“Where [Bristol Mayor] Marvin Rees Is Now Is A Result Of What His Dad [Valentine Walker] Did For The Establishment” Steve Norman – The return of apartheid, Israeli style –The annexation of any land, Palestinian land included, is a violation of international law – Beirut Blast: Israeli Act Of War Destroys Lebanon’s Ability To Trade? – Dr. Chris Busby on 75th Hiroshima Day 2020: ‘White Elephant’ Hinkley C Will Never Be Finished – US Special Forces Command Shipped Eastern European Weapons To Syrian Terrorists Using Silk Way Airlines – Amazon Censor ‘A Child’s Voice’ feature film exposing child trafficking – Not The BCfm Politics Show – presented by Tony Gosling

Friday 7th August 2020

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February 2019 Ofcom complaint result: UKLFI exposed as creation of Israeli foreign ministryBristol Post article: BCfm cleared after being reported to Ofcom for anti-semitic conspiracy theories

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First hour News Review: RIP activist Steve Norman, who accused Bristol mayor Marvin Rees of being an establishment puppet: ‘Where Marvin Rees is now is a direct result of what his dad did for the establishment’. Plus on the Merchant Venturers buying part of Avonmouth Port: Facing down councillor opposition, and armed with a supportive independent valuation report and the backing of senior council bureaucrats including the Director of Property (a former corporate property consultant), the Mayor argued that the £10 million represented a “very good deal” and a much needed windfall for our austerity-hit city. Credible arguments were also laid down that the Port needed the freehold in order to attract investment and add to the local economy, whilst at current the freehold represented little active value to the council. Pressing ahead and under no legal constraints by the councillor rebellion, the Mayor succeeded in passing a motion to sell at the executive decision making cabinet meeting two weeks later. All members of the cabinet conceded to the terms of the sale. Except one, who had changed his mind about the sale citing sustained frustration with the process and concern regarding public interest safeguards. That one was Labour Assistant Mayor Mark Bradshaw. Bradshaw was unceremoniously fired with an email by Ferguson within hours. The drama in the council continued, with Mayor Ferguson accusing the other politician and Labour mayoral candidate hopeful of ‘playing politics’. And so with these abridged version of events the land was sold to the Bristol Port Company, with the council retaining a 12.5% non-voting share, unconnected to the freehold. The Bristol Port Company owner Terence Mordaunt proclaimed “the city’s decision to sell the freehold is a vindication of the Mayoral system…”.

‘I hope the bastard dies’… 1986 – National newspaper headlines from St Pauls Community Association spokesman Kuomba Balogun remarks, in response to Operation Delivery commander Malcolm Popperwell having a suspected heart attack – This was the week in September 1986 when Bristol was beginning to feel the backlash from Operation Delivery, in which 600 men from the Avon and Somerset police force had gone into St Paul’s to make a series of arrests for drug offences. This had led to an outbreak of stone throwing, cars set on fire, a smash and grad raid on a local store and a mugging. To make matters worse the Assistant Chief Constable Malcolm Popperwell was taken off to hospital after a suspected heart attack. How Thatcher destroyed Britain and all the upheavals of the time. Interview with Kuomba Balogun, anti Apartheid campaigner in the UK in the 1980s: racism in the police and how he got in all the newspapers; Said of Chief Suerintendent Malcolm Popperwell who was alleged to have had a heart attack ‘I hope the bastard dies’ and is reported in the national press. Community Worker Cleared, Guardian story; Balogun’s account of machete attack by present mayor’s father Valentine Walker; crack cocaine introduced into St Pauls community; CIA and drug dealing; Steve Norman on how Valentine Walker was a police informer; Balogun on his past in UK and his present life in Ghana. And Tom Turvey, the police authority chairman, was asked to stand down after objecting to a Labour party statement about the police raid. He said that there were differences between his view of the events in St Paul’s and those contained in the statement which demanded a full, independent public inquiry into Operation Delivery. There were angry scenes at a Police Liaison Committee over the fact that the police did not consult community leaders before the raid and that it had been provocative and heavy handed. And Avon County councillor Roger Berry described the extent and duration of the raid as “totally unacceptable.” It was an unhappy day for the police who were, this very week, staging a parade on College Green to celebrate 150 years of city policing. Some 45 retired police officers joined 140 police officers for the event which was attended by Bristol’s Lord Mayor, Joan Jones and the Lord Lieutenant of Avon, Sir John Wills. Malcolm Popperwell did in fact survive another thirty four years until he passed away in January 2020 at the ripe old age of 86: Malcolm Robert Popperwell passed away peacefully on 11th January 2020 at Williton Community Hospital, aged 86 years. A beloved Husband, Father and Grandfather. Former Assistant Chief Constable of The Avon and Somerset Constabulary. He will be sadly missed by all of his family and many friends. There will be a Private Committal. A Service of Celebration for his Life will be held in St. Andrew’s Church, Burnham-on-Sea on Thursday 13th February at 1.00 p.m. Family flowers only please. Donations if desired for The Stroke Association (for the research funding department to support research into the prevention of Aphasia and the support of people and their families with this particular aspect of stroke) may be sent to Burnham Funeral Services. 97 Oxford Street, Burnham-on-Sea, TA8 1EW. Telephone (01278) 795009.

Community worker is cleared of machete attack on Rastafarian – The Guardian (London) April 9, 1988 – A jury yesterday cleared a community worker on charges of attacking Rastafarian Mr Kuomba Balogun with a machete. Earlier, Mr Balogun, aged 26, was fined £150 by the judge at Bristol crown court for turning up late on the second day of the trial. Mr Justice Smithies told his counsel, Mr Ian Glenn: ‘A fine would be a proper way of expressing public disapproval.’ The judge also ordered Mr Balogun to pay £100 towards his defence costs but Mr Glenn said that he did not intend to claim them. The jury found Mr Valentine Walker, aged 36, of Robertson Road, Easton, Bristol, not guilty of unlawfully wounding Mr Balogun with intent. An alternative charge of unlawful wounding was also dismissed. The prosecution claimed that Mr Walker, former vice-chairman of the St Paul’s Community Association, of which Mr Balogun is chairman had struck a 2ft 6in machete into Mr Bologun’s neck. Mr Mark Horton, prosecuting, said the blow came within one centimetre of severing his jugular vein. The court was told that Mr Balogun did not initially report the incident to the police and discharged himself from Bristol Royal Infirmary after treatment. In his address to the jury, Mr Nicholas O’Brien, the defence counsel said: ‘Mr Balogun is an evil man who does not share society’s standards or values.’ Mr Walker did not appear during the two-day hearing and the judge said that an arrest warrant still stood but was now with bail so that he would not have to be immediately arrested when found.

“Where Marvin Rees Is Now Is A Result Of What His Dad [Valentine Walker] Did For The Establishment” Steve Norman. Tributes paid to Steve Norman, Bristol’s ‘well-known, relentless and loudest’ activist – “Steve always fought for the underdog, the poor, the homeless and the working class – a true hero and inspiration to so many” – Mr Norman’s closest political ally was John Langley. He described Mr Norman as: “A colleague, campaigner, confidant, blood brother, political ally, agent and above all, selfless and generous friend who I proudly stood shoulder to shoulder with and battled alongside, even when at times the odds felt against us. “Yet we won through perseverance and sheer bloody-mindedness,” he added. Writing on the Bristolian website, Fred Hampton said Mr Norman was one of the ‘great community activists in Bristol’. “And on top of all this he did day-to-day case work from tribunals to legal advice to helping the elderly with PPI claims,” he said. “He was a go to man for many who have no voice. Steve did all of this work for free, because he cared and because he wouldn’t take the cruelties of this world lying down. The ‘Avon mouth’ would never be silent and would never be bought off. “In this world of so-called ‘professional activism’ and paid ‘social justice’ consultants, of politicians with no principals, of neo-liberal PR bullsh**, of corruption and nepotism and the rich getting richer, Steve Norman stuck two fingers up and did something about it. A shining example of what we need and a lesson to us all,” he added…

The return of apartheid, Israeli styleThe annexation of any land, Palestinian land included, is a violation of international law. In occupied Palestine, such a move not only deprives the people of their land but also their freedom of movement and their status as residents. Moreover, annexation will create more obstacles for the moribund peace process. It is now 53 years since Israel annexed East Jerusalem.Israel’s apartheid system.  The possibly temporary postponement of Israel’s annexation of swathes of the occupied West Bank and Jordan Valley arose out of disagreements from within the Zionist state itself as well as other voices warning of the consequences of such a move. The fear is that Israel will be portrayed even more strongly as an apartheid state, recreating the disgraceful, disgraced and dismantled South African apartheid system. Indeed, that annexation will be seen as the return of apartheid, Israeli style. Such accusations have been in the public domain since the 1970s, especially in Europe and North America. Israel, it has been said and demonstrated for decades, already imposes apartheid across the occupied Palestinian territories, as well as on its Palestinian Arab citizens who, although forming 20 per cent of the population, have local authorities and municipalities covering barely 2.5 per cent of the country’s land. Congestion in housing within Arab communities across Israel is 11 times greater than in Jewish areas and state finance for education provision, for example, is a fraction of that paid for the education of Jews. As a result, Israel has been persistent in its efforts to persuade the world that it does not apply such a policy against its Arab citizens such as preventing equal employment opportunities for Arabs and Jews; complete segregation on public transport and in schools, universities, housing, the beaches; Arab autonomy; and the deprivation of political rights to Palestinians. The reality is that even if it does not reproduce all aspects of South African apartheid, it uses the principles of “separate development” — apartheid — to control the lives of the Palestinians. What’s more, it will continue to use the tools of apartheid to deny them their rights, within Israel and in the occupied territories…. 

Craig Murray. Chief Executive of Serco is Rupert Soames, brother of Nicholas Soames – Nicola Sturgeon on why they have to lock down in Aberdeen despite ZERO actual illness. – Serco are running hotels for illegal immigrants, and conducting Track and Trace. Lockdown in Aberdeen 

Peter Hitchens’s quote about Covid 19. Judith Brown discusses a DNA altering Covid 19 vaccine. Journalist Peter Hitchens writes – “The most common symptom of Covid-19 is that you feel just fine. “A huge number of those now being absurdly listed as ‘infected’ with this bogeyman disease are perfectly healthy. “If the trained hunters of the Government’s National Panic Service had not tracked them down, most of them would never have known they were supposed to be ill. Why do we take this seriously? “It is a fact, not a ‘conspiracy theory’, that the power of the state is now being used to keep us in a condition of perpetual alarm. “We are ceaselessly threatened with a ‘second wave’ for which there is, in fact, no evidence.”

CENSORSHIP: Robin Campbell discusses how his You Tube channel has been taken down and how the West’s mass media is going the way of China – The Lockstep document from The Rockefeller Foundation; Dr Mohammed Abdil on how Covid 19 tests aren’t that reliable. Neil Ferguson saying ‘R’ number may rise if schools open..

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Full interview about Valentine Walker with Kuomba Balogun

Second hour International News Followed By Investigative reports:   Attack or accident in Beirut:  Trump saying it’s probably a bomb;  Benny Ganz …Israel ;  explosion of a new type of Thermobaric weapon?  Netanyahu and corruption.

Did Israel destroy East Beirut with a new weapon? by Thierry Meyssan – The first Israeli Prime Minister has ordered the destruction of a Hezbollah weapons warehouse in Beirut with a new weapon. The weapon, which is not well known, caused considerable damage in the city, killing more than 100 people, injuring 5,000 and destroying many buildings. This time it will be difficult for Benjamin Netanyahu to deny it. On September 27, 2018, Benjamin Netanyahu pointed out to the United Nations General Assembly forum the warehouse that will explode on 4 August 2020 as a Hezbollah arms depot. The first Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, authorised a strike against a Hezbollah arms depot using a new weapon that has been tested for seven months in Syria. It is not known whether the second Prime Minister, Benny Gantz, gave his consent. The strike was carried out on August 4, 2020, at the exact location designated by Benjamin Netanyahu in his speech to the United Nations on September 27, 2018.  It is obviously not an atomic bomb in the strategic sense. The weapon was tested in Syria on a plain in the countryside and then in the Persian Gulf on the water against Iranian military vessels. This is the first time it has been used in an urban environment, in a particular environment that made the air blast and vibrations reflect off the water and the mountains. Far from destroying only the port of Beirut, it killed about a hundred people, injured at least 5,000 others, and largely destroyed the eastern part of the city (the western part was largely protected by the grain silo). Israel immediately activated its networks in the international media to cover up its crime and lend credence to the idea of the accidental explosion of a fertilizer stockpile. As is often the case, false culprits are named, and the international media machine repeats this lie over and over again in the absence of any investigation. Yet there was indeed a smokestack incompatible with the thesis of a fertilizer explosion….

What’s behind Israel’s growing protests? – Israelis have been taking to the streets in increasing numbers for weeks, protesting against the right-wing government led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The country is at a crucial juncture. Last Saturday, a rally in Jerusalem drew more than 10,000 protesters, with thousands more protesting elsewhere in the country, demanding Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s resignation. This was just the latest in a series of weekly demonstrations which have rocked Israel for months, drawing a growing number of people who are angry with the government’s handling of a second wave of COVID-19 infections and the economic impact of the pandemic. Political dissatisfaction is at the heart of these protests. “To put it in two words, the main goal is ‘Bibi – resign,’ says 59-year-old Tali Etzion from Tel Aviv, who’s been participating in anti-government demonstrations since the country’s 2011 social protests, which saw hundreds of thousands in the streets demanding economic justice and an end to corruption. “In more than two words, we all believe, each one from their own angle, that Netanyahu is the wrong person to lead a country — in so-called normal times and even more so in times like these,” Etzion explains, referring to the management of the coronavirus crisis. “The gap between citizens whose lives have been so badly damaged and people who claim to be leaders but pad themselves to no end is unbearable,” says Ofer Shelley, 50, a pianist and concert producer from Jerusalem, whose livelihood as a musician has been severely affected by the government’s “complete detachment from the people,” as he calls it. “None of our leaders stand up and say ‘I see your suffering, I see the distress.’ They don’t even bother talking to the people protesting. Not once.” “Netanyahu denies the nature of the demonstrations, their scope and even the identity of their participants,” says Efrat Safran, 57, a longtime protester and a trained lawyer from the central city of Ramat Hasharon, who’s also a member of a protest group called “Mothers Against Police Violence,” meant to serve as a buffer between protesters and police. “No single body or person is organizing this,” she says. “The protests have grown organically and include people from across the political spectrum,” including what she refers to as “disillusioned” Netanyahu voters….

Mysterious explosions keep happening in Iran. Israel is likely behind it. – Experts say the suspected sabotage is part of Israel’s long-term efforts to delay any and all of Iran’s nuclear development. For weeks, Iran has faced a deadly wave of explosions and fires at sensitive military and civilian sites, including one incident that caused immense damage to an important nuclear facility. No one officially knows why it’s happening or who is responsible — but many believe Israel, with the Trump administration’s tacit or even direct support, is behind it all. On June 26, a massive explosion rocked the Khojir missile-production complex, a location considered vital to Iran’s missile capabilities. Four days later, another blast — this time at a medical clinic north of the capital, Tehran — killed 19 people. On July 2, an explosion and fire occurred at the underground Natanz nuclear facility, a key component to the country’s uranium-enrichment efforts. What actually transpired is unclear, but a Middle Eastern official — believed to be the head of Israeli intelligence, Yossi Cohen — told the New York Times last week that Israel had detonated a bomb. Analysts differ on the extent of the damage, but assessments say centrifuge production may have been delayed a few months or even a few years as a result of the explosion and fire. And this week, fires broke out in an aluminium plant in Lamerd and a seaport in Bushehr, engulfing at least seven wooden ships in the process. It’s possible all of this is a coincidence. With a reeling economy and a devastating coronavirus outbreak, perhaps the Islamic Republic has merely struggled to maintain sensitive facilities that require constant upkeep. Accidents do happen. But current and former US and Israeli officials as well as experts I spoke to are pretty certain Israel is responsible for the incidents at the military and nuclear sites (but not the clinic or the port or plant), with or without Washington’s explicit approval. “There is a pattern of escalation and a context that would suggest a motive on the Israeli side to target the Iranians,” said Dalia Dassa Kaye, the director of the Center for Middle East Public Policy at the RAND Corporation….

Fires and explosions in Iran.  China and flood alert from Three Gorges Dam ..  Anniversary of atomic bomb dropping on Hiroshima:   Chris Busby on the dangers of nuclear weapons and nuclear power; Stuxnet virus; Bikini Atol and WW2; Gar Alperovitz book, The Decision To Use The Atomic Bomb;  Nazis, enriched uranium, and deals at the end of WW2.  

Dr. Chris Busby on 75th Hiroshima Day 2020 – Hinkley C Will Never Be Finished – The ICRP’s radiation risk model is bogus science – Given the serious scientific errors that underlie the ICRP model, we should not be surprised that is wildly incorrect, nor at the constant discrepancies that occur between its predictions, and observed outcomesSome of these are reported in a study of the nuclear test veteran children and grandchildren by Mireille de Messieres and I, published last week the peer-review journal Epidemiology, which shows long term health damage in the children and grand-children of nuclear test veterans. (See this summary here on TE.) These discrepancies are greatest for low levels of radiation from internal sources, which the ICRP judges to be essentially harmless. Actual risk factors may be as much as 1,000 times greater than the ICRP model suggests. I am prepared to accept that the initial publication of the health risks caused by human exposure to radiation, based on the Hiroshima data and its faulty choice of controls, is a genuine scientific error – if a serious one that demands immediate correction. But ICRP’s unswerving adherence to a bogus risk model based on the fallacious Hiroshima findings is something else altogether – all the more so since the model is being used by the global nuclear establishment to deny the deaths of millions that have been caused by radioactive exposures. The stated purpose of ICRP is “to prevent cancer and other diseases and effects associated with exposure to ionising radiation, and to protect the environment.”But increasing numbers of people believe that the ICRP’s true purpose is to conceal the true scale and nature of the health impacts of radiation – and so create ‘consent’ for the world’s continued radioactive pollution by the nuclear power and nuclear weapons industries.

Leaked Documents Reveal How U.S., Gulf Countries Ship Weapons to Terrorists Using Diplomatic Flight Cover – A recent report by Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva entitled, “350 Diplomatic Flights Carry Weapons For Terrorists,” may very well have blown the lid on a secret program to provide weapons to terrorists in Iraq and Syria as well as anti-Houthi militants in Yemen. Dilyana Gaytandzhieva from ‘Arms Watch’, on arms smuggling into Syria through Turkey, by NATO.  Gaytandzhieva’s report claims that the documents leaked to her by anonymous sources show that the Azerbaijani airline Silk Way Airlines was contracted by companies in the United States, Israel, and the Balkans to the militaries of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates as well as U.S. Special Ops. Gaytandzhieva’s own on-the-ground reporting also uncovered many weapons related to this secret trade in Aleppo after she had travelled there to investigate the story. PLEASE NOTE: It is important to visit Gaytandzhieva’s original article in which she presents scanned copies of the documents sent to her. Although Gaytandzhieva’s report is months old, it gained wider traction in the alternative media after it was revealed she was subsequently interrogated by Bulgaria’s intelligence services and then fired from her newspaper because of the story. Gaytandzhieva reports that at least 350 diplomatic flights by Silk Way Airlines (an Azeri state-run company) transported weapons all across the world to various war zones over the past three years. She writes that the planes carried “tens of tons of heavy weapons and ammunition headed to terrorists under the cover of diplomatic flights.” Gaytandzhieva says that the documents implicating Silk Way Airlines were sent to her on Twitter by Anonymous Bulgaria. She reports that the documents include correspondence between the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy of Azerbaijan to Bulgaria. They also include documents which were attached requesting clearance for overflight and/or landing in Bulgaria and many other countries in Europe as well as the United States, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Turkey including others still. According to Gaytandzhieva, the documents show Silk Way Airlines offering diplomatic flights to private companies and arm manufacturers in Israel, the Balkans, and the United States as well as the UAE, KSA, militaries and U.S. Special Ops Command (USSOCOM). The airline also offered its services to the militaries of Germany and Denmark in Afghanistan and to Sweden in Iraq…

Have you seen this release reported anywhere? Ghislaine Maxwell documents are released, including Jeffrey Epstein emails – NEW YORK (Reuters) – Documents about dealings between Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein were publicly released on Thursday by a U.S. court, where the British socialite faces criminal charges she aided the late financier’s sexual abuse of girls. Jean Paul Rice on the Ghislaine Maxwell prosecution legal papers being released. Hollywood and child abuse…..Among the materials released were email correspondence between the pair in early 2015, including an email in which Epstein told Maxwell she had “done nothing wrong.” U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska had ordered the documents’ release by Thursday, saying the public’s right to see them outweighed Maxwell’s interests in keeping them under seal. However, two depositions remain under seal after Maxwell filed an emergency motion with the federal appeals court in Manhattan earlier on Thursday to keep them from becoming public. That court has yet to rule, and the depositions will remain sealed until at least Monday. Lawyers for Maxwell have said that in one of those depositions, filed in April 2016, Maxwell was asked “intrusive” questions concerning her sex life, and that its release could make it “difficult if not impossible” to get a fair trial. The second is a deposition by an unnamed Epstein accuser. Lawyers for Maxwell did not immediately respond to requests for comment after the documents were unsealed. The cache of documents released on Thursday and the depositions that remain under wraps were part of a now-settled 2015 civil defamation lawsuit against Maxwell by Virginia Giuffre, who said she was underage when Epstein kept her as a “sex slave” with Maxwell’s assistance….

A CHILD’S VOICE exposed “elite” paedophile networks before Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell were known publicly, showing the Satanic nature of the people running in these circles. This movie was a top performing film and gained a surge in views over the past month due to #Wayfair and #Maxwell stories. Amazon said it will not allow the film to be resubmitted on their platform. MUST LISTEN message from my friend John Paul Rice You may remember him from the film “Remember The Titans”. He then went on to make several wonderfully written, directed and produced independent films – He was well embedded in Hollywood and he knows their game. Amazon has unpublished his film, A CHILD’S VOICE in the US, UK and 70+ countries worldwide. NO explanation. No notice. This film deals with the subject of human trafficking and child satanic abuse. You can still see the film on Vimeo [below] To learn more about his production company and their films visit https://www.norestrictionsent.com/ #SaveTheChildren #StopTheMadness – Robin Elizabeth Basil

Maxwell Epstein Court Documents – [Right Click To Download 1 2]

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Full interview with Dr Chris Busby
Full interview with Dilyana Gaytandzhieva
Full interview with Jean Paul Rice

Beginning his working life in the aviation industry and trained by the BBC, Tony Gosling is a British land rights activist, historian & investigative radio journalist. Over the last 20 years he has been exposing the secret power of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and élite Bilderberg Conferences where the dark forces of corporations, media, banks and royalty conspire to accumulate wealth and power through extortion and war. Tony has spent much of his life too advocating solutions which heal the wealth divide, such as free housing for all and a press which reflects the concerns of ordinary people rather than attempting to lead opinion, sensationalise or dumb-down. Tony tweets at @TonyGosling. Tune in to his Friday politics show at BCfm here http://www.thisweek.org.uk

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3 comments on ““Where [Bristol Mayor] Marvin Rees Is Now Is A Result Of What His Dad [Valentine Walker] Did For The Establishment” Steve Norman – The return of apartheid, Israeli style –The annexation of any land, Palestinian land included, is a violation of international law – Beirut Blast: Israeli Act Of War Destroys Lebanon’s Ability To Trade? – Dr. Chris Busby on 75th Hiroshima Day 2020: ‘White Elephant’ Hinkley C Will Never Be Finished – US Special Forces Command Shipped Eastern European Weapons To Syrian Terrorists Using Silk Way Airlines – Amazon Censor ‘A Child’s Voice’ feature film exposing child trafficking – Not The BCfm Politics Show – presented by Tony Gosling
  1. Dahszil Dahszil says:

    preface: i neither agree nor disagree with the following videos. I don’t know. I just found them interesting.

    Swedish Doctor: T-cell immunity and the truth about Covid-19 in Sweden

    Swedish Covid-19 chief Anders Tegnell: judge me in a year

    The interviewer here may have a problem with this doctor’s swedish accent ( i don’t ) or for whatever reason seems to keep asking same questions differently worded which the doctor already answered . i could be wrong , perhaps i’ve missed something

  2. Dahszil Dahszil says:

    Israel destroys East Beirut with a new weapon
    by Thierry Meyssan

    The first Israeli Prime Minister has ordered the destruction of a Hezbollah weapons warehouse in Beirut with a new weapon. The weapon, which is not well known, caused considerable damage in the city, killing more than 100 people, injuring 5,000 and destroying many buildings. This time it will be difficult for Benjamin Netanyahu to deny it… click on link below to continue



  3. Dahszil Dahszil says:

    ‘They Accept Us as We Are;’ Christians Join Forces With Muslim Group Hezbollah to Fight ISIS in Lebanon

    “We’re in a very dangerous situation,” said Rifit Nasrallah, a Catholic businessman. “The only people who are protecting us are the resistance of Hezbollah. The only one standing with the army is Hezbollah. Let’s not hide it anymore.”

    by Mint Press News Desk


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