NHS 1 year+ waiting list for treatments is up 100 times – Covid Vaccine Testers Positive for AIDS in Australia – US/UK Regulators CDC and MHRA: Pfizer Vaccine Was Never Tested on Frail and Elderly in Care – Persecutor Macron Channels Hitler: Muslims the new Jews in France? – Thames Valley police accuse 10 Avon and Somerset police officers of Lloyds Bank fraud cover-up – Iran kills Senior Mossad Officer Fahmi Hinavi In Retribution for Mohsen Fakhrizadeh Assassination? – Lord Victor Rothschild: Soviet Spy The Fifth Man after Burgess, MacLean, Philby, Blunt, and Key Architect of the Israeli State – Heaven Under Siege, The Beginning of the End? Eschatology 2020 – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

Friday 11th December 2020

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February 2019 Ofcom complaint result: UKLFI exposed as creation of Israeli foreign ministryBristol Post article: BCfm cleared after being reported to Ofcom for anti-semitic conspiracy theories

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Part One – Covid-19 Scamdemic Casedemic latest and investigations

Alan Brown, geo political economist, joins Tony and Martin.  Was Covid 19 a pandemic, is the worst of it over, and do lockdowns work or cause more harm than good?  East Anglia University looks at excess deaths and so does Euromomo.  PCR tests not accurate and the government’s appalling management of testing.  Shadow Chancellor, Anneliese Dodds, criticises Rishi Sunak on giving lucrative Covid 19 related contracts to Tory mates – Good Law Project taking Tories to court on this.  New ‘chumocracy’ row as Matt Hancock hands health department job to a lobbyist friend from university – as he and Boris Johnson are taken to court over claims they acted illegally when handing out top jobs during the pandemic Health Secretary made Gina Coladangelo a part-time non-executive director She remains marketing and communications director of retailer Oliver Bonas Was previously an unpaid adviser in Department of Health on six-month contract Matt Hancock was at the centre of a ‘chumocracy’ cronyism row today after it emerged he gave a job in the Department of Health to a PR consultant and lobbyist who is one of his closest friends from university. The Health Secretary made Gina Coladangelo a part-time non-executive director of the department on a reported £15,000 salary while she remains the marketing and communications director of High Street retailer Oliver Bonas. He has been spotted several times coming out of Number 10 with the former partner at the comms firm Luther Pendragon since the coronavirus pandemic began. Ms Coladangelo, 42, has also been given a parliamentary pass sponsored by Tory peer Lord Bethel, the Sunday Times reported, despite not working for his team. The paper also reported she was made an unpaid adviser in the Department of Health on a six-month contract in March, before she took up her paid role, with a source saying: ‘Before Matt does anything big, he’ll speak to Gina. She knows everything.’ Labour’s deputy leader Angela Rayner said: ‘Another week another cronyism scandal. ‘Whether it’s giving contracts worth millions of pounds to their chums or giving lobbyist mates jobs and access to secret information, this government is making a mockery of our national effort against coronavirus.’ It came as campaigners submitted a legal challenge alleging that Boris Johnson and Mr Hancock acted ‘unlawfully’ when appointing key figures to top posts during the coronavirus crisis, it has been reported. The Observer said that the case had been lodged jointly by the Good Law Project and race equality think tank the Runnymede Trust.

Is obsessive Covid response killing the NHS? Waiting list for treatments is up 100 times since Feb 2020! Covid: NHS long waits 100 times higher than before By Nick Triggle Health correspondent The number of patients in England waiting over a year for routine hospital care is now 100 times higher than before the pandemic, figures show. Nearly 163,000 out of the 4.4 million on the waiting list at the end of October had waited over 12 months for operations such as hip replacements. There were just 1,600 year-long waiters in February, NHS England data shows. The Royal College of Surgeons warned patients were being left in pain unable to carry on with “day-to-day life”. “Yet again, these waiting time figures drive home the devastating impact Covid has had on wider NHS services,” RCS president Prof Neil Mortensen said. It was a “national crisis” that could take two to three years to tackle, he added. The number of long waits is now at its highest level since 2008. Although there are signs elsewhere in the figures that things may be starting to improve. The number of operations being done is on the increase, while average waits are falling. The data also shows accident-and-emergency attendances dropped during lockdown. There were 1.49 million visits to A&E in November – a quarter down on normal levels, raising concerns people with serious illnesses may not be receiving the help they need. At the peak of the pandemic, attendances dropped to 900,000 a month before climbing during the summer and reaching a peak of 1.72 million.

Propaganda of first old lady, Maggie, to be vaccinated with new Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine.  mRNA vaccines could cause auto-immune diseases in some people –  Can COVID-19 trigger Guillain-Barre Syndrome? Man, 54, who tested positive was left temporarily paralyzed after the virus set off his third episode of the rare autoimmune disorder A man, 54, visited Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital in April 2020 complaining of having difficulty swallowing After he was admitted he developed a fever, facial weakness, an inability to move his legs, and tingling in his hands and feet Doctors performed a COVID-19 test, which came back positive Twice in the past, the man had been diagnosed with Guillain–Barré Syndrome, a condition in which the immune system attack its peripheral nervous system Researchers believe this is the very first instance of a patient having a recurrence of Gullain-Barré due to coronavirus Researchers say they have documented the first instance of a coronavirus patient being struck down with sudden paralysis he experienced before. In a case report, published in the journal Pathogens, the 54-year-old man visited the emergency room after complaining of difficulty swallowing and weakness in his arms and legs. After diagnosing him with COVID-19, doctors from Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital examined the patient. They soon discovered that, twice in the past, the man had had Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a rare disorder in which the immune system attacks the peripheral nervous system, paralyzing parts of or – in some cases – the whole body. Not only was this now the third time he had the condition, but they believe it was triggered by his having contracted COVID-19.

Dr Carrie Madej, of The World Doctors Alliance, warns against taking the mRNA vaccine.  US Army study where 1/3 who had the flu vaccine got Covid 19 worse.   Pentagon Study: Flu Shot Raises Risk of Coronavirus by 36% (and Other Supporting Studies) By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. On March 12th, 2020, Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta held a global town hall on “Corona Facts and Fears.” During the discussion, Anderson said to the viewing audience, “And, again, if you are concerned about coronavirus, and you haven’t gotten a flu shot…you should get a flu shot.” Setting safety and efficacy of influenza vaccination aside, is Anderson’s claim that the flu shot will help people fight COVID-19 remotely true? The short answer is no. In fact, the results of many peer-reviewed, published studies prove that Anderson’s recommendation may have been the worst advice he could have given the public. In searching the literature, the only study we have been able to find assessing flu shots and coronavirus is a 2020 US Pentagon study that found that the flu shot INCREASES the risks from coronavirus by 36%. “Receiving influenza vaccination may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses, a phenomenon known as “virus interference…’vaccine derived’ virus interference was significantly associated with coronavirus…” Here are the findings: Examining non-influenza viruses specifically, the odds of coronavirus in vaccinated individuals were significantly higher when compared to unvaccinated individuals with an odds ratio (association between an exposure and an outcome) of 1.36. In other words, the vaccinated were 36% more likely to get coronavirus.

The Pfizer vaccine is a new type of gene editing vaccine never before approved, and wasn’t tested on the over 80s in care. We don’t want a repeat of thousands more deaths of elderly people. One article is from the US regulator the CDC  and one about the UK regulator, the MHRA from the British Medical Association  More unnecessary deaths of the elderly about to start? With Artificial Intelligence managing the adverse reactions and inquests? – The world has bet the farm on vaccines as the solution to the pandemic, but the trials are not focused on answering the questions many might assume they are. Peter Doshi reports – As phase III trials of covid-19 vaccines reach their target enrolments, officials have been trying to project calm. The US coronavirus czar Anthony Fauci and the Food and Drug Administration leadership have offered public assurances that established procedures will be followed.1234 Only a “safe and effective” vaccine will be approved, they say, and nine vaccine manufacturers issued a rare joint statement pledging not to prematurely seek regulatory review.5 = But what will it mean exactly when a vaccine is declared “effective”? To the public this seems fairly obvious. “The primary goal of a covid-19 vaccine is to keep people from getting very sick and dying,” a National Public Radio broadcast said bluntly.6 Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, said, “Ideally, you want an antiviral vaccine to do two things . . . first, reduce the likelihood you will get severely ill and go to the hospital, and two, prevent infection and therefore interrupt disease transmission.”7 Yet the current phase III trials are not actually set up to prove either (table 1). None of the trials currently under way are designed to detect a reduction in any serious outcome such as hospital admissions, use of intensive care, or deaths. Nor are the vaccines being studied to determine whether they can interrupt transmission of the virus.

EVIDENCE MOUNTS COVID CONTAINS AIDS SPIKE PROTEIN RENEWING BIOWEAPON FEARS – Matt Hancock in tears as first elderly get the new Pfizer vaccine.  BBC report on first given vaccine.  Australian vaccine abandoned as false HIV positive tests are shown. DOES COVID HAVE AIDS SPIKE PROTEIN? Australia Scraps Billion Dollar Coronavirus Vaccine After Participants Test HIV Positive by GreatGameIndia.com The Australian Government has scrapped a billion dollar coronavirus vaccine agreement with Australian biotech company CSL Limited to supply 51 million doses of a Covid-19 vaccine being developed by the University of Queensland after several trial participants returned false positive HIV test results. The University of Queensland has abruptly ended its trials for coronavirus vaccine the Australian government had ordered in a $1 billion deal for 51 million doses. The deal was terminated after participants returned false positive HIV test results over fears that vaccine mishap would damage the public’s confidence in the COVID-19 vaccination program. On Friday the Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, said: University of Queensland vaccine will not be able to proceed based on the scientific advice, and that will no longer feature as part of Australia’s vaccine plan. Australian vaccine scientist Nikolai Petrovsky had warned the government about the risk of including HIV in a vaccine months before the $1billion deal was signed. Mr Petrovsky told The Australian the problem with the use of HIV was clear in the ‘hamster and mouse data’ but his advice was ignored. He said the early data suggested the vaccine itself was quite unstable. Overall it just didn’t look like it was going to be a successful vaccine, that’s why we were surprised when the government committed millions of dollars to it, it just seemed disproportionate. The Covid-19 “spike protein” has been the focus of the University of Queensland vaccine, using molecular clamp technology to lock the protein into a shape which allows the immune system to be able to recognise and then neutralise the virus. Covid’s spike proteins, like most surface viral proteins, are fairly unstable. To ensure that the vaccine induced the right immune response, the clamp chosen comprises two fragments of a protein found in HIV, as those fragments provided the greatest stability to the vaccine.

‘Ask The Experts’ doctors’ Covid vaccine warning video banned – World Doctors Alliance doctors on what they think of the new Pfizer Covid 19 vaccine and potential side effects.Ask The Experts | Covid-19 Vaccine – Banned on YouTube and Facebook Chinese flight attendants wear nappies to stop spread of Covid 19. Secondary school children in some areas around London to be tested for Covid 19. This video is a compilation of doctors, scientists and activist who are offering their opinions. In no way do the views of any individual contributor to this video represent the views of anyone else other than the person expressing them. With the rollout of the you-know-what just around the corner, we ask a worldwide panel of experts the question on everybody’s minds #asktheexperts Produced by Oracle Films

Now That’s What I Call A Corona Christmas spoof CD advert

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Part Two – News Review and Investigative Reports: 

Brexit looks like a No Deal. Financial or political reasons why a deal can’t be decided? 

Trevor Mealham, from Lloyds Bank Victim Support Group, on accusations by Thames Valley Police of collusion with alleged Lloyds Bank fraudsters by 10 Avon and Somerset Police Officers including the husband of the Police Commissioner. Avon and Somerset Police. Its PCC and Crime Panel Chair alleged to be “Perverting the Course of Justice” and “Misconduct” in the covering up of Lloyds Bank, RBS and Acorn asset stripping frauds

Macron’s new ‘Islamist Radicalism’ Bill. Comparable to Hitler’s 1930s targeting of Jews. Saudi Imams coming into France bringing extremism. Ritula Shah, on BBC World Service, with guests discussing the new bill.  Is Macron marginalising France’s Muslims? The Real Story [download The Real Story] – French President Emmanuel Macron has described Islam as ‘a religion in crisis.’ This week he presented draft legislation to cabinet ministers aimed at tackling radical elements and propping up ‘republican values’. Among the proposed measures are curbs on foreign funding for mosques and imams, new rules making it harder for children to be home-schooled, and fresh attempts to root out and prevent forced marriages. While the government has planned the policies for some time, it is publishing details just weeks after a pair of deadly terrorist attacks, including the beheading of a history teacher – Samuel Paty – who showed cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed to his students, and the killing of three churchgoers in Nice. But with the French presidential election less than 18-months away – and with the far-right politician Marine Le Pen thought to be one of Mr Macron’s greatest obstacles to re-election – many French Muslims have accused the government of unfairly targeting their community and using the national tradition of laïcité – or secularism – as an excuse to do so. France’s Muslim population has grown significantly since Algerian independence in 1962, as has the debate over ‘French values’. So are Muslims now being exploited for political gain, or are the new proposals a common-sense response to serious problems? Ritula Shah and guests discuss whether the French government is marginalising Muslims.

Five things to know about France’s bill to combat Islamist radicalism The bill aims to reinforce the legal tools available to the government to curtail Islamist radicalism from taking hold in French society. It creates a new criminal offense of threatening public sector employees or using violence to force them to make exceptions to public rules, like coercing local officials to establish separate swimming pool hours for women and men. It creates another new offense for hate speech that makes it possible to quickly detain a person who spreads on social media the personal information of a public service agent with the intent to harm them ­ in a direct reaction to the events that led to the beheading of schoolteacher Samuel Paty in October. The bill also extends what is known in France as the neutrality principle, which prohibits civil servants from wearing ostentatious religious symbols like the Muslim headscarf and voicing political views, beyond public sector employees to all private contractors of public services. t introduces stricter financial controls on foreign money sent to religious organizations, and stricter controls over religious associations to prevent takeovers by extremists. The draft legislation restricts the possibility of homeschooling children, introduces tougher punishment for “virginity tests,” and stricter safeguards against forced marriages, as well as more legal tools to ensure men and women inherit equitably. Muslim Sharia law awards men larger inheritances than women.

Trump says he is still fighting to win election and still fills stadiums….

AI stories …mintpress  CIA and Google etc Pentagon’s Top Spy Agency Turns To AI for Targeting and Operations PlanningReminiscent of the 1983 sci-fi classic WarGames, the DIA’s new MARS program aims to create a system that uses AI to scour volumes of foreign intelligence and make decisions on how to act on it. CIA Partners with Google, Amazon and IBM in Latest Big Tech Procurement DriveThe military industrial complex is returning to its roots as the CIA turns to big tech to maintain control and rebuild the war economy.

Bilderbergers connected to Covid 19 …Wikispooks – Bilderbergers who have played roles in the COVID-19 event include: Henry Kissinger – penning article WARNING or THREATENING the world to unite fighting Covid or die – Emmanuelle Charpentier is a French professor and researcher in microbiology, genetics and biochemistry- CRISPR gene editing therapy Transumanist technology related to the mRNA vaccines – Tom Tugendhat – 2019 – UK MP who in November 2020 suggested that COVID vaccination could be mandated for UK workers or travellers. Matthew Pottinger – 2019 – Member of the White House Coronavirus Task Force Vittorio Colao – 2018 – leader of a special task force to handle “Phase 2” of the Italian Covid Task Force Demis Hassabis – 2018, 2016, 2015 – Dialed in to a meeting of SAGE, which promoted the UK COVID Lockdown. Avril Haines – 2017 – US Deep State actor who participated in Event 201. Holder of senior spooky positions with US Deep State connections. Christopher Liddell – 2017 – White House Coronavirus Task Force Dido Harding – 2016 – Placed in charge of producing the widely condemned NHSX app mass surveillance tool Shiraz Maher – 2015 – A “Terror expert” who stated in March 2020 that COVID-19 was “a completely mad, crazy illness. It has made me feel more intensely ill than I’ve ever been in my life.” Andrew Liveris – 2012 – “Special Adviser” to the Australia/National COVID-19 Coordination Commission Kathleen Sebelius – 2007, 2008 – On Joe Biden’s White House Coronavirus Task Force

Will Turbit’s You Tube channel exposing US establisment satanic ritual abuse and child sexual abuse is yanked by Google/CIAwhat was censored? Pizzagate – links between Rockefellers, Rothschilds and sexual abuse of children – Demand The TruthWill TurbittListen live and hear Will’s past casts here

Klaus Schwab and Henry Kissinger on US’s role in the world. The Great Reset –

Norman Baker on Prince Charles. Flipping between the crown estate and Duchy of Cornwall and treating the Duchy sometimes as public, sometimes as private, whichever is most convenient for tax purposes – The royal family: the quintessential British institution or an antiquated, overindulged drain on the taxpayer? For all their foibles and idiosyncrasies, the royal family wield considerable influence – and yet rather than facing the scrutiny their position merits, they enjoy sickeningly obsequious coverage which reports their activities with breathless awe. … And What Do You Do? is a provocative and hard-hitting analysis, exposing the royals’ extravagant use of public money and the highly dubious behaviour of some among their number. Former Minister of State and current Privy Counsellor Norman Baker breaks ranks to explore the wider role the royals play in society, including the link with House of Lords reform and the constitutional position of the monarch. Now fully updated to include new material on Prince Andrew, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, this irreverent and uncompromising account asks urgent questions about the future of the world’s most famous royal family.

Israeli Mossad technical officer Fahmi Hinavi reported assassinated in Tel-Aviv on Thu 03 Dec 2020 in retaliation for Iranian nuclear scientist Muhsin Fahrizade assassinated by Mossad in Absard, near Tehran, on Fri 27 Nov 2020 – [ reported in Middle East and Turkish media but not UK/US/Europe ] [ Similar counter-assassination, in Afghanistan, of Michael D’Andrea, head of CIA operations in Iran for US’s General Soleimani assassination in January 2020 ] An additional round of regional tension occurred after the report on December 2 by the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Jarida, citing a “well-informed source” that the Secretary-General of the Lebanese Hezbollah (literally “Party of Allah”) Hassan Nasrallah was moving to Iran. As reported by the publication, Lebanon and neighboring countries “are tracking extensive encrypted messages” between the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) of Iran and Hezbollah regarding this step. Assuming that Nasrallah will remain in Tehran indefinitely, it is unclear whether he will return to Beirut. Simultaneously, several media outlets suggest that the “next target” for Israel and the United States after the assassination of Fakhrizadeh might be Hassan Nasrallah. Hezbollah, headed by this leader, is declared a “terrorist organization” by both the United States and Israel. And so, against this background, it became known that on December 6 in Tel Aviv, as a result of an armed attack, one of the high-ranking Israeli intelligence officers, Mossad commander Fahmi Hinavi, was killed. According to media reports, 15 bullets were fired into the intelligence officer’s vehicle when he stopped at a red light. It is speculated that the attack could have been Tehran’s retaliation for the murder of “the father of the Iranian nuclear program” Mohsen Fakhrizadeh. In this regard, it cannot be ruled out that the series of assassinations, including the January 3 US airstrike on Qasem Soleimani, the Iranian Major General and Commander of Quds Force in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, former leader of Iraq’s Hashd al-Shaabi; the November 27 assassination of Iranian nuclear scientist Fakhrizadeh; the subsequent December 6 armed attack on high-ranking Mossad officer Fahmi Hinavi, as well as the reasonable fears of the Lebanese Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah of possible physical elimination, open the era of duels of assassinations of VIPs by Israel and The United States, on the one hand, and Iran, which is trying to resist them, on the other. However, it must be emphasized that this duel was imposed on Tehran by Washington and Tel Aviv. They showed their commitment to such actions to the whole world by killing Iranian VIPs, which cannot be assessed other than state terrorism.

Interview with Roland Parry, author of The Fifth Man, a biography of Victor Rothschild’s life as a Soviet spy through World War Two and the Cold WarFrom Melbourne Australia journalist Roland Perry reveals a fragment of the dark side of WWII you’ll never learned about in school or heard in the historical narrative of WWII; of how one of the Anglo-American establishment helped out what was the bane of Western Democracy—the Soviet Union. Britain goes to war supposedly to protect Poland, and yet it helps out one of the aggressors that invaded Poland (twice) with military aid who then occupies and controls it for 45 years. Tens of millions dead and 6 years later Europe is worse off than before the start of WWII; here’s a peek at the actions of an individual that helped influence the outcome of a brutal war and the immediate post-war period. But you can’t have a Cold War without a stalemate, and for that you need to share the technology. And who was behind some of the most secret technology (can you say atomic bomb?!) information transfers? Well, it wasn’t the red herring John Cairncross that’s been touted for decades—Roland Perry presents the Fifth Man of the Cambridge spy group that really was the most effective of them all, a powerful man of influence in Britain and yet never revealed to the public like his accomplices were. 

Moeen Yaseen introduces – Eschatology In The 21st Century Roundtable The Plandemic, The Global Reset, The Dawn Of The Dajallic New World Order – And Preparation For Spiritual Warfare. 1100 – 1700 GMT – Sunday December 6 2020 – Moeen Yaseen Introduction And Setting The Scene

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Beginning his working life in the aviation industry and trained by the BBC, Tony Gosling is a British land rights activist, historian & investigative radio journalist. Over the last 20 years he has been exposing the secret power of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and élite Bilderberg Conferences where the dark forces of corporations, media, banks and royalty conspire to accumulate wealth and power through extortion and war. Tony has spent much of his life too advocating solutions which heal the wealth divide, such as free housing for all and a press which reflects the concerns of ordinary people rather than attempting to lead opinion, sensationalise or dumb-down. Tony tweets at @TonyGosling. Tune in to his Friday politics show at BCfm here http://www.thisweek.org.uk

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8 comments on “NHS 1 year+ waiting list for treatments is up 100 times – Covid Vaccine Testers Positive for AIDS in Australia – US/UK Regulators CDC and MHRA: Pfizer Vaccine Was Never Tested on Frail and Elderly in Care – Persecutor Macron Channels Hitler: Muslims the new Jews in France? – Thames Valley police accuse 10 Avon and Somerset police officers of Lloyds Bank fraud cover-up – Iran kills Senior Mossad Officer Fahmi Hinavi In Retribution for Mohsen Fakhrizadeh Assassination? – Lord Victor Rothschild: Soviet Spy The Fifth Man after Burgess, MacLean, Philby, Blunt, and Key Architect of the Israeli State – Heaven Under Siege, The Beginning of the End? Eschatology 2020 – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling
  1. dahszil dahszil says:

    The French are being conned . This disallowing headscarves and the like is a distraction .its petty and trivial but a nation as a group think believes this scam that removing head scarves, muslim teachers, muslim traditional family life is going to stop these attacks , No, I have a strong feeling its US Nato backed Gladio deep state attacks like in Italy in the 70’s and 80s pulling off these lethal attacks and Macron is a gladio operative

  2. dahszil dahszil says:

    It is true we haven’t been in any major wars Trump as president . But he has been toying around with some really dangerous things . And it was under his watch that the Top Iranian General was killed by a US tactical strike . This general was fighting ISIS , ISIL, DAESH , whatever you want to call them . It was the same crazed terrorist group the US was purportedly fighting . In Syria the Trump administration has under cover of mainstream media non coverage taken control of some important oil fields in Syria . The trump administration has been playing devious games with Venezuela in attempts to open them up to exploitation by the western private oil companies . I listened to your clip of him talking and he is a consummate bull sh!tter and always boasting about himself and probably lying about Obama calling kim jung un but Un never returned the calls, but he did with me (trump) lmao !

    He may have sincerely believed that tax cuts for the filthy rich and corporations in the US would create decent jobs in the US . Well that’s how stupid Trump is . the filthy rich don’t create decent jobs in the US, they invest in the sweat shops of the world . Most of all they us there wealth to get at everyday people savings and pensions and what have to speculate in the legal cosmically sinful international finance skullduggery . Of course trump as surrounded himself with disgusting advisors and cabinet members like Mike Pompeo who direct these criminal foreign intrigues and destabilization

    Biden seems the more intelligent , but he has many skeletons in his closet . He plays the part of moderate nice guy but is wall street and the military industrial complex’s choice . I would like to think he might at his age turned a new leaf but probably hasn’t . Only hope we have in this convoluted corrupt and hairbrained US political and governmental system is that a coalition of progressive democrats and moderate republicans( they may be totally extinct, at least those who are still serving in congress and the senate. ) to hold Joe and the Scumer, Clinton, Pelosi old corrupt but on the surface seeming citizen friendly , will to what little degree they can “hold his feet to the fire” . I am not at all optimistic about Biden . Sanders and a female vp running mate was the best alternative to biden and trump . but the silly democrats in the primaries on super tuesday gave it to biden . Although sanders won the biggest state prize california, which has the largest number of convention delegates of any state in the US . Sanders was not far behind Biden after super tuesday . Then the covid thing struck and the democratic primaries were never completed and there was no real convention . Back in the FDR era , prior and for awhile after , conventions on a significant minority of occasions determined who the party’s nominee would be . (It must be pointed out at the convention that nominated Truman to be president a dirty thing happened . Claude Pepper a progressive congressman from Florida was about to go to the podium to name two term vice president Henry A Wallace, and there was much support for him at the convention . But the microphone was taken away from Pepper . Henry A Wallace was probably the greatest president the US never had )

    I personally think the US senate should go the way of the house of Lords, Just a titular and advisory body and nothing more . In fact go ahead and abolish the elite corrupt senate . A truer democracy is a parliamentary system, based on proportional voting and proportional representation . The more parties and coalitions the more gets done for a broader spectrum of society , that is the everyday people, majority of society who do have different agendas but can work together in coalitions to support each other even if they don’t agree with each other on other things . Thats the beauty of coalition governments , based on proportinal representation . Aldo Moro a christian democrat believed in it and was going to form a coalition with the Italian communist party(anti soviet union communist party) . But the US, NATO and the state within a state Italian government killed him for trying to do this . Aldo Moro and head of the communist party Enrico Berlinguer were too of the most decent and compassionate men to have ever walked this earth .


  3. dahszil dahszil says:

    Henry Kissinger’s promotion of US intervention into other countries were people are being oppressed is total b.s. . It is a filthy thin veil, or trojan horse for US and western exploitation of resource rich countries and dirt cheap labor

    ————————————————————————————- .

    Henry A Wallace

    Untold History: The Rise and Fall of a Progressive Vice-President of the USA
    Henry Wallace – Century of the Common Man (1942)
    and 4 other videos in this playlist

  4. dahszil dahszil says:

    a bit of a refresher on Gladio . mention of Reinhardt Galen middle , a little past middle of audio . NATO`s Secret Armies Operation GLADIO / Dr Daniele Ganser Interview
    244 views•Feb 27, 2018

  5. dahszil dahszil says:

    I’m embarrassed and apologize for all my typos , and other writing errors in my comments for this week . Is there anyway i can review and edit and correct errors in my comments . please reply !

  6. dahszil dahszil says:

    Around the last third of the program you Tony and Martin were discussing the patenting of vaccines and imho by extension medications . I assume you were discussing it in a negative manner and i totally agree . The lead scientist of of, if memory serves, an international medical and scientific effort to cure or decrease Polio, was Dr. Jonas Salk . When the Salk polio vaccine came out 1955 it had quite a good success , Salk was asked who does the vaccine belong to , Salk said (on record) it belongs to the people . He was further asked if would patent it . Salk replies ” You can’t patent ‘the sun’ ” .

    I remember back in the late 2000s Big Pharma Giant Merck was demanding a very high price of Brazil for their Aids drug or a combination of drugs to give longer life spans or cure aids in Aids patients . From what remember back then with probably a number of innacuracies , is that in several news articles that Brazil decided to just analyze Merck’s aids drug and make thier own . And again, if memory serves , they did and it was a success in Brazil . Again I don’t know if Brazil was sued or not . I totally agree with countries who make their own drugs from Big Pharma’s patented drugs .

    Here is a link to just one of many articles back then about how Brazil and Thailand made their own aids drug based on a big pharma’s ingredients because big pharma like all the other wealth addicts in this world can never get enough wealth like a die hard heroin addict can never get enough heroin . Of course the filthy rich wealth addicts at the top of the deplorable disparity wealth pyramid do far more damage to the people of this world than heroin addicts .

    I didn’t read the article . at present i am not “fit for purpose” . At risk at wearing it on my sleeve, my reason or excuse is due to circumstances of stress , ill health and here in the US not getting treated for my ill health . In addition one drug that is psychoactive but does control my seizures also , a doctor just cut me off of based on a lie someone told about me that i was abusing alcohol and abusing a certain medication . the fact was i was cutting back on this medication …. regarding my abuse of alcohol : Im a depressive , i can’t tolerate even the smallest amount of alcohol . I usually have to drink several cups of coffee for relief from the severe depression alcohol induces in me . but hey, God bless the majority of people who like alcohol but don’t drive vehicles or operate machinery, or become violent due to alcohol . I am not in any crusade against alcohol just because it disagrees with me and a minority of others . i have digressed of course.. click on the following link regrading what i mentioned in the first part of this comment .

    AIDS DRUGS: Brazil, Thailand override big pharma patents

    Project Update11 May 2007 link https://www.msf.org/aids-drugs-brazil-thailand-override-big-pharma-patents

    published or republished by Médecins Sans Frontières translated in english Doctors without Borders . This is a vital truly non profit charity which goes to the poor, famine event and war torn countries around the world and provides doctors, nurses, procedures , surgeries, food, medications etcetera . You can be assured that from 80 or more % of your donation goes directly to the just previously mentioned vital medica and food services they provide Many charities have become self serving . At least here in the US if you donate to lets say the Salvation Army most of your donation goes to “nonprofit / entrepreneurs” and whats left trickles down to those they are ostensibly supposed to serve first and foremost : the needy . its hideous how many of these so called charities and nonprofits are exploiting your conscious and the needy for their own gain … Of course there are other decent true charities and nonprofits besides Médecins Sans Frontières aka Doctors Without Borders


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