Bristol Cabinet Member for Housing Paul Smith Resigns, Discusses Anti-Traveller Injunction – BBC Ignore 30,000 Anti Coronaphobia Rally in Trafalgar Square – Alexander Litvinenko 2006 and Alexei Navalny 2020: Putin the Poisoner? – 9/11 Dissected: 19th Anniversary of NWO Attempt to Define the 21st Century – Elon Musk Tries To Sell His Neuralink Skull Implant To Connect Brain To A Computer – John Dee and Francis Bacon Occultists Take Over Elizabethan England – NOT The BCfm Politics Show – presented by Tony Gosling

Friday 4th September 2020

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BCfm’s weekly Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling with Irish Republican Labour activist Martin Summers is under assault, but continues online after being ‘rested due to the pandemic’ on 24 March 2020 by BCfm charity ‘CEO’ Pat Hart. The Internet only BCfm Politics Show is now available 17:00-19:00 live on Fridays. Pat Hart replaced us with a show called The Bristol Agenda. If you’d like to request our reinstatement you can contact the BCfm chiefs here.
We have been ready to go live on BCfm’s FM server remotely, awaiting the go-ahead from the managing editor since 16th March. Initially we were told ‘In the light of government and Ofcom guidance’ his team decided ‘not to broadcast discussion or political shows’ that ‘might put the FM licence at risk’, because they ‘don’t want the burden of dealing with potential Ofcom complaints’. Now we’ve been told a wider ‘reorganisation’ is underway and this show may be allowed to return to FM in November 2020.

February 2019 Ofcom complaint result: UKLFI exposed as creation of Israeli foreign ministryBristol Post article: BCfm cleared after being reported to Ofcom for anti-semitic conspiracy theoriesafter successfully defending ourselves against an Ofcom complaint by the Israeli government we were voluntarily taken off the air 12 months later anyway by Pat Hart 

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First hour News Review: Paul Smith leaves Bristol Council to take job with Elim Housing Association – he discusses why he did this and Bristol housing issues. 

Bristol City Council cabinet member Paul Smith to resign. He’s ‘retiring’, prompting claims the authority is no longer Labour-controlled. A Bristol City Council cabinet member has announced his retirement – sparking claims that the authority is no longer Labour-controlled. Cllr Paul Smith, who is in charge of housing, will step down at the end of this month after being appointed chief executive of Elim Housing Group. The shock departure comes just two months after another Labour councillor, Harriet Bradley, quit her role because of ill-health [and being suspended from the Labour party under fake antisemitism charges]. It means that from October 1, Labour will be down to 34 councillors – the same number as the opposition Conservative, Lib Dem and Green groups combined. This does not include mayor Marvin Rees, who has a vote at full council meetings, with Labour insisting it still has a majority in the chamber, with the lord mayor – currently Lib Dem Jos Clark – traditionally not casting a vote….

Covid 19: anti Lockdown demonstration in Trafalgar Square 29th August 2020. Anna Brees interviews people there – Dolores Cahill, Epidemiologist, saying Covid 19 is no more dangerous than flu; some say ‘virus doesn’t exist’ but is its genetic sequence being suppressed a bio-weapon? More than 10,000 COVID conspiracy theorists gather in London as police arrest Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers AGAIN: Huge crowd of anti-vaxxers led by David Icke gather to argue that virus is a lie spread in secret global plot organised by Bill Gates – Conspiracy theorist Piers Corbyn was filmed being taken away from Trafalgar Square by mask-wearing police – It is the third time decisive anti-lockdown figure Mr Corbyn has been arrested in just over three months = Protesters who believe coronavirus is hoax gathered for Unite for Freedom rally started at noon on Saturday – Jeremy Corbyn’s brother Piers was yesterday arrested at a mass-gathering of Covid-19 conspiracy theorists who took to the streets of London to demonstrate against lockdown restrictions and vaccination programmes. The former Labour leader’s older brother was filmed being taken away from Trafalgar Square by a gaggle of mask-wearing police officers who hauled him into a van. It is the third time the decisive anti-lockdown figure has been arrested in just over three months. He was arrested on May 16 and May 30 while protesting in Hyde Park. More than 10,000 anti-lockdown protesters who believe coronavirus is a hoax gathered for the ‘Unite for Freedom’ rally which started at noon in the capital on Saturday. Demonstrators called for an ‘end to Government lies’ and the restoration of all freedoms as they marched past Downing Street towards the Houses of Parliament. Pictures from the demonstration show Trafalgar Square almost full of protesters – none of whom are wearing masks – holding signs that brand the pandemic as a ‘hoax’. When full, the square holds up to 35,000 people. Other signs claimed masks reduce immunity and likened the restrictions to ‘child torture’. One person held a homemade placard on which he had scrawled ‘no to mandatory vaccines…

Stand Up X Protest in Bristol Sunday 30th August 2020 – The Coronaphobia Antidote – Tony Gosling, Judith Brown, Stand Up X, Castle Park Bristol (30Aug20) Stand Up X invites you to Stand Up Bristol!! … Stand up X is holding a lawful and peaceful event for freedom in Bristol on Sunday August 30th . Bring a picnic to listen to some of the UK’s most prolific truth speakers, to make friends and network with some of the most amazing individuals this city knows! (No doubt there will be free hugs for those in desperate need!) … There will be marching or dancing to College Green – You choose (If you’re a drummer – bring a drum!)… and weather permitting, we might even make time to pay tribute to the St Pauls and Notting Hill carrnivals (both currently in a coma somewhere on a CoV ID ward… soon to be deceased if not given alternative therapy!). Guest Speakers include Mark Devlin presenting “Irrefutable Proof That the Covid-19 “Pandemic” was Planned Long in Advance.” … Tony Gosling (Ex BBC presenter turned truth seeker and speaker) and a very special mystery guest speaker (TBC) as well as members of the London and Bristol Stand Up movement. “We Are The People, We Are The Power, We Are the 99%” Stand Up Bristol …there is no other time for this …lets get free!!

Wuhan lab given Pentagon money; REVEALED: U.S. government gave $3.7million grant to Wuhan lab at center of coronavirus leak scrutiny that was performing experiments on bats from the caves where the disease is believed to have originated – The US National Institutes of Health, a government agency, awarded a $3.7million research grant to the Wuhan Institute of Virology The lab is the center of several conspiracy theories that suggest it is the original source of the coronavirus outbreak The institute experimented on bats from the source of the coronavirus They were captured more than 1,000 miles away in Yunnan Sequencing of the Covid-19 genome has traced it to bats to Yunnan’s caves The U.S. government funded research on coronavirus transmission in the lab over the past decade Here’s how to help people impacted by Covid-19 The Chinese laboratory at the center of scrutiny over a potential coronavirus leak has been using U.S. government money to carry out research on bats from the caves which scientists believe are the original source of the deadly outbreak. The Wuhan Institute of Virology undertook coronavirus experiments on mammals captured more than 1,000 miles away in Yunnan which were funded by a $3.7 million grant from the US government. Sequencing of the COVID-19 genome has traced it back to bats found in Yunnan caves but it was first thought to have transferred to humans at an animal market in Wuhan. The revelation that the Wuhan Institute was experimenting on bats from the area already known to be the source of COVID-19 – and doing so with American money – has sparked further fears that the lab, and not the market, is the original outbreak source. Lawmakers and pressure groups were quick to hit out at U.S. funding being provided for the ‘dangerous and cruel animal experiments at the Wuhan Institute’.

Piers Corbyn on Richie Allen show; Richie is joined by Tony Gosling and Piers Corbyn. There is “unequivocal proof” that Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny was poisoned with a Novichok nerve agent, Germany has said. Chancellor Angela Merkel said he was a victim of attempted murder and the world would look to Russia for answers. Navalny was airlifted to Berlin in a coma after falling ill on a flight in Russia’s Siberia region last month. To analyse this, Richie is joined by broadcast journalist and former BBC reporter Tony Gosling. Piers Corbyn is a renowned meteorologist, physicist and human rights campaigner. Last Saturday, he and others addressed a massive crowd at London’s Trafalgar Square. Piers is leading a nationwide campaign to end the lockdown, prevent the new normal taking hold and expose the forced vaccination agenda. He was arrested on Saturday and told he would be fined £10,000. Piers discusses this with Richie…

Peter Hitchens on Piers Corbyn, protest, and no economic recovery; will we have an economic recovery?   PETER HITCHENS: We rant about the BBC Proms… yet make ourselves slaves to coronaphobia PETER HITCHENS: Why are arguments about the love of country always held between BBC-type Britain-hating pinkoes, embarrassed by their own nation, and shouty jingoes, who never think about what patriotism really means? Here we all are in a state of rage about whether the words of Rule, Britannia should be sung at the Last Night Of The Proms. Yet the same people who claim to be exercised about this meekly submit to compulsory masks, house arrest and a catalogue of outrages against our liberty that only a slavish mind would accept…

Bristol, Stand Up X, a poem by attendee ‘Bill Gates is not the Messiah’; pharmaceutical lobby. Bill Gates Is Not The Messiah Stand Up X Bristol Awake 30Aug20 Castle Park – THOSE FISHY COVID STATISTICS Bill Gates is NOT the Messiah He’s a Very Naughty Boy And He’ll Double His Wealth Now Global Health Is his Chief Executive Toy He Poured His Tax Free Dollars Into High Return Vaccine And He Wants to Stick Just a Tiny Prick Into Every Human Being Gates is NOT the Messiah Though he Sure Can Mesmerise With A Tax Free Gag Through a Fact Free Rag And Assisted Google AIs He Brings the Truth and the Good News And Fake-Checks all The Rest With a Useful Tool Of Divide and Rule If You Sneeze You Might Be Blessed Gates is NOT the Messiah Who will Feed the Multitude With a GM Crop, That’ll Grow, Then Stop ‘Til The Contract Is Renewed The Earth Will Be De-weeded Of Biodiversity And To Get Your Food You’ve Got tho Be Tattooed With a Biometric ID Hey! Gates is NOT the Messiah Though He Wants The Common Good If We Copulate, We’ll Overpopulate There’ll Be Unplanned Parenthood So In Spite Of All Your Gaming You Might Have Scored A Duck Get You’re Vaxxed Passport Thank The Lord, Go Forth But For Gates Sake Don’t Go Fuck Gates is Not The Messiah Though He Has Risen Aloft Can A Billionaire, Really That Much Care If His Heart Is Microsoft? He Went From Riches To Riches With A Talent To Invest From Propitiatory Dots To The Hive-Them-Offs In Pursuit of His Interest Hey! Gates Is Not The Messiah Though We Are To Him As Sheep Satellites Will View Everything We Do Even Though We Are Asleep I Don’t Believe He’s Evil Maybe He Means Well? But Our Souls Aren’t Safe His Intentions Pave The Way To Orwellian HELL! 

PMQs Kier Starmer attacking Johnson on all the U-turns. Parliament degenerating – opposition leader is an establishment puppet – the politicians have nothing to say, nothing to say

Accountable Democracy – criminals at the top. More like a broad dossier of reports on the current crisis and its possible solutions. The crisis involves militarism, inequality and environmental degradation. The political class has been captured by unaccountable international networks controlled by the super rich, the one percent. Democracy has been smothered, its institutions weakened by bribery and blackmail and a corporate media that promotes divide and rule tactics using distractions, smears and false narratives. At AD we do not seek to duplicate other reform campaigns. By focusing on the systemic crisis we hope we can indirectly help a wide range of campaigns and the new media challenging the corporate cartel. Crimes against democracy at home and the UN Charter abroad are deadly serious, not sixth form pranks of the privileged. We want to see power exercised transparently and returned to the citizens, with nobody above the law…

PMQs paying for BBC. PMQs schools back and HS2. PMQs asylum seekers. PMQs loans for small businesses.

Somerset-Based Rhodesian Arms Dealer John Bredenkamp ‘dies’ in Harare paving way for £90m gold bullion bond to be unfrozen – This week, Open Secrets continues to profile the corporations and individuals implicated in corruption in the 1999 Arms Deal but yet to be held to account. The European arms corporations that profited from the deal used a similar modus operandi – pay well-connected middlemen and agents to guarantee access to politicians and key decision-makers. This week we turn the spotlight onto John Bredenkamp, who was contracted by British arms giant BAE Systems in relation to the Arms Deal. This is the first in a three-part series detailing the lucrative relationship between BAE Systems and its covert international network of middlemen.

Arms dealer, sanctions buster John Bredenkamp dies aged 79 – BULAWAYO – John Bredenkamp, a controversial millionaire businessman who captained the national rugby side before independence has died, the Zimbabwe Rugby Union (ZRU) announced on ThursdayHe was 79. “It is with a heavy and sad heart that the president of the ZRU announces the sad passing of our former Sables player and captain John Bredenkamp this morning,” the ZRU said in a statement. “May his family and friends be comforted during this sad time. The ZRU is at a loss for words on the passing of our former skipper. May his soul rest in eternal peace.” The cause of death was kidney failure, according to friends. One of Zimbabwe’s richest people, Bredenkamp was reputed to have amassed a personal fortune of US$870 million from activities such as sanctions busting on behalf of the Rhodesian regime, tobacco trading, arms sales and diamond mining in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Born in Kimberley, South Africa, in 1940, Bredenkamp moved to Zimbabwe with his parents as a child, and worked in the tobacco industry after finishing high school at Prince Edward in Harare. He went to work in the Netherlands before founding his own company, the Casalee Group, which was registered in Belgium. From there, Bredenkamp was involved in the sale of Rhodesian tobacco on world markets, through evasion of United Nations sanctions. His company grew to be the fifth biggest tobacco merchant in the world, before he sold it to Universal Leaf Tobacco in 1993…

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Second hour International News Followed By Investigative reports: Court case for Charlie Hebdo false flag attack in Paris which has taken FIVE YEARS to come to court

Navalny ‘poisoning’: Berevosky killed or suicide; Novichok not that potent? Short story is that these ‘Novichoks’ are real compounds studied in the USSR at bench scale in the 1970s, at a time when several countries were studying possible new nerve agents. The story of a secret programme in the late 80s / early 90s to develop a chemical super-weapon named “Novichok” was fabricated by Soviet counter-intelligence to successfully flush Vil Sultanovich Mirzayanov out as a US spy/leaker, and continued after the collapse of the USSR to confuse the US. The authentic looking secret material which he was deliberately given access to as a test of his loyalty did indeed ‘find its way’ to United States intelligence. He was arrested in 1992 but the trial collapsed under Yeltsin and he moved to live in the United States in 1995. The US studied the toxicity of these compounds around 1996, and all indications were they are not as toxic as Sarin or VX. Their structures have been publicly available since 2008, so anyone with a reasonable lab can make them at bench scale…

Litvinenko polonium poisoning story, weedy ex policeman, with no KGB connections, who was blackmailing London criminal oligarchs – who then poisoned him

Saker – When Sergei the mercenary realized the vast importance this farcical, obscene Steele Dossier had taken on, that it was gospel truth for the whole anti-Trump, anti-Russia war party in Washington, he began to see how much it might be worth to the Russian state to blow it sky-high. If he were to describe on a prime-time Russian talk-show how he invented these obscene details over a beer with Miller and Steele in a pub, it would not only have all of Russia rolling on the floor with laughter. Heads would roll in Washington. The neo-con war party would become a laughing-stock. MI6 would be run out of town. Steele might face FBI perjury charges. The CIA might have its budget cut. Trump would be able to talk to Putin again. And the rewards for Sergei might be considerable. Not only seeing his 90-year old mother again, but perhaps even a swanky villa with a sea-view in Crimea or Sochi instead of that dank, shabby row-house in darkest Salisbury.

Operation Beluga  to discredit Putin; ‘Blowing Up Russia’ book. Belarus elections and protests.  9/11:  Richard Clarke ….;  Matt Campbell. who’s brother was a victim of 9/11, wants UK inquest reopened; John Brennan and Robert Muller implicated; UK Family seeks new 9/11 inquest. August 18, 2020 – With support from AE911 the family of Geoffrey Campbell, a UK citizen who died in the North Tower, plans to file a petition on the upcoming anniversary of 9/11 to reopen the inquest into the murder of their loved one. =The reopening of Geoff’s inquest under the UK Coroners Act of 1988 provides a uniquely promising opportunity to establish in a court of law that the destruction of the Twin Towers was caused by pre-planted explosives and incendiaries and not by the impact of the airplanes, as cited in the first inquest. For a new inquest to be ordered, the Campbells only need to show that the coroner in the first inquest did not have all the material facts and that the new evidence may change the original verdict. To donate to the legal costs please click here

Phillip Marshall, ‘Was it Murder’ – author of ‘The Big Bamboozle’ In the introduction to his book, Marshall cites the fact that in the final version of the Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11, the indisputable evidence about the role of Saudi intelligence was redacted. Marshall presents evidence that bin Laden’s role in 9/11 was a false flag, to cover for the fact that the funding, logistical support, tactical planning, and training of the 9/11 terrorist attack were all supplied by Saudi Arabia, whose role was covered up by blaming Osama bin Laden, who did not have the means to carry out such a sophisticated operation. Secondly, he demonstrates that the operation was effectively facilitated, and then exploited, by the Bush family apparatus, which effectively stood down while the attack was occurring, and ignored warnings of the impending attack.And thirdly, he exposes the roles in the coverup of Porter Goss, the House Chairman of the Joint Congressional Inquiry; Philip Zelikow, the director of the 9/11 Commission; and FBI Director Robert Mueller, who was appointed on Sept. 4, 2001. That coverup persists to this day….

Elon Musk, transhumanist, on his new coin shaped computer to implant in the brain. Is Elon Musk over-hyping his brain-hacking Neuralink tech? Musk live-streamed a progress report on his Neuralink technology late last week. He is the most charismatic figure in technology with some amazing achievements to his name, from making electric cars desirable to developing rockets that can return to earth and be reused. But dare to suggest that anything Elon Musk does is not groundbreaking or visionary and you can expect a backlash from the great man and his army of passionate fans. That is what happened when a British academic criticised Musk’s demo on Friday of his Neuralink project – and the retaliation he faced was largely my fault. Neuralink is a hugely ambitious plan to link the human brain to a computer. It might eventually allow people with conditions such as Parkinson’s disease to control their physical movements or manipulate machines via the power of thought. There are plenty of scientists already at work in this field. But Musk has far greater ambitions than most, talking of developing “superhuman cognition” – enhancing the human brain in part to combat the threat he sees from artificial intelligence. Friday night’s demo involved a pig called Gertrude fitted with what the tech tycoon described as a “Fitbit in your skull”. A tiny device recorded the animal’s neural activity and sent it wirelessly to a screen. A series of beeps happened every time her snout was touched, indicating activity in the part of her brain seeking out food. “I think this is incredibly profound”, commented Musk. Some neuroscience experts were not quite as impressed.

Order From Chaos & History of Magi to Assassins – David Livingstone – David Livingstone … John Dee and Francis Bacon take control of the English throne – begin their audacious plan to privatise the world through scientific discoveries and concealed witchcraft cults – David Livingstone, author of ‘The Dying God: The hidden history of Western civilisation’, discussing the history of Kabbalah, Biblical Magi and hermetiscism.  – Esoteric knowledge spread to England before Ireland. A famous Welchman, Dr. John Dee, created a center for estoteric studies. Sir John Dee, was the court astrologer for Queen Elizabeth. He also was a brilliant magician, physician, philosopher, alchemist, Cabbalist, mathematician, scientist, and diplomatic emissary. This model of the Renaissance man lay the groundwork for modern speculative Freemasonry. He lectured on the Continent to the great European universities on Geometry. Sir John Dee was fully aware and spoke about the idea of Plato about the Great Architect of the Universe, for which sacred geometry is a method to understand this great architect’s mind. In the preface Dee wrote for Henry Billingley’s translation of Euclid published in 1570, Dee refers to Plato as “Divine Plato.”Sir John Dee is credited for founding a type of Magick called Enochian Magick. (Practitioners of magic often spell magic with a k.) He believed he could conjure up Angels. And he was convinced that the angels he conjured up with magic were not demons – – When we remove the biases of how Western history is taught, we reveal a hidden tradition that began not in Greece, but in Babylon in the sixth century BC, and transformed not only Greek philosophy, Christianity, and Islam, but shaped the Renaissance and modern Europe. David Livingstone was born in Montreal in 1966 of a Jamaican-Canadian father (a school teacher) and French Canadian mother. At age seven, he asked his parents who Plato and Socrates were. Told they were truthseekers, he was shocked. “You mean people don’t know what the truth is?” He resolved to find it out. Livingstone studied history as an undergraduate but dropped out in 1992 when he realized he was being indoctrinated. “When I read that the Indo European [Aryan] race emerged from the Caucuses, out of nowhere, I got suspicious, and began the 13 years of research that led to my first book, The Dying God: The Hidden History of Western Civilization.” While writing that book, Livingstone paid his bills by planting trees in British Columbia and upholstering furniture in Montreal. Raised as an agnostic, he accepted Islam in 1992 after making a study of the major world religions. He married in 2000 and has three children.

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Beginning his working life in the aviation industry and trained by the BBC, Tony Gosling is a British land rights activist, historian & investigative radio journalist. Over the last 20 years he has been exposing the secret power of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and élite Bilderberg Conferences where the dark forces of corporations, media, banks and royalty conspire to accumulate wealth and power through extortion and war. Tony has spent much of his life too advocating solutions which heal the wealth divide, such as free housing for all and a press which reflects the concerns of ordinary people rather than attempting to lead opinion, sensationalise or dumb-down. Tony tweets at @TonyGosling. Tune in to his Friday politics show at BCfm here

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