told by the president to stay, according to four people with knowledge of the discussions. Nominated for a new five-year term last week, Nabiullina’s current views couldn’t be learned. She is left to manage the fallout from a war that’s quickly undone much of what’s she’s accomplished in the nine years since she took office. The people said departure now would be seen as a betrayal by the president, with whom she has worked closely for nearly two decades. Nabiullina, 58, hasn’t commented publicly on her reappointment and didn’t respond to a query for this article. The central bank’s press service didn’t respond to a request for comment for this article. After it was published, the press service told Tass that it “doesn’t correspond to reality,” providing no further details. A Kremlin spokesman didn’t reply to a request for comment. Only one senior official has quit over the war: longtime economic reformer Anatoly Chubais stepped down as Putin’s climate envoy this week and left the country, according to people familiar with the situation.

William Engdahlthe great  diesel fuel disaster.  NATO Sanctions and the Coming Global Diesel Fuel Disaster – Amid the ongoing global inflation crisis, NATO heads of state and mainstream media repeat a mantra that high energy prices are a direct result of Putin’s actions in Ukraine since end of February.  The reality is that it is the western sanctions that are responsible. Those sanctions including cutting SWIFT interbank access for key Russian banks and some of the most severe sanctions ever imposed, are hardly having an impact on the military actions in Ukraine. What many overlook is the fact that they are increasingly impacting the economies of the West, especially the EU and USA. A closer look at the state of the global supply of diesel fuel is alarming. But Western sanctions planners at the US Treasury and the EU know fully well what they are doing. And it bodes ill for the world economy. While most of us rarely think about diesel fuel as anything other than a pollutant, in fact it is essential to the entire world economy in a way few energy sources are. The director general of Fuels Europe, part of the European Petroleum Refiners Association, stated recently, there is a clear link between diesel and GDP, because almost everything that goes into and out of a factory goes using diesel. At the end of the first week of Russias military action in Ukraine, with no sanctions yet specific to Russia’s diesel fuel exports, the European diesel price was already at athirty-year high. It had nothing to do with war. It had to do with the draconian global covid lockdowns since March 2020 and the simultaneous dis-investment by Wall Street and global financial firms in oil and gas companies, so-called Green Agenda or ESG. Almost on day one of Russian troop actions in Ukraine, two of the worlds  largest oil companies, BP and Shell, both British, stopped deliveries of diesel fuel to Germany claiming fear of supply shortages. Russia supplied some 60 to 70% of all EU diesel before the Ukraine war. Elon Musk offers to buy Twitter as he feels it is being censored too much. 

A Visit From MI5, disguised as farmers? Len Lawrence, former pilot, on how he started a class action against airline manufacturers for the toxic air in cabins effecting crews, and was accused of having mental health issues, when he had neurological issues, and his rights were taken away. Len Lawrence on realising the Court of Protection certificate deeming him incapable was invalid. Poisoned at work, misdiagnosed, drugged and his assets stripped from him – the true story of pilot, Len Lawrence The case of Len Lawrence was a very different one. Len had no conditions requiring treatment. He was a fully fit and experienced pilot who had been working for British Aerospace since 1989 when he experienced and recorded his first ‘fume event’ – the presence in a plane’s onboard air system of toxins. In the most serious cases, these toxins are organophosphates identical to those responsible for deaths and brain damage among agricultural workers. On the 29th of November 1991, just as his aircraft reached take-off speed, the flight deck filled with hot acrid fumes that were so dense it was impossible to see the instruments and controls and impossible to breathe. Both Len and his captain were blinded by the fumes as, their eyes and skin burning, their aircraft began to ascend at over 160 mph. Only willpower and long experience enabled the captain to feel his way among the array of instruments for the ‘dump valve’ control, which would evacuate the tainted air from the system.

‘Dark Waters’ documentary about toxic effects of Teflon (2019). A tenacious attorney uncovers a dark secret that connects a growing number of unexplained deaths to one of the world’s largest corporations. While trying to expose the truth, he soon finds himself risking his future, his family and his own life. In Dark Waters, Ruffalo portrays the real-life corporate lawyer Robert Bilott, who in 1998 became an environmental crusader. That year, while visiting his grandmother in West Virgina, Bilott, who represented large chemical companies at his firm in Cincinnati, was approached by a local farmer Wilbur Tennant. Following the deaths of 190 of his cattle, Tennant was convinced that his land was being contaminated. The farmer’s land, it turned out, had been contaminated by chemical giant DuPont. As Bilott started to uncover the truth, he became the townspeople’s defender. The film follows his two-decade-long fight for justice and depicts how far DuPont went to protect itself. Bilott represented the farmer and eventually filed a class action suit on behalf of 70,000 people who lived near DuPont’s chemical plant and whose drinking water had been contaminated with perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). For decades, DuPont created the toxic chemical for use in Teflon, the nonstick coating commonly used in pots and pans. (Teflon has been made without PFOA since 2013.) PFOA is one of a class of chemicals called polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, exposure to PFAS can have serious health effects on humans, including decreased fertility, immune system disruptions and increased risk for certain cancers. According to the American Cancer Society, these include testicular, kidney and thyroid cancers. In 2017, Bilott won a $671 million settlement on behalf of more than 3,500 plaintiffs who claimed to have contracted diseases such as kidney and testicular cancer from DuPont’s decision to contaminate their drinking water with these chemicals despite allegedly knowing about their toxicity. But Bilott’s fight isn’t over, reports Time. Last year, he filed a new lawsuit against companies including DuPont-associated manufacturer Chemours. The case is seeking class action status and was first brought on behalf of Kevin Hardwick, a 40-year firefighting veteran who used fire-suppressions foams and firefighting equipment that contained PFAS. “If we can’t get where we need to go to protect people through our regulatory channels, through our legislative process, then unfortunately what we have left is our legal process,” Bilott said. “If that’s what it takes to get people the information they need and to protect people, we’re willing to do it.”

‘I Care a Lot’ documentary on Netflix about Legal Guardians for those rights have been taken away. inside the shocking legal guardianship industry In dark Netflix thriller I Care a Lot, a predatory court appointed guardian wreaks havoc, a story that’s far closer to reality than one would expect “My mother: I should be able to see her whenever I want,” a man pleads to a judge at the start of the splashy new Netflix movie I Care a Lot. “She doesn’t need to be in a care facility, she doesn’t need a court appointed guardian. She has a loving son to take care of her. I just don’t understand how the court can entrust my mother to this stranger.” Increasingly anguished as an icy Marla Grayson, played by Rosamund Pike, looks on, he pleads: “Miss Grayson forced my mother into the home when she made it very clear that she didn’t want to go and now she’s auctioned off my mother’s house, her car, her personal belongings and she uses the proceeds to pay herself. And now Miss Grayson’s barred me from seeing my mother at all. It’s a goddam nightmare. She’s kidnapped my mother!” The film is fiction but the story all too familiar to thousands of Americans whose elderly parents have been entrapped by little scrutinised guardianship programmes. Many speak of a sense of helplessness in the face of system rife with the abuse, neglect and profit-driven exploitation of vulnerable people. The opening scene of I Care a Lot, for example, would strike a chord with Doug Franks. When he and his brother Charles could not agree where their 89-year-old mother Ernestine should live, the dispute led a judge to appoint a guardianship company to take over her care. It was the beginning of a four-year nightmare. Franks, whose visits to her were restricted to just a few hours at a time, recalls: “They would go out and buy meals like a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken for my mom. She needed to have a heart healthy diet and she wasn’t on one, so she was on food that was actually causing her demise sooner than it should have.”

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Part Two – Covid Climate Round-Up With End Times Prophecy Reports

South Front piece about Moscova boat being sunk, the mass surrender in Mariupol of Ukrainian Marines, and Ukrainian Army stopping civilians fleeing war zone. West wants to send Naval forces into Black Sea but Turkey says no.  Azovstal Fortress in Mariupol.  NATO in Mariupol.  Excuses For World War III And Milestones Of Ukrainian Conflict – The 49 day of the conflict started with reports that on the night of April 13-14, the flagship of the Russian Black Sea fleet, the cruiser Moscow, was seriously damaged or sank. Russian state media quoted the Defense Ministry as saying that the cruiser had detonated ammunition as result of fire. The crew was evacuated. Other sources reported that Moskva was attacked by missiles from the coastline between Odessa and Nikolayev. The missiles struck the port side, causing the ship to roll heavily. The buoyancy of the cruiser was made difficult by the sea weather conditions. As a result of all the cumulative factors, according to preliminary information, the cruiser may have sank. A ship of this class in the Black Sea conditions could have been successfully attacked either by a complex of anti-ship systems, including both missiles and aircrafts, or by a submarine. There is a strong possibility that NATO military was directly involved in the attack. This also became a suitable diversion from the events taking place in Mariupol. On 12 and 13 April, over 1,300 Ukrainian soldiers and officers voluntarily surrendered to Russian captivity or were forced to do so under the threat of extermination there. This is an unprecedented number of soldiers and officers of the warring armies that surrendered since World War II. 

Brit, Aiden Aslan, fighting for Ukrainians in Mariupol, gives his testimony when captured by Russians.  Bucha massacre done by Ukrainians.  Mint Press News – Telegram channel of Nazis in Bucha.  Leaked post – stop militarisation of Ukraine says Russia.  How Zelenskyy got into power.  Stories that haven’t made the Western press.  Good websites: The SakerMoon of Alabama. Testimony Reveals Zelensky’s Secret Police Plot to ‘Liquidate’ Opposition Figure Anatoly Shariy Accounts from the Ukrainian SBU’s torture prison reveal Zelensky’s plot to assassinate exiled opposition figure and leading journalist Anatoly Shariy. Israel Lobby’s Efforts to Cancel Antiwar Rapper Lowkey Backfire Following Global Pushback MintCast host Mnar Adley speaks to Lowkey about the extraordinary outpouring of global support he has received, why his activism and relentless campaigning for a free Palestine made him a target, and the growing success of the BDS movement worldwide. 

How Zionism is fuelling a religious war over al-Aqsa Mosque

Police raid Al Aqsa Mosque Israeli forces storm al-Aqsa Mosque for second time in 48 hours – Dozens of officers assault and trap Muslim worshippers in prayer halls while heavily protected settlers roam the mosque’s courtyard Israeli forces stormed al-Aqsa Mosque early on Sunday, assaulting and blockading Muslim worshippers inside prayer halls while clearing the way for Israeli settlers to enter the occupied East Jerusalem holy site. At around 7am local time, hundreds of special forces entered the mosque’s courtyard and began striking Palestinians observing Ramadan with batons in a bid to force them out. There were also reports of stun grenades being deployed. In the silver-domed Qibli prayer hall, Israeli forces fired teargas at worshippers and blocked them indoors for almost four hours. Dozens of people were trapped inside and were not able to evacuate those who sustained minor injuries. The Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said its medics were also prevented from entering the mosque to provide first aid. People trapped inside the Qibli hall pleaded for help using loudspeakers, urging Palestinians to come and protect the mosque. Israeli forces reportedly tried to access the audio room afterwards to cut off the sound system, which was later repaired by the mosque’s volunteers. Inside the Dome of the Rock hall at the centre of the mosque’s complex, female worshippers were also blocked in and not allowed to leave in a similar manner.

Are Fins and Swedes about to join NATO?  John Sawers – from MI6 chief at Bilderberg straight on to the Board of BP – oil companies leaving Russia. 

Will Ukraine war lead to a nuclear exchange? More dangerous now than 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis.  James Files, who assassinated JFK, explains Bay Of Pigs co-ordinator Frank Sturgis told him not to worry about nuclear war during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, it was all a theatre to save face for pulling US nuclear missiles out of Turkey with the NATO-zone public. Maddox incident. Doors singer Jim Morrison’s father playing role in starting Vietnam War.  Davis Attlee Phillips, CIA Officer controller for Lee Harvey Oswald and James Files, in Frankovitch film ‘On Company Business’ (1980), on the ethical dilemmas of the CIA.  The world is in a very precarious situation at the moment and there is a greater risk of nuclear war now than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis almost sixty years ago. Putin is in control of the largest and most modern nuclear arsenal in the world. He controls approximately 6,000 nuclear weapons—enough to end life on this planet several times over. He has been brandishing nuclear threats since the invasion began. Even before the invasion, he staged a demonstration of Russian nuclear missiles in Belarus. He has now put his nuclear forces on high alert. We don’t know if he is simply copying Richard Nixon’s madman thesis or he has actually gone mad. But no one wants to test him to find out. So Biden has been acted responsibly to avert a direct military confrontation between the U.S. and Russia. He has repeated over and over again that no U.S. troops will be sent to fight in Ukraine. He has made clear that the U.S. will impose sanctions on Russia and send weapons and supplies to the Ukrainians, but he seeks no military confrontations. He even canceled the upcoming planned missile test so as not to raise tensions. The thing about nuclear deterrence is that it works well until the one time it doesn’t work and then there will be no one left to tell the warmongers they were wrong. Averting nuclear war must be the highest priority. Ending the current war comes in a close second.

John Loftus on the Dulles brothers supporting the Nazis during WWII and after the war using the CIA to further similar goals, and Edward VIII abdicating because he was a fanatical Nazi agent as was his Nazi agent mistress Wallace Simpson. A hugely controversial work that exposes a series of scandals from Oliver North to the British royal family, The Secret War Against the Jews reveals as much about political corruption inside Western intelligence as it does about Israel. Using thousands of previously top-secret documents and interviews with hundreds of current and former spies, Loftus and Aarons, both veteran investigators, Nazi-hunters, and authors, present a compelling narrative. The authors demonstrate that numerous Western countries, especially the United States and Great Britain, have conducted repeated and willful spying missions on Palestine and later Israel over many decades. While on the surface these two countries and others profess to be ardent allies of Israel, they work, in fact, through their intelligence services to betray Israel’s secrets to the Arabs. Their motive: oil and multinational profits, which must be attained at any price through international covert policies.

Jim Keith, author of ‘Mind Control, World Control’, who died prematurely in 2002, on MK Ultra, the Tavistock Institute, and the history of mind control. Mind Control is a little known and a highly controversial topic today. Veteran author and investigator Jim Keith uncovers a surprising amount of information on the technology, experimentation and implementation of Mind Control technology. Various chapters in this shocking book are on early CIA experiments such as Project Artichoke and Project RHIC-EDOM, the methodology and technology of implants, Mind Control Assassins and Couriers, various famous “Mind Control victims such as Sirhan Sirhan and Candy Jones. Also featured in this book are chapters on how Mind Control technology may be linked to some UFO activity and UFO abductions.

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Tony’s new paperback and eBooks Traitors Of Arnhem, Siege Of Heaven; Siege Of Heaven Reader – all available for donation, or to buy, via

BCfm’s weekly Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling with Irish Republican Labour activist Martin Summers was forced off FM, now online only. We were ‘rested due to the pandemic’ on 24 March 2020 by BCfm charity ‘CEO’ Patrick Hart who is a longtime personal friend of Bristol’s all-powerful right-wing ‘Labour’ mayor Marvin Rees. This Internet only NOT The BCfm Politics Show is now available 17:00-c. 21:00 live on Fridays. Pat Hart replaced us with an inane student show repeating MSM stories called The Bristol Agenda. If you’d like to share your views on his deliberate dumbing-down mismanagement you can contact UK broadcasting regulator Ofcom or BCfm board chair and the ‘Don’ here.

February 2019 Ofcom complaint result: UKLFI exposed as creation of Israeli foreign ministryBristol Post article: BCfm cleared after being reported to Ofcom for anti-semitic conspiracy theories

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Bristol’s ‘Family Sex Show’, Naked Adult ‘Actors’ In Front Of Five Year Olds! Paedophile Apologists Sexualising Small Children? – Jimmy Savile, A British Horror Story documentary, “Unofficial Special Adviser To Prince Charles” – Was ‘Russian Army Massacre’ of Civilians at Bucha Actually a False Flag Event Staged by Ukrainian Nazis? – Rowan Williams the DRUID calls for Russian Orthodox Church to be expelled from World Council of Churches. – Is Putin Fighting In Ukraine The Same International Fascist Mafia Social Justice Campaigners Have Been In The West Since The Reagan/Thatcher Era? – Video of Ukrainian Soldiers Shooting Russian Prisoners In The Legs, Kicking Them Bleeding On The Ground – Bible Prophecy: Machine and Man like Iron and Clay – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

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Part One News Review and Investigative Reports

Stella Perret, cartoonist, joins Tony and Martin.  “TRADE” – A cartoon about the trade in women and children in Ukraine, which has been exposed by the invasion for all the world to see. It is no mystery why some of the richest men in the world have treated this war torn country as their personal playground for so many years.Many of my illustrations were published in the ‘British Small Press’ (before we all had the internet) in the 70s and 80s, and I’ve included some on this site. GO TO THE ” VARIOUS” TAB to see my cartoons and illustrations on Feminist fight-back, Smiling Through Covid, sf/fantasy, children’s book illos, and more. Between 2015 and 2020 I was a regular political cartoonist for the UK’s only Socialist daily newspaper, the Morning Star, until I was cancelled by them for a feminist cartoon called “Endgame”, which they published, and then were forced to apologise for, knowing it was a comment on the potential changes to the GRA and the erosion of Women’s rights in the Equality Act 2010. You can easily find more about this online. For example: I want to thank all the people who have supported me:, the Free Speech Union, ObjectUK, Older Feminists Network, Womens Human Rights Campaign, Meghan Murphy, Faircop, Women’s Liberation Radio News…and all the women-friendly sites and channels who have used my art in their campaigns.

NAKED ADULT ‘ACTORS’ IN FRONT OF FIVE YEAR OLDS? BRISTOL’S PAEDOPHILE APOLOGISTS? SEXUALISING SMALL CHILDREN? Upcoming event at The Tobacco Factory ‘Family Sex Show: How we talk about sex’, straight talking for young people to learn about the complexities of sexuality.  THE FAMILY SEX SHOW: A show for families about sex and relationships Knowing your body helps knowing your rights. A fun and silly performance about the painfully AWKWARD subject of sex, exploring names and functions, boundaries, consent, pleasure, queerness, sex, gender and relationships. Using real life bodies, personal stories, songs and movement, The Family Sex Show puts the good stuff at the forefront of conversation and imagines a future where there is no shame; but a celebration of difference, equality and liberation. ThisEgg invites you to bring your parents, bring your children, friends, lovers and bring your whole self. Made in consultation with the School of Sexuality Education, this is a show for everyone. The Family Sex Show is a theatre show ThisEgg have created for families to open up conversations around relationships. We are committed to safeguarding good practice and the show is being created with input and guidance from educational and safeguarding specialists. Children are naturally curious about bodies and relationships and we feel that it is important that they are offered accurate information in a non-judgmental manner. The nakedness in The Family Sex Show is not of a sexualised nature. We believe it is valuable to start equipping young people with the language and confidence to learn about relationships and bodies in a way that is safe.

Boris Johnson on how trans men can’t compete in women’s sport.  .  Stella’s family members’ bruises from being in a hospital ward – she tried FoI request but much was redacted.  How Gov departments deal with FoI requests. Sajid Javid – Women’s hospital wards protected

Dementia Fraud: Scott Smyth’s story of how failing to have power of attorney for his Mum meant that when she got Dementia, the Social Services made all the decisions for his Mum, accused him of fraudulent money activity, and froze her bank account for 6 months. 

Tony Greenstein on why he left the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign and joined Palestine Action – also the fake anti-Semitism claims against Labour. I Have Resigned From Palestine Solidarity Campaign Because It No Longer Opposes Zionism, the Founding Ideology and Movement that created the Israeli State In Railroading a Constitution Through Its AGM in Less Than an Hour, PSC’s Ruling Clique Demonstrated Their Contempt for the Membership PSC Chair Kamal Hawwash was determined to brush aside all opposition In my letter of resignation I outline the reasons why Palestine Solidarity Campaign is today an obstacle to Palestine solidarity work. Instead of educating activists as to the nature of Zionism and the Zionist movement, PSC has abandoned all opposition to Zionism. PSC is depoliticising activists in the face of constant Zionist attacks. It also reduces the question of Palestine to a human rights issue. Of course the oppression of the Palestinians involves grave human rights abuses but if Palestine is simply a human rights issue then it is only one of many such examples. Who can doubt that the treatment of the Rohinga in Myanamar at the hands of the Burmese army, which is engaged in actual genocide, is worse than that of the Palestinians? Zionism has systematically exploited the Holocaust through its blanket attack on all opposition to its settler colonial project as ‘anti-Semitism’. Yet instead of pointing out that Zionism represents an acceptance of anti-Semitism’s belief that Jews are aliens in the countries where they live, PSC prefers to jettison anti-Zionism.

Campaign to stop Mayoral role in Bristol – vote on May 5th – Ms Page said that supporters of the mayor claim that handing all the decision-making power to one person “gets things done”, but she claimed that a recent Bristol Civic Leadership report has shown that’s simply not what happened. “Besides the more important question is, has what has been done been what most people in Bristol wanted?,” she continued. “Good decision making is not about the quantity and speed of decisions made, it is about the quality of those decisions and whose views have been considered. The quality of decisions is likely to better reflect what the majority of people want, if those decisions are made collectively by local committees with the opportunity for public input from all communities and political spectrums of the city. “The coming referendum on 5th May will have at its heart the question, ‘How would you like Bristol City Council to be run?’ Ask yourself, do I prefer the kind of democracy and leadership which leaves power over all council decisions in the hands of one person, or would I prefer the kind where power and decision making is shared, and I can be involved if I choose to be? “We believe that our directly elected councillors deserve a seat at the decision-making table. We want our local representatives to be able to have conversations together, because no decision about us should be made without us.”

Mass walk out at Hinkley C nuclear power construction site .  Boris at Hinkley proclaiming 8 new nuclear power stations will be built. Hinkley Point contractor dispute resolved after workers walk out at nuclear power station site Workers employed by the nuclear plant’s main civil engineering contractor had expressed ‘concerns’ over working arrangements A dispute that saw hundreds of workers at Hinkley Point C nuclear power station walk out over “concerns” about working arrangements has been resolvedusinessLive understands between 200 and 300 workers employed by the £23bn plant’s main civil engineering contractor Bylor, a partnership between construction firms Laing O’Rourke and French counterpart Bouygues Travaux Publics, were involved in the stand-down staged last Friday (April 1). The joint venture is delivering works worth more than £2.8bn to the development near Bridgwater in Somerset, which is one of the largest building projects in Europe. Bylor employs a few thousand of the total 7,500 people working at the Hinkley Point C site, the vast majority of whom did not take part in the strike.

‘Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story’ new Netflix documentary – Alison Bellamy, journalist, shows us all the letters Prince Charles wrote to Savile asking for PR advice, including for Lockerbie.  ‘Maltese Double Cross’ documentary by Frankovich on Lockerbie Prince Charles sought advice from late BBC star and sexual abuser Jimmy Savile, letters from a new Netflix docu-series reveal The doc includes an interview with Alison Bellamy, a journalist who wrote a biography about Savile that was published three months before the allegations against him became public knowledge. In the series, Bellamy shared copies of letters that were purportedly exchanged between Savile, who was knighted by the Queen in 1990, and members of the royal family, including both Prince Charles and Princess Diana. Princess Diana and Prince Charles stand on a stage with Jimmy SJimmy Savile and Prince Charles frequently wrote letters to each other, according to a new Netflix docuseries. Based on the letters, Savile seemed to act as an unofficial adviser to the future king of England, helping him write speeches and navigate the press. (Representatives for Clarence House did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.) “He obviously valued Jimmy’s opinion, which is bizarre really,” Bellamy said of Prince Charles in the docuseries. In a note dated January 2, 1989, Charles indicated that he wanted his office to “consult” Savile before meetings. “I can’t remember if I’ve written you a note recently, on the subject of you suggesting useful morale-boosting visits etc to worthwhile groups, places, projects and so on that don’t get enough attention,” he wrote, according to the docuseries. “I have a dreadful feeling that the office doesn’t consult you before each programme meeting.” “You are so good at understanding what makes people operate and you’re wonderfully sceptical and practical,” Charles wrote to Savile on April 16, 1990, according to the docuseries. “Can you cast an eye over this draft and let me know how you think we can best appeal to people on this score?”

Julian Assange interviewed in 2011 by Laura Smith on RT – other leak sites around the world – most media is very poor – war as a result of media lies. 

Bitchute video of complete show


Part Two – Covid Climate Round-Up With End Times Prophecy Reports

Was Alleged Russian Army Massacre of Civilians at Bucha Actually a False Flag Event Staged by Ukrainian Nazis? By Evan Reif April 6, 2022 Why was Nazi Butcher Botsun at Bucha?  [The story below by Evan Reif raises an important challenge to the official storyline of the Bucha massacre promoted in the mainstream media. ….. All of this leads us to Bucha, Ukraine. What has been widely publicized is the massacre of civilians that took place there on the outskirts of Kyiv some time between March 31 and April 2, 2022. What has not been so widely publicized is that the Nazi murderer and terrorist, a well-paid agent of the Ukrainian state, Sergey Botsun Korotkikh was not only among the first Ukrainian forces in the town along with his squad of terrorists, he was making jokes about shooting civilians as he entered. He would later happily post these videos on his official telegram channel. At 6 seconds, you can hear the dialogue, a rough translation of which is: There are guys without blue armbands, can I shoot them? Fuck yeah. The Ukrainian government clearly has a lot of explaining to do. Not just for allowing this bloodthirsty Nazi terrorist free reign in Donbas, not just for making him rich, not just for arming and supporting his death squads, not just for granting him citizenship, status, and power within its society, but for allowing this right-wing fanatic to breathe the same air as decent people. I doubt we will ever receive satisfactory explanations.

Ukraine war – Bucha massacre – Russians automatically blamed without question.  Maidan massacre – court case in 2018 shows Western backed militias to blame.  ‘Timewatch: Operation Gladio’ 1992 documentary by Frankovitch on NATO false flag operations.  Operation Gladio was the codename for a clandestine NATO post-WW2 “stay-behind” False Flag operation in Europe during the Cold War. Its purpose was to galvanize public opinion against the Radical Left and provoke armed resistance in the event of a Soviet invasion. Operation Gladio formed part of the ‘Strategy of Tension’, which was a theory that Western governments during the Cold war used tactics that aimed to divide, manipulate, and control public opinion using fear, propaganda, disinformation, psychological warfare, agents provocateurs, and false flag terrorist actions in order to achieve their strategic aims. The theory began with allegations that the United States government, the Italian government, and the Greek military junta of 1967–1974 supported far-right terrorist groups in Italy and Turkey, where communism was growing in popularity, to spread panic among the population who would in turn demand stronger and more dictatorial governments.  Stay behind forces – weapons cache found in Somerset Levels LINK to Tony’s article.  History of Ukraine’s pro Nazi groups since WW2 encouraged by West to counter Soviet Union. “Werwolf.” The name struck terror in the hearts of Germany’s enemies at the end of World War II. Instructed by seasoned SS officers – veterans of brutal combat on the Eastern Front – Werwolf units were last-ditch resistance troops ordered to fight to the death against the Allied advance into Nazi, Germany. This complete historical overview of this terrifying group of Nazi guerrillas covers their mission, equipment and training, plus an exact reprint in German and an English translation of the Werwolf’s original training manual. A fascinating look at a little-known aspect of the final days of World War II.

Rowan Williams the DRUID (and ex-Archbishop of Canterbury) calls for Russian Orthodox Church to be expelled from The World Council of Churches.  Pope Francis kisses Ukrainian flag.  Archbishop becomes druid (2002) – The new Archbishop of Canterbury has been inducted as a druid in a centuries-old Celtic ceremony. Dr Rowan Williams, the current Archbishop of Wales, said that he had been “saddened” by the misrepresentations about the ceremony, which sparked concern about pagan links. “Some people have reached the wrong conclusion about the ceremony,” he said. “If people had actually looked at the words of the hymns and text used they would have seen a very Christian service.” Dr Williams became a member of the highest of the three orders of the Gorsedd of Bards – a 1,300-strong circle of Wales’ key cultural contributors – in a ceremony at this year’s National Eisteddfod celebration of Welsh culture in St Davids, Pembrokeshire.

Ursula von der Lyon visits Bucha and Zelenskyy.   Weapons to civilians and dangerous groups in Ukraine. Ukraine could join the EU within WEEKS: Brussels chief Ursula Von Der Leyen vows to accelerate Kyiv’s bid to become a member state at historic press briefing with Volodymyr Zelensky after seeing Bucha atrocity victims on her visit to the wartorn country EU President Ursula von der Leyen today visited the site of the Bucha massacre, a town northwest of Kyiv She claimed Ukraine could become an official EU member ‘within weeks’ at an historic press conference It comes as the bloc is now under renewed pressure to wean member states off reliance on Russian gas The EU has paid Vladimir Putin 35billion euros for oil and gas since invasion of Ukraine began on February 24 Ukraine could become an official member of the European Union within weeks not years, it was revealed tonight, as Brussels chief Ursula von der Leyen vowed to accelerate the wartorn country’s ascension to the bloc in the wake of Russia’s invasion. The European Commission President symbolically handed Volodymyr Zelensky an official membership questionnaire at an historic joint press conference in Kyiv, in a move likely to infuriate Vladimir Putin and his inner circle. Becoming an EU member state normally takes years, and the process involves several rounds of applications, criteria checks and negotiations. Kyiv has long aspired to join the European bloc, with the country’s foreign minister pointedly using Ukraine’s 2021 independence day to tell Politico that Brussels must welcome Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine into the European Union. However, Ukraine’s desire to become an official member state fuelled the Maidan revolution in 2014 which led to Russia’s illegal annexation of Crimea. Ukraine already belongs to the EU’s Eastern Partnership and European Neighbourhood Policy. Von der Leyen’s public appearance was the EU’s latest attempt to offer Kyiv both moral and financial support after Zelensky declared Russia’s invasion was a direct attack not only on Ukraine’s existence, but the security of Europe as a whole.

VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED. – Ukrainian soldiers have shot these score or so of Russian POWs in the legs and are amusing themselves as they lay bleeding and possibly dying. New bunch of Russian soldiers actually being shot in the legs at the end of this sequence.. – Uncensored Russian alternative to Facebook is taking off

Consortium News – Israel did have neutral stance on Ukraine war but not any more  Israel has tried to toe a neutral line on Ukraine, but comments from the Israeli foreign minister and a blistering response from the Russian foreign ministry has imperilled the two states’ relations, reports Joe Lauria.

Ukraine Expert I: Liz Truss, Foreign Secretary, speech on Ukraine war – Russia should have no place on Human Rights Council.  Ukraine soldiers shooting legs and groins of surrendered Russian soldiers. Liz Truss – Russians only selling oil and gas in Rubles. UK’s Truss Seeks Tougher Sanctions on Russia for ‘Appalling Crimes British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss is set to call for tougher sanctions on Moscow during a visit to Poland on Monday following evidence of civilian killings in Ukraine which she blamed on Russia. Truss’s visit comes as the world reacts to images from Bucha showing the bodies of civilians lying on the ground and makeshift graves after the town in northern Ukraine was retaken from Russian troops. The Kremlin categorically denied any accusations related to the murder of civilians in the town. Moscow has denied targeting civilians and has said similar reports of killings were “staged” to sully Russia’s name. “Reports of shallow graves outside Kyiv are truly horrifying,” Truss said on Twitter. “We will not rest until Russia has paid the price for these appalling crimes.” As part of her visit to Poland, Truss is due to meet Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba in Warsaw on Monday and her Polish counterpart Zbigniew Rau on Tuesday.

Ukraine Expert II: Scott Ritter on Russian Army tactics and shaping the information battlefield.  Five major battles going on in Ukraine.  Scott Ritter – West’s actions instigating the great decoupling between the East and the West towards a new dominance of Eurasian power. Europe will suffer from not having Russian coal, oil and gas.  Scott Ritter’s Twitter Reinstated After Suspension Over Ukraine Remarks Scott Ritter, a former U.S. Marine Corps intelligence officer and UN weapons inspector in Iraq in the nineties, has had his Twitter account reinstated after he was suspended from the platform for calling U.S. President Joe Biden “a war criminal” in Ukraine. Last weekend, Ukrainian officials reported the discovery of hundreds of dead civilians in Bucha, 15 miles northwest of Kyiv, a city once held by Russian troops. Moved to tears, Ukrainian President Zolodymr Zelensky accused Russia of committing a “genocide” in Bucha on his visit to the city on Monday. The United States and many other countries have also condemned Russia. Cover ImageAnya Parampil, a journalist at Grayzone News, tweeted on Wednesday that Ritter had been suspended and screenshotted the social media website’s message to the former UN official. Newsweek Newsletter sign-up > The offending tweet by Ritter, was: “The Ukrainian National Police committed numerous crimes against humanity in Bucha. Biden, in seeking to shift blame for the Bucha murders onto Russia, is guilty of aiding and abetting these crimes. Congratulations America… we’ve created yet another Presidential war criminal!” These claims are unsubstantiated, and it is widely thought that Russian forces are responsible for the killings.

US Attempts to dominate the world by coups and military bullying are failing : Press TV – Pakistan coup attempt (this article has been superseded by events this weekend with the US ousting of Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan)

Ukraine expert III: Sergei Lavrov on the future of Ukraine and Russia. But I am sure, at the end of the day, the historic closeness of two fraternal nations will certainly prevail. Even now, when the armed forces of Ukraine are fighting, trying to procrastinate the crisis. The leaders of Ukraine with the help of American and other Western advisors have reformed the army in the way which puts these radicals, Bandera-like trained officers, to lead all more or less meaningful units in the Ukrainian army. And these people radicalise and terrorise others, especially those who don’t believe that this should be the fate of their country. It cannot come back fast because the efforts of our Western colleagues to make Ukraine a Russophobic and anti-Russian instrument – anti-Russia, as President Putin called it – they started long ago, and they are already rather deeply rooted in Ukrainian mentality, especially the young generation which was born after the demise of the Soviet Union. They have been indoctrinated in a very, very heavy way. Russian Foreign Minister Sergay Lavrov: Well, we never had any issues with the Ukrainian people. I have many Ukrainian friends, the two peoples are very close culturally. Practically all of them speak, and those who don’t, they understand the Russian language. Culture, common history, way of life, attitude to life, traditions of families and communities. So I hope that when this anomaly is over, this will gradually come back. It will have to be gradual. The efforts were taken systemically to train military officers on the basis of radical Bandera and Shukhevich-style methodology. The purpose being – to make sure that they would not become friendly to Russia again and that they would build their nationalism, nationalistic feelings as the means to strengthen the statehood of their country. The purpose was always to make sure that Russia does not have Ukraine as a friend. It’s like Zbigniew Brzezinski in the late 1990s said, “Russia with Ukraine, a friendly Ukraine next to it, is a superpower. Russia with Ukraine which is not friendly to Russia, is just a regional player.” This concept is very deeply rooted in the minds of American policymakers, and it will take time to get rid of these negative legacies. Their actions in Mariupol is an example of that. The refugees coming from Mariupol to Russia in dozens of thousands tell such stories. It’s really threatening how this kind of people command armed men and women.

Shanghai Covid lockdown of 25m people is brutal. Chinese population are rebelling! After the robot dogs, now China sends in the DRONES to warn Shanghai residents to ‘control the soul’s desire for freedom’ and not breach Covid restrictions Shanghai has been under strict lockdown since a recent surge in Covid cases Drones have been flying over Shanghai telling people to obey quaratine rules Residents’ve been singing from balconies in protest at being without essentials The drones tell fed up people ‘not to open the window or sing’ Residents are unable to go out for basic essentials and must rely on authorities The drones come on the tails of robot dogs that patrol the streets telling residents to ‘wear a mask, wash your hands, check your temperature’ China is using drones flying above Shanghai apartment blocks to tell grumpy residents to ‘control the soul’s desire for freedom’ over harsh lockdown rules. The move comes as residents banned from leaving their homes have reportedly taken to singing ‘why are you starving us?’ from their balconies in protest at the lack of food and water. A clip shared by a senior correspondent for the Economist, Alice Su, from Chinese social media site Weibo, appeared to show a drone in the sky telling residents to stop singing.Rights observers have also expressed increasing concern. ​“The use of the word ‘lockdown’ can be quite imprecise when used in China compared with the rest of the world,” said Maya Wang, a senior researcher at Human Rights Watch, adding that it did not fully capture the severity of the situation.

Alpha and Omega Productions – the New World Order agenda of Transhumanism – Bible scripture warning of the mixture between iron and clay. There is a new religion being propagated in the world which correlates with 11 different “-isms” that we have seen evolve in our society for the past century. These 11 “-isms” are all working towards the revealing of the antichrist and the false prophet. 00:00 – Introduction 02:05 – Antichrist & The False Prophet 07:13 – #1 Rationalism 08:00 – #2 Intellectualism 09:17 – #3 Environmentalism 12:07 – #4 Saftyism 13:19 – #5 Scientism 14:46 – #6 Governmentalism 17:33 – #7 Stakeholder Capitalism 19:33 – #8 Utilitarianism 20:33 – #9 New Communism 23:48 – #10 Transhumanism 26:20 – #11 Wokeism 27:28Ending ARISE THE NEW WORLD RELIGION!!..The Spirit of the FALSE PROPHET is HERE!!!! Go Watch More Videos From Messages For Our Time

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February 2019 Ofcom complaint result: UKLFI exposed as creation of Israeli foreign ministryBristol Post article: BCfm cleared after being reported to Ofcom for anti-semitic conspiracy theories

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No sanction for 47 Rotherham police officers who let 1500 girls be sexually abused over 16 years – ‘Scandal At Dolphin Square’ book on VIPaedophiles by ex MP Simon Danszuk – Dr. Mark Jones Gives His Experience Of Probate Fraud – Nick Corbishly book ‘Scanned’ On The Real Great Reset Of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC) – US President Joe Biden Boasts About Bribing Ukrainian Officials $1bn To Sack Chief Prosecutor Viktor Shokin Who Was Going To Try Hunter Biden, His Criminal Son – Mark Sleboda, Moscow International Relations Lecturer: Ukraine Invasion To Become An Endless War And Will End Internet Freedom – Pandemic of Angst: Elite Strategies to Control the Masses as Democracy is Dismantled, Kees van der Pijl – William Stuart, author of ‘The Invisible College, 9/11 To Armageddon’ Bankers Plan Wars’, On Armageddon And Freemasonry – Albert Pike’s WWIII And The Fascist New Age – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

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Part One News Review and Investigative Reports

Mark Watts on the final Rotherham police officer of 47 who knew of 1500 sexually abused girls over 16 years but did nothing and was let off this week. Far right march in Bristol next weekend.  Tommy Robinson works as a ‘Fifth Column’ for MI5? The ‘Scandal at Dolphin Square’ – Private Eye dismissing VIP child sex abuse.  Richard Ingrams sacked from The Oldie.  Scandal at Dolphin Square: A Notorious History by Simon Danczuk, & Daniel Smith The first book to tell the scandal-filled story of Dolphin Square, the UK’s most notorious address In 1937 Dolphin Square was built in London’s Pimlico, a major development offering 1,250 flats to well-to-do private individuals. From the outset, it attracted the great and the good – in particular, a long roll-call of Members of Parliament and celebrities. It was perhaps inevitable that scandal would follow not far behind. In fact, in less than a century Dolphin Square has established itself as arguably the most notorious address in the country. This, then, is the story of the Square – not of its topography, but of its people, an extraordinary array of characters who have borne witness to and been pivotal in some of the most scandalous episodes in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. It is a story replete with mysterious deaths, espionage, illicit love affairs, glamour, politics and scandal – from Oswald Moseley, the Carry On gang and Profumo, to allegations of VIP sexual abuse rings. A saga of colour and shade, populated by a cast of Dickens-esque larger-than-life characters, that shines a light on the evolving nature of British politics and society over the last century.

Dr. Mark Jones gives his experience of probate fraud and how to avoid it.  Dr Mark Jones FRSM MBA, PhD, Ma, PgDip :. Freeman of the City of London Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine. Fellow of Chelsea and Westminster Hospital (2010) Fellow of NESTA (2002) Alumnus of London Business School. (2005) There is CLEAR FRAUD by lawyers known as bad to the undertakers: Mr Bartlett (Mr B) who was also done by the Law Society for a fine of 300,000? In the past (see below). He buys law firms to obtain probate and Wills to control the homes etc. of the dead & makes money out of them. It is all planned, and undertakers & others say this. He became my mother’s lawyer by force, became executor after her death by force. My mother never wanted him. As my mother tried to remove him, she nearly died several times (2013 on wards). He undervalued my mother’s home by 700,000 (my mother’s house is worth 1million plus-see Exhibits). He said in court (2018) there were 100,000 of care bills but recently when I investigated it he said 800.00 in court (2019),when I had found him out. He did all these tricks as he knew I was dealing with my mother’s brutal murder and thought he could get away with it. He has done this to many others (on tape)…so he owns many properties in Chester from elderly ladies who died or relatives were too scared to come to the police (on tape). Politicians like him! My mother clearly said as I got her off the drugs (deliberately done by Dr Bland) to make her look like she had dementia and make her forget that she was hit by Mr Bartlett’s lawyer, Mr Woodside (Mr W) (see video) to sell her home & change her Will to their gain. And once again this is done to many. Dr Bland (Dr B) (worked with the elderly to help with their end of life, death & minor surgery at Countess of Chester Hospital) who helped Mr B & Mr W (was close to him). Dr B was struck off in 2018 (as a pedo) and he drugged many and he ran the LCP. As my mother was killed by the LCP the hospital said they never put her on it (email) and CQC visited said no one was on the LCP but it was listed in the DOLS they had to read.

Nick Corbishly on the real Great Reset of central bank digital money (CBDC) – programmable money which you can only spend on certain items – surveillance and end of freedom.   Nick Corbishley’s new book ‘Scanned’ (2022) There has been ZERO public debate over any of the transformations we’ve seen at the consumer sharp end of the money system such as the move from cashiers to cashpoints; ending the validity of foreign cheques, the introduction of credit and debit cards; charging fees at cashpoints; moving from card signatures to PINs; the move from PIN to contactless; many retail outlets, bars and transport systems refusing to accept cash; Scanned, how vaccine passports and digital ID will mean the end of privacy and personal freedom: Imagine being physically denied access to your office, business, or livelihood. Imagine being refused entry to a grocery store or being told who you can or cannot sit with at a restaurant. Imagine being barred from a hospital room when you or your family member needs critical care. Unthinkable? Today, these scenarios and worse are happening in “democracies” all over the world, and could be our collective future­ orchestrated by AI, Big Tech, and state-sponsored apps ­all in the name of “protecting” public health with vaccine passports. The stakes could not be higher. If you do not have a vaccine passport, you will be prevented from accessing basic services, from earning a living or travelling within your own country. Even if you do have one, you will be exposed to unprecedented levels of government and corporate surveillance, data mining, and behavioural control. In Scanned, investigative journalist Nick Corbishley examines and exposes the lies and overreach that underpin the wholesale erosion of personal freedoms that is happening at an alarming rate. In clear language supported by rigorous research, Corbishley uncovers how the rollout of vaccine passports not only represents an unprecedented violation of privacy and bodily autonomy, but how it perpetuates the idea that a “small” collective sacrifice will allow us to return to normality. If things continue on the current path, Corbishley makes clear, getting back to “normal” is never happening. Put simply, instead of a return to normality, we will see the creation of a starkly different form of existence in which most of us will have virtually no agency over our own lives.

Part three of Four: Julian Assange in 2011 interviewed by Laura Smith from RT – corporations equals government – political prisoners.The United States is trying to get up an extradition case for me to the United States. And finally, Julian, who do you consider to be your No. 1 enemy?JA: Our No. 1 enemy is ignorance. And I believe that is the No. 1 enemy for everyone – it’s not understanding what actually is going on in the world. It’s only when you start to understand that you can make effective decisions and effective plans. Now, the question is, who is promoting ignorance? Well, those organizations that try to keep things secret, and those organizations which distort true information to make it false or misrepresentative. In this latter category, it is bad media.It really is my opinion that media in general are so bad that we have to question whether the world wouldn’t be better off without them altogether. They are so distortive to how the world actually is that the result is… we see wars, and we see corrupt governments continue on.One of the hopeful things that I’ve discovered is that nearly every war that has started in the past 50 years has been a result of media lies. The media could’ve stopped it if they had searched deep enough; if they hadn’t reprinted government propaganda they could’ve stopped it. But what does that mean? Well, that means that basically populations don’t like wars, and populations have to be fooled into wars. Populations don’t willingly, with open eyes, go into a war. So if we have a good media environment, then we also have a peaceful environment

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Part Two – WWIII Covid Ukraine Round-Up With End Times Prophecy Reports

US President Joe Biden boasts about bribing Ukrainian officials $1bn to sack the Chief Prosecutor who was going to prosecute Hunter Biden, his son.  Jo Biden on regime change for Russia.  Biden following cue cards for his speech and answering questions of press. Biden cue cards- Biden, 79, uses ‘cheat sheets’ to answer press questions on his ‘unscripted’ call for Putin to be ousted in Russia: Rand Paul claims need for cue cards shows ‘somebody who’s in cognitive decline’ Joe Biden on Monday took questions from the press about the invasion of Ukraine and his declaration that Putin ‘cannot remain in power’ In his left hand, the 79-year-old had a typed cue card with expected questions and prepared answers On the remarks about Putin not being fit to leave, Biden insisted: ‘I was not articulating a change in policy’ Rand Paul led the criticism of Biden’s reliance on cue cards, telling Fox News that it was like being ‘around somebody who’s in cognitive decline’ Paul continued: ‘You find yourself trying to help them with a sentence, trying to help them complete it’ = Biden said he made ‘no apologies’ for his remarks, made off the cuff and not part of his prepared speech. ‘It’s more an aspiration than anything. He shouldn’t be in power. There’s no ­ I mean, people like this shouldn’t be ruling countries, but they do. The fact is they do, but it doesn’t mean I can’t express my outrage about it,‘ he said as he held the cheat sheet in his left hand. ‘I was talking to the Russian people. The last part of the speech was talking to the Russian people, telling them what we thought.’ The notes read: ‘If you weren’t advocating for regime change, what did you mean? Can you clarify? ‘I was expressing the moral outrage I felt towards the actions of this man. ‘I was not articulating a change in policy.’

Mark Sleboda, International Relations Lecturer at Moscow State University, on how Ukraine invasion will become an endless war and the internet will end – 1/- This is #theGreatDecoupling between the West and Russia. Economic linkages will be cut down to only energy and a few other commodities & chemicals that Europe is dependent on Russia for. The West controls and has weaponized their entire economy in their war to break Russia. 2/- Political, social and cultural linkages will also be severed to a high degree. Weaning Russia off this dependence will be hard and immiserating. But with Chinese and some other Eurasian support, Russia may just weather it. The entire global economy will suffer as well. 3/- But once the dust has settled and new domestic and import substitution formed – Russia will at least be economically & financially independent from the West. They will never again be able to weaponize their economic hegemony to coerce, blackmail, or wage war on Russia. 4/- The same weaponized economic war too will also soon be turned on China and the Rest of the world’s holdouts from US-led Western Hegemony. The Unipolar world will truly be over, but the Multipolar world will be stillborn by US attempts to hang on to their hegemony. 5/- Instead US/Western pressure will directly result in the formation of an anti-Western bloc led by China and Russia for survival and independence. Neutrality will be difficult to maintain. A new Bipolar world is coming into being, just decades after the last ended. 6/- The Golden Age of the Global Internet is also now over resulting not from Russia closing itself off, but by censorship and exclusion by Western and the social media platforms and the internet fixtures they control – because they don’t trust their own people to hear alternate 7/- perspectives and narratives and judge on their own. The world’s internet will now break down into regional spheres with limited connectivity. It will be a new, much smaller, less connected, more localized and divisive world. 8/- We are of course already seeing the physical connections around the world break down – with closures of entire swathes of the globe’s surface to each others’ airlines and global shipping connections being severed one by one as we speak. 9/- Global distribution networks will be disrupted & chaos result for months. Because Russia & Ukraine are primary sources of so many of the world’s commodities – energy & food costs around the world will skyrocket. In the First world prices will go up, in the Third – starvation. 10/- Ultimately the cause was the US-led West trying to maintain and extend their Hegemony, while they can and Russia resisting it. NATO expansion east in waves. US meddling and hybrid warfare to bring into power pro-Western/anti-Russian govts in formerly neutral, unaligned, 11/- national identity-divided post Soviet states was the endgame of this NATO expansion to geopolitically consolidate all of Europe under US-led Western Hegemony up to Russia’s borders. Russia resisted this geopolitical flipping by color revolution in Georgia, Belarus & Ukraine

Michael Hudson – Germany has brought its gold back to Europe from the USA as the dollar begins its inevitable demise as the world’s reserve currency – Economist Michael Hudson on sanctions on Russia causing bankruptcy of US empire. Michael Hudson | Sanctions: The Blowback | Mar. 21, 2022 – Whatever the outcome in Ukraine, one thing is for sure: The economic reverberations will be felt by everyone for years to come, as the world divides between the West and a rapidly re-shaping Eurasia. The End of Dollar Hegemony by Michael Hudson Margaret Flowers: Michael Hudson is the president of the Institute for the Study of Long-term, Economic Trends, ISLET. He’s a Wall Street financial analyst and a distinguished research professor of Economics at the University of Missouri, in Kansas City. He’s also the author of numerous books and recently updated his book, “Super Imperialism: The economic strategy of American Empire.” Thank you for taking time to speak with me today, Michael. MH: Dollar hegemony seems to be the position that has just ended as of this week very abruptly. Dollar hegemony was when America’s war in Vietnam and the military spending of the 1960s and 70s drove the United States off gold. The entire US balance of payments deficit was military spending, and it began to run down the gold supply. So, in 1971, President Nixon took the dollar off gold. Well, everybody thought America has been controlling the world economy since World War I by having most of the gold and by being the creditor to the world. And they thought what is going to happen now that the United States is running a deficit, instead of being a creditor.

USING FEAR TO GREASE THE WHEELS OF GLOBAL TRANSFORMATION “Kees van der Pijl,, writes that the global ruling class or oligarchy used Covid-19 to seize power by declaring a state of global emergency. He explains that the Information Technology revolution, by creating a global information and communication system, was ushering in a social transformation inimical to the oligarchy’s hegemony over society. In order to stop this transformation, the global elite used lockdowns, mandates, censorship and controlled narratives to seize control over populations… Van der Pijl makes a cogent argument. He shows that the ‘pandemic’ is a political emergency, not a medical one. Its purpose was to suppress populations and transition to an authoritarian state and social structure…” PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS “This is a work of genuine scholarship of the highest order, and to read it closely and with an open mind one can’t help but be convinced of its essential truth… This book should be read by anyone who cares about our world. It is brilliant and extremely timely.” EDWARD CURTIN, author of Seeking Truth in a Country of Lies “In this urgent new study, veteran international relations scholar Kees van der Pijl shows how the ruling groups exploited the covid-19 virus to impose a worldwide state of emergency and a psychosis of fear that allowed them to extend their power and control at a time when global capitalism is beset by crisis. Brilliantly researched, impeccably sourced, the story is told in an engaging style and with great analytical acuity. Here is a dire warning against the slide into authoritarianism to contain the revolt of restive populations who can take no more deprivation. It must be read by the broadest possible public.” WILLIAM I. ROBINSON, Distinguished Professor of Sociology and Global and International Studies, University of California-Santa Barbara “The Covid-19 event is fast shaping up to be a deception of epic proportions, whereby a constellation of powerful actors exploit events in order to usher through profound political and economic changes. More than ever, people are waking up to the fact that this is not about a virus… Derailing these nefarious agendas is without doubt the most urgent task facing humanity today and States of Emergency provides a powerful, thought provoking and critical starting point on the road to awareness and resistance.” DR. PIERS ROBINSON, Organisation for Propaganda Studies ” Kees van der Pijl goes further than most in addressing our current concerns and circumstances, but perhaps even that isn’t far enough to capture the pure evil that confronts humanity today.”

William Stuart, author of ‘The Invisible College, 9/11 to Armageddon’ bankers plan wars’, on Armageddon and Freemasonry The Invisible College: 9.11 to Armageddon by William Stuart 14 years ago, author William Stuart began to explore the darkest regions of our planet. Five years later he had enough data to state that a strain of the Knights Templar had intervened to ensure that the American War of Independence, French Revolution, American Civil War, Russian Revolution, WW1 and WW2 took place. Five more years passed, and William discovered a strange fact. When the Russian Revolution, heavy with Templar Masonry, began to fail because the ‘peasant farmers’ remained loyal to their Tsar, Rothschild, Khun Loeb, Warburg, J.P.Morgan, Rockefeller, Fabian Society Round Table and the American International Company stepped forward to apply direct funding to cover up the failure. Now William knew that the Templars were controlled by American finance, and such financiers took orders from Geneva. William unearthed the eerie fact that this organisation had designed 7 strategic wars as a blueprint for financial gain and New World Order in 1710. They matched their 7 wars to the “breaking of 7 seals” in the Book of Revelation, and were also all initiated into Red Masonry called Armageddon Masonry, using verses from that last book of the Bible. Now William began to suspect that there was a seventh war about to occur, a mock up of Armageddon. He set out to see if 9.11 and chaos in the Middle East had connection together, and also if both events had foundation in this satanic cabal.

Dr Walter Veith on US Masonic Grand Master Albert Pike predicting three world wars in 1871 Seventh Day Adventist Pastor – Dr. Walter Veith (alias Jean Pierre de Smet) commenting on the high rank free mason – Albert Pike’s letter which predicted with amazing accuracy the previous world wars and the agendas that will follow and is talking about the planned World War 3 .War that according to Pike will be a religious one… For more videos:  John 3:16: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Jer 29:11: For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Rom 8:28: And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. Phil 4:13: I can do everything through him who gives me strength. Gen 1:1: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Prov 3:5: Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. Prov 3:6: in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. Rom 12:2: Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is-his good, pleasing and perfect will. Phil 4:6: Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. Matt 28:19: Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Eph 2:8: For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith-and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God. Gal 5:22: But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, Rom 12:1: Therefore, I urge you, brothers, in view of God’s mercy, to offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God – this is your spiritual act of worship. John 10:10: The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. Acts 18:10: For I am with you, and no one is going to attack and harm you, because I have many people in this city.” Acts 18:9: One night the Lord spoke to Paul in a vision: “Do not be afraid; keep on speaking, do not be silent. Acts 18:11: So Paul stayed for a year and a half, teaching them the word of God. Gal 2:20: I have been crucified with Christ and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. 1 John 1:9: If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. Rom 3:23: for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, John 14:6: Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

Matt 28:20: and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” Rom 5:8: But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us. Phil 4:8: Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things. Phil 4:7: And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. Josh 1:9: Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.” Isa 40:31: but those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. Eph 2:9: not by works, so that no one can boast. Rom 6:23: For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Gal 5:23: gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law. Isa 53:5: But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed. 1 Pet 3:15: But in your hearts set apart Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, 2 Tim 3:16: All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, Matt 6:33: But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

David Livingstone explains the luciferian ‘new age’ of Aquarius which will attempt to usher in a pantheistic, luciferian faith – Facebook has been targeting QAnon ads towards those interested in alternative health, resulting in what academics have identified as “Conspirituality,” a strange blend of the New Age movement and right-wing conspiracy theories.[1] The merger of these seemingly paradoxical influences can be traced back to David Icke, who has introduced into conventional conspiracy theories a blend of New Age and Theosophical ideas, which have long had a close relationship with fascism, and in particular, Nazism. Effectively, through the influence of QAnon and the advent of Covid-19, Icke’s message is gaining increasing appeal within the New Age movement, who have adopted his right-wing conspiracy theories, such that they have come to identify the Left as the enemy of political and spiritual freedom. Merging their New Age beliefs, they hope to prevent the advent of a “New World Order,” and to assist instead in an “Ascension” to the utopian promises of the Age of Aquarius, which in fact, is the true goal of the Luciferian and fascist conspiracy.

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William Stuart: The Invisible College, 911 to Armageddon, Bankers Plan Wars 01:30:00

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February 2019 Ofcom complaint result: UKLFI exposed as creation of Israeli foreign ministryBristol Post article: BCfm cleared after being reported to Ofcom for anti-semitic conspiracy theories

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Bristol Set To Remove ‘Dictatorial’ Mayoral System In May 2022 Referendum – ‘Today I Married The Love Of My Life’: Julian Assange’s Wife Stella Moris – Plane Hack Assassins? MU5735 Kunming to Guangzhou: Evidence Mounting China Eastern 737 ‘Crash’ Was US Act Of War On China – Ex Syrian Ambassador Says NATO May Blame Russia In Ukraine False Flag Chemical Weapons Attack – 2019 Rand Corporation report: ‘Unbalancing and destabilising Russia’ – Ukraine: Are Azov Nazis Camouflaging Israel’s Proxy War On Russia? Vancouver journalist Greg Felton – Accelerationists Occultists And Nihilists Pushing Humanity Toward Armageddon – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

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Part One News Review and Investigative Reports

Tim Kent, Lib Dem Councillor for Hengrove and Whitchurch Park, joins Tony and Martin.  Vote for whether Bristol wants a Mayor in May.  Bristol Council Budget vote.  Business West based in Somerset.  Bristol Energy and Bristol Arena wasted huge amounts of Council money.  Bristol Post – Bristol Mayoral post is undemocratic. Bristol’s elected mayor system slammed as ‘undemocratic’ in survey Fewer than 10 people said that the city has benefited from having an elected mayor The vast majority of BristolLive readers who responded our survey on the mayoral referendum said they don’t think Bristol should keep the elected mayor system. Of the 126 responses received, 119 (or 94.44 per cent) said they didn’t think the city should continue having an elected mayor. Bristol will be going to the polls this year to decide whether to scrap the mayoral system after opposition councillors had a victory in City Hall in December 2021. A majority of elected members of Bristol City Council backed a motion to hold a legally binding second referendum 10 years after the first which created the post of Mayor of Bristol in 2012. The referendum in May 2022 will offer Bristolians the choice of keeping an elected mayor or going back to the committee system of governance which was in place prior to 2000. The leader and cabinet system was in place between 2000 and 2012, when George Ferguson became the city’s first directly elected mayor in November 2012. This is a big decision for the city and that is why we launched a survey to find out what our readers’ thoughts are. The reasons given by readers on why the city shouldn’t keep its elected mayor included “too many bad decisions”, “undemocratic system” and “a huge waste of taxpayers’ money”.

Western Harbour presentation shows Bristol councillors ‘kids’ drawings’ and little else They raised concerns that the upcoming consultation will be a ‘tick-box’ exercise Frustrated councillors expecting to examine fresh proposals to revamp the Cumberland Basin were presented with “nothing to scrutinise” but “kids’ drawings”. They had hoped to hear detailed results from early engagement with the public, along with new plans for the area that Bristol City Council now calls Western Harbour, at a council meeting on Monday (February 28). But despite the imminent launch of a six-week consultation on Thursday, March 10, growth and regeneration scrutiny commission members were given a short report and shown 15 slides, mostly containing photographs from the series of “visioning days” held in the autumn, when the local authority went back to the drawing board after losing residents’ trust over its intentions. The slideshow also included a “vision” for the future Western Harbour comprising four guiding “principles” but no detail and a few sentences “distilled” from the feedback at the events called listening labs and creative workshops, which involved actors and activities including Plasticine modelling. Baffled councillors criticised the lack of information to get their teeth into about the vision, which proclaims that “as a gateway and connection point, the area will be both edge and centre”. They expressed fear that the consultation would be a meaningless “tick-box exercise”. They also pointed out the four principles going back out to consultation – ‘Be a distinctive gateway to Bristol’, ‘Support a thriving community’, ‘Build on its tradition of innovation’, and ‘Embrace freedom and nature’ – could apply to anywhere in the city, so everyone would agree with them anyway. Officers pleaded with members to “bear with” them and said the timing was unfortunate because while there would be some more detail published by March 10, it wasn’t ready in time to present at the meeting. They said the four “emerging themes” were only very high level principles at this stage and that a masterplanning phase lasting 12 to 18 months would begin in the summer to come up with details like how many new houses and changes to the ageing network of roads and flyovers.

Future of Labour Party.  PR vote system.  Rishi Sunak giving his Spring Budget.  The Mirror – struggling Brits.  PMQs Rachel Reeves – Rishi could have put windfall tax on fuel and energy.  Mark Serwotka from PCS Union on BBC Question Time.  Red Wall vote for Tories.  Spring Statement 2022: 13 big cost of living blows hitting you from next Friday Chancellor Rishi Sunak is giving his Spring Statement 2022 with fuel duty and National Insurance rumoured to change. But with inflation, energy bills and taxes all soaring, it’s unlikely to touch the sides Martin Lewis warns Brits may have to choose between ‘starving or freezing’ The biggest cost-of-living crisis for decades is hitting Brits – and most of it hasn’t even started yet. As Rishi Sunak delivers his 2022 Spring Statement tomorrow, pleas are mounting to help the millons of Brits who could soon have to choose between food and fuel. Energy bills, National Insurance and inflation are all surging in April, outstripping below-inflation benefit, pension and wage rises. Meanwhile tax and student loan repayment thresholds are being frozen in a ‘ stealth tax ’ squeeze on the cost of living. Rishi Sunak preparing his Spring Statement today in publicity pThe Mirror understands officials are braced for inflation to peak above 8% this Spring, with formal forecasts due to be produced tomorrow. Chancellor Rishi Sunak is considering cutting fuel duty by 5p a litre and is said to have looked at raising the National Insurance threshold, to take some of the lowest-paid Brits out of the soon-to-be-hiked tax. But he’s resisting any bigger action like axing the NI hike entirely – or raising pensions or benefits beyond 3.1%. Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis warned on Sunday: “I am virtually out of tools to help people now.

PMQs Kier Starmer – P&O sacking 800 staff – migrant workers and Labour.  PMQs £11.8bn fraud on Covid loans.  Covid PPE dodgy contracts.  22 March 2022 – Covid fraud cost us TWICE as much as Black Wednesday: Data shows shocking £11.8bn was lost in pandemic support schemes... dwarfing ’90s financial horror Billions have been lost to people taking advantage of Covid-19 support schemes Fraud and error during the pandemic saw an incredible £11.8billion go missing The loss is almost double the amount lost by Britain on Black Wednesday in 1992 02 Oct 2020 – Organised criminals are targeting Covid loans for small businesses The UK’s crime agency says it shared “red flag indicators” with banks to help them tackle fraudulent applications Organised criminals are exploiting the Government’s emergency pandemic loan scheme for small businesses, crime investigators have warned. The National Crime Agency (NCA) said on Friday it had received intelligence that criminals are targeting the Bounce Back Loan Scheme under which banks have approved about £38bn of lending to 1.3m businesses since May. The agency said it had shared “red flag indicators” with banks lending under the scheme to help them tackle fraudulent applications for loans. Under the scheme, small businesses can borrow up to £50,000 from commercial lenders at an annual interest rate of 2.5pc. The Government guarantees 100pc of any losses banks suffer if borrowers fail to repay their bounce back loans. The crime agency’s statement comes days after it emerged that the Government launched the bounce back scheme despite concerns raised by the British Business Bank, which administers the programme.

P&O Scandal: Labour Party Big Fans Of Migrant Labour? What now for Labour’s migration policy? At the APPG on Migration fringe meeting, hosted by EY, MPs discussed how Labour can change the conversation on immigration. How the Labour Party will shape its migration policy going forward was the topic of debate for yesterday’s APPG on Migration fringe meeting at party conference. “The important thing to get across is: migration is not a bad thing,” said Ian Preston, professor at the University College of London. Migration, he argued, allows skills to move where they are most needed, spurs innovation and encourages entrepreneurism. “Being open to immigration encourages growth,” he concluded. EY’s head of Global Immigration, Margaret Burton, called for Labour to stop putting a number on net migration. Tulip Siddiq, MP for Hampstead and Kilburn, backed this call saying the net migration target was “ill conceived” and will cause greater harm than good. She specifically took issue with the Tory’s inclusion of refugees and students in the target, describing the first as inhumane and the second as economically harmful. Ms Burton, said that employers were concerned over the negative impact that the net migration cap will have on their ability to hire skilled labour. Quoting a recent CBI skills survey, she said that 50% of employers do not believe they will be able to find the necessary skilled workers in the future. 

Met Police fundamentally flawed according to report – Met Police ‘fundamentally flawed’ when tackling corruption in its ranks: Damning report blasts ‘arrogant, secretive and lethargic’ force for hiring staff with criminal records, 2,000 missing warrant cards and failure to properly vet officers HM’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services made 20 recommendations for change Found force had not learned lessons from the unsolved 1987 murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan Home Secretary Priti Patel said she was ‘very disappointed’ with the ‘deficiencies’ the report had exposed The Met Police was blasted today for its ‘fundamentally flawed’ approach to tackling corruption, with a damning watchdog report finding it had hired 100 officers with convictions and lost an astonishing 2,000 warrant cards. Inspectors also found major failures in the vetting of officers in sensitive posts such as child protection and said ‘dire’ procedures for handling seized goods had seen hundreds of items – including cash and drugs – disappear. The Met has not learned lessons from the unsolved 1987 murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services (HMICFRS) said. Priti Patel commissioned the report after an independent inquiry into how the force handled Mr Morgan’s case found it was institutionally corrupt, saying it had concealed or denied failings to protect its reputation. Inspectors found little had changed and the Met continued to ‘sometimes behave in ways that make it appear arrogant, secretive and lethargic’. The revelation warrant cards had regularly gone missing will raise fears they could be exploited by criminals. Serving officer Wayne Couzens used his to trick Sarah Everard into getting into his car before raping and murdering her. Today Priti Patel said she was ‘very disappointed’ with the ‘deficiencies’ the report had exposed, and said the next Met Commissioner – who is replacing scandal-hit Cressida Dick – must ‘reverse them… as a matter of urgency’. The (HMICFRS) made 20 recommendations for change as it uncovered a raft of damning findings, including – In the last two years, the Met recruited people with criminal connections and more than 100 people who have committed offences. Some of these decisions ‘may have been justifiable, but the force failed to properly supervise these people to lessen the risks’; Property and exhibits procedures were ‘dire’. Hundreds of items were not accounted for, including cash and drugs. In one instance, the security access code for a property store was written on the outside of the door; The force does not know whether all those in sensitive posts – such as child protection, major crime investigation, and informant handling – have been cleared to the level of security vetting needed; More than 2,000 warrant cards issued to personnel who had since left the force were unaccounted for; The Met still ‘does not have the capability to proactively monitor its IT systems, despite repeated warnings from the inspectorate’. IT monitoring is used by most forces to help identify corrupt staff.

Most of neon gas for computer chips comes from Russia – we could have shortage here. 

Julian Assange married this week – congratulations!  An interview with Julian Assange from 2011 by Laura …. on RT – attempts to extradite him to Sweden for ‘rape’ trial – The Guardian over-redacting Wikileaks cables.  Joshua Schult – Vault 7 leak – court case.  John Shipton, Julian Assange’s father, on campaigning around Europe for Julian, Vault 7 and hacking planes, Julian’s court cases, and the one-sided press –  (Don’t Extradite Assange)   Stella, Julian’s wife, on how press and wedding photos were denied at their 15 min wedding  ‘Today I will marry the love of my life’: Julian Assange’s fiancée Stella Moris This is not a prison wedding, it is a declaration of love and resilience in spite of the prison walls, in spite of the political persecution, in spite of the arbitrary detention, in spite of the harm and harassment inflicted on Julian and our family. Their torment only makes our love grow stronger. Every part of this private event is being intensely policed, from our guest list to the wedding picture. Behind the scenes we have been locked in a dispute with the Ministry of Justice and prison authorities, who have denied our proposed witnesses because they are journalists; and who have denied our proposed photographer because he also works as a press photographer, even though they would all attend in a private capacity. The prison states that our wedding picture is a security risk because it could end up in social media or the press. How absurd. What kind of security threat could a wedding picture pose? Belmarsh regularly permits photography. Tommy Robinson and other convicted prisoners were allowed to be interviewed on camera when ITV filmed inside Belmarsh prison. But for Julian, who isn’t even serving a sentence, there appear to be a different set of rules. What are they so afraid of? I am convinced that they fear that people will see Julian as a human being. Not a name, but a person. Their fear reveals that they want Julian to remain invisible to the public at all costs, even on his wedding day, and especially on his wedding day. For him to disappear from public consciousness. The press has not been permitted to photograph Julian since 2019. The last time he was photographed by the press was through the scratched windows of a Serco prison van on his way to court, shortly after his arrest on 11 April 2019. After those pictures were published, the authorities switched his transport to vans with automatic steel shutters, which prevent even that type of press photography. Julian hasn’t been seen by the public in three years. Recently, he has not even been permitted to be in court for his own hearings. In October, he suffered a transient ischemic (TIA) attack, or mini-stroke. The way he is being treated is cruel and inhuman, and the public doesn’t like it. So the authorities hide it from the public. Julian is being turned into prisoner X, an abstraction that is neither seen nor heard, and therefore nonexistent. Julian is being disappeared because his imprisonment is a national disgrace, an embarrassment for the British state, and a vicious, authoritarian move. The logic of disappearing a person in the hope that they will be forgotten is what Soviet Russia did. But it’s too late to hide what is being done to him. The UN special rapporteur on torture, Nils Melzer, has deconstructed a decade of persecution and psychological torture inflicted on Julian. Julian is being made to suffer in a monstrous, undeniable, political persecution.

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Part Two – Covid Climate Round-Up With End Times Prophecy Reports

Plane Hack Assassins? China Eastern MU5735 Kunming to Guangzhou: Evidence Mounting 737 ‘Crash’ Identical To Previous MAX 8 Was US Act Of War On ChinaPilots flying plane near speed of sound didn’t answer traffic controllersComputer expert hacked into plane and made it briefly fly sideways, according to FBI – Chris Roberts of One World Labs in Denver was flying on the plane at the time it turned sideways, according to an FBI search warrant filed in April Roberts told the FBI he had hacked into planes “15 to 20 times,” according to court documents first made public on 15 May. A computer security expert hacked into a plane’s in-flight entertainment system and made it briefly fly sideways by telling one of the engines to go into climb mode. Chris Roberts of One World Labs in Denver was flying on the plane at the time it turned sideways, according to an FBI search warrant filed in April. The warrant was first publicized on Friday by APTN, a Canadian News Service. Roberts told the FBI he had hacked into planes “15 to 20 times,” according to court documents first made public on 15 May. Roberts first made news in April when he was told he couldn’t fly on United Airlines because of tweets he had made about whether he could hack into the flight’s onboard computer settings. The FBI search warrant describes him doing just that. According to the document, in an interview on 13 February, 2015, Roberts told agents he had hacked into in-flight entertainment centers on Boeing 737s, 757s and Airbus A-320 aircraft “15 to 20 times.” The warrant describes how Roberts would wiggle and squeeze the Seat Electronic Box under his seat, which connected to the plane’s in-flight entertainment system, or IFE. He would then connect a cable to the box and connect it to his computer. From there, Roberts was able to hack into the plane’s Thrust Management Computer using default IDs and passwords. He overwrote computer code for the planes’ thrust management computer, which he told agents allowed him to make the plane climb on his command. At least once, according to the document, he told one engine on a plane to climb, causing the plane to move sideways as it flew. Roberts also used software to monitor traffic from the cockpit, according to the search warrant request. Roberts is a well-known and respected expert on computer security. He told the FBI he was furnishing the information “because he would like the vulnerabilities fixed.”Crash of Chinese aeroplane flight 5735 – another 737-800 gone down – faulty aeroplanes or hacked?  Independent – hacking flights – Dylan Beaty, from ‘Fly by Wire’, on the previous 737 crash – computers over-riding plane systems.

Stand in The Pub in Bristol – some attendees discuss the Russian/ Ukraine war. We are Stand in The Pub, we are setting up groups via telegram to enable like minded individuals to link up and come together to take action on the local level. This movement is similar to Stand In The Park. We feel alot of people have difficulties getting to the local park on Sundays at 10am so we decided to create our own movement which will take place mid week in the evening. This allows like minded people to get to know each other better and build a resistance in the form of a local network of people. Rather than meeting in a local park, we will meet in local pubs, to enjoy local cuisine and drinks. We are Stand in The Pub, we are setting up groups via telegram to enable like minded individuals to link up and come together to take action on the local level. This movement is similar to Stand In The Park. We feel a lot of people have difficulties getting to the local park on Sundays at 10am so we decided to create our own movement which will take place mid week in the evening. This allows like minded people to get to know each other better and build a resistance in the form of a local network of people. Rather than meeting in a local park, we will meet in local pubs, to enjoy local cuisine and drinks.  National UK group – PLEASE JOIN YOUR LOCAL STAND IN THE PUB LOCAL TELEGRAM GROUPS: BASILDON – BIRMINGHAM – CORNWALL – http://T.ME/STANDINTHEPUBCORNWALL COVENTRY – DERBY – DEVON – LIVERPOOL – LONDON – MANCHESTER – NOTTINGHAM – SOMERSET –

Sergei Lavrov on the propaganda war.  Mint Press News – Dan Cohen – Ukraine propaganda funders.  Sanctions aim ‘to marginalize Russia, reduce its role in int’l arena to zero’ Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov says West conducts information war against his country, hinders normalization with Ukraine 2022-03-18 13:39:25 MOSCOW The purpose of sanctions against Russia is to marginalize the country and reduce its role in the international arena to zero, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Friday. Speaking in an interview with Russia’s RT TV channel in Moscow, Lavrov recalled that the Western sanctions were never completely cancelled even after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.What we are seeing now in Ukraine is the quintessence of the Western strategic course, namely to marginalize Russia, to contain it, to put an end to Russia’s development, as well as to reduce Russia’s role to zero in world politics, economics, sports, art, trade, science, education,” he said. According to Lavrov, although the West links sanctions with the Ukrainian events in 2014, it started imposing restrictive measures long before that, which will continue in the future. However, the sanctions made Russia stronger and destroyed the illusion that Russia can rely on the West, he continued, adding that an understanding came that the country can only rely on itself and those allies that will not leave it in difficult times. “We are the champion in terms of the number of sanctions that have been imposed on the Russian Federation. More than 5,000 individual sanctions. This is almost twice as much as the number of sanctions imposed against North Korea and Iran,” he noted. Despite the current difficulties, provoked by the US attempt to make the world unipolar, where everyone “will dance to the tune of the strongest,” Russia does not close its doors to the West and may resume the cooperation, bearing in mind that it is an unreliable partner, he said. Lavrov said the West is carrying out an information war against Russia, replacing the facts with slogans and using methods of “information terrorism.” “We understood long ago there is no such thing as independent Western media. This is war. The methods of information terrorism are used in the war. There is no doubt about it,” he said. Speaking about the Russia-Ukraine war, the minister insisted that the Russian military captured documents by Ukraine’s General Staff, confirming the preparation of a large-scale offensive in Donbas, arguing that Russia’s military operation is aiming to protect the people of the rebel regions averted terrible bloodshed. Lavrov warned that the arms deliveries to Ukraine from the West will be “the rightful target” for the Russian military. He also said that under the contracts, the S-300 air defense systems cannot be sold or transferred to the third parties, which makes “illegal” its redeployment from some former Soviet countries to Ukraine. Russia’s goals in Ukraine are to move any threat coming from Ukraine’s territory and to make the country’s authorities cancel all legislation discriminatory to the Russian population of Ukraine, he said. As for the Pentagon’s alleged biolabs in Ukraine, Lavrov said Russia will insist that this issue be taken into consideration under the Convention on the Prohibition of Biological Weapons, as well as under the UN Security Council, as such activities pose a threat to international peace and security. The minister added that the US opened over 300 biological laboratories — many of them along the Russian border — but the project in Ukraine may be the biggest. Lavrov expressed hope that one day the relations between Russia and Ukraine will finally normalize, although he expects that the West will hinder the process.

NATO meets – Stoltenberg on NATO’s response.  Rand report – ‘Unbalancing and destabilising Russia’ Boris on Newsnight – on Ukraine and Zelenskyy.  The far right and neo-Nazis in Ukraine.  Biden at the NATO conference. Rand Corp: how to destroy Russia May 23, 2019 The conclusions of the latest confidential report by the Rand Corporation were recently made public in a « Brief ». They explain how to wage a new Cold War against Russia. Certain recommendations have already been implemented, but this systemic exposure enables us to understand their true objective. Force the adversary to expand recklessly in order to unbalance him, and then destroy him. This is not the description of a judo hold, but a plan against Russia elaborated by the Rand Corporation, the most influential think tank in the USA. With a staff of thousands of experts, Rand presents itself as the world’s most reliable source for Intelligence and political analysis for the leaders of the United States and their allies. The Rand Corp prides itself on having contributed to the elaboration of the long-term strategy which enabled the United States to win the Cold War, by forcing the Soviet Union to consume its own economic resources in the strategic confrontation. It is this model which was the inspiration for the new plan, Overextending and Unbalancing Russia , published by Rand [1]. According to their analysts, Russia remains a powerful adversary for the United States in certain fundamental sectors. To handle this opposition, the USA and their allies will have to pursue a joint long-term strategy which exploits Russia’s vulnerabilities. So Rand analyses the various means with which to unbalance Russia, indicating for each the probabilities of success, the benefits, the cost, and the risks for the USA. Rand analysts estimate that Russia’s greatest vulnerability is that of its economy, due to its heavy dependency on oil and gas exports. The income from these exports can be reduced by strengthening sanctions and increasing the energy exports of the United States. The goal is to oblige Europe to diminish its importation of Russian natural gas, and replace it by liquefied natural gas transported by sea from other countries.

Grayzone – Hamish De Bretton Gordon at forefront of preparing NATO chemical weapons attack in Syria and now in Ukraine too? Hamish de Bretton-Gordon on The World Tonight – how to survive a chemical attack. UK Spook Set to Repeat Syria Role in Ukraine Shadowy U.K. intel figure Hamish de Bretton-Gordon was at the forefront of chemical weapons deceptions in Syria. Now in Ukraine, he’s up to his old tricks again, writes Kit Klarenberg at The Gray Zone. With Washington and its NATO allies forced to watch from the sidelines as Russia’s military advances across Eastern Ukraine and encircles Kiev, U.S. and British officials have resorted to a troubling tactic that could trigger a massive escalation. Following similar claims by his Secretary of State and ambassador to the United Nations, U.S. President Joseph Biden has declared that Russia will pay a “severe price” if it uses chemical weapons in Ukraine. The warnings emanating from the Biden administration contain chilling echoes of those issued by the administration of President Barack Obama throughout the U.S.-led dirty war on Syria. Almost as soon as Obama implemented his ill-fated “red line” policy vowing an American military response if the Syrian army attacked the Western-backed opposition with chemical weapons, al Qaeda-aligned opposition factions came forth with claims of mass casualty sarin and chlorine bombings of civilians. The result was a series of U.S.-U.K. missile strikes on Damascus and a prolonged crisis that nearly triggered the kind of disastrous regime change war that had destabilized Iraq and Libya. In each major chemical weapons event, signs of staging and deception by the armed Syrian opposition were present. As a former U.S. ambassador in the Middle East told journalist Charles Glass, “The ‘red line’ was an open invitation to a false-­flag operation.”

Ukraine’s Propaganda War Dan Cohen reveals the network of foreign strategists, Washington lobbyists and intelligence-linked media outlets behind Kiev’s public relations blitz. Since the Russian offensive inside Ukraine commenced on Feb. 24, the Ukrainian military has cultivated the image of a plucky little army standing up to the Russian Goliath. To bolster the perception of Ukrainian military mettle, Kiev has churned out a steady stream of sophisticated propaganda aimed at stirring public and official support from Western countries. The campaign includes language guides, key messages and hundreds of propaganda posters, some of which contain fascist imagery and even praise Neo-Nazi leaders. Behind Ukraine’s public relations effort is an army of foreign political strategists, Washington, D.C., lobbyists, and a network of intelligence-linked media outlets. Ukraine’s propaganda strategy earned it praise from a NATO commander who told The Washington Post, “They are really excellent in stratcom ­ media, info ops, and also psy-ops.” The Post ultimately conceded that “Western officials say that while they cannot independently verify much of the information that Kyiv puts out about the evolving battlefield situation, including casualty figures for both sides, it nonetheless represents highly effective stratcom.” Key to the propaganda effort is an international legion of public relations firms working directly with Ukraine’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs to wage information warfare. According to the industry news site PRWeek, the initiative was launched by an anonymous figure who allegedly founded a Ukraine-based public relations firm. “From the first hour of war, we decided to join the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to help them distribute the official sources to show the truth,” the nameless figure told PR Week. “This is a hybrid war: the mix of bloodily struggling fight with a huge disinformation and fake campaign lead by Russia [sic].” According to the anonymous figure, more than 150 public relations firms have joined the propaganda blitz. The international effort is spearheaded by public relations firm PR Network co-founder Nicky Regazzoni and Francis Ingham, a top public relations consultant with close ties to the U.K.’s government. Ingraham previously worked for Britain’s Conservative Party, sits on the U.K. Government Communication Service Strategy and Evaluation Council, is chief executive of the International Communications Consultancy Organisation, and leads the membership body for U.K. local government communicators, LG Comms.

Peter Ford, former Ambassador to Syria, on a potential false flag chemical attack in Ukraine just like in Syria.  UKRAINE: The Syria Playbook Redux March 21, 2022 By NEWS WIRE ‘Playbook. A book containing a sports team’s strategies and plays, especially in American football.’ Yes, the playbook for Syria is now being used for Ukraine. But is it Russia’s or America’s? Peter Ford – The Russians in attacking Ukraine are taking leaves out of their Syrian playbook, so we are being constantly told. But the American origin of this term gives us a clue as to what is really going on. The chemical weapons play One of the plays being used is apparently the brandishing of chemical weapons. It’s important to recall what actually happened in Syria in this regard. The first alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria occurred in the Ghouta suburbs of Damascus in 2013. After a vote in the British Parliament scuppered a Western plan to bomb Syria in retaliation, the Russians, not the West, took active steps to remove Syria’s stocks of chemical weapons, shepherding Syria through a process of dismantling all its stocks under international supervision and verification (compare and contrast US research collaboration with Ukraine in biolabs so sensitive that records had to be destroyed before the Russians arrived). Claims nevertheless continued to be made, never verified in situ by independent parties, that Syria was using chemical weapons. In April 2018 reports emerged from Douma on the outskirts of Damascus that Syria had used chlorine gas in a particularly egregious attack on civilians. Without waiting even the 48 hours needed for international inspectors to arrive, the US, UK and France launched punitive bombing raids on Syria. Subsequently, inspectors found evidence at the scene consistent with a false flag operation. That evidence was doctored at headquarters in The Hague under intense pressure from the US and UK. The real lesson from the incident – that fraudsters were at work – was thus never learned and a spurious version of the truth prevailed. What really happened, many experts believe, was that jihadi groups affiliated with Al Qaida yet supported by Western powers fabricated the incident (it wasn’t difficult with Western intelligence agencies and gullible Western media eager to pin blame on Assad) in order to provide a pretext for the West to enter the war and turn back the tide against Assad. These are but two among other similar incidences talking place over the course of the conflict.

Greg Felton, author of ‘The Host and the Parasite’, on how the neo-Nazi Asov Battalion in Ukraine is supported by Israel – due to Russia and Arabs getting in the way of Israel’s interests. Russia the world’s last line of defence against Isramerica’s murderous grand design The world is heading for war. The Isramerican empire is funneling tons of heavy weaponry into Ukraine to provoke Russia into launching a defensive attack, and then that response will be used to justify starting a major war. It is a waste of time trying to find any intelligent discussion in the mainstream corporate media of why the U.S. wants to provoke war with Russia. Its job is to cover up and falsify, not report. For example, take the following well-known acts of violence. Despite what the media told us at the time, we know that the collapse of World Trade Centre had nothing to do with Muslim anger, and the Boston Marathon bombing had nothing to do with Chechen terrorism. These three events, among others, were executed with such clumsiness that they should have immediately been exposed as frauds, but they worked because their simplistic cause-and-effect narrative, black-and-white morality and shock value stampeded the public into doing what was expected: embrace official anti-Muslim bloodlust, self-identify with the officially approved victims, and, most importantly, accept the need to sacrifice liberty for security, as in this official declaration. If we look at the Charlie Hebdo shooting synoptically with the Boston Marathon bombing and the World Trade Centre/Pentagon attack, Isramerica’s handiwork in Ukraine becomes frighteningly obvious. These seemingly discrete false-flag attacks fit together to reveal a coherent pattern of deliberate, Isramerican subversion that is now being played out in Ukraine.

David Livingstone – is Henry Kissinger the world’s Luciferian High Priest?  – Tony was at grammar school, friends with ‘pro WW3’ Accelerationist author and philosopher Nick Land PhD at Langley Park school in West Wickham, Kent. One of the central figures of accelerationism is the British philosopher Nick Land, who taught at Warwick University in the 1990s, and then abruptly left academia.Philosophers are vivisectors,” he wrote in 1992. “They have the precise and reptilian intelligence shared by all who experiment with living things.” Iain Hamilton Grant, who was one of Land’s students, remembers: “There was always a tendency in all of us to bait the liberal, and Nick was the best at it.” Since Warwick, Land has published prolifically on the internet, not always under his own name, about the supposed obsolescence of western democracy; he has also written approvingly about “human biodiversity” and “capitalistic human sorting” – the pseudoscientific idea, currently popular on the far right, that different races “naturally” fare differently in the modern world; and about the supposedly inevitable “disintegration of the human species” when artificial intelligence improves sufficiently.

Accelerationist occultists and nihilists pushing humanity toward Armageddon? Linking up online with English author and philosopher Nick Land, Yarvin, writing under the nom de plume Mencius Moldbug, helped develop the doctrine of “neoreaction,” or NRx, essentially an argument that democracy had outlived its usefulness. The movement is also known as the Dark Enlightenment, a term coined by Land, in his essay of the same name. Land has been described as the “father” of accelerationism, a set of ideas which propose that capitalism and technological change should be drastically accelerated to create further radical social change.[241] Drawing on the work the postmodernists Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guattari and Jean-Francois Lyotard, Land argued that capitalist technological progress was transforming not just our societies, but the individual, who is becoming less important than the techno-capitalist system itself.[242] Accelerationism reflected a similar approach adopted by Satanists, particularly the Process Church and Charles Manson. As explained by Jean-Paul Bourré, in Les sectes Lucifériennes aujourd’hui (“The Luciferian Sects Today”), the Luciferian orders sometimes have different goals, but they all share in common the particular goal of wanting to trigger the apocalypse necessary for the final transformation: the acceleration of the events of the End Times, and the preparation of an occult elite destined for the priesthood of the Luciferian religion.[243] Although the Process Church’s “processean” theology is considered unrelated to the process theology of Alfred North Whitehead­who influenced Deleuze­after its leader DeGrimston was removed by the Council of Masters as Teacher, many former members of the cult joined Deleuze in his leadership of the Anti-Oedipal movement of 1968.[244] Hinting at the connection, Land explained in an email to Vox, “Modernity has Capitalism (the self-escalating techno-commercial complex) as its motor. Our question was what ‘the process’ wants (i.e. spontaneously promotes) and what resistances it provokes.”[245] Land was a lecturer in Continental Philosophy at the University of Warwick from 1987 until his resignation in 1998. At Warwick, he and Sadie Plant co-founded the Cybernetic Culture Research Unit CCRU. After the CCRU split from Warwick in 1998, according to Andy Beckett, a journalist who chronicled the CCRU’s in The Guardian, Land and his remaining followers moved into a home in Leamington, where they were drawn to numerology, HP Lovecraft, and Aleister Crowley, part of an obsession with the occult that had flourished in the accelerationist ranks. “The CCRU became quasi-cultish, quasi-religious,” explained former member Robin Mackay. “I left before it descended into sheer madness.”[246] Land has also “highly-recommended” the works of David Myatt’s fascist Satanist Order of Nine Angles (O9A), whose international distributor is adept Kerry Bolton, founder of the Black Order and associate of Alexander Dugin.


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February 2019 Ofcom complaint result: UKLFI exposed as creation of Israeli foreign ministryBristol Post article: BCfm cleared after being reported to Ofcom for anti-semitic conspiracy theories


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Humiliating Britain: UAE P and O Ferries Owner Sacks 800 Staff, Replaces With Agency Workers While Boris Is In UAE – Cancelled Labour MP Chris Williamson On Ukraine and The Failure Of UK Democracy: Kier Starmer Has Destroyed The Labour Party – UK Firm KPMG Bankrolls Farnborough Arms Fair Where Russia Shows Off Weapons – Inside US Ukraine Biolabs; Why Russia Invaded In Feb; Will NATO’s Propaganda Win? George Szamuely – Bioweapons research is banned by an international treaty but nobody is checking for violations – 30m People (2% of China’s population) In 13 Cities Put Into House-Arrest-Like Covid Omicron Lockdown In China – Tyranny Injustice Censorship In The West Now Worse Than Soviet Union Vladimir Golstein – Satanism as the religion of glorifying selfish aspects of the human spirit, denying the Biblical fall of man – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

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BCfm’s weekly Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling with Irish Republican Labour activist Martin Summers was forced off FM, now online only. We were ‘rested due to the pandemic’ on 24 March 2020 by BCfm charity ‘CEO’ Patrick Hart who is a longtime personal friend of Bristol’s all-powerful right-wing ‘Labour’ mayor Marvin Rees. This Internet only NOT The BCfm Politics Show is now available 17:00-c. 21:00 live on Fridays. Pat Hart replaced us with an inane student show repeating MSM stories called The Bristol Agenda. If you’d like to share your views on his deliberate dumbing-down mismanagement you can contact the BCfm board chair and CEO ‘Don’ here.

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Part One News Review and Investigative Reports

P&O Ferries fire 800 workers and try to bring in new cheaper staff.  Chris Williamson, former Labour MP who was booted out of Labour Party due to ‘anti-Semitism’, discusses re-nationalisation and his new political Party.  Members of Resist vote in favour of forming a political Party – These are Resist’s core policies. 1. HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE: Publicly owned health and social care service, free at the point of delivery, including free dental and ophthalmic treatment. 2. PUBLIC SERVICES: Reverse all previous privatisations of public services, including health, education services, prisons and utilities, to ensure they are properly resourced. 3. EDUCATION: Provide free cradle to grave access to education and write off outstanding student debts. 4. HOUSING: Build and acquire new council housing to address shortages and homelessness, applying stringent eco and space standards; regulate private sector housing; expand cooperative housing for sale and rent. 5. ECONOMY: Utilise powers available to a currency-issuing nation to create a strong economy that works in the interests of the many, not the few; introduce a genuinely progressive tax system; introduce a job guarantee scheme; Standardise a four-day working week; raise the minimum wage to a genuine living wage; make trade union representation a right in all workplaces and repeal anti-trade union laws.

6. ACCESS TO JUSTICE: Overhaul the Justice system to ensure legal equality through access to legal aid for all; focus on community rather than custodial sentences and prioritise rehabilitation rather than punishment; decriminalise substance misuse and treat it as a public health not a criminal justice issue. 7. COMPREHENSIVE GREEN NEW DEAL: Invest in renewable technologies; insulate all residential and commercial premises to reduce the carbon footprint and end fuel poverty; introduce a climate change adaptation programme, including reforesting the uplands; end factory farming and increase sustainable arable food production. 8. NATIONAL SECURITY PROGRAMME FOR A SAFER AND PEACEFUL WORLD: Scrap Trident programme; withdraw from NATO; use position as a permanent member of UN Security Council to promote peace and disarmament; demand a democratic UN; diversify arms industries into socially useful eco production. 9. SOCIAL SECURITY: Reduce state retirement age for men and women to 60; re-establish universal principle for social security entitlements; extend paid parental leave to 18 months. 10. CONSTITUTION: Replace the Monarchy with a democratically elected head of state; scrap the House of Lords and remove all feudal privileges; decentralise power to local regions; ban paid lobbying; make elected representatives accountable through participatory democracy.

Boris Johnson accused of going from ‘dictator to dictator’ for fuel sources Boris Johnson has insisted that forging closer ties with Saudi Arabia does not mean “we can’t stick to our principles” after he was accused of going from “dictator to dictator” for fuel sources. The Prime Minister is visiting the Gulf state and its neighbour the United Arab Emirates as he tries to wean the West off Russian energy in response to the invasion of Ukraine. But Mr Johnson downplayed his chances of managing to secure greater oil production from the Middle East in an attempt to lessen the severity of the cost of living crisis facing the UK. He will meet Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Riyadh, days after the largest mass execution in the kingdom in modern history. Bournemouth Echo: Prime Minister Boris Johnson inspects the Guard of Honour as he arrives at Abu Dhabi airport for his visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Prime Minister is meeting with UAE’s Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed in Abu Dhabi and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Photo via PA. In his first stop in Abu Dhabi, Mr Johnson insisted he has raised the two countries’ poor human rights records “many, many times”, adding: “I’ll raise them all again today.”

Crisis in education?  PMQs Steven Timms – employment back at pre-pandemic levels?  Putin – ‘Empire of Lies’ speech  Banking collapse.  PMQs  Trussel Trust – cost of living crisis – universal credit.  British economy in a state.  PMQs Angela Rayner – Corbyn – pro-Putin.  How Gazprom works.  £45m Bristol Energy money down the drain.   PMQs – Western Harbour – Hotwells.  Planning system in Bristol.  Bristol’s Western Harbour plan vows to save Riverside Garden Centre People who have already responded to plans during the consultation period say they don’t want to see high-rise flats in the area The new consultation documents acknowledge that in previous consultation, respondents have said that they do not want high-rise flats in the area, despite it being a cornerstone of the mayor’s housing policy to build the homes Bristol needs and make them affordable. The report states: “What people don’t want: Hi-Rise Housing as a Sign of Greed Over Community Good. While the general sentiment towards affordable housing is positive, despite the bold height of the bonded warehouses, there’s a strong sentiment away from hi-rise flats, the gentrification they represent, and the perception of a subsequent loss of community.” The council says that it has “deliberately taken a long-term, step-by-step approach to the regeneration of the area, acknowledging the significance it holds to people from across Bristol and the need to ensure any plans reflect what Bristolians want it to be”. It also says that the area’s “connection to the River Avon would be at the heart of any new development, providing access to nature and recreation, tranquil spaces and boosting the river as a wildlife corridor”. A spokesperson said: “The consultation and additional public feedback on the draft will help to refine a final vision. These commitments will then – subject to endorsement by Cabinet – help to guide and shape masterplanning starting later in 2022, which will set out in detail where the new homes, jobs and infrastructure that Bristol needs could go.” Just last week, however, Bristol Live reported how councillors expecting to examine fresh proposals to revamp the Cumberland Basin were presented with “nothing to scrutinise” but “kids’ drawings”. At a council meeting on Monday, February 28, they were given a short report and shown 15 slides, mostly containing photographs from the series of “visioning days” held in the autumn, when the local authority went back to the drawing board after losing residents’ trust over its intentions.

Morning Star – arms fair   Open Democracy – secret photos – Russian weapons.  Russian nationalised arms industry.  Russian Weapons Exhibited At Farnborough ‘Security And Policing’ Arms Fair: Press TV at protest in London against arms fair. Press TV at protest in London against arms fair.  Conglomerates own media and arms businesses.  Information warfare.  Conglomerates own media and arms businesses. Information warfare. Open Democracy – secret photos – Russian weapons. Russian nationalised arms industry. Home Office accused of profiting from refugees’ misery after hosting arms and border security fair</strong> <a href=””>Campaign Against Arms Trade and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign hold a vigil in Westminster to coincide with the Security and Policing 2022 arms fair and remember the victims of Britain’s border-control regime Photo: JCWI CAMPAIGNERS have accused the Home Office of profiting from refugees’ misery by hosting an arms fair displaying border security technology this week. Security and Policing 2022, an annual Home Office-funded event in Farnborough, closes today, having seen arms firms, surveillance companies and police chiefs rub shoulders with ministers and civil servants. Journalists and the public are not permitted to attend the secretive arms fair, which has been running for 40 years. The Home Office says that the event promotes Britain’s “world-leading security capabilities and strengthens our relationships with our international partners.” But anti-arms and refugee rights campaigners condemn the fair for being “at the heart of the hostile environment and repression.” On Tuesday, groups including Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) and the Palestine Solidarity Campaign held a vigil in Westminster to coincide with the fair and remember the victims of Britain’s border-control regime. Among the 23 arms exhibitors at this year’s fair is arms giant BAE Systems, French military equipment firm Thales and Italian company Leonardo, as well as Britain’s Border Force. Foreign governments invited to attend include those of Israel, Morocco, Iraq and Egypt. Campaigners pointed out that several of the firms listed saw their share prices jump on February 24, the day Russia invaded Ukraine. CAAT spokesperson Kirsten Bayes said: “At the same time as closing down routes to safety for people on the move, the Home Office is promoting the sale of weapons and technology to police our borders ­ and making crossing them ever more deadly. “The war in Ukraine and the UK’s demonstrably poor support for those fleeing conflict and repression shows once again the terrible inhumanity of this approach. “This has been true whether those needing the UK’s help have come from Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan or Ukraine. It is high time this arms fair, which has spread nothing but misery for over 40 years, was brought to an end.” Israeli cyber-surveillance firms were also amongst the exhibitors pitching to 27 British government departments at the fair. PSC director Ben Jamal said: “By inviting cyber weapons companies to exhibit their products to UK government agencies the Home Office it is not only facilitating human rights abuses and war crimes against Palestinians, but encouraging the proliferation of dangerous, anti-democratic cyberweaponry – that is first tested on Palestinians – and exported around the world.

PMQs Angela Rayner – Lebedev in House of Lords.  Chris Williamson – Jeremy Corbyn, Brexit, and the Labour Party.  Brexit – border in Irish Sea.  Re-unification of Ireland.  NATO exercises in Georgia.  Court in Kiev – Georgian snipers in Maidan Square.  Georgian mercenaries reveal who fired at protesters during Kiev’s ‘maidan’ in winter 2014 Alexander Revazishvili and Koba Nergadze had agreed to testify before the court but only in the mode of a teleconference because of apprehensions for their lives “In all, about fifty mercenaries arrived in Kiev then and they were involved in the events on the Maidan afterwards and fired at the protesters on February 20,” Goroshinsky went on. “The mercenaries split into groups of ten men each and were dispatched to different spots where from they delivered fire.” “Each of them [the mercenaries] received $ 5,000 for the job done,” he said. “In other words, these people had been brought [to Kiev] with a well-specified task to create a conflict.” The channel showed a video recording of the lawyer’s conversation with the two Georgian witnesses, who named themselves and put signatures under a document stating their consent to testify in the courtroom. In May 2015, Kiev’s Svyatoshino district court began consideration on merits of a case against five former officers of the Berkut battalion who are charged with fulfilling a premeditated criminal order to use firearms and committing a terrorist act. 

Killing of US journalist in Ukraine.  Julian Assange’s appeal against extradition to US turned down by Supreme Court.  RT Laura Smith interview with Julian Assange in 2011 – files released on Egypt, Guantanamo Bay detainees, Libya.   

Bitchute video of complete show

Part Two – Covid Climate Round-Up With End Times Prophecy Reports

George Szamuely, from World Policy Institute, Budapest, Hungary, joins Tony and Martin. Was Ukraine invasion a surprise? A trap? Why Russia had to invade Ukraine and when. 

Ukrainian Pentagon Biolabs and Gain of Function research.  Anthrax attack 2001.  Glen Greenwald, System Update blog, Kiev biolabs and Anthrax. Bioweapons research is banned by an international treaty but nobody is checking for violations – By Gary Samore July 21, 2021Gary Samore is a Professor of the Practice of Politics and Crown Family Director of the Crown Center for Middle East Studies. This article is republished from The Conversation. – Scientists are making dramatic progress with techniques for gene splicing modifying the genetic makeup of organisms. This work includes bioengineering pathogens for medical research, techniques that also can be used to create deadly biological weapons. Its an overlap thats helped fuel speculation that the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was bioengineered at Chinas Wuhan Institute of Virology and that it subsequently escaped through a lab accident to produce the COVID-19 pandemic. The world already has a legal foundation to prevent gene splicing for warfare: the 1972 Biological Weapons Convention. Unfortunately, nations have been unable to agree on how to strengthen the treaty. Some countries have also pursued bioweapons research and stockpiling in violation of it. As a member of President Bill Clintons National Security Council from 1996 to 2001, I had a firsthand view of the failure to strengthen the convention. From 2009 to 2013, as President Barack Obamas White House coordinator for weapons of mass destruction, I led a team that grappled with the challenges of regulating potentially dangerous biological research in the absence of strong international rules and regulations. The history of the Biological Weapons Convention reveals the limits of international attempts to control research and development of biological agents. 1960s-1970s: International negotiations to outlaw biowarfare The United Kingdom first proposed a global biological weapons ban in 1968. Reasoning that bioweapons had no useful military or strategic purpose given the awesome power of nuclear weapons, the U.K. had ended its offensive bioweapons program in 1956. But the risk remained that other countries might consider developing bioweapons as a poor mans atomic bomb. In the original British proposal, countries would have to identify facilities and activities with potential bioweapons applications. They would also need to accept on-site inspections by an international agency to verify these facilities were being used for peaceful purposes. These negotiations gained steam in 1969 when the Nixon administration ended Americas offensive biological weapons program and supported the British proposal. In 1971, the Soviet Union announced its support but only with the verification provisions stripped out. Since it was essential to get the USSR on board, the U.S. and U.K. agreed to drop those requirements. In 1972 the treaty was finalized. After gaining the required signatures, it took effect in 1975. Under the convention, 183 nations have agreed not to develop, produce, stockpile or otherwise acquire or retain biological materials that could be used as weapons. They also agreed not to stockpile or develop any means of delivery for using them. The treaty allows prophylactic, protective or other peaceful research and development including medical research. However, the treaty lacks any mechanism to verify that countries are complying with these obligations. 1990s: Revelations of treaty violation This absence of verification was exposed as the conventions fundamental flaw two decades later, when it turned out that the Soviets had a great deal to hide…

Russian sanctions harming West.  Mail – £3 a litre of petrol   Ukraine has made crypto currencies legal.   UBI, is universal basic income a trick to force populations to be totally dependent on the banksters?     Future of West as compared to Russia and China.  Julia Mendell – World Tonight BBC coverage of Ukraine war.  Propaganda campaign against Russia going on a long time.  Ukrainian news anchor quotes Adolf Eichmann, calls for genocide against Russians This is nothing short of an appeal for ethnic cleansing. Jason Melanovski A Ukrainian television newscaster went on a fascist rant on national television on March 12, calling for the massacre of Russian children and the elimination of Russia from the face of the earth. Channel 24 anchor Fahruddin Sharafmal made the statement following a report on the death of his friend, a Ukrainian Armed Forces member, who was killed fighting Russian forces over the weekend. He used the occasion to broadcast a photo of the Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann over his right shoulder and appeal for the murder of millions of Ukrainian citizens who are also Russians. “I know that as a journalist, I have to be objective. I have to be balanced, in order to report information with a cold heart. But to tell you the truth, it’s very hard to keep going,” said Sharafmal. Ukrainian TV news anchor quotes Adolf Eichmann (SS Nazi, one of the major organizers of the Holocaust) and urges a genocide on Russians “Especially at a time like this, since in Russia they call us Nazis, fascists and so on. I’ll allow myself to quote Adolf Eichmann, who said that in order to destroy a nation you must first of all destroy its children. Because by killing their parents the children will grow up and take revenge. By killing children they will never grow up and the nation will disappear. The Ukrainian Armed Forces cannot destroy Russian children because it is forbidden by the rules of war and it is also forbidden by various conventions including the Geneva Conventions. “But I am not from the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And when I get the chance to settle things with the Russians I will be obliged to do it. Since you call me a Nazi, I’ll adhere to the doctrine of Adolf Eichmann and will do everything in my power to ensure that your children never live on this earth. So that you can feel what it’s like when innocent civilians die. So that you can feel all the pain and suffering when you say, ‘We didn’t start the war. It was all Putin. We didn’t want this war.’ We didn’t want it either. “But you have to understand it’s about the victory of the Ukrainian people. It’s not about peace. We need victory. And if we have to slaughter all your families to do it, I’ll be the first to do it. Glory to the nation! And let’s hope there will [not] be such a nation as Russia and the Russians on this earth again. Because they are just scum that pollute this land. If Ukrainians have the opportunity, which they are basically doing right now, to destroy, to slaughter, to kill, to strangle the Muscovites, I hope everyone will do their part and whack at least one Muscovite.”

THIRTY MILLION people (2% of China’s population) in 13 cities are put into Covid lockdown in China with hazmat-wearing officials back on the streets on a scale not seen since pandemic began Thirty million people have been plunged back into virus lockdown in China cities Surging virus cases – 5,280 in the last 24 hours – have sparked the new measures At least 13 cities have been locked down and others are under partial restrictions China’s zero-Covid policy has kept the nation shut off from the world for 2 years Thirty million people in 13 cities across China have been put back into a Covid-19 lockdown with hazmat-wearing officials back on the streets on a scale not seen since the pandemic began. China reported 5,280 new Covid-19 cases on Tuesday, more than double the previous day’s tally, as the highly transmissible Omicron variant spread across a country that has stuck tightly to a zero-Covid strategy. That approach, which pivots on hard localised lockdowns and has left China virtually cut off from the outside world for two years, appears stretched to the limit as Omicron finds its way into communities. At least 13 cities nationwide were fully locked down as of Tuesday, and several others had partial lockdowns, with some 15,000 infections reported nationwide in March. Scenes of closed neighbourhoods, panic buying and police cordons cast back to the early phase of the pandemic, which first emerged in China in late 2019. Although cases from the chaotic initial outbreak in Wuhan in early 2020 are widely believed to have been under-reported, life since then had largely returned to normal in China under its strict zero-Covid approach. Health officials have urged people over 60 to get vaccinated – including the third booster jab – as soon as possible. Around 80 percent of people in that age group are double-vaccinated, according to official data – but Beijing is anxiously watching the situation over the border in Hong Kong, which now has the world’s highest virus death rates due to low inoculation among its oldest residents. Health official Jiao Yahui said at a press briefing Tuesday that ‘the risk of severe illness is very high’ for people in that age group. The northeastern province of Jilin has been worst-hit by Omicron with over 3,000 new cases on Tuesday, according to the National Health Commission. Residents of several cities there including the provincial capital of Changchun – home to nine million people – are under stay-at-home orders. Health officials said over 8,200 Jilin residents have now been hospitalised, with the vast majority showing mild or no symptoms.

American journalist’s warning – We are lying about Ukraine on an epic scale There is so much misinformation about Ukraine that we have never seen anything like it, we are lying on an epic scale, warned the famous American journalist Lara Logan, who has been reporting on wars for 35 years, on the TV channel “Real America’s Voice

Vladimir Golstein …West’s global political and economic dominance ends – Putin The Russian president says the “myth of the Western welfare state, of the so-called golden billion, is crumbling” West’s global political and economic dominance ends &#821Russian President Vladimir Putin has opined that the latest rounds of unprecedented sanctions imposed on Russia by the US and its allies over the Kremlin’s military campaign in Ukraine, mark the end of an era. According to Putin, from now on the West will be losing its “global dominance” both politically and economically. Speaking on Wednesday, the Russian head of state proclaimed that the “myth of the Western welfare state, of the so-called golden billion, is crumbling.” Moreover, it is the “whole planet that is having to pay the price for the West’s ambitions, and its attempts to retain its vanishing dominance at any cost,” Putin said. The president predicted food shortages across the world as Western sanctions against Russia are adversely affecting the entire global economy. Touching on the decision by several Western powers to freeze Russia’s central bank assets, Putin claimed that this would only serve to irreparably undermine trust in those nations, and make other countries think twice before placing their reserves in the care of those countries. According to him, nearly half of Moscow’s assets were “simply stolen” by the West.

The Ancient Spiritual Roots Of Russophobia The term “russophobia” (the hatred and/or fear of things Russian) has become rather popular in the recent years, courtesy of the anti-Russian hysteria of the AngloZionist Empire, but this is hardly a new concept. In his seminal book “Russie-Occident – une guerre de mille ans: La russophobie de Charlemagne à la Crise Ukrainienne” (“The West vs Russia – a thousand year long war: russophobia from Charlemange to the Ukrainian Crisis”) which I recently reviewed here, Guy Mettan places the roots of russophobia as early as the times of Charlemagne. How could that be? That would mean that russophobia predates the birth of Russia by a full two centuries? And yet, Mettan is correct, although even he does not paint the full picture. A 2000 year old dispute – Those who believe that the Romans crucified Christ better stop reading here and go back to the comfort of ignorance. Those who have actually read the New Testament or, for that matter, the basic Judaic texts on this topic, know that Christ was accused and executed for the crime of blasphemy: He claimed to be the Son of God, the Son of Man (a messianic title), the messiah announced by the prophets and that He was God: “Verily, verily, I say unto you, Before Abraham was, I AM” (John 8:58) (this “I AM” is a direct reference to Exodus 3:14). This claim is what split the Jewish people into those who accepted Christ’s claims and believed Him and those who did not. What is interesting here, is the view which the Jews who did accept Christ had of those Jews who did not. As we all know, Saint John the Theologian wrote the famous words “I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan” (Rev 2:9). And Christ Himself said “If ye were Abraham’s children, ye would do the works of Abraham” (John 8:39). What we see here is the basis for a claim which was first made in the Apostolic times and which was later fully endorsed and further developed by the Church Fathers: those Jews who rejected Christ thereby lost their “Jewishness” and the “new Jews” are the Christians, regardless of ethnicity, which now have become the new “chosen people”. In our modern times of hyper-political correctness and generalized “ecumenical dialogs of love”, Christians are mostly ignorant of theses facts and, when they are, they dare not mention them in public. At a time when Popes declare that Jews are their “older brothers”, that they need not accept Christ and that Christians and Jews are awaiting the same 2nd coming of Christ, saying that Christianity denies Jews their very Jewish identity is definitely “mauvais ton”. But before the 20th century, this Christian claim that modern “Jews” were not really Jews anymore was common knowledge, both amongst Christians and amongst Jews.

Satanism as the religion of glorifying selfish aspects of the human spirit, denying the fall of man: Satanist and Nazi writer David Livingstone explains what makes evil people, or Satanists, tick as well as what subterfuges they ues in the knowlede that people mosty would rather thing they do not exist. Also looking at the role of German philosopher Fredreich Neitzche in their idea that not oly have they faced the ‘fact’ that there is no such thing as God but they are taking a positive approach to it by changing the world in the way they wish it to be, no longer ‘encumbered’ by what they see as fake morality. 

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Ukrainian Army Was Preparing To Attack Breakaway Regions When Russia Invaded – Western Press Label Pentagon’s Embarrassing 13 Ukraine Bio-Research Labs A ‘Russian Chemical Weapons Attack’ While UN Investigates – Ukrainian Negotiator Denis Kireev Shot Dead by SBU in Attempted Arrest for ‘Treason’ – Vanessa Beeley, reporting on Ukraine Syria War Links from Damascus – Networks Behind Ukraine’s Nazis: Pinay Cercle, Accelerationists, George Soros with David Livingstone – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

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Part One News Review and Investigative Reports

Volodymyr Zelensky’s speech aired in UK Parliament.  Sanctions against Russia and the oligarchs.   Rise in fuel and energy prices here.  Zelenskyy channels Churchill’s famous words in defiant speech to UK Parliament: ‘We will not give up’Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky delivered a Winston Churchill-inspired speech in a historical address to the U.K. Parliament. “We will fight till the end, at sea, in the air. We will continue fighting for our land, whatever the cost,” Zelenskyy said Tuesday, the 13th day since Russia invaded Ukraine, according to an English translation. “We will fight in the forests, in the fields, on the shores, in the streets.” Zelenskyy’s speech echoed that of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill’s most famous speech, “We Shall Fight on the Beaches.” “We shall go on to the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our Island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills,” Churchill said in his address to the House of Commons in 1940. Zelenskyy’s address to the British Parliament was historic, marking the first time a foreign leader has ever addressed members of parliament directly in the commons chamber. He received a stand ovation from the members of parliament ahead of his address. “I would like to add that we will fight on the banks of different rivers … we are looking for your help, for the help of the civilized countries,” Zelenskyy said. “We will not give up and we will not lose,” he added. The Ukrainian leader called on Britain to recognize Russia as a “terrorist state” and to increase sanctions on Russia. “Best to all of Ukraine and to the United Kingdom,” Zelenskyy closed his speech, which also received a standing ovation. President Biden announced a ban on Russian oil and gas imports heading into the U.S. on Tuesday, describing the measure as targeting the “main artery of Russia’s economy.” The UK announced similar measures, with the country’s Business and Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng saying Tuesday that the U.K. will “phase out the import of Russian oil and oil products by the end of 2022.”

PMQs Kier Starmer – nuclear energy, energy security, insulation of homes.  Global depression.  PMQs energy and fuel price hike caps – French who have nationalised energy paying a lot less than us.  PMQs Zelenskyy sounding like Churchill, and similarities with WW2.  Sanctions – Magnitsky Act.  PMQs Golden Visas stopped – sanctions against Russian oligarch.  Russia-Ukraine War: Total West Hysteria, The Great Reset and the Coming Apocalypse – The liberal Western cabal/hegemony has already chosen the path of total vilification of Russia and its leadership but the question is, how would this help their cause in any way shape or form? It has come to the point of throwing Russia out of FIFA World Cup. Total insanity. Not even Iran was thrown out of that. Not even North Korea is thrown out that. Russia wasn’t thrown out of sports events not even when it was a communist dictatorship, the USSR! Even Nazi Germany participated in the sports events. What’s the point of having international sports events if you exclude lists of countries because you don’t like their politics, thinking? It has come even to the point of “neutral” Switzerland for the first time since 1815 to break its neutrality and impose sanctions on Russia? Clearly this is a public stunt and nothing more! This goes to show that there is a severe mental problem in the West. A lunatic problem. We are literally led by psychopaths. Psychopaths with schizophrenia. These psychopaths will start the nuclear war. Why wouldn’t they? Why would they give a shit if billions die? THEY will flee to their bunkers and survive, fuck everyone else. But the question remains, WHY, why are they doing this? Why such mass psychosis? Because it’s all pre-planned, we’re in chapter 2 now. After the pandemic, comes the war but theatrical war, not real one. This irrational overreaction from the West exposes the fact that this whole thing is fake. The timing of this shows that this is just another chapter of the globalist agenda. This is all probably scripted and pre-planned. Putin is a member o the Klaus Schwab’s World Economic Forum. The Great Reset has to be fulfilled, by 2030, you’ll own nothing and be happy. We do not know how this will play out, we do not know what plans they have for us but we do know that just as the COVID fake scamdemic was ending, as countries were announcing “the end of restrictions and lockdowns”, immediately after that, BOOM! Russia invades Ukraine, we needed a distraction, a new crisis. From crisis to crisis. Apparently the liberal hegemony has decided that humanity cannot survive without a crisis even though they can survive without a crisis. The biggest revelation that this war is pre-planned is that, how would this war affect me in France or Germany or the US or anywhere else you may live?

Russia/Soviet Union lost 25m people in WW2 – UK lost 450,000 – Russia beat German forces in WW2, UK and USA arrived right at the end.  Ukrainian are now being men conscripted, press ganged to fight Russia and die.  PMQs Ian Blackford SNP – why aren’t we helping more Ukrainian refugees? Chart: World War II Casualties as a Percentage of Each Country’s Population World War I was supposed to the “War to End all Wars”. However many years later World War II followed. The death toll in WW II was enormous with millions of lives lost on the allies side and the enemies side. After WW II new smaller wars led to more deaths. I came across a fascinating chart today that showed the death toll for each country in WWII. Unlike so many other charts, this chart puts the toll in perspective since it measures the casualties as percentage of each country’s then total population. Based on this logic, the countries with the largest death toll were Poland, Soviet Union and Yugoslavia. 

Johnny Vedmore: Was War Criminal Henry Kissinger Behind The Creation Of The World Economic Forum (WEF)?  ‘Dr. Klaus Schwab or how the CFR taught me to stop worrying and love the bomb’  article – World Economic Forum started by Henry Kissinger – Johnny Vedmore on  Kissinger in July 1958.  Dr. Klaus Schwab or: How the CFR Taught Me to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb – The World Economic Forum wasn’t simply the brainchild of Klaus Schwab, but was actually born out of a CIA-funded Harvard program headed by Henry Kissinger and pushed to fruition by John Kenneth Galbraith and the “real” Dr. Strangelove, Herman Kahn. This is the amazing story behind the real men who recruited Klaus Schwab, who helped him create the World Economic Forum, and who taught him to stop worrying and love the bomb.

UK food price rises.  Bristol Travellers: Bristol Van Life – BBC This is England documentary – living in vans.  Mayor Marvin  Rees answering questions about the clean air proposals coming to Bristol, rent caps, and youth centres.  Council housing. David Garmston with the latest political press releases, lame interviews and tame debate.

Belinda de Lucy on   Mike Graham’s show on Talk Radio – Left’s inability to define what a woman is.

Bitchute video of complete show

Part Two – Covid Climate Round-Up With End Times Prophecy Reports

Kiev’s Secret Order for a March Offensive Against Donbass? – By Peter Koenig Global Research, March 10, 2022 – Tass released on 9 March 2022 a news bulletin (yet to be confirmed) asserting that the Russian Defense Ministry got hold of a Secret Plan concocted and issued by the Commander of the Ukrainian National Guard Colonel General Nikolay Balan, on January 22, 2022. The order from the Ukrainian commander was to assault the Donbas Peoples Republics of Donetsk (DPR) and Lugansk (PRL), by a combat coordination of the battalion tactical group with the 80th Separate Airborne Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This brigade was trained since 2016 by US and British instructors in accordance with NATO training programs. The attack was to take place in March 2022. For full details, see this. It may well be that this secret document prompted President Putin to carry out the sudden intervention in Ukraine on 24 February, before the planned offensive on Donbas could take place and thereby disarm the entire Ukrainian military, and especially neutralize the Nazi forces in the Ukrainian government. Video: The Powder Keg of Donbass Further conditions by Russia to the western powers, NATO / US / EU that NATO never enters Ukraine, and that NATO withdraws all its bases from the east to the geographic positions before 1997. This may become a long negotiation. It may last as long as the completion of the UN Agenda 2030, when, according to Klaus Schwab, youll own  nothing And Youll be happy. According to Klaus Schwabs latest slogan in the race to the Great Reset its no longer the big fish eating the small fish, but the fast one swallowing the slow one. Makes me think is it possible that Mr. Schwab, on behalf of the WEF and of the dark powers driving the WEF, made the Commander of the Ukrainian National Guard leak the secret plan of an imminent attack on the Donbas provinces? It would explain the coincidence of Exit Covid and Enter the War in Ukraine. It would buy time by also creating the chaos, havoc and fear needed as did Covid to implement the full agenda of WHOs power over sovereign nations (see this and this). It would allow digitization of everything, beginning with money; executing the Bill Gates Agenda ID2020, alias QR-coding of everything and every surviving world citizen; putting in place a full surveillance program and control over all monetary resources possibly creating a digital One World Currency (OWC), and keeping chipped humanoids, or transhumans in check with 5G-fed algorithms and AI.

Biological labs in Ukraine funded by the West.  Victoria Nuland admitting to ‘research facilities’ in Ukraine.  Nuland: Ukraine Has “Biological Research Facilities”, Russian MoD Responds at UN Security Council Victoria Nuland: Ukraine Has “Biological Research Facilities,” Worried Russia May Seize Them The neocon’s confession sheds critical light on the U.S. role in Ukraine, and raises vital questions about these labs that deserve answers. Self-anointed “fact-checkers” in the U.S. corporate press have spent two weeks mocking as disinformation and a false conspiracy theory the claim that Ukraine has biological weapons labs, either alone or with U.S. support. They never presented any evidence for their ruling ­ how could they possibly know? and how could they prove the negative? ­ but nonetheless they invoked their characteristically authoritative, above-it-all tone of self-assurance and self-arrogated right to decree the truth, definitively labelling such claims false. Claims that Ukraine currently maintains dangerous biological weapons labs came from Russia as well as China. The Chinese Foreign Ministry this month claimed: “The US has 336 labs in 30 countries under its control, including 26 in Ukraine alone.” The Russian Foreign Ministry asserted that “Russia obtained documents proving that Ukrainian biological laboratories located near Russian borders worked on development of components of biological weapons.” Such assertions deserve the same level of skepticism as U.S. denials: namely, none of it should be believed to be true or false absent evidence. Yet U.S. fact-checkers dutifully and reflexively sided with the U.S. Government to declare such claims “disinformation” and to mock them as QAnon conspiracy theories.

SKY NEWS ‘RUSSIAN WMD’ PROPAGANDA ECHOES ILLEGAL IRAQ WAR: Beth Rigby’s report on Sky News about ‘chemical weapons’ facilities in Ukraine.   Syria – Gouta, Douma chemical attacks blamed on Russia – but was it the West?  Ukraine war: Boris Johnson tells Sky News he fears Vladimir Putin may use chemical weapons as it is ‘straight out of Russia’s playbook’ – Russia earlier claimed Ukraine was storing chemical weapons and was planning on deploying them – which the prime minister said was all part of the Kremlin’s excuse to unleash its own chemical weapons. Deborah Haynes report for Sky News – Biolabs misnamed chemical weapons again.  UN meeting to discuss Ukranian biolabs.  Head US intelligence says not bio-warfare labs .  Scott Ritter – do labs violate laws? Dominic Waghorn report for Sky News – talks between Ukranians and Russians.  Ukranian troops surrounded by Russians and have no food. 

Why Skripal may have been murdered by Western intelligence services.  The Saker – alternative Skripal narrative.  Moon of Alabama also – So here is the alternative Salisbury Skripal narrative. MI6 had the bright idea of putting novichok in a Nina Ricci perfume bottle and sending it as a birthday present to Yulia Skripal at her father’s house. Her birthday was on 17th March, but the present was probably delivered on the 3rd, the day she arrived, so as to nip their escape plan in the bud. It was meant to seem like a present from her family or boyfriend. No doubt the parcel had Russian stamps on it, designed to frame the Russian state when the Skripals were found dead in their house with an open perfume bottle in Yulia’s hands. Unfortunately for MI6, Sergei took one look at this Nina Ricci perfume bottle and his spy instincts smelled danger. He refused to open it, but instead went for a long walk with it and put it in a rubbish bin or charity bin half-way across town. There it was found by the homeless man and given to his woman friend, a victim of MI6’s murderous callousness. Even after MI6 knew it had gone missing, they did not warn the public to beware of picking up a Nina Ricci perfume bottle because they didn’t want to give themselves away as the assassins. The failure of the perfume bottle to kill the Skripals must have alarmed MI6. They followed the pair around Salisbury the next day. Where did they go? We can’t be sure since we have not been given all the CCTV footage. But let us engage in some more imaginative reconstruction to cover the gaps. The Skripals’ car made some unexplained journeys towards the outskirts of the town. The two alleged GRU men caught on Salisbury’s CCTV walked in some unexplained directions, with not a scrap of evidence they came within half a kilometre of the Skripals’ home. What if the two unexplained journeys intersected? Not necessarily in time but in place. What if they met at that hoary cliché of spy stories, the dead drop, the discreet delivery point for a package? The hole-in-a-garden-wall just big enough to hide something? A Mossad spy, commenting on the British police narrative, said that no GRU assassination team would ever have flown direct from Russia using Russian passports. But a support team delivering a package? Why not? What did they risk?

NHS Doctor: “No Patients Have Experienced Symptoms Of Nerve Agent Poisoning In Salisbury” There have been some interesting developments in the alleged poisoning case of the British-Russian double-agent Sergej Skripal and his daughter Yulia. The British governments standing on the issue is getting worse as more inconsistencies and doubts on its statements come to light. The international support for its claims is weakening. On March 4 the Skripals collapsed on a public bench in Salisbury in England after they had visited a pub and a restaurant. They were brought to the local hospital. A local policemen was probably also affected. (See our previous posts, liked at the end, for many additional details.) A week later, on March 12, the British government said that a nerve agent was the cause of the incident and accused Russia of being responsible for the act: Mr Skripal and his daughter were poisoned with Novichok­ a military-grade nerve agent developed by Russia. Based on this capability, combined with Russia’s record of conducting state-sponsored assassinations ­including against former intelligence officers whom it regards as legitimate targets­ the UK Government concluded it was highly likely that Russia was responsible for this reckless and despicable act. Novichok is not a nerve agent but supposedly a group of chemical substances investigated in the Soviet Union for their nerve agent potential. Only recently have some of these substances been synthesized. Former ambassador Craig Murray reported that the formulation “… a military-grade nerve agent, of a type developed by Russia, …” was a compromise negotiated between the British government and its chemical weapon specialists in its Porton Down laboratory. Note that the statement does not implicate at all that Russia is involved in the current case. The British government demanded a Russian response within 24 hours without presenting any evidence of Russian involvement. Russia rightly pointed out that such a demand is in breach of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC) procedures as supervised by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) and rejected it.

Attack on maternity hospital in Mariupol – but was Ukrainian Army using it as a military base? Thermobaric bombsRT on Odyssey    Disarming Ukraine Day 15: A Curious Hospital Bombing And ‘No-Fly Zone’ Pressure – March 10, 2022On March 7 (UTC-5) the permanent mission of the Russian Federation to the UN published a statement by its Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia had made at a UNSC briefing on the humanitarian situation in Ukraine. The briefing had been scheduled for March 7 3:00 pm local time (March 7 20:00 UTC). (The statement was fetched by on March 8 at 2:12 UTC.) The statement says among other things: By our records, 200 thousand civilians are trapped in Mariupol alone and held at gunpoint by the Azov battalion. The humanitarian situation in cities deteriorates rapidly. As for humanitarians who are ready to help, they cannot get in there and prevent the unfolding disaster. People in other regions of Ukraine that have been blocked by nationalist battalions find themselves in the same desperate situation. Ukrainian radicals show their true face more distinctly by the day. Locals reports that Ukraine’s Armed Forces kicked out personnel of natal hospital #1 of the city of Mariupol and set up a firing site within the facility. Besides, they fully destroyed one of the city’s kindergartens. We have these records: On March 7 some time after 20:00 UTC the maternity hospital #1 in Mariupol was mention at a UNSC meeting as being occupied by the Ukrainian military. On March 7 21:01 UTC published a report from a reporter in Donbas who had interviewed someone who said that the hospital was occupied by possibly Azov or other military forces. On March 9 about 15:30 UTC the hospital gets bombed and completely destroyed but with astonishing few alleged casualties none of which are documented despite video records taken on the scene shortly after the incident. Shortly thereafter President Zelensky uses the bombing to publicly press for a ‘western’ enforced ‘no-fly zone’ over Ukraine. (There is currently a Russian enforced no-fly zone over Ukraine.) 

‘Did I Say The Wrong Thing?” Killing of Ukrainian peace talks negotiator Denis Kireev by own side: Ukrainian Negotiator Denis Kireev Shot Dead by SBU in Attempted Arrest for TreasonEuroKiev is very active in throwing around “treason” charges these days. – A member of the Ukrainian negotiating team that met with the Russians in Gomel, Belarus has been killed. He is confirmed dead. The first story out was that he was killed by the SBU secret police while in detention. The second story out was that he was shot dead by SBU in an attempted arrest for treason. (As any good Russian spy he supposedly had a gun and reached for it.) The third story out is that he died a hero while on a special assignment for the SBU. The first story was released by a Ukrainian MP from Zelenskys party. (Oleksandr Dubinsky.) The second story was released by the Ukrainian media following up on Dubinskys Telegram release. The third story came later from the intelligence division of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. The third version sounds very patriotic indeed, but by the time it was released Kireev had already been thoroughly denounced as working for oligarch Andrei Klyuev who served in high office under Yanukovich. Thats no way to treat a hero. He was a Ukrainian delegate (one of 5) for the first set of talks in Gomel, but wasnt sent for the 2nd round. (Why not?) Ukraines main opposition personality Viktor Medvedchuk is facing treason charges as is the former president Petro Poroshenko. Lets just say EuroKiev is very active in throwing around treason charges these days. Ukrainian Defense Ministry is the same institution that claims it has so far inflicted over 10,000 KIA on the Russians.

Vanessa Beeley, reporting from Damascus in Syria  – ……   Gifford give first aid training to Ukrainians before war – influenced by White Helmets An intelligent analysis of Putin, WEF and the Ukraine NATO alliance An illuminating conversation with Alex Thomson, former GCHQ, Russian speaker and regional expert, a regular guest on UK Column News. We cover the Russian incursion into Ukraine and the preceding history that will put the Russian initiative into context. We also cover the Putin-WEF connections that many analysts are highlighting – Alex brings a little more nuance, history and insight to the overall global parasite class composition. So far the Russian military operation in Ukraine has been a reconnaissance in force preceded by the destruction of the supplies and headquarters of the Ukrainian Armed Forces by standoff weapons. The object being to suss out where the Ukrainian forces are, to surround them, to check existing Russian intelligence against reality and, at the same time, destroy known headquarters, air and naval assets, supplies and ammunition depots. And, perhaps, there was the hope that the speed and success (Russian/LDPR forces dominated an area of Ukraine about the size of the United Kingdom in the first week) would force an early end (aka recognition of reality).” 

Donald Jeffries, author of ‘Bullocracy’, discusses the nature of bullies and the Ukraine war.  Capitalism.  Colonel Douglas Mc. Gregor on Ukraine and Russia. Bestselling author Donald Jeffries turns his critical eye onto the topic of bullying to show how teachers, principals, and other school officials invariably side with the bullies in the most egregious cases, instead of protecting the victims. He also shows how many so-called anti-bullying activists and nearly all the professional “”experts”” excuse bullying and in fact laud sociopathic behavior in general. As Jeffries demonstrates, this curious phenomenon is due to the power and influence of the social hierarchy, and it revolves to a great extent around the enduring popularity of sports. Jeffries talked to parents who’d battled a system that logically should have been working for them, some of whom lost a child to bullycide, the term for children who kill themselves over bullying. His investigation into what has become one of the most talked about issues in America is as explosive and controversial as anything he has written.

Ukraine and the New Great Game: the CIA and Neo-Nazis vs Putin’s Postmodern Dictatorship David Livingstone on the post war survival of the Nazi Party in Ukraine and the powerful international networks which are backing the Azov Battalion and today’s Ukrainian Nazi Army Units – Right-wing extremists and Neo-Nazis have been known to refer to an acceleration of racial conflict through violent means such as assassinations, murders, terrorist attacks, and societal collapse, in order to achieve the creation of a white ethnic state.[126] The inspiration for this racist variation of accelerationism is cited as American Nazi Party and National Socialist Liberation Front member and Charles Manson associate James Masons newsletter Siege.[127] The hashtag #ReadSiege became popular on alt-right social media, especially as groups and influencers connected with the Neo-fascist and Neo-Nazi web forum Iron March promoted the text.[128] Masons works were republished and popularized by the Iron March forum and its offshoot Atomwaffen Division, which has links to the O9A.[129] Iron March, was the primary organizational platform for a transnational neo-fascist accelerationist terrorist network whose ideology is based in large part on Evola.[130] Iron March began as the International Third Positionist Federation (ITPF) in 2010.[131] The forum was founded Alexander Slavros, an Uzbek immigrant to Russia whose real name is Alisher Mukhitdinov, who is similarly thought to be living in a district close to the Kremlin.[132] Slavros claimed in a direct message on Iron March that Alexander Dugin had once recruited him for the Global Revolutionary Alliance (GRA), which espouses an apocalyptic vision that humanity is at the verge of an end to capitalism, resources, society, nations, peoples, knowledge, progress, which it blames on the global Western-centric world and the ruling class of globalism. 

Black Sun: Aryan Cults, Esoteric Nazism, and the Politics of Identity Paperback – 31 July 2003 by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke (Author) More than half a century after the defeat of Nazism and fascism, the far right is again challenging the liberal order of Western democracies. Radical movements are feeding on anxiety about economic globalization, affirmative action, and third-world immigration, flashpoint issues to many traditional groups in multicultural societies. A curious mixture of Aristocratic paganism, anti-Semitic demonology, Eastern philosophies and the occult is influencing populist anti-government sentiment and helping to exploit the widespread fear that invisible elites are shaping world events. Black Sun examines the new neo-fascist ideology, showing how hate groups, militias and conspiracy cults attempt to gain influence. Based on interviews and extensive research into underground groups, Black Sun documents the new Nazi and fascist sects that have sprung up from the 1970s through the 1990s and examines the mentality and motivation of these far-right extremists. The result is a detailed, grounded portrait of the mythical and devotional aspects of Hitler cults among Aryan mystics, racist skinheads and Nazi satanists, Heavy Metal music fans, and in occult literature. Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke offers a unique perspective on far right neo-Nazism viewing it as a new form of Western religious heresy. He paints a frightening picture of a religion with its own relics, rituals, prophecies and an international sectarian following that could, under the proper conditions, gain political power and attempt to realize its dangerous millenarian fantasies.

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A Century of Spin: How NATO’s Ukraine Public Relations Became the Cutting Edge of Corporate Power by ‘Cancelled’ Sociology Professor Dr David Miller – Dilyana Gaytandzhieva: Russia Now Investigating The Pentagons 13 Secret Biowarfare Labs In Ukraine – John Bosnitch: NATO Has Become Ian Fleming’s SPECTRE, With Nukes – New Links To Watch Censored RT Channel – Former Psychological Warfare Officer Sven Hughes: ‘Putin’s Own Failings May Have Sealed His Fate’ – Scott Ritter: Russia’s well-planned Ukraine Invasion. Lies Now Unchallenged On CIA’s Russophobe TV But NATO Has No Plan – Samuel Tuominen: Prince Charles groomed to become the ‘man-god’ to broker a peace deal between Israel and Iran in WWIII, aka. The Antichrist? ‘Apocalyptic Environmentalism:  Prince Charles, Satanism, and The Rebirth of the Nazi Religion’ – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

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Part One News Review and Investigative Reports

Prof. Dr. David Miller, Sociologist and author of ‘A Century of Spin’, joins Tony and Martin.  David was sacked from Bristol University for his work on Zionism.  Propaganda – states using information to pursue power.  Ukraine war  – the larger agenda of a coming middle east war.  RT removed from air by media companies.  Maiden Square court case – killings orchestrated by a US Colonel says Martin Summers. NATO and the Yugoslavia war.  Propaganda wars – sanctions against Russia may backfire. The same far right that had led the charge in 2014 in toppling Yanukovych, including Parubiy, found themselves with plum roles in the interim government that followed, while the winner of the 2014 snap presidential election Ukraines seventh-richest man, Petro Poroshenko had a history of corruption. His interior minister soon incorporated the Azov Regiment, a neo-Nazi militia, into Ukraines National Guard, with the country now a Mecca for far-right extremists around the world, who come to learn and get training from Azov including, ironically, Russian white supremacists who were hounded from their country by Putin. Despite far-right parties ultimately losing seats in Parliament, ultranationalist movements successfully shifted the countrys politics to the extreme right, with Poroshenko and other centrists backing measures to marginalize the speaking of Russian and glorify Nazi collaborators. Even so, far-right candidates have entered Parliament on non-far-right tickets, and extremists like former Azov commander Andriy Biletsky have taken high-ranking law enforcement positions. While far-right vigilantism spread through the country, Poroshenko himself granted citizenship to a Belarusian neo-Nazi and engaged in some borderline anti-Semitism of his own.

A Century of Spin: How Public Relations Became the Cutting Edge of Corporate Power by David Miller, William Dinan “Of all the transcendent powers that shape our modern lives, propaganda is the most powerful and insidious. This brilliant, original book reveals the secret truth about so-called public relations and should be required reading on every curriculum.” —John Pilger This book charts the relentless rise of the public relations industry and how it has transformed our society. Revealing the roots of the PR movement in the years leading up to the First World War, it shows how it became a key tool in the struggle to subordinate democracy to corporate rule. It is the first book to offer a history of the emergence of corporate propaganda on both sides of the Atlantic during the 20th century. The authors show how the origins of PR were always covertly political. Spin has been around for a long time and its anti-democratic potential is well known to all those who have made use of it. Based on extensive use of original archival material, the book presents a clear chronology of PR’s development, including a detailed account of how US capitalists mobilized to tame FDR’s New Deal and joint US-UK efforts to push for the deregulation of global markets.

Vladimir Putin’s Tik Tok account

Propaganda – Nazi propaganda minister Josef Goebbels learnt from the West via Edward Bernays and Alice Lee  The second principal accusation against Ivy Lee is based on the well-documented fact that Lee acted as an unpaid public relations adviser to Nazi Germany in the early 1930s. Miller and Dinan cite sources that record a meeting between Ivy Lee and both Adolf Hitler and German propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels during a visit to a German business client in 1934. According to the reports Lee was introduced to the Nazi ministers by Dr Max Illgner, the Managing Director of I.G. Farben, whose company he was advising at the time (Hiebert, 1966).

Lee reportedly advised Goebbels to cease propaganda efforts in the United States and urged him to meet personally with foreign diplomats and press in an effort to establish better relations with them. According to the US Ambassador to Berlin at the time, William Dodd, Goebbels followed that advice to the letter in the course of a conciliatory speech to foreign diplomats and press less than a month later (Hiebert, 1966). Ivy Lee’s contacts with the Nazis did not go unnoticed back home in the United States where there was growing concern at the developing events in Germany. Later that same year Lee was called before the House of Representatives Un-American Activities Committee to explain his relations with the Nazis. Lee defended himself by saying that he had not engaged in any propaganda in the US. However, he did concede that he had given public relations advice to the Nazis and had briefed US journalists in Berlin on their behalf. Lee’s reputation, and perhaps his state of mind, was badly affected by his appearance before the Committee and he died shortly afterwards, in November 1934 (Miller and Dinan, 2008). It was the widespread use that the Nazi government made of wartime publicity material, particularly its anti-Semitic films, which did much to endow the previously neutral term ‘propaganda’ with the entirely negative meaning it carries today. It is also well-documented that the German Foreign Minister at the time, the notorious propagandist Joseph Goebbels, was a keen student of the theories of Edward Bernays on the subject of manipulating public opinion. This historical cross-over between public relations and the birth of the modern concept of propaganda has undoubtedly contributed significantly to questions raised by some over the ethical position of public relations even today (Miller and Dinan, 2008). As with many of the historical figures associated with public relations, the impact of the career and contribution of Ivy Lee is a contested one. The issues he handled on behalf of his mostly corporate clients were controversial ones. It would be a surprise if all sides in these battles for public opinion agreed on the merits of what he did. As with Barnum before him, Lee did claim for himself a position of some ethical principle, for Lee it was the advice to his clients to tell the full and frank truth and let the facts speak for themselves. Whether in the heat of battle Lee was able to live up to this high aspiration is a matter for history to decide.

Who are the ‘experts’ on TV working for? SPINWATCH: Spinwatch has led the campaign for greater transparency in lobbying in the UK since 2007, when we set up a coalition of trade unions and NGOs, called the Alliance for Lobbying Transparency (ALT), to campaign for a statutory register of lobbyists. ALT works to highlight the impact that commercial lobbying has on political decision making in the UK. ALT members include: – Spinwatch, Unlock Democracy, Friends of the Earth, Action Aid, National Union of Journalists –  and PROPAGANDA OUTLET GLOBALYNX Welcome To Globelynx – A global platform elevating brands by connecting experts to broadcasters – Think Tanks and lobbyists part of the military industrial complex. 

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US deploys private military contractors from Libya to Europe

Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, journalist in Bulgaria, on how there are 13 Pentagon bio-warfare labs in Ukraine – EU censorship similar to Soviet censorship.  Stop the War position on Ukraine war.  The Left’s position on Ukraine war.  Communist Party in Russia – wanted Ukraine breakaway states to be autonomous.  Dilyana – Bulgarian Defence Minister sacked for opposing sending of Bulgarian jets to Poland.  Bulgarian Fighter Jets For Ukraine Or Not? EU farce over fighter jets for Ukraine as countries deny sending crucial planes EU leaders are backtracking from their promises to send private jets to Ukraine. The European Union on Sunday decided for the first time in its history to supply weapons to a country at war, pledging arms including fighter jets to Ukraine. On Monday, Ukraine said that the bloc was sending 70 fighter planes, including 28 MiG-29s from Poland, 12 from Slovakia and 16 from Bulgaria, as well as 14 Su-25s from Bulgaria. But Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov denied such claims and Poland refused to confirm them. Germany, which had already frozen a planned undersea gas pipeline from Russia, said it would increase defence spending massively, casting off decades of reluctance to match its economic power with military clout. The EU shut all Russian planes out of its airspace, as did Canada, forcing Russian airline Aeroflot to cancel all flights to European destinations until further notice. The United States and France urged their citizens to consider leaving Russia immediately. In the UK, Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab did not rule out supplying Ukraine with fighter jets to defend itself against Russia. Mr Raab told LBC radio: “I can’t comment on that. We’ve been clear that we’ve provided training, we’ve provided anti-tank weapons and all I would say is nothing is off the table.” Russia’s political and economic isolation deepened on Monday as its forces met stiff resistance in Ukraine’s capital and other cities in the biggest assault on a European state since World War Two. President Vladimir Putin put Russia’s nuclear deterrent on high alert on Sunday in the face of a barrage of Western-led reprisals for his war on Ukraine, which said it had repelled Russian ground forces’ attempts to capture urban centres. Blasts were heard before dawn on Monday in the capital of Kyiv and in the major city of Kharkiv, Ukrainian authorities said, while diplomatic manoeuvring continued.

Extracts from Putin’s ‘Empire of Lies’ speech. Open Wounds: ‘In general, one gets the impression that practically everywhere, in many regions of the world, where the West comes to establish its own order, the result is bloody, unhealed wounds, ulcers of international terrorism and extremism. All that I have said is the most egregious, but by no means the only examples of disregard for international law.’ The Empire of Lies: ‘By the way, American politicians, political scientists and journalists themselves write and talk about the fact that a real ’empire of lies’ has been created inside the United States in recent years. It’s hard to disagree with that; it’s true. But do not be modest: the United States is still a great country, a system-forming power. All her satellites not only resignedly and dutifully assent, sing along to her for any reason, but also copy her behaviour, enthusiastically accept the rules he proposes. Therefore, with good reason, we can confidently say that the entire so-called Western bloc, formed by the United States in its own image and likeness, all of it is the very ’empire of lies’. LGBT Rights Weaponised By West: ‘Yes, in fact, until recently, attempts have not stopped to use us in their own interests, destroy our traditional values and impose on us their pseudo-values that would corrode us, our people from the inside, those attitudes that they are already aggressively planting in their countries and which directly lead to degradation and degeneration, because they contradict the very nature of man. It won’t happen, no one has ever done it. It won’t work now either.’ Compare now 1940 Molotov/Ribbentrop pact: ‘And of course, in this situation, we have a question: what to do next, what to expect? We know well from history how in the 1940s and early 1941s the Soviet Union tried in every possible way to prevent or at least delay the outbreak of war. To this end, among other things, he tried literally to the last not to provoke a potential aggressor, did not carry out or postponed the most necessary, obvious actions to prepare for repelling an inevitable attack. And those steps that were nevertheless taken in the end were catastrophically belated.’

John Bosnitch, Canadian living in Belgrade, and former advisor to the Japanese PM, on the Yugoslavia war, Ukraine Nazi militia, and the Canadian Convoy against mandatory Covid vaccines.  Today I had the pleasure to state my strong criticism of the ongoing brutal sanctions Western primary and secondary sanctions on Iran which deliberately hit Iranian citizens and can, therefore, be termed economic terrorism. Terrorism differs from warfare in that they target innocent civilians to achieve a political goal: “Terrorism is, in the broadest sense, the use of intentional violence to achieve political aims. It is used in this regard primarily to refer to violence during peacetime or in the context of war against non-combatants (mostly civilians and neutral military personnel)” – to quote the entry at Wikipedia. I was pleased to do so with John Bosnitch, a Canadian-born journalist and scholar of Serb origin, now living in Belgrade – a place where they know Western sanctions very well too.

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov gives long and comprehensive international press conference. Is Ukraine’s first Jewish president, Zelensky, a Nazi or a Neo-Nazi? [Paul Manning’s book Martin Bormann Nazi in Exile explains that Jews were put in charge of 750 Fourth Reich companies set up in the 1950s and funded from laundered Nazi loot to camouflage their Nazi origins] – PMQs energy independence – Russian gas supply.  PMQs City of London Russian money laundering.  PMQs Kier Starmer – united on Ukraine.  Lavrov takes questions from world press.  Can Zelensky, a Jew, be a Nazi? By my estimates (plotting areas of advance on Google Earth), the Russians have conquered 33,465 square miles of terrain in 6 days. That represents .024 square miles per soldier day. That is 1.43 times faster than the Israel advance during the Six Day War, 10x times faster than the US advance during the Gulf War, and 1.85 times faster than the US advance in 2003. So any suggestion that the Russians are moving slow is revealed as absolute nonsense

Martin Summers: Perhaps this ‘virtue signalling’  confrontation with Russia will bring down capitalism?

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Part Two – Covid Climate Round-Up With End Times Prophecy Reports

Cricketer Shane Warne dies from heart attack aged 52, shortly after his hero, Cricketer Rod Marsh dies of a heart attack aged 74.  25 year old Indian Cricketer Raman Gaikwad died of heart attack in cricket match.  Is there a link to the Covid vaccine?  PMQs 17 year old footballer dies of heart attack on pitch.   Johnson and Johnson Covid vaccine batch recalled as faulty ingredients  New Pandemic: Vaccinated Athletes Dying Of Heart Attacks (UPDATED Feb 9, 2022) Over 200 European Fully Vaccinated Athletes Have Died or Became Seriously Ill From “Sudden” Heart Attacks In the Past 5 Months. Soccer players were required to be fully vaccinated in early 2021. We took a long time for this research, selecting each case individually. Was there a noticeably extremely high number of “sudden and unexpected” deaths in sport and top-class sport recently? No official can explain a possible accumulation since the start of gene vaccinations. Hmmmmm? Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan below talks about hospitals being currently overwhelmed BUT not with Covid patients. He has no idea as to why this is happening???? “Our hospitals are under enormous pressure but not from covid patients. This is the same in the rest of Australia. This has been something no one has ever seen before, the growth in demand in our hospitals, why it is is hard, hard to know.” says Premier McGowan. 

Sven Hughes, from Enigma strategic communications company, and novelist, talks about how psychological warfare is now used to topple British politicians and distort foreign news coverage. The Seal of Confession by Sven Hughes – The Seal of Confession is the latest breathtaking espionage thriller from the author of Selling St. Christopher.  Clemmie, a life-worn shadow operator for the British Secret Service, is accompanied by her team of young misfits, as they investigate the murder of a Russian Orthodox priest in London. However, their mission is anything but routine, and they are soon contending with a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.

Scott Ritter, ex US MC Intelligence Officer and Weapons Inspector – CIA deploys Russophobe TV and NATO has no plan.  Here, the US president did the American people a great disservice, selling them a feel-good struggle in which Ukraine is promoted as the glorified martyr and Russia demoted as the evil oppressor. A bloodless conflict – from the US perspective, at least – that will be won simply by shutting down the Russian economy by remote control. It won’t be that simple. Russia has yet to respond to the US-led economic war being waged against it. When it does, rest assured that these sanctions Congress so enthusiastically applauded will prove to be a double-edged sword – one that will cut into a US economy still reeling from the consequences of the Covid pandemic. When that time comes, President Biden could find that many of those politicians who rose to their feet to cheer on the sacrifice of Ukraine will turn on him. War, it is said, is but an extension of politics by other means. Given the deep partisan political divide that exists in the US when it comes to the economy, it is clear neither Biden nor the American public is ready for what is about to happen when the consequences of their anti-Russian hysteria finally comes home to roost.

Samuel Tuominen: Prince Charles groomed to become the ‘man-god’ to broker a peace deal between Israel and Iran in WWIII, aka. The Antichrist? ‘Apocalyptic Environmentalism:  Prince Charles, Satanism, and The Rebirth of the Nazi Religion’  documentary by Samuel Tuominen.

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February 2019 Ofcom complaint result: UKLFI exposed as creation of Israeli foreign ministryBristol Post article: BCfm cleared after being reported to Ofcom for anti-semitic conspiracy theories

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NATO’s Militarisation of Ukraine ‘Life Or Death For Russia… Irresponsible To Stay Idle’, says Vladimir Putin – Dropping Of Covid Restrictions In England On Same Day As Invasion Of Ukraine – NATO Alliance Impose ‘Russia Sanctions’ Over Ukraine Invasion … Which Will Cripple Western Economies, London Media Don’t Even Notice – Matthew Williams’ TheSecretVault Channel: Testing Security At Porton Down Chemical Biological Weapons Site Near Salisbury – Wellington, NZ Freedom Protester Phil Peters describes Police Agents Provocateurs Attacking Him And Other Vaccine Mandate Protesters – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

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Part One News Review and Investigative Reports

‘If we look at the sequence of events, and the incoming reports, the showdown between Russia and these [NATO] forces cannot be avoided. It is only a matter of time. They are getting ready, and waiting for the right moment. We cannot stay idle and passively observe these developments. This would be an absolutely irresponsible thing for us to do. It is a matter of life and death for our country. A matter of our historical future as a nation. This is not an exaggeration, it is a fact.’Russian President Vladimir Putin 24 February 2022

Invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Putin’s statement. South Front website and Daily Mail – where Russian troops are. Russia’s point of view – Ukraine joining NATO a security risk. Maidan snipers. Sanctions on Russia. Long term demonisation of Russia. Kerry McCarthy, Labour MP for Bristol, on ITV Politics West show – sanctions on Russia, can you negotiate with Putin? Putin’s peace suggestions sent to US last December. THE DECEMBER 2021 SECURITY TREATY WHICH NATO IGNORED – Russian Foreign Ministry Lays Out Detailed Proposals for New Russia-US-NATO Security Agreements. The proposal comes amid the virtual collapse of Russia-NATO ties in recent months, and weeks of claims by the US and its European allies that Moscow may be ‘preparing to invade’ Ukraine. Russian officials and the military have dismissed the claims, accusing the West of artificially ratcheting up tensions and spreading fake news. Russia’s Foreign Ministry has outlined two comprehensive draft agreements on security guarantees between Russia, the United States and the NATO alliance on Friday, proposing a joint commitment to the peaceful resolution of all disputes between Moscow and the Western bloc, and a reaffirmation by both sides “that they do not consider each other as adversaries”. “The Parties shall settle all international disputes in their mutual relations by peaceful means and refrain from the use or threat of force in any manner inconsistent with the purposes of the United Nations,” the Russian proposal suggests. The documents for both proposals were presented to US representatives in a meeting at the Foreign Ministry in Moscow on 15 December, and were said to have been complemented by an explanation of the logic behind Russia’s thinking. Emergency Hotlines, Dispute Resolution Mechanisms, Restraint in Drills. The detailed proposals include the creation of “hotlines” for emergency contacts between the parties. The documents commit the parties not to “create conditions or situations that pose or could be perceived to pose a threat to the national security of other Parties”..

President Putin Didnt Spark World War III, He Just Averted It!A much larger war that could dangerously escalate into World War III was averted by Russias preemptive special operation in Ukraine aimed at neutralizing the US and NATOs latent, imminent, and hot threats emanating from that country. This makes Moscows military mission truly a peacemaking one since the Eurasian Great Power responsibly sought to prevent World War III, not spark it. Russia truly had no choice but to act now.  The US-led Western Mainstream Medias latest information warfare narrative against Russia is that President Putin just sparked World War III, but the reality is that he just averted it. The Russian leaders address to his people on early Thursday morning made that abundantly clear and should be in full by those who truly want to know the truth about what just happened. As the author explained in his latest analyses about how Russias Shock & Awe Campaign In Ukraine Aims To Resolve The European Missile Crisis and Russias Special Operation In Ukraine Will Restore Global Strategic Stability, as well as his piece Tracing The Geostrategic Sequence Of The US Attempted Containment Of Russia, the Eurasian Great Power is simply waging a preemptive war before the US planned World War III can begin. In short, the US and its anti-Russian NATO allies were secretly establishing military facilities in Ukraine for launching their own impending war against that neighboring nuclear power. First, however, Washington wanted to neutralize Moscows nuclear second-strike capabilities through the regional deployment of anti-missile systems and strike weapons, including one day hypersonic missiles and even eventually to Ukraine itself too. This coincided with the US withdrawal from strategic arms pacts such as the Anti-Ballistic Missile (ABM) Treaty, the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty, and the Open Skies Treaty, all of which destabilized European security by making Americas military intentions all the more ambiguous to Russia. President Putins speech from Monday evening when he announced his countrys recognition of the Donbass Republics saw him meticulously detail the existential nature of the threat that the US and NATOs secret military infrastructure in Ukraine poses to Russia. He described their airfields, bases, and ports in the country that he warned will soon be used to strike his own, albeit after first presumably neutralizing its nuclear second-strike capabilities.

Thursday mornings speech compared post-Soviet Russia’s three-decade-long appeasement of US-led NATO to Stalin’s pre-World War II appeasement of Nazi Germany, declaring that We will not make this mistake the second time. We have no right to do so. Those who aspire to global dominance have publicly designated Russia as their enemy. According to Russian intelligence, If we look at the sequence of events and the incoming reports, the showdown between Russia and these forces cannot be avoided. It is only a matter of time. They are getting ready and waiting for the right moment. They did not leave us any other option for defending Russia and our people, other than the one we are forced to use today, President Putin revealed, which is why In these circumstances, we have to take bold and immediate action. He then issued whats widely interpreted as a nuclear warning to NATO: No matter who tries to stand in our way or all the more so create threats for our country and our people, they must know that Russia will respond immediately, and the consequences will be such as you have never seen in your entire history. Its for all of these reasons that Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova clarified that Its not a beginning of war, it is prevention of a situation that could lead to global military confrontation. What she meant was exactly what President Putin himself had said, namely that a much larger war that could dangerously escalate into World War III was averted by Russias preemptive special operation in Ukraine aimed at neutralizing the US and NATOs latent, imminent, and hot threats emanating from that country.

Debunking The Top Ten Infowar Narratives About Russia’s Special Operation In Ukraine – The purpose of this piece is to debunk the top ten infowar narratives about this conflict in order to enlighten readers about the truth of what’s really happening and why. What comes next is a list of false narratives followed by the motivation behind them and then their concise debunking. Russia’s special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine, as well as to bring to justice those who’ve committed crimes against civilians, is continuing into its second day but has predictably become the target of a major US-led Western Mainstream Media information warfare campaign. The purpose of this piece is to debunk the top ten infowar narratives about this conflict in order to enlighten readers about the truth of what’s really happening and why. For background context, those who are interested are encouraged to read the author’s six prior analyses below, which should bring everyone up to speed: What comes next is a list of false narratives followed by the motivation behind them and then their concise debunking. It’ll recycle the insight shared in the above six analyses so those who don’t have the time to read them in full will still become aware of their main points. In short, this isn’t a Russian-Ukrainian conflict, but a Russian-NATO proxy war that Moscow was compelled to fight for preemptive reasons in order to avert a much larger, direct, and dangerous conflict between itself and that anti-Russian bloc that its intelligence services concluded was unavoidable as revealed by President Putin.

Operation Baluga as a determined MI6 Russophobia psychological operation. Skripal lies used now to demonise Russia – Skripal affair – Operation Beluga. Kerry McCarthy MP – military in Ukraine. Boris in Commons – sanctions on Russia. Russian Vs West’s economy. Germany using Russia’s cheap oil and gas. Kier Starmer in Commons – same group think. The Alternative Skripal Narrative Let’s take the famous Nina Ricci perfume bottle, laced with novichok, which was found in a rubbish bin or charity bin by a homeless man and given weeks later to his woman friend, who tragically died after spraying it on her wrist. The police/MI6 narrative is that this perfume bottle was used to transport the novichok from Russia in the baggage of one of the alleged GRU men caught on CCTV in Salisbury. The novichok was then sprayed on the door handle of the Skripals’ house. The assassins then callously threw away the bottle (which they knew contained enough novichok to kill more people) in a dustbin or charity bin, demonstrating their indifference to loss of life as well as their indifference to leaving clues all over the place. There are problems with this narrative. Paul Burril exposes Operation Baluga to the world – but the press hardly noticeRenowned French security expert Paul Barril has let loose a bombshell: the existence of Operation Beluga, a covert Western intelligence scheme intended to undermine Russia and its leaders. Is that what’s behind much of the threatening rhetoric now going back and forth between the US and Russia? Barril exposed Operation Beluga in a recent interview with Swiss businessman Pascal Najadi on the 2006 Alexander Litvinenko death case. Litvinenko was a reputed former spy who many believe was murdered with radioactive polonium on orders of Vladimir Putin. Najadi says the interview drew out the converse revelation that Litvinenko was actually killed by “an Italian who administered the deadly polonium 210.” What’s more, he astonishingly says, the operation was carried out under the auspices of the US and UK.

Daily Express – Jeremy Corbyn blaming West for provoking Russia  Stop the War position. Chris Bryant MP in Commons. Minsk agreement. West’s war interventions around the world. Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn sparks fury after blaming UK & US for provoking Russia in Ukraine JEREMY CORBYN has accused the UK and the United States’s “build-up of military personnel” in Europe for soaring tensions with Russia over Ukraine. In an extraordinary comment made during a live stream titled “No War in Ukraine: Stop NATO Expansion”, former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who last year had the whip removed by Sir Keir Starmer, appeared to throw his total support behind Russia amid fears of an imminent invasion of Ukraine. Despite Russia’s previous invasions of Ukraine in both Crimea and the Donbas, Mr Corbyn was adament the latest tensions are the wests fault, not crazed Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

Dropping of Covid restrictions in England – same day as invasion of Ukraine.  Kerry McCarthy on no more free testing and itinerate farm labourers. Covid: End of legal need to self-isolate in England – All remaining legal Covid restrictions have been removed in England, nearly two years after the first rules were introduced. It means people are no longer legally required to self-isolate if they test positive for Covid – although they are still advised to do so. The changes are part of the prime minister’s Living with Covid plan, to “transition back to normality”. Some critics say the plan fails to protect the most vulnerable. All legal restrictions have already been lifted in Northern Ireland, but Wales and Scotland are easing measures more gradually. Boris Johnson told people “You must stay home” on 23 March 2020 The end of restrictions also means an end to self-isolation support payments – which were available to those on low incomes – and the end of routine contact tracing. Passengers are also no longer required to wear face coverings on buses and Tube trains in London, after Transport for London dropped the requirement. Although curbs are ending in England, free testing will continue until 1 April – both PCR tests for people with symptoms and lateral flow tests for those without.

Journalist MP Chris Mullin told to reveal sources over Birmingham pub bombings Chris Youett discusses this story and also Robert Maxwell being a Mossad agent –  West Midlands Special Branch were close to arresting the five people responsible when the case was taken off them and given to the notorious Serious Crime Squad aka The Lying Squad. Three days after two of the three bombs exploded, I was walking past Coventry’s police HQ at about 2:10 pm. A group of coppers who knew I was a working journalist called me over and told me that the Lying Squad had arrested the wrong people. The Provo IRA cell and quartermaster had flown out of Birmingham International Airport that morning dressed as businessmen. They flew to separate European airports that had direct Aer Lingus flights to the Republic of Ireland.Protection of sources is a principle worth defending now more than ever Trial of Chris Mullin for not revealing Birmingham Six sources begins this week That the NUJ stands shoulder to shoulder with Mullin will come as no surprise to those who know our union. It was the NUJ’s defence of Bill Goodwin in the 1980s and 1990s that established beyond any doubt that a journalist defending their sources has protection in law. Goodwin’s case went to the European Court of Human Rights (a body whose jurisdiction the UK has accepted since 1950 and is unrelated to the European Union). Its ruling was that: “Protection of journalistic sources is one of the basic conditions for press freedom… without such protection, sources may be deterred from assisting the press in informing the public on matters of public interest. As a result, the vital public watchdog role of the press may be undermined and the ability of the press to provide accurate and reliable information may be adversely affected.” This enshrines a vital principle. Alas, it has proved to be one that prosecutors have found depressingly easy to forget. A flick through the union’s legal case book provides a depressing litany. We successfully defended Ed Moloney in 1999 when the police demanded his records of a conversation with a loyalist paramilitary. Safeguarding Robin Ackroyd’s notebooks took seven years, but we stood with him and his notes retained their secrets when we won in 2007. A year later, we supported Shiv Malik at a judicial review that significantly narrowed the scope of information he was required to disclose. Similarly, the production order served on videographer Jason Parkinson in 2011 in respect of his footage from the Dale Hall Farm evictions was substantially resisted. And just two years ago, the NUJ supported Trevor Birney and Barry McCaffrey when they successfully argued they were entitled to protect their sources – despite suffering dawn raids and the hijacking of their computer server. Indeed, the assault on sources is ongoing and widespread. Julian Assange is facing extradition from the UK to face charges of cultivating and protecting a source. Daily we hear about intrusive software, such as NSO’s Pegasus, being used to snoop on journalists, to identify their sources. And, the UK government is preparing legislation that would broaden the scope of the Official Secrets Act to criminalise journalists who receive documents from whistleblowers. This should concern us all. The ability of reporters to expose wrongdoing, incompetence and corruption is a vital check on democracy. Undermine that ability and the electorates will be hoodwinked, the power of corporations will be unchecked, and the innocent will languish in jail.

Matthew Williams channel TheSecretVault filming in and around UK Chemical Bilogical weapons development facility at Porton Down near Salisbury, Wiltshire Porton Down is a science park in Wiltshire, England, just northeast of the village of Porton, near Salisbury. It is home to two British government facilities: a site of the Ministry of Defence’s Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) – known for over 100 years as one of the UK’s most secretive and controversial military research facilities, occupying 7,000 acres (2,800 ha)[1] – and a site of Public Health England.[2] It is also home to other private and commercial science organisations, and is expanding to attract other companies. Porton Down opened in 1916 as the War Department Experimental Station, shortly thereafter renamed the Royal Engineers Experimental Station, for testing chemical weapons in response to German use of this means of war in 1915. The laboratory’s remit was to conduct research and development regarding chemical weapons agents used by the British armed forces in the First World War, such as chlorine, mustard gas, and phosgene Until 2001 the military installation of Porton Down was part of the UK government’s Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA) when it was split into QinetiQ, initially a fully government-owned company, and the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl). Dstl incorporates all of DERA’s activities deemed unsuitable for the privatisation planned for QinetiQ, particularly Porton Down.

Filmmaker Matt Williams got on to derelict Birnbeck Pier in Weston Super Mare, and also proved Porton Down security to be poor – Matthew Williams’ Channel TheSecretVault – Secrets and conspiracies. Hidden facts. Some of it right on the mark… some of it a bit wide. presented mostly uncut so you can decide. Birnbeck Pier, also known as the ‘Old Pier’, is a pier situated on the Bristol Channel in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset, England, approximately 18 miles (29 km) south-west of Bristol. It is the only pier in the country which links the mainland to an island, linking to Birnbeck Island, a 1.2 hectares (3.0 acres) rocky island just to the west of Worlebury Hill.[1] The grade II* listed pier was designed by Eugenius Birch and opened in 1867.[2] Birnbeck Pier is one of only six Grade II* piers surviving in the country.[3] The refreshment and waiting rooms of 1898 were designed by local architect Hans Price and the clocktower and the piermaster’s house have been attributed to him. The pier has been closed to the public since 1994 and is now on the Buildings at Risk Register. During the second half of the 19th and early 20th centuries the pier was popular both with locals and tourists to the town. As a boarding point for steamers plying their trade in the Bristol Channel, it underwent various extensions and modifications over the years. During the Second World War the pier was commissioned as HMS Birnbeck by the Admiralty as part of the Directorate of Miscellaneous Weapons Development (DMWD) for research into new weapons. The pier reopened after the war, but the number of visitors and steamer passengers declined. The final excursion visited the pier in 1979. Since its closure, ownership has changed many times and it has been subject to a series of proposals for its redevelopment which have all proved fruitless. The pier remains in a largely derelict state. Part of the pier collapsed during storms on 30 December 2015.

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Part Two – Covid Climate Round-Up With End Times Prophecy Reports

Peter Ford, former UK Ambassador to Syria, joins Tony and Martin to discuss Russian invasion of Ukraine. Putin’s reasonable requests he put on table in December 2021. Ukraine should remain neutral. Sanctions on Russia will affect us badly. Not beginning of WWIII… Yet… Pro Lockdown faction is also anti-Russia? Ex British Ambassador Peter Ford Cuts Through NATO’s Russia Invades Ukraine Propaganda UK could ban RT to keep ‘one narrative’ – former British ambassador Former officials have blasted the UK government and questioned the independence of media watchdog Ofcom over threats to ban the channel UK could ban RT to keep ‘one narrative’ – former British ambassador Former British diplomat Peter Ford and former London Mayor Ken Livingstone have defended news channel RT after the UK government suggested it should be banned over alleged “disinformation,” while media watchdog Ofcom said it won’t tolerate “one-sided propaganda.” Ford, a former British Ambassador to Syria and Bahrain, and Livingstone, who served as the Mayor of London from 2000 to 2008, both spoke out against the apparent threats to withdraw the outlet’s license, as each joined RT in separate interviews on Wednesday. “It’s appalling. The whole business is ridiculous,” Ford said, commenting on the recent announcement that British regulator Ofcom is stepping up its “oversight” of coverage on Ukraine, threatening that it will “not hesitate to take swift action where necessary.” Ofcom’s statement followed UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s stating that Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries had appealed to Ofcom to reconsider RT’s license. “The government demands one narrative, not just on Ukraine, but all international affairs,” Ford said, accusing British media of being “totally one-sided” on Ukraine coverage, and adding that he can’t bring himself to watch most networks, even as a former diplomat. Ofcom, Ford alleged, is working on behalf of the British government and won’t be the “real decider” of RT’s fate. According to the former ambassador, the government is only “pretending to pass the buck to Ofcom.” Ford blasted the regulator as a “creature of the British state, staffed by figures of the British state.” 

Joe Biden’s speech sanctioning Russia.

Henry Kissinger’s protégé, President of the EU Ursula von der Leyen,’s speech condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine ‘…The EU stands with the people of Ukraine. We will continue to support them.’ But how?

Alex Krainer, author on Magnitsky Act and former hedge fund manager, on NATO and 2014 coup of Ukraine – what is Victoria Nuland thinking now? Russia strikes back against the Empire This article is the second of two parts about Russia’s radical new gambit in its relationship with Western powers. This part discusses Russia’s likely response to the US/NATO failure to respond to her security concerns

China on Ukraine: Hypocritical criticism of Russia by West. Victor Gao, from Centre for China and Globalism, on C4 News, saying Ukraine should not have been pressurised by NATO. China in alliance with Russia. Fear and panic mode of main stream media. Caught between the US and Russia, Ukraine’s only hope is to become neutral – Victor Gao While the US insists Ukraine is free to join Nato, Russia claims cultural ties with Ukraine and sees the eastern expansion of the alliance as a challenge to its security With the threat of a Russian invasion mounting, the best hope for Ukraine’s future peace is to become a neutral state like Switzerland The Ukraine crisis has degenerated into a melodrama with potentially devastating global geopolitical consequences. Ukraine wants to join the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Nato) as a safe bet against any potential Russian aggression. The United States and Nato insist that the organisation’s expansion is not subject to any country’s veto, and seem eager for Ukraine to join. Russia sees the continued expansion of Nato, especially into Ukraine, as a direct challenge to its security and has vowed to ensure Ukraine never joins the group. While US President Joe Biden has sent 3,000 US troops to several front-line Nato member states in eastern Europe, he maintains that the US will not send troops to Ukraine to fight against a Russian invasion, instead promising tough sanctions, including personal sanctions against President Vladimir Putin, should Moscow invade. At the same time, political figures in Ukraine are accusing the US and other Western countries of being weak in the face of Russian aggression, and are calling for swift pre-emptive sanctions before an invasion occurs.

Bill Gates at the Munich Security Conference a few days before the Russian invasion of Ukraine explaining how cheap it will be to prepare surveillance and magic vaccines for the next pandemic. Bill Gates: ‘If every country does what Australia did,’ the world could prevent the next pandemic – Gates cited Australia’s Covid response as the gold standard to follow. The country reopened its international borders this week for the first time since March 2020. Over the course of the pandemic, returning citizens and approved international travelers have been required to quarantine in hotels guarded by police and military members. Australia’s states even periodically locked down their respective borders. Thousands of Australians protested those lockdowns, but the measures seem to have worked: Since the beginning of the pandemic, only 20 per 100,000 Australians have died from Covid, according to a New York Times analysis of John Hopkins University data. That’s a significantly lower figure than the 283 per 100,000 Americans who have died from Covid, according to the same analysis. Vaccine rates in Australia are also relatively high: 81% of the country’s population is fully vaccinated against Covid, according to John Hopkins University data. For comparison, less than 65% of the U.S. is currently fully vaccinated, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Australia did struggle to contain Covid’s omicron variant. According to John Hopkins University data, 155 people died during omicron’s Australian peak on January 28. But omicron has similarly swept through the rest of the world, largely unimpeded ­ and it appears that Australia’s death rate is already stabilizing, with a 7-day average of 38 daily Covid-related deaths, as of Feb. 23. There’s reason to believe Australia’s blueprint may have been less successful elsewhere: Its population of nearly 26 million is relatively small, and it’s an island without any land borders. But Gates still called it a “true outlier.” “They orchestrated diagnostics, they executed quarantine policies, and they have a death rate in a different league than other rich countries,” Gates said. “And everybody had the capability to do that.” 

Five-To-One Phil (Peters) at the Wellington Freedom Protest outside the New Zealand Parliament, otherwise known as Portaloo Phil, explains how he got his face beaten up and eyes gouged after police staged a fake ‘car driving into police’ for the press and then how on of his so-called protester friends threw a hard object which hit him square on the back of the head. Discussion about infiltration of protest camps like this one against vaccine mandates by the authorities as a way to discredit them in the eyes of press and public and demoralise them so they gradually disperse.  Protester claims police punched and eye-gouged him at Parliament occupation Phil Peters claims he was punched by police – and possibly eye gouged – during a fracas early on Tuesday morning. A parliamentary occupier is complaining to the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA), alleging police gouged his eye and punched him during one of the more fractious moments of the ongoing protest. A Stuff video recorded the incident, which occurred during a fracas early on Tuesday morning. A statement from police said the video did not “provide the full context of the protest activity and the situation police staff face”. In recent days at the occupation – now on day 16 – police have taken a more concerted effort to contain the area and prevent more vehicles from entering the site. Early on Tuesday, a man driving a white station-wagon drove towards police, who had to scatter out of the way. This was the start of the episode that saw Phil Peters, from the Wellington region, on Wednesday morning facing charges for obstructing police, and nursing a bruised arm, damaged face and ribs. Phill Peters has accused the police of assault after he arrestePhil Peters has accused the police of assault after he arrested following a clash between protesters and police early Tuesday morning. Peters, who is double-vaccinated but opted out of the booster shot, said he was at the front of a line of people as police moved in on Molesworth St and was practising “non-confrontational passive resistance”. He was filming with his phone, at the front of the line against police, with his back against a bank of portable toilets, when the incident happened. There were “troublemakers” among the protesters but Peters said he was trying to pacify the situation and was filming on his phone. Phil Peters, wearing a cap with his back to the toilet, was lefPhil Peters, wearing a cap with his back to the toilet, was left with a black eye after a scuffle with police. “I am down in the front line. I am trying to be respectful and hold the peace,” Peters said. About 40 police arrived, including some with riot shields. Phil Peters is a bruised man on Wednesday morning.“I yelled out, ‘riot squad’. I fell back to Hill St … we wanted to protect the toilets.” With police still pushing, one of the officers got dragged to the ground among the protesters, he said. Peters said he was trying to help the officer off the ground.Then he saw about eight riot shields push in to the crowd. “Some idiot from our side threw a can or bottle, hitting me on the back of my head.” A police officer then punched him with “three left hooks to the eye”, he said. The same officer gouged his eye and punched him in the ribs, he alleged. Peters said he was arrested and charged with obstructing police.

The O9A encourages its members to adopt insight roles in anarchist, neo-Nazi, and Islamist groups in order to disrupt modern Western society. According to Upchurch, it was most likely through the influence of Ryan Fleming that Iron March was introduced to the O9A ideology. Fleming subsequently went on to become a member of National Action. In early 2021, Fleming, who had previously been convicted of the sexual abuse of children, was jailed for unsupervised contact with children. Atomwaffen Division was closely associated with the American O9A affiliate Tempel ov Blood. National Action was linked to the O9A affiliate Drakon Covenant in the UK. Antipodean Resistance in Australia was involved with Kerry Boltons Black Order and the Temple of THEM. From 2010 to 2019, Haakon Forwald, head of the Norwegian branch of Nordic Resistance Movement (NRM), was a devotee of a Scandinavian O9A current known variously as the Misanthropic Luciferian Order, the Temple of Black Light, and Current.  The Iron March chat logs subsequently published by ProPublica revealed that there are around twenty Atomwaffen cells across the United States, and they also show members praising Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh, Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof, and Norwegian mass murderer and white supremacist Anders Behring Breivik. Eighteen-year-old Devon Arthurs, an Iron March user, killed his two roommates and fellow Atomwaffen members in May 2017. Police found neo-nazi literature, a photograph of McVeigh, and explosives in his home. Arthurs converted to Islam and described himself as a Salafist National Socialist. After he was arrested following a hostage situation, Arthurs was determined unfit to stand trial. In December 2019, several experts testified that Arthurs has schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, among other conditions, experiences hallucinations and believes he can communicate with the dead. In January 2018, Atomwaffen member Samuel Woodward was charged in Orange County, California, with the murder of Blaze Bernstein, an openly gay Jewish college student.

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Putin’s full ‘Empire of Lies’ speech from Thursday 24th February 2022 on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Dear citizens of Russia! Dear friends!

Today, I again consider it necessary to return to the tragic events taking place in the Donbass and the key issues of ensuring the security of Russia itself.

Let me start with what I said in my address of 21 February this year. We are talking about what causes us particular concern and anxiety, about those fundamental threats that year after year, step by step, are rudely and unceremoniously created by irresponsible politicians in the West in relation to our country. I mean the expansion of the Nato bloc to the east, bringing its military infrastructure closer to Russian borders.

It is well known that for 30 years we have persistently and patiently tried to reach an agreement with the leading Nato countries on the principles of equal and indivisible security in Europe. In response to our proposals, we constantly faced either cynical deception and lies, or attempts to pressure and blackmail, while the North Atlantic Alliance, in the meantime, despite all our protests and concerns, is steadily expanding. The military machine is moving and, I repeat, is coming close to our borders.

Why is all this happening? Where does this impudent manner of speaking from the position of one’s own exclusivity, infallibility and permissiveness come from? Where does the disdainful, disdainful attitude towards our interests and absolutely legitimate demands come from?

The answer is clear, everything is clear and obvious. The Soviet Union in the late 80s of the last century weakened, and then completely collapsed. The whole course of events that took place then is a good lesson for us today as well; it convincingly showed that the paralysis of power and will is the first step towards complete degradation and oblivion. As soon as we lost confidence in ourselves for some time, and that’s it, the balance of power in the world turned out to be disturbed.

This has led to the fact that the previous treaties and agreements are no longer in effect. Persuasion and requests do not help. Everything that does not suit the hegemon, those in power, is declared archaic, obsolete, unnecessary. And vice versa: everything that seems beneficial to them is presented as the ultimate truth, pushed through at any cost, boorishly, by all means. Dissenters are broken through the knee.

What I am talking about now concerns not only Russia and not only us. This applies to the entire system of international relations, and sometimes even to the US allies themselves. After the collapse of the USSR, the redivision of the world actually began, and the norms of international law that had developed by that time – and the key, basic ones were adopted at the end of the Second World War and largely consolidated its results – began to interfere with those who declared themselves the winner in the Cold War .

Of course, in practical life, in international relations, in the rules for their regulation, it was necessary to take into account changes in the situation in the world and the balance of power itself. However, this should have been done professionally, smoothly, patiently, taking into account and respecting the interests of all countries and understanding our responsibility. But no: a state of euphoria from absolute superiority, a kind of modern form of absolutism, and even against the background of a low level of general culture and arrogance of those who prepared, adopted and pushed through decisions that were beneficial only for themselves. The situation began to develop according to a different scenario.

You don’t have to look far for examples. First, without any sanction from the UN Security Council, they carried out a bloody military operation against Belgrade, using aircraft and missiles right in the very centre of Europe. Several weeks of continuous bombing of civilian cities, on life-supporting infrastructure. We have to remind these facts, otherwise some Western colleagues do not like to remember those events, and when we talk about it, they prefer to point not to the norms of international law, but to the circumstances that they interpret as they see fit.

Then came the turn of Iraq, Libya, Syria. The illegitimate use of military force against Libya, the perversion of all decisions of the UN Security Council on the Libyan issue led to the complete destruction of the state, to the emergence of a huge hotbed of international terrorism, to the fact that the country plunged into a humanitarian catastrophe that has not stopped for many years. civil war. The tragedy, which doomed hundreds of thousands, millions of people not only in Libya, but throughout this region, gave rise to a massive migration exodus from North Africa and the Middle East to Europe.

A similar fate was prepared for Syria. The fighting of the Western coalition on the territory of this country without the consent of the Syrian government and the sanction of the UN Security Council is nothing but aggression, intervention.

However, a special place in this series is occupied, of course, by the invasion of Iraq, also without any legal grounds. As a pretext, they chose reliable information allegedly available to the United States about the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. As proof of this, publicly, in front of the eyes of the whole world, the US Secretary of State shook some kind of test tube with white powder, assuring everyone that this is the chemical weapon being developed in Iraq. And then it turned out that all this was a hoax, a bluff: there are no chemical weapons in Iraq. Unbelievable, surprising, but the fact remains. There were lies at the highest state level and from the high rostrum of the UN. And as a result: huge casualties, destruction, an incredible surge of terrorism.

In general, one gets the impression that practically everywhere, in many regions of the world, where the West comes to establish its own order, the result is bloody, unhealed wounds, ulcers of international terrorism and extremism. All that I have said is the most egregious, but by no means the only examples of disregard for international law.

In this series, and promises to our country not to expand Nato by one inch to the east. I repeat: they deceived me, but in popular terms, they simply threw it away. Yes, you can often hear that politics is a dirty business. Perhaps, but not to the same extent, not to the same extent. After all, such cheating behaviour contradicts not only the principles of international relations, but above all the generally recognised norms of morality and morality. Where is justice and truth here? Just a bunch of lies and hypocrisy.

By the way, American politicians, political scientists and journalists themselves write and talk about the fact that a real ’empire of lies’ has been created inside the United States in recent years. It’s hard to disagree with that; it’s true. But do not be modest: the United States is still a great country, a system-forming power. All her satellites not only resignedly and dutifully assent, sing along to her for any reason, but also copy her behaviour, enthusiastically accept the rules he proposes. Therefore, with good reason, we can confidently say that the entire so-called Western bloc, formed by the United States in its own image and likeness, all of it is the very ’empire of lies’.

As for our country, after the collapse of the USSR, with all the unprecedented openness of the new modern Russia, the readiness to work honestly with the United States and other Western partners, and in the conditions of virtually unilateral disarmament, they immediately tried to squeeze us, finish off and destroy us completely. This is exactly what happened in the 90s, in the early 2000s, when the so-called collective West most actively supported separatism and mercenary gangs in southern Russia. What sacrifices, what losses did all this cost us then, what trials did we have to go through before we finally broke the back of international terrorism in the Caucasus. We remember this and will never forget.

Yes, in fact, until recently, attempts have not stopped to use us in their own interests, destroy our traditional values and impose on us their pseudo-values that would corrode us, our people from the inside, those attitudes that they are already aggressively planting in their countries and which directly lead to degradation and degeneration, because they contradict the very nature of man. It won’t happen, no one has ever done it. It won’t work now either.

Despite everything, in December 2021, we nevertheless once again made an attempt to agree with the United States and its allies on the principles of ensuring security in Europe and on the non-expansion of Nato. Everything is in vain. The US position does not change. They do not consider it necessary to negotiate with Russia on this key issue for us, pursuing their own goals, they neglect our interests.

And of course, in this situation, we have a question: what to do next, what to expect? We know well from history how in the 1940s and early 1941s the Soviet Union tried in every possible way to prevent or at least delay the outbreak of war. To this end, among other things, he tried literally to the last not to provoke a potential aggressor, did not carry out or postponed the most necessary, obvious actions to prepare for repelling an inevitable attack. And those steps that were nevertheless taken in the end were catastrophically belated.

As a result, the country was not ready to fully meet the invasion of Nazi Germany, which attacked our Motherland on 22 June 1941 without declaring war. The enemy was stopped and then crushed, but at a colossal cost. An attempt to appease the aggressor on the eve of the Great Patriotic War turned out to be a mistake that cost our people dearly. In the very first months of hostilities, we lost huge, strategically important territories and millions of people. The second time we will not allow such a mistake, we have no right.

Those who claim world domination, publicly, with impunity and, I emphasise, without any reason, declare us, Russia, their enemy. Indeed, today they have great financial, scientific, technological and military capabilities. We are aware of this and objectively assess the threats constantly being addressed to us in the economic sphere, as well as our ability to resist this impudent and permanent blackmail. I repeat, we evaluate them without illusions, extremely realistically.

As for the military sphere, modern Russia, even after the collapse of the USSR and the loss of a significant part of its potential, is today one of the most powerful nuclear powers in the world and, moreover, has certain advantages in a number of the latest types of weapons. In this regard, no one should have any doubts that a direct attack on our country will lead to defeat and dire consequences for any potential aggressor.

At the same time, technologies, including defence technologies, are changing rapidly. Leadership in this area is passing and will continue to change hands, but the military development of the territories adjacent to our borders, if we allow it, will remain for decades to come, and maybe forever, and will create an ever-growing, absolutely unacceptable threat for Russia. .

Even now, as Nato expands to the east, the situation for our country is getting worse and more dangerous every year. Moreover, in recent days, the leadership of Nato has been openly talking about the need to accelerate, speed up the advancement of the Alliance’s infrastructure to the borders of Russia. In other words, they are hardening their position. We can no longer just continue to observe what is happening. It would be absolutely irresponsible on our part.

Further expansion of the infrastructure of the North Atlantic Alliance, the military development of the territories of Ukraine that has begun is unacceptable for us. The point, of course, is not the Nato organisation itself – it is only an instrument of US foreign policy. The problem is that in the territories adjacent to us, I will note, in our own historical territories, an ‘anti-Russia’ hostile to us is being created, which has been placed under complete external control, is intensively settled by the armed forces of Nato countries and is pumped up with the most modern weapons.

For the United States and its allies, this is the so-called policy of containment of Russia, obvious geopolitical dividends. And for our country, this is ultimately a matter of life and death, a matter of our historical future as a people. And this is not an exaggeration: it is true. This is a real threat not just to our interests, but to the very existence of our state, its sovereignty. This is the very red line that has been talked about many times. They passed her.

In this regard, and about the situation in the Donbass. We see that the forces that carried out a coup d’etat in Ukraine in 2014, seized power and are holding it with the help of, in fact, decorative electoral procedures, have finally abandoned the peaceful settlement of the conflict. For eight years, endlessly long eight years, we have done everything possible to resolve the situation by peaceful, political means. All in vain.

As I said in my previous address, one cannot look at what is happening there without compassion. It was simply impossible to endure all this. It was necessary to immediately stop this nightmare: the genocide against the millions of people living there, who rely only on Russia, hope only on us. It was these aspirations, feelings, pain of people that were for us the main motive for making a decision to recognise the people’s republics of Donbass.

What I think is important to emphasise further. The leading Nato countries, in order to achieve their own goals, support extreme nationalists and neo-Nazis in Ukraine in everything, who, in turn, will never forgive the Crimeans and Sevastopol residents for their free choice: reunification with Russia.

They, of course, will climb into the Crimea, and just like in the Donbass, with a war, in order to kill, as punishers from the gangs of Ukrainian nationalists, Hitler’s accomplices, killed defenceless people during the Great Patriotic War. They openly declare that they lay claim to a number of other Russian territories.

The entire course of events and analysis of incoming information shows that Russia’s clash with these forces is inevitable. It is only a matter of time: they are getting ready, they are waiting for the right time. Now they also claim to possess nuclear weapons. We will not allow this to be done.

As I said earlier, after the collapse of the USSR, Russia accepted new geopolitical realities. We respect and will continue to treat all the newly formed countries in the post-Soviet space with respect. We respect and will continue to respect their sovereignty, and an example of this is the assistance we provided to Kazakhstan, which faced tragic events, with a challenge to its statehood and integrity. But Russia cannot feel safe, develop, exist with a constant threat emanating from the territory of modern Ukraine.

Let me remind you that in 2000-2005 we gave a military rebuff to terrorists in the Caucasus, defended the integrity of our state, saved Russia. In 2014, they supported the Crimeans and Sevastopol residents. In 2015, the Armed Forces used to put a reliable barrier to the penetration of terrorists from Syria into Russia. We had no other way to protect ourselves.

The same thing is happening now. You and I simply have not been left with any other opportunity to protect Russia, our people, except for the one that we will be forced to use today. Circumstances require us to take decisive and immediate action. The people’s republics of Donbass turned to Russia with a request for help.

In this regard, in accordance with Article 51 of Part 7 of the UN Charter, with the sanction of the Federation Council of Russia and in pursuance of the treaties of friendship and mutual assistance ratified by the Federal Assembly on 22 February this year with the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Luhansk People’s Republic, I decided to conduct a special military operation.

Its goal is to protect people who have been subjected to bullying and genocide by the Kiev regime for eight years. And for this we will strive for the demilitarisation and denazification of Ukraine, as well as bringing to justice those who committed numerous, bloody crimes against civilians, including citizens of the Russian Federation.

At the same time, our plans do not include the occupation of Ukrainian territories. We are not going to impose anything on anyone by force. At the same time, we hear that recently in the West there are more and more words that the documents signed by the Soviet totalitarian regime, which consolidate the results of the Second World War, should no longer be carried out. Well, what is the answer to this?

The results of the Second World War, as well as the sacrifices made by our people on the altar of victory over Nazism, are sacred. But this does not contradict the high values of human rights and freedoms, based on the realities that have developed today over all the post-war decades. It also does not cancel the right of nations to self-determination, enshrined in Article 1 of the UN Charter.

Let me remind you that neither during the creation of the USSR, nor after the Second World War, people living in certain territories that are part of modern Ukraine, no one ever asked how they themselves want to arrange their lives. Our policy is based on freedom, the freedom of choice for everyone to independently determine their own future and the future of their children. And we consider it important that this right – the right to choose – could be used by all the peoples living on the territory of today’s Ukraine, by everyone who wants it.

In this regard, I appeal to the citizens of Ukraine. In 2014, Russia was obliged to protect the inhabitants of Crimea and Sevastopol from those whom you yourself call ‘Nazis’. Crimeans and Sevastopol residents made their choice to be with their historical homeland, with Russia, and we supported this. I repeat, they simply could not do otherwise.

Today’s events are not connected with the desire to infringe on the interests of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. They are connected with the protection of Russia itself from those who took Ukraine hostage and are trying to use it against our country and its people.

I repeat, our actions are self-defence against the threats posed to us and from an even greater disaster than what is happening today. No matter how difficult it may be, I ask you to understand this and call for cooperation in order to turn this tragic page as soon as possible and move forward together, not to allow anyone to interfere in our affairs, in our relations, but to build them on our own, so that it creates the necessary conditions for overcoming all problems and, despite the presence of state borders, would strengthen us from the inside as a whole. I believe in this; in this is our future.

I should also appeal to the military personnel of the armed forces of Ukraine.

Dear comrades! Your fathers, grandfathers, great-grandfathers did not fight the Nazis, defending our common Motherland, so that today’s neo-Nazis seized power in Ukraine. You took an oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people, and not to the anti-people junta that plunders Ukraine and mocks these same people.

Don’t follow her criminal orders. I urge you to lay down your weapons immediately and go home. Let me explain: all servicemen of the Ukrainian army who fulfil this requirement will be able to freely leave the combat zone and return to their families.

Once again, I insistently emphasise: all responsibility for possible bloodshed will be entirely on the conscience of the regime ruling on the territory of Ukraine.

Now a few important, very important words for those who may be tempted to intervene in ongoing events. Whoever tries to hinder us, and even more so to create threats for our country, for our people, should know that Russia’s response will be immediate and will lead you to such consequences that you have never experienced in your history. We are ready for any development of events. All necessary decisions in this regard have been made. I hope that I will be heard.

Dear citizens of Russia!

Well-being, the very existence of entire states and peoples, their success and viability always originate in the powerful root system of their culture and values, experience and traditions of their ancestors and, of course, directly depend on the ability to quickly adapt to a constantly changing life, on the cohesion of society, its readiness to consolidate, to gather together all the forces in order to move forward.

Forces are needed always – always, but strength can be of different quality. The policy of the ’empire of lies’, which I spoke about at the beginning of my speech, is based primarily on brute, straightforward force. In such cases, we say: ‘There is power, mind is not needed.’

And you and I know that real strength lies in justice and truth, which is on our side. And if this is so, then it is difficult to disagree with the fact that it is the strength and readiness to fight that underlie independence and sovereignty, are the necessary foundation on which you can only reliably build your future, build your home, your family, your homeland. .

Dear compatriots!

I am confident that the soldiers and officers of the Russian Armed Forces devoted to their country will professionally and courageously fulfil their duty. I have no doubt that all levels of government, specialists responsible for the stability of our economy, financial system, social sphere, heads of our companies and all Russian business will act in a coordinated and efficient manner. I count on a consolidated, patriotic position of all parliamentary parties and public forces.

Ultimately, as it has always been in history, the fate of Russia is in the reliable hands of our multinational people. And this means that the decisions made will be implemented, the goals set will be achieved, the security of our Motherland will be reliably guaranteed.

I believe in your support, in that invincible strength that our love for the Fatherland gives us.

February 2019 Ofcom complaint result: UKLFI exposed as creation of Israeli foreign ministryBristol Post article: BCfm cleared after being reported to Ofcom for anti-semitic conspiracy theories

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Bristol Council Budget – no agreement and put off until Match 3rd.  Lib Dem Councillor, Cluttock, on public loos needed in Bristol, and Marvin Rees’s large public relations fund.  Mayor Rees in meeting responding to criticism.  Councillor Goulandris – culture is important for city.  Mayor Rees on trust between Councillors and his team. Lib Dem Councillor, Andrew Brown, on how loads of detail was missing from Budget. Bristol City Council budget in limbo as mayor takes time to ‘carefully consider’ amendments Wednesday 16 February 2022 Bristol City Council’s annual budget is in limbo after mayor Marvin Rees postponed a decision to accept a raft of changes put forward by opposition councillors. Bristol mayor Marvin Rees has described his budget as a “no frontline cuts” proposal, with a focus on the authority’s internal cuts and investments in housing. But Green opposition group leader Cllr Heather Mack has described it as “unnecessarily harsh” while trade unions said poorer households will suffer a triple whammy of a 2.99% council tax rise, a 4.1% council rent increase and a possible 20-30% hike in tenants service charges. At a full council meeting which lasted almost five hours last night (February 15), Mr Rees ended the meeting by exercising his right to take up to five days to either incorporate changes opposition groups have suggested or reject them. It is the first time this has happened under the mayoral system in Bristol and means a second meeting of all councillors is now required, on March 2 What is proposed in the budget? The mayor has described his proposal as “a housing budget”, with 1.8million in funding for council homes, 80million to improve energy efficiency, and 12.5million funding for tenants to upgrade their bathrooms. Some of the cuts proposed include the closure of a rehab centre while money will also be made through increasing allotment plot charges and parking fees. The mayor’s proposal includes introducing parking charges at the councils 15 free car parks and expanding charges to more of the city’s parks and green spaces, including Blaise Estate, Oldbury Court and Ashton Court. The budget also includes plans to cut the amount spent on the city’s museums by 400k while introducing new admission fees for two museums.

‘Bristol Illuminati or City Benefactors? Society of Merchant Venturers – A Force For Good’ by Tristan Cork, Chief Reporter for Bristol Post – the Merchant Venturers influence on Bristol. 

Staff challenge University of Bristol on links to Society of Merchant Venturers They also want honorary degrees for the so-called ‘Colston 4’ – Tristan CorkSenior Reporter Lecturers and staff at the University of Bristol have called on the university to ‘fundamentally reconsider’ its ties with the Society of Merchant Venturers. The Bristol University branch of the University and College Union said the university should also reconsider the links between the university and the schools in Bristol that are run by the Society. In response, the university has strongly defended its ties with the Merchant Venturers, which date back to the setting up of the university more than 100 years ago, and both organisations said they were ‘proud’ to co-sponsor the Venturers Trust group of academy schools. In a list of requests to the University of Bristol, the UCU also called for work to ‘decolonise’ the University of Bristol’s buildings and logo to be completed. And the staff union also said the Colston 4 – the four people who were found not guilty of their part in the toppling of the statue of Edward Colston in June 2020 – should be given honorary doctorates from the university. But the most fundamental call from the UCU relates to the relationship between the University of Bristol and the Society of Merchant Venturers, which dates back to the founding of the university in the 1900s. The calls from the UCU for the university to examine its links to the Society of Merchant Venturers come in the same week Bristol Live revealed that two of Bristol’s four MPs had explicitly called for the Society as an organisation to disband, and a third questioned their accountability.

Sacked Cardiff PC Tony Roach joins Tony and Martin live. FULL INTERVIEW VIDEO – Andy Burnham – accountability and  justice for normal people – a new ‘Hillsborough Law’.  Tony Roach, former Police Constable for Welsh Police, explains his former job and how he was sacked. You Tube films. Sacked police officer launches legal battle over six-month surveillance operation against him – Cardiff police officer Tony Roach was fired in 2015 by South Wales Police after being accused of gross misconductBy Martin Shipton A sacked former police officer has launched a legal case against South Wales Police calling for details of the six-month surveillance operation he says was mounted against him.Former licensing officer Tony Roach was fired for gross misconduct in 2015 after an investigation by the force’s professional standards department.Mr Roach, who was responsible for ensuring that pubs and clubs in Cardiff operated in accordance with the conditions included in their licences, says he was kept under surveillance for six months with cameras and microphones, and his personal phone calls intercepted, and his phone records accessed.He says that he was told about the surveillance during a police interview and that the surveillance was given the code name Operation Kansas.Mr Roach said that he was arrested in 2014 on suspicion of misconduct in a public office and that he and his wife Janet were both arrested on suspicion of tax fraud but that this never resulted in criminal charges.He claims that South Wales Police went too far in its surveillance of him and breached his rights.He has launched a legal case at Liverpool County Court in pursuit of a disclosure order to force South Wales Police to release details of its investigation.In a witness statement, Mr Roach’s solicitor Mark Crompton stated: “The claimant [Mr Roach] is pursuing a claim against the defendant [South Wales Police Chief Constable Matt Jukes] for the misuse of private information, breach of confidentiality and a breach of the Data Protection Act 1998.“It is alleged that following a false complaint against the claimant by a known criminal, the defendant as a public authority purported to investigate the claimant in accordance with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 including putting the claimant under covert surveillance for a period of around six months.“It is the claimant’s case that the directed surveillance – which included filming and telecoms interceptions in work and outside of work – requires authorisation from at least an assistant chief constable or equivalent and must also be notified to the Surveillance Commissioner.“It is the claimant’s case that the appropriate authority was not obtained and that the defendant therefore has unlawfully used covert techniques and infringed the claimant’s right to privacy.”Mr Roach said: “I was a well-respected licensing officer and was commended for my work. My mental health has been destroyed by what has happened.” 

Debra Thomas explains the Police corruption behind her brother being convicted for the Clydach murders.   Why do people believe David ‘Dai’ Morris is innocent? Despite the evidence placed against him by the prosecution, and his double conviction, there is an equal amount of evidence to suggest Morris was not guilty of the crimes. First, Morris was never seen in or near the vicinity of Mandy’s home by any witnesses that evening. Second, despite a large amount of searching, there was never any definitive DNA evidence that he was in Mandy’s home. Even the bloodied sock has been noted as a ‘scientific link’, with Steve Carey of Devon and Cornwall police stating in a video posted on Twitter that “the outcome of the forensic assessment has not established any information that undermines the conviction of David Morris”….. Due to the brutality of the murders, South Wales Police were under enormous pressure to find and convict Mandy’s murderer. The alternative suspects came from within their own ranks – officers (and twin brothers) Stuart and Stephen Lewis, and Stephen’s wife Alison. She was having an affair with Mandy at the time of the murder and Stuart was the first senior officer on the scene of the crime. However, again all members of the Lewis family similarly maintain their innocence in all aspects of the case, with Stephen claiming he had no idea about his wife’s affair or homosexuality until after the murders went public. Stephen and Alison were at one point arrested, but were released without charge after four days of questioning. There was not enough evidence to connect them to the crime and the Lewises were never charged. They were eventually ruled out as suspects in 2001. 

Prince Charles – cash for honours – Operation Midland – Harvey Proctor and other VIPs accused of child sex abuse.  Prince Andrew settled with Virginia Guiffre – Maxwell and Epstein Running A Mossad Blackmail Operation. Norman Baker on Mike Graham’s show on Talk Radio – how much tax payers money the Royals have. UK police launch investigation into Prince Charles charity – British police have launched an investigation into Prince Charles’s charitable foundation over claims of a cash-for-honours scandal involving a businessman from Saudi Arabia. “The decision follows an assessment of a September 2021 letter. This related to media reporting alleging offers of help were made to secure honours and citizenship for a Saudi national,” Scotland Yard said in a statement on Wednesday, delivering another blow to the royal family. There have been no arrests or interviews under caution, police added. The head of The Prince’s Foundation resigned last year after an internal investigation into the allegations. Michael Fawcett, chief executive of the foundation, had initially agreed to suspend his duties following newspaper revelations about his links to a Saudi national. The man, tycoon Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz, had donated large sums to restoration projects of particular interest to Charles. Fawcett, a former valet to the Prince of Wales who has been close to Queen Elizabeth II’s heir for decades, is alleged to have coordinated efforts to grant a royal honour and even UK citizenship to Mahfouz. Mahfouz has reportedly denied any wrongdoing. The royal family is already reeling following Prince Andrew’s decision on Tuesday to settle a sexual abuse claim out of court, a scandal that has so far overshadowed Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Charles’s foundation, which helps jobless people get back into work and start small businesses, said it took the claims “very seriously”. The Charities Commission, which registers and oversees charities in England and Wales, said in November it had opened a formal probe into donations received by Mahfouz’s charitable trust which were intended for the prince’s foundation. The inquiry will examine whether “certain donations received by the Mahfouz Foundation were intended for the charity, have been used in accordance with the donors’ intentions and if they should be returned to the donor or otherwise applied for charitable purposes”. According to the commission, the Mahfouz Foundation was set up “to promote and advance the education of the public in the United Kingdom in the culture, history, language, literature and institutions of the Middle East”. 

Tony Collins ‘Open Verdict’ – one of his 27 tech ‘suicides’ from the 1980s comes to court Remember Tony Collins and Open Verdict? The Marconi suicides. The first murder charge has been made. The media are describing the accused as a Berkshire resident. He might be but he’s also an American which someone is trying to deflect attention from. Tony listed 27 suicides, not one of which ever led to murder charges. There may still be people who don’t want Anderson in court so he may never make the dock. THIS WEEKS ‘REOPENED VERDICT’ Pensioner, 66, is charged with murdering woman, 26, found bound and gagged in a lake in 1987 as well as the kidnap and rape of a 16-year-old girl – but doesn’t appear in court after prison Covid outbreak – Pensioner, 66, is charged with murdering ‘Lady in the Lake’ Shani Warren in 1987 – Donald Robertson accused of killing her and dumping her body in Taplow Lake – He is also charged with kidnap and rape of a 16-year-old girl in Berkshire in 1981.

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Part Two – Covid Climate Round-Up With End Times Prophecy Reports

Syed Mosin Abbas, London-bases former C4 journalist – how the main stream media exaggerates, corporate elitist structures and media, political weaponisation of stories, Russia/Ukraine fiasco, Anglo-Zionist empire, UN compromised by moneyed groups, JCPOA Iran nuclear deal. The Crisis in Ukraine Is Not About Ukraine. It’s About GermanyMike Whitney • February 11, 2022  The US Foreign Policy establishment is not happy about Nordstream II. They don’t want Germany to become more dependent on Russian gas because commerce builds trust and trust leads to the expansion of trade. As relations grow warmer, more trade barriers are lifted, regulations are eased, travel and tourism increase, and a new security architecture evolves. In a world where Germany and Russia are friends and trading partners, there is no need for US military bases, no need for expensive US-made weapons and missile systems, and no need for NATO. There’s also no need to transact energy deals in US Dollars or to stockpile US Treasuries to balance accounts.

Declassified US documents prove Gorbachev WAS promised ‘no eastward NATO expansion’ – Not once, but three times, Baker tried out the “not one inch eastward” formula with Gorbachev in the February 9, 1990, meeting. He agreed with Gorbachev’s statement in response to the assurances that “NATO expansion is unacceptable.” Baker assured Gorbachev that “neither the President nor I intend to extract any unilateral advantages from the processes that are taking place,” and that the Americans understood that “not only for the Soviet Union but for other European countries as well it is important to have guarantees that if the United States keeps its presence in Germany within the framework of NATO, not an inch of NATO’s present military jurisdiction will spread in an eastern direction.”

‘Keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.’ Those were the words of NATO’s first Secretary General, Lord Ismay, when explaining the aims behind the new military alliance (as it was then). Simple rhetoric it may well be, but Ismay’s words seem to be of haunting significance in the world we inhabit more than half a century later.

All the faux propaganda fuss about Ukraine is really about German Russian gas supplies – Transactions between business partners can be conducted in their own currencies which is bound to precipitate a sharp decline in the value of the dollar and a dramatic shift in economic power. This is why the Biden administration opposes Nord Stream. It’s not just a pipeline, it’s a window into the future; a future in which Europe and Asia are drawn closer together into a massive free trade zone that increases their mutual power and prosperity while leaving the US on the outside looking in. Warmer relations between Germany and Russia signal an end to the “unipolar” world order the US has overseen for the last 75 years. A German-Russo alliance threatens to hasten the decline of the Superpower that is presently inching closer to the abyss. This is why Washington is determined to do everything it can to sabotage Nord Stream and keep Germany within its orbit. It’s a matter of survival.

Dr. Stanley Laham, retired immunologist, discusses the new ‘Terrain’ film that claims viruses don’t exist, and shows viruses do exist. Electron-micrograph of viri attacking a bacteria and Stanley’s dissertation.  Robert Malone on Joe Rogan.   Major Steven Chaldowski from Canada says we should stand up against medical tyranny.

Stanley’s dissertation where he proves the existence of a new raccoon virus: . Virus Isolation – The raccoon syncytium-forming virus (RSFV) was first isolated from various organs of raccoons captured on Marco Island, Collier County. Four animals were received from the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission. They were euthanatized by exsanguination via cardiac puncture and their sera collected. Primary cell cultures were de- rived from spleen, kidney, lung and greater omentum. The cells grew normally to confluency in the tissue culture flasks without any noticeable abnormalities. After 2 to 3 passages by subcultivation definite cytopathic effect manifested by syncytia formation became evident in the organ cultures of 3 of the 4 raccoons. Affected cells became rounded and more refract ile in appearance by light microscopy. Simultaneously with these changes, vacuoles developed in the cytoplasms of these cells giving a foamy appearance under low powered magnification. In affected areas, cells lost their regular orientation in the monolayer. These changes were presumed to be due to the presence of a latent virus. Its cytopathic effect closely paralleled that of the syncytium-forming viruses of simian, bovine and feline origins. To confirm this hypothesis, cells from cultures which exhibited these manifestations were co-cultured with the established cell lines SIRC and BHK. After one subcultivation, syncytia formation appeared.

Upon observation over a period of time, progressive involvement of cells in syncytia formation could be seen. Further passage resulted in a sharp increase of fused and vacuolated areas (see Figs. 1, 2 and 3). More nuclei could be seen accumulating into syncytia through a process of incorporation of adjacent cells. With longer incubation, some of the large multi- nucleated cells would become detached from the bottom of the culture flask leaving irregularly shaped microscopic plaques in the monolayer. Infected cultures could not be transferred beyond third or fourth passage since this resulted in total cell destruction. Companion Leighton tube cultures were initiated at the time of each transfer. After the cells were grown in, the cover slips were removed and stained with 10% Giemsa (see Figs. 4 and 5). Syncytia with varying degree of multinucleation could be seen in these stained preparations…. 

Author David Livingstone exposes David Icke, Alex Jones, Transhumanism and today’s fascist international

Accelerationists propose social processes, such as capitalist growth and technological change, should be drastically intensified to create further radical social change referred to as “acceleration”. The term can also refer to the post-Marxist idea that because of capitalism’s ability to control workers movements and inherent instabilities, the abolition of the capitalist system and its class structures could be brought about by its acceleration.

David Icke, Fascism and Conspirituality by David Livingstone. [There is] a disinformation campaign to hijack any growing opposition to the conspiracy. As I have revealed in my recent six-volume book, Ordo ab Chao, the key modus operandi of the conspiracy has been to deploy what I call a “conspiracy-conspiracy.” It is a deliberate attempt to cultivate an errant interpretation of the conspiracy to create a controlled opposition of naïve dissidents who are ultimately recruited into inadvertently serving the conspiracy. The reason this happens is that is those who are dismayed with the direction our societies have taken tend to become desperate for change, and too ready to throw in their support with anyone who appears to represent their interests. They look at a leader’s words, not what they stand for, which makes them easily duped. – The tactic dates back to at least the Enlightenment, and the fomenting of the French and American Revolutions by rallying the masses into believing they were fighting “tyranny,” in the person of the aristocracy and the Catholic Church, or King George III of England. The same tactic was employed by using the cause of communism to channel the Russian people’s frustration against the state to bring about the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917. Most importantly, the Nazis made use of the notorious Protocols of Zion, which purported that the Russian revolution was the outcome of a worldwide Judeo-Masonic conspiracy, to frighten the Germans into accepting Hitler’s fascist dictatorship to prevent the same happening to their country. This was despite the fact that the Nazis were funded by the same bankers who funded the Bolsheviks –  

… Brenton Harrison Tarrant, the perpetrator of the Christchurch mosque massacre that killed 51 people and injured 49 others during Friday Prayer on March 15, 2019, embraced right-wing accelerationism in a section of his manifesto titled “Destabilization and Accelerationism: tactics.” Tarrant claims to have been the author of a 74-page manifesto titled The Great Replacement, a reference to the “Great Replacement” and “white genocide” conspiracy theories. Inspired by Tarrant and similar accelerationist ideas, John Timothy Earnest was responsible for the Escondido mosque fire at Dar-ul-Arqam Mosque in Escondido, California, in March 2019. On April 27, before being identified as a suspect, Earnest entered the nearby Chabad of Poway synagogue and opened fire, killing one and injuring three others. “I support the Christchurch shooter and his manifesto,” Crusius wrote before committing the El Paso Walmart shooting that killed 23 people and injured 23 others. “The Hispanic community was not my target before I read The Great Replacement.” –

Messianic Jewish author Tim Cohen has written ‘The Antichrist and A Cup Of Tea’ in which he explains his Biblically founded conclusion that Prince Charles will emerge as the Antichrist. He explains why Prince Charles could be both a Jewish and Muslim Messiah. Called by God in 1987 to be “him who has understanding” (Rev 13:18) ­ while a United States Air Force Academy cadet ­ Timothy Cohen is today an internationally recognized Christian author, speaker, and teacher. He has researched and written what many are now coming to view as Christendom’s foremost prophetic and theological works (Rev 19:10), to include The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea as well as the Messiah, History, and the Tribulation Period multi-volume series. Would you like to understand where we are in the timeline of Bible prophecy, without having to guess? In The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea, Tim Cohen presents the fascinating saga of the British Monarchy’s centuries-long endeavor to establish a “New World Order,” and gives hard-evidence to suggest the actual identity of the coming AntiChrist. Learn the remarkable truth concerning the “man of sin,” the “son of perdition,” in The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea. Along with The AntiChrist and a Cup of Tea (Rev 13:18), Tim Cohen’s forthcoming Messiah, History, and the Tribulation Period series offers a real and deep insight into the prophetic scriptures. Tim’s teaching therein represents a genuine paradigm shift in Christian understanding of both The Person and the work of The Messiah ­ the testimony of Yeshua (Rev 19:10). As such, it illuminates biblical theology and will, over time, redefine the best in Christian understanding and teaching. The saints will understand both the written and living Word of God more deeply and more fully than previously. Within Cohen’s volumes, you will see many hidden treasures of God’s Word and learn biblical wisdom; you will be taught things that few understand, what some obstinately or ignorantly refuse to investigate or consider, or even perilously choose to ignore ­ despite the great strength of the evidence. Future theologians and historians will, we believe, come to recognize Cohen’s books as the new theological standard in several areas of study. For example, Cohen unveils the first-ever unified school (and theory) of Christian theology, one that encompasses the whole of eschatology and eschatological interpretation ­ a true Messiah-centered approach called the “Messianic view” ­ in Messiah, History, and the Tribulation Period. This is well beyond the “scholarship” of today’s Christian seminaries and Jewish schools, and yet Tim Cohen makes it biblically testable and easy to grasp. This will change the way you think about and perceive God and Yeshua.

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– David Livingstone – David Icke, Fascism and Conspirituality 01:00:00
– Debra Thomas Clydach murders Cardiff meeting 00:20:00
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– Tim Cohen: Prince Charles to be both Muslim and Jewish Messiah? 01:00:00
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– Prince Charles Dutchy of Cornwall and Crown Estate His or Ours – Norman Baker author of And What Do You Do 00:05:00 
– Major Stephen Chledowski Freedom Convoy Speech by Canadian Army Irnieracing News 00:06:00

February 2019 Ofcom complaint result: UKLFI exposed as creation of Israeli foreign ministryBristol Post article: BCfm cleared after being reported to Ofcom for anti-semitic conspiracy theories

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