Consolidating Crime: Rishi Sunak Goldman Sachs chum Richard Sharp to Chair BBC? – Street Preacher Shaun O’Sullivan Accuses ‘Fake Christian’ Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees – University Lecturer on AI Classrooms and the End of Critical Thinking – Pirbright 21: Globalists’ Covid-19 Psychological Warfare Operational Plan? – No 2nd Lockdown! Neil McEvoy, S Wales MS, on Corrupt Senedd Political Parties. Wales Last Honest Politician? – Aleister Crowley and the Zionist Movement – NOT The BCfm Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

Friday 23rd October 2020

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BCfm’s weekly Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling with Irish Republican Labour activist Martin Summers has been forced off FM, now online only, being ‘rested due to the pandemic’ on 24 March 2020 by BCfm charity boss Pat Hart. This Internet only NOT The BCfm Politics Show is now available 17:00-19:00 live on Fridays. Pat Hart has replaced us with a less analytical show called The Bristol Agenda. If you’d like to request our reinstatement you can contact the BCfm board and manager here

We have been ready to go live on BCfm’s FM server remotely, awaiting the go-ahead from Pat Hart since 16th March. Initially we were told ‘In the light of government and Ofcom guidance’ Pat Hart’s team decided ‘not to broadcast discussion or political shows’ that ‘might put the FM licence at risk’, because they ‘don’t want the burden of dealing with potential Ofcom complaints’. As it turns out ‘bad health and medical advice’ came from official government decisions and announcements which we were’t able to criticise on FM and thousands are dead unnecessarily. Now we’ve been told a wider ‘reorganisation’ is underway and this show may be allowed to return to FM in November 2020.

February 2019 Ofcom complaint result: UKLFI exposed as creation of Israeli foreign ministryBristol Post article: BCfm cleared after being reported to Ofcom for anti-semitic conspiracy theories

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First hour News Review: Covid 19 new restrictions:  our teetering economy;  230 properties price plunge; £230billion commercial property crash: Treasury watchdog sounds the alarm as millions work from homeThe value of commercial buildings will fall by nearly 14% this year, the OBR says
Transactions in 2020-21 are also expected to plummet by 23.7% geo politics of Covid 19 – China’s advantage. 

How to differentiate between hate speech and religious beliefs.  Sean O’Sullivan, a Christian street preacher, discusses Christianity and LGBT issues on his Awaken The Streets YouTube Channel. The rainbow flag is flying outside City Hall. Marvin Rees, Mayor of Bristol joined the Bristol Lord Mayor and Councillor Asher Craig to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall riots, seen as the birth of the LGBT+ liberation movement across the globe. Today also marks the start of the 2019 Bristol Pride festival as well as the event’s 10th birthday. Special thanks to Sing Out Bristol for performing for us today.  Every year across the world the LGBT+ community comes together to celebrate Pride. This year Bristol Pride Festival takes place from 2 – 15 July, with a number of other events happening all across the summer. Most people see Pride as a carnival – a time to have fun. That is an important part of it, but it of course represents so much more than that. Pride is an active stance against discrimination and violence towards the LGBT+ community. It increases visibility of this social group, helps build a sense of community and celebrates diversity, recognising the significant value that it brings to our city. At this time of year it’s important to look back on the origins of Pride, which commemorates the Stonewall Riots that broke out in Greenwich Village, New York in the summer of 1969. The police raided a popular gay club, prompting people to fight back in protest. To mark this event, a small group of people proposed the first Pride march to take place on the last Saturday in June. This served as an annual reminder to highlight the wider injustices that the LGBT+ community came up against. In the 1980s and 90s there was a cultural shift, and grassroots parades evolved into the formally organised events that we currently have, which millions of people enjoy every year across the world…

Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s former boss at Goldman Sachs Richard Sharp was responsible for £2bn looting of public money from Treasury’s Covid-19 Loan Fund – Organised crime groups take almost £2bn from furlough scheme. Organised crime gangs have stolen £2bn of furlough cash, NAO audit finds – Criminals have ‘almost certainly’ claimed between £1bn and £1.95bn, pocketing money intended for employees of ailing businesses – Up to £2 billion of money from the Government’s furlough scheme has gone straight into the hands of organised crime gangs, a new report has found….   Rishi Sunak a former Goldman Sachs employee.  Is BBC left wing or right wing?  New potential BBC Chairman – Richard Sharp BBCRishi Sunak’s ex-Goldman Sachs boss emerges as next possible BBC chairFormer Conservative party donor Richard Sharp was appointed as chancellor’s advisor in AprilMPs demand answers after Tory donor hired by Government as coronavirus loans advisor Chancellor Rishi Sunak hired ex-boss Richard Sharp who runs a firm which makes money helping struggling firms get access to cash, all of which MPs have deemed a conflict of interest Former Goldman Sachs banker Richard Sharp has been hired as a Government adviser on how coronavirus business loans should be dished out Get US and UK politics insight with our free daily email briefing straight to your inbox MPs are demanding to know why a Tory donor who runs a firm investing in troubled companies has been hired as a Government adviser on how coronavirus business loans should be dished out. The move has led to accusations that Chancellor Rishi Sunak ’s appointment of ex-boss Richard Sharp could cause a potential “conflict of interest”. The former City banker is chairman at Roundshield, a firm that makes money helping struggling firms get access to cash. One financial expert told us: “The appointment will give him a privileged insight into the market where his business operates – as well as knowledge of government thinking competitors would love. “I believe it is a conflict of interest.”

Goldman Sachs Malaysia fraud UK regulators fine Goldman Sachs over Malaysian fraud after £2.2bn enforcement. UK regulators have joined others around the globe to level heavy penalties at subsidiaries of Goldman Sachs for its role in a fraud scheme which looted billions of dollars from a Malaysian sovereign wealth fund and used the money to fund Hollywood movies, including the Wolf Of Wall Street.
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) fined Goldman Sachs International (GSI) £96.6 million. It was part of a larger co-ordinated resolution with Goldman Sachs Group over the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), which will cost the bank 2.9 billion US dollars (£2.2 billion). 

Google algorithms and elections.  Interview with Debbie, a lecturer at a midlands university, on how university has become corporate and how learning is moving towards AI.  LINK** full interview.    Zara Saltana MP on capitalism. 

Prince of Wales visits Menwith Hill.  Deep state, secret services and royalty. The Prince of Wales maintains a close interest in the work of the Intelligence Agencies. In 2011 he became the first Royal Patron of the MI5, SIS and GCHQ, and has regular meetings with senior representatives from each agency. RAF Menwith Hill is a joint UK and U.S. defence communications establishment, providing intelligence support for UK, U.S. and allied interests. Prince of Wales visits Harrogate’s RAF Menwith Hill to celebrate 60 years of operations The Prince of Wales has toured the newly dedicated Serenity Park at RAF Menwith Hill in Darley. By Damian Shepherd Tuesday, 13th October 2020, 10:38 am Harrogate district placed under Tier 1 of new local lockdown system – here’s what it means During a visit which lasted an hour and a half yesterday, Monday, His Royal Highness viewed the park built to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of operations at the site. The park also celebrates the base’s close relationship with the local community, providing a space for people to find quiet and calm. His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales visited RAF Menwith Hill on Monday. The area is set to form a focal point of community events and celebrations in the years to come, as well as a spot for families to gather. His Royal Highness, who was hosted by the RAF Cdr, Sqn Ldr Geoff Dickson, and the U.S Site Director, also visited the operations centre where he learned about the station’s history, mission and organisational partnerships, before addressing the workforce. He met members of the Ministry of Defence and staff who work at the base to thank them and acknowledge the important work that they undertake. Following the visits, Sqn Ldr Geoff Dickson said: “The delight on the faces of our employees reflects the honour we all feel in seeing His Royal Highness come to RAF Menwith Hill to see firsthand the work that we do, particularly in the year in which we are commemorating 60 years of operations.” His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales outside the Operations Building with Sqn Ldr Geoff Dickson, RAF Cdr, RAF Menwith Hill. RAF Menwith Hill is a joint UK and U.S. defence communications establishment, providing intelligence support for UK, U.S. and allied interests. The Prince of Wales maintains a close interest in the work of the Intelligence Agencies. In 2011 he became the first Royal Patron of the MI5, SIS and GCHQ, and has regular meetings with senior representatives from each agency. Risk levels for Yorkshire revealed after Prime Minister sets out new system for coronavirus restrictions His Royal Highness also presents the ‘The Prince of Wales’s Intelligence Community Awards’, to honour those whose vital work could never be celebrated publicly.

Song – I snitched on me neighbour  

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Full interview with University Politics/Sociology Lecturer Debbie re privatisation & Covid hysteria

Second hour Covid Plandemic News and Investigative Reports:

UN General Assembly – Emir of Qatar on Palestinian rights

White House adviser on masks and twitter Twitter Removes Post by White House COVID Adviser Regarding Mask. 

Hunter Biden and underage girls on laptop Giuliani claims Hunter Biden’s laptop contained ‘numerous pictures of underage girls,’ says explicit material given to policeTrump to bring Hunter Biden’s business partner who CONFIRMED leaked emails are real as GUEST to final debate

Alan Yearly on organised crime and Covid 19 testing systems. UK Legislation changed allowing forced detention and treatment, murder, rape, spying WHY WHY NOW ? 

Milton Keynes Lighthouse Covid Testing lab a ‘cowboy operation’ not working – A scientist who processed coronavirus swab samples at one of the UK’s largest labs has alleged working practices were “chaotic and dangerous”. He highlighted overcrowded biosecure workspaces, poor safety protocols and a lack of suitable PPE. The Health and Safety Executive has uncovered safety breaches at the lighthouse lab in Milton Keynes. The UK Biocentre, which runs the lab, said strict safety measures were in place and improvements were being made.. He said fellow workers had limited laboratory experience and were not given proper safety induction. “I found they’ve got no experience with this sort of facility or handling bio-hazardous, and then they’re just launched into this facility,” Dr Harris said. He saw two people using biosecurity cabinets – enclosed, ventilated workspaces where scientists open the tubes containing the contaminated swabs – which were only calibrated to have protective airflow for one person. “Once you disrupt that [airflow], you might as well be working on an open bench. It just disrupts the whole reason for a cabinet to protect the operator. And it is really disturbing,” Dr Harris said. He called the working practices “chaotic and dangerous”…

Ben from Bristol on Talk Radio – on people getting tests results when they didn’t have a test. 

Serco boss Rupert Soames on Peston – UK government spends £1.5bn a year on Serco – contact tracing failures. 

Pirbright 21 document – the Covid-19 Psychological Operation? Conspiracy ideas…….  Pirbright 21: mass psychosis Covid-19 op – bring free world to heel – Pirbright 21: mass psychosis Covid-19 op – bring free world to heel 1. False-flag chemical weapons attacks in Syria have failed and the Anglo-Zionist empire has been blocked militarily by Russia. Brexit was also a hammer blow to the empire’s plans for a United States of Europe to domestic populations must be reined in. 2. Power grab using mass media to control bounds of ‘public debate’ and bury all expert criticism for deep state and intelligence services corporatocracy – now firmly in charge of government institutions and progress of all policy initiatives – gaining more traction over decisions about their own budgets 3. Psychological warfare training and operations persuading masses of populations to set off on a path of increasing slavery, to give up their liberties without a fight – staggering ‘big lie’, barely comprehensible audacity with prime objective ‘ divide and rule. Plucky fight-back leaders branded ‘outcasts’ 4. Discrediting of elected governments through infiltration and sabotage – impoverishment and destruction of SMEs – giant wealth boost for tech giants 5. Enormous changes in behaviour – an exercise in what the public will accept and a way to identify businesses and individuals who may lead resistance to corporate change so they can be attacked through the legal system etc and otherwise disabled from action, impoverished at a later date 6. Use of WHO public relations term ‘Build Back Better’ by Biden, Boris and other world leaders, they follow a WHO strategy, not their own 7. Tens of millions driven into debt and therefore not having the confidence through lowered morale or the financial confidence and resources to fight back against forces which undermine their livelihood and that of family/loved ones 8. Convenient political cover to bail out failed banks, even more so than 2008, saddled with a further wave of unpayable debt which, by laws of the ‘free market’, should be allowed to go bankrupt 9. Excuse to reinstitute policies of austerity which Boris promised to reverse 10. Attack on the close-knit communities in urban centres of Northern England 11. Economic consequences cause financial crash which enables financiers and treasury to up interest rates and plunge millions of home owners into negative equity – disempowering and demoralising them so they are less likely to fight back or donate to popular social movements 12. Manufactured crisis is cover for opening of new front against Russia in Azerbaijan very close in the Caucasus to divide Russia and Iran and add to headaches west created for Moscow in Belarus, Donbass, Afghanistan, Syria etc. Russian foreign minister Lavrov is the world’s greatest chess player, constantly blocking NATO moves in the Middle East and elsewhere. 13. Creating massive desperate demand for tests, PPE and medical equipment for ICUs etc which can be supplied at enormous profit margins by favoured clique insider individuals primed to do so and given loans to prepare mid/late 2019 early 2020…

Nacho Igs Salz – was one of founders of Stand UP X a cocaine dealer? Did Nacho Igs Salz Infiltrate Stand Up X As Part Of An Organised Crime Psychological Operation? London’s Colombian Born Stand Up X Leader Nacho Igs Salz Alleged Cocaine Dealer? Police Informer? Nacho Igs Salz Stand Up X Peckham Morrisons 10 Aug 2020 – The group’s other most prominent figures appear to be Igs Salz – who previously announced he would be running for Mayor, and a lady called Cassie Sunshine. Corbyn is proudly tagged into a number of their posts and even features in one of their publicity videos. StandUp X’s activities also show little sign of running out of funding with a drive for cash already amassing some £2,200 from donors in just a few days. Worryingly for the government trying to promote the wearing of masks, the protest group’s public Facebook page shows it is converting other people to its views and cause. One mother called Gemma Munro told them: ‘I really want to thank this group for giving me the strength and courage to stop wearing that stupid mask!

Boris on the new Covid 19 measures this week.  Andy Burnham on the new Manchester restrictions.  Kier Starmer on the money for the North. Welsh First Minister on the Welsh lockdown. 

Interview with Neil McEvoy, from the Welsh Nation Party, about Welsh lockdown and on whistleblowers….. Deryn lobbying firm and Ofcom corruption Story. Ofcom admits it broke its own rules in giving contract to lobbying firm run by its own advisors Former Labour and Plaid Cymru figures are directors of Deryn, the company at the centre of the row The communications regulator Ofcom has concluded that it broke its own procurement rules when a contract was awarded to a lobbying firm run by two former Labour special advisers and an ex Plaid Cymru AM. Earlier this year we revealed how Cardiff-based Deryn had been contracted by Ofcom Wales to monitor events at the National Assembly for an unspecified fee. There had been no competitive tendering and two of Deryn’s senior figures – former Plaid AM Nerys Evans and former Labour special adviser Huw Roberts – sat on Ofcom’s advisory committee for Wales. Another of Deryn’s directors – Cathy Owens – is also a former Labour special adviser. South Wales Central AM Neil McEvoy – currently sitting as an Independent after being suspended from Plaid Cymru after speaking out against the party’s support for scrapping tenants’ rights to buy council homes – complained about the awarding of the contract and said it illustrated how in his view there should be a register of lobbyists in Wales run by the Assembly. Now Ofcom has confirmed that Mr McEvoy’s complaint has been upheld. Alison Crosland, Ofcom’s group director of corporate services, has written to the AM stating: “Thank you for your correspondence earlier this year. At the time, we wrote to you to state that the issues you had raised were very serious and that we would review the procurement of the monitoring service in Wales. “We have now externally reviewed how the service was procured in light of Ofcom’s internal processes and I am writing to share the outcome. This concluded that the way the contract was awarded was not consistent with Ofcom’s required processes and a competitive procurement should have been undertaken. “The review concluded that the decision to procure the service was based on its usefulness, and the fact that employees of the supplier hold positions on the Advisory Committee for Wales had no bearing on the decision.

Geza Tarjani on lockdowns and how to fight your battles.  London Assembly – London Assembly Member David Kurten on the unfair differences in policing of London protests.  Song – Starmsey. 

Liverpool Gyms To Reopen After Protests – Liverpool Gyms To Re-Open In Tier 3 Areas, Following Pressure on Government to U-Turn – It’s been an incredibly tough year for gym owners. In March, a nationwide lockdown forced all fitness centres, health clubs and gyms to close their doors ­ with no set re-opening date ­ to fight a respiratory virus that was spread, primarily, indoors and in close quarters. Almost three months after the national closures came a gradual re-opening of these facilities, only for localised ‘lockdowns’ in September and October to kick in once again and force many business owners in at-risk areas to shut their doors to the public. The frustration came to a head earlier this week when “seven or eight” armed police served a Liverpool gym owner with a £1000 fine after he refused to close the space, despite the city’s strict ‘Tier 3’ lockdown rules. Bodytech Fitness owner Nick Whitcombe was instructed to shut down the premises in Moreton after an anonymous tip warned the police that the gym was still open for business despite the new safety measures. Whitcombe believed that, after the local lockdown, gym members “Won’t have one to come back to” and shared footage of the police inside his gym, saying: “we have just received our first £1,000 fine at Body Tech.” “…So, they’ve told us ‘close immediately’ or I’ll take a £1,000 fine. Obviously we still had quite a lot of members training and I said to the officers, “I’m not asking anyone to leave. I’m going to let them finish their sessions first.”

Colonel Gaddafi at UN General Assembly dishing the dirt on US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan. Touching also on the assassination of John F. Kennedy by the CIA over his intention to investigate Israel’s nuclear weapons site at Dimona.  The Libyan leader had been scheduled to speak for 15 minutes but spoke for over an hour and a half, in a wide-ranging, passionate address which took in the UN security council, the assassination of US president John F Kennedy, Somali piracy and a theory that swine flu was created for military purposes. Gaddafi took to the rostrum at 4pm, prompting several UN delegates to leave the hall. When they tentatively returned 30 minutes later, expecting the Libyan to have finished, he was only a third of the way into his speech. Gaddafi, who frequently broke off to pore over pages of notes, said the security council should be called “the terror council”, saying: “We cannot have the security council under countries which have nuclear powers. This is terrorism itself.” The Libyan leader, who arrived in New York yesterday, also called for a permanent seat on the security council for the African Union – prompting applause from a handful of African states – and invited anyone who disagreed with him to an impromptu debate on the general assembly floor…

Interview with David Livingstone, author of ‘Ordo Ab Chao’, on connections between Alistair Crowley’s Golden Dawn, Theodore Herzl and the early Zionists. A sub-component of 4GW was Lind’s advancement of Buchanan’s notion of a “Culture War,” as part of a purported liberal conspiracy comprised of so-called “Cultural Marxists” and their ideology of “political correctness” or “multiculturalism” in opposition to “traditional American culture” or “Judeo-Christian culture.”[100] Lind was one of the five advisers Buchanan listed as having played significant roles in his book, The Death of The West, which contains a chapter titled “The Frankfurt School Comes To America.” Lind was chiefly responsible for popularizing the conspiratorial interpretation of the Frankfurt School agenda behind Cultural Marxism, which originated in Michael Minnicino’s 1992 essay “New Dark Age: Frankfurt School and ‘Political Correctness’,” published in Fidelio Magazine by the Schiller Institute, a branch of the LaRouche movement. Lind has asserted that Marxists control much of modern popular media, and that political correctness can be directly attributed to Karl Marx.[101] Lind’s introduction to a 1990s twenty-two minute Free Congress Foundation video, on the origins of “political correctness” also featured Weyrich’s “right-hand man” Laszlo Pasztor, a convicted Nazi collaborator and the founding chair of the Republican Heritage Groups Council (RHGC). Weyrich first aired his conception of Cultural Marxism in a 1998 speech to the Civitas Institute’s Conservative Leadership Conference, later repeating this usage in his widely syndicated Culture War Letter. At Weyrich’s request, Lind wrote a short history of his conception of Cultural Marxism for FCF, in which he identifies the presence of homosexuals on television as proof of Cultural Marxist control over the mass media and claims that Herbert Marcuse considered a coalition of “blacks, students, feminist women and homosexuals” as the vanguard of cultural revolution.[102] In 1999 Lind led the creation of an hour-long program entitled “Political Correctness: The Frankfurt School.” Some of Lind’s content went on to be reproduced by James Jaeger in his YouTube film CULTURAL MARXISM: The Corruption of America. The FCF’s 2004 mini-book, Political Correctness­A Short History of an Ideology and its references to “Cultural Marxism” provided the core inspirational ideas for Norwegian terrorist Anders Behring Breivik’s political manifesto. The paleoconservatives view immigration, especially Muslim and Hispanic immigration, as an existential threat which could destroy the nation. According to Scaminaci, they were targeting Islam years before the 9/11 terrorist attacks.[103] Indeed, a plot line in William Lind’s 2014 race-war novel Victoria: A Novel of 4th Generation Warfare, envisions America’s second civil war, and a recovery of “traditional,” Western, Christian culture, led by a new country located in the northeast, which named itself Victoria because it had returned to Victorian values. The novel describes the invasion of Boston by Muslim troops under the auspices of the UN. At the close of the book, the victorious white Christian insurgents prepare to launch a tenth Crusade against Islam.

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Full interview with Welsh National Party Senedd member Neil McEvoy MS


Beginning his working life in the aviation industry and trained by the BBC, Tony Gosling is a British land rights activist, historian & investigative radio journalist. Over the last 20 years he has been exposing the secret power of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and élite Bilderberg Conferences where the dark forces of corporations, media, banks and royalty conspire to accumulate wealth and power through extortion and war. Tony has spent much of his life too advocating solutions which heal the wealth divide, such as free housing for all and a press which reflects the concerns of ordinary people rather than attempting to lead opinion, sensationalise or dumb-down. Tony tweets at @TonyGosling. Tune in to his Friday politics show at BCfm here

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  1. ” US researchers at the WHO told Trump administration about coronavirus in 2019, report says ”

    ” US has never asked WikiLeaks rival to remove leaked cables, court told
    Cryptome also published documents that are at centre of Julian Assange extradition case ”

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