Avon and Somerset Chief Constable Andy Marsh, a decade on from the 2008 financial crimes – Novichok suspects Alexander Petrov & Ruslan Boshirov interviewed on RT – US soldier in Kiev ordered 2014 Maidan protest murders

Friday 14th September 2018

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First hour: news review: with Labour Councillor for Easton Afzal Shah and Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset police Andy Marsh. Councillor trying to report crime arrested as he ‘looked like’ suspect: A British Asian councillor has described his humiliation at being arrested and held in the back of a patrol car after being wrongly identified as a suspect when he went to his local police station to report a crime. Afzal Shah said he did not believe white colleagues on Avon and Somerset’s police and crime panel, on which he sits, would have been treated in the same way and accused some officers of institutional bias. Shah, whose role on the panel includes trying to make the West Country force more representative of the people it serves, claimed such mistakes undermined public confidence in the police. “I felt humiliated sitting in the back of a police car outside a police station,” he told the Guardian. “I’d done nothing wrong. I went in to report an offence and I was treated like that. There were people walking past looking, wondering what I was doing in the back of the car. People know me in that area very well.” The force has insisted its officers acted in good faith, but Shah, who represents an inner-city ward in Bristol, disagreed. “I do not believe the officers acted in good faith,” he said. “It falls far short of the expectations we have of our police officers. One of [Sir Robert] Peel’s principles is to serve by consent. The police is the public and the public is the police. This kind of behaviour causes people to lose confidence in the police. Knife crime increasing: Avon and Somerset police are dealing with knife offences every day on average. A third of those involved in knife crime are under 24. Knife crime convictions in Avon and Somerset are at their highest level in six years. Knife and offensive weapon offences led to 500 cautions or sentences in Avon and Somerset in 2017/18, the highest number in a year since 538 were recorded in 2011/12. Figures revealed under the Freedom of Information Act show that between January 1, 2018 and March 31 the same year – the most recent statistics available – police recorded 102 offences including knives or bladed instruments in just 92 days. They include 33 assaults that resulted in injury, 25 assaults with intent, one attempted murder, 36 robberies and seven threats to kill. The statistics show that the youngest victim of knife crime was less than 12-years-old, and that 68 men and 27 women found themselves on the wrong end of a blade in those three months, with six cases where the gender was not recorded by police. Former Prime Minister Gordon Brown criticised police and The City a decade after the 2008 collapse of Lehman Brothers and the £700 billion bailouts of bankrupt banks: Mr Brown said that the trade war US president Donald Trump has launched against China would be a major obstacle to any international co-operation in a future crisis. He said: “Trump’s protectionism is the biggest barrier to building international cooperation.” The former PM admitted that Labour should have been tougher on the City in the boom years leading up to the 2008 near meltdown. He said: “Yes, we did not know what was going on in some of the institutions, some of it illegal, and which was being covered up.” He added: “The penalties for wrong-doing have not been increased sufficiently. “The fear that bankers will be imprisoned for bad behaviour is not there. There has not been a strong enough message sent out that government won’t rescue institutions that haven’t put their houses in order.” The £166 trillion timebomb: Former Bank governor King warns debt will trigger the next financial meltdown – Lord Mervyn King was governor of the Bank of England as crisis hit – He warns it is essential to tackle global debt pile which stands at £166 trillion – King says private sector debt to GDP is now higher than before crash – By JAMES BURTON FOR THE DAILY MAIL 7 February 2018 A worldwide debt binge could trigger the next financial crisis and tip Britain back into recession, former Bank of England governor Lord King has warned. Households, companies and governments have borrowed ever-greater amounts of money since the Great Recession, egged on by central bankers who cut interest rates to record lowsAs many as 1,950 youngsters under the age of 16 were groomed by drug kingpins and held by officers over the last 12 months for dealing crack cocaine and heroin say our Freedom of Information responses from 33 of the 44 police forces in England and Wales. In Liverpool, police said, among 86 children arrested last year for dealing drugs, two were 12 and five were 13. In London ­ where 486 child drug dealers were arrested ­ there were 16 times when boys and girls aged 13 were nabbed. And the statistics showed around one in 12 of those arrested were girls. Government admits role in Birmingham prison failure. Prisons minister takes share of blame for poor state of G4S-run jail being taken over by MoJ. The government bears a share of the blame for the state of HMP Birmingham, the prisons minister Rory Stewart has said, after the Ministry of Justice was forced to undertake an emergency takeover of the G4S-run jail. A report by the chief inspector of prisons, published overnight, found drug abuse and violence was rife, prisoners lived in squalid conditions and staff were afraid, sometimes locking themselves away from inmates. Prison staff in England and Wales have taken part in widespread protests over “unprecedented violence” in jails. Staff complained about safety within prisons, saying they had been attacked by gangs of inmates, been spat at and had urine thrown at them while on duty. The union said there were protests outside “a majority” of jails, which ended after six hours when the government agreed to talks on Monday. Prisons Minister Rory Stewart said the action was illegal. When it announced the suspension of the protest, the Prison Officers’ Association said the prison service had withdrawn the threat of court action against the union. General Secretary Steve Gillan said he was “confident a deal is a deal”, adding that he hoped “for meaningful, constructive dialogue” next week. The protests caused delays in courts because prisoners were unable to be transferred for hearings.
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Second hour: Investigative reports: Home frontRussian ‘spies’ Petrov and Boshirov say they work in fitness industry. The main event of September 13 in Russia is the interview, which Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov gave to RT editor-in-chief Margarita Simonyan. The British authorities accused these two men of involvement in the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury and referred to them as officers of the Russian military intelligence, GRU. First off, the two men acknowledged in the interview that those were their real names. “From the very beginning, we wanted to come to London and have fun there, it was not a business trip. Our friends have long recommended we should go to visit this wonderful town of Salisbury. We went there to see Stonehenge, Old Sarum, but we couldn’t do it, because traffic in England was paralysed on March 2 and 3,” Petrov said. In Salisbury, they also wanted to see the town’s cathedral, which is famous for its spire. Petrov and Boshirov acknowledged that they could have passed by Sergei Skripal’s home, although they did not know where it was located. The two men also said that they did not bring any poisonous substances or Nina Ricci perfumes with them. “Isn’t it silly for two normal lads to bring women’s perfume along? When you go through customs control, they check all your belongings. If we had had something, they would have had questions as to why a man would have women’s perfume in his luggage,” Boshirov said. Boshirov and Petrov responded negatively to the question of their work for the Russian military intelligence, which is commonly referred to GRU, although its official name was changed several years ago. The men said that they work in the industry of fitness and sports nutrition. They confirmed that they had been to Switzerland several times as well, but mostly for tourism. The men said that their lived changed completely after their photos and videos were published in world media. “We can’t go out, we are scared, we are scared for our lives, for our loved ones, for those people who know us,” said Ruslan Boshirov. It is worthy of note that Petrov and Boshirov gave an interview to RT the day after President Putin appealed to them to come out to media representatives. also -> When I see a howling mob rushing to judgement and making at least some claims which are utterly unfounded, and when I see that mob fueled and egged on by information from the security services propagated by exactly the same mainstream media journalists who propagandised the lies about Iraqi WMD, I see it as my job to stand in the way of the mob and to ask cool questions. If that makes them hate me, then I must be having some impact. So I ask this question again – and nobody so far has attempted to give me an answer. At what time did the Skripals touch their doorknob? Boshirov and Petrov arrived in Salisbury at 11.48 and could not have painted the doorknob before noon. The Skripals had left their house at 09.15, with their mobile phones switched off so they could not be geo-located. Their car was caught on CCTV on three cameras heading out of Salisbury to the North East. At 13.15 it was again caught on camera heading back in to the town centre from the North West. How had the Skripals managed to get back to their home, and touch the door handle, in the hour between noon and 1pm, without being caught on any of the CCTV cameras that caught them going out and caught the Russian visitors so extensively? After this remarkably invisible journey, what time did they touch the door handle? I am not going to begin to accept the guilt of Boshirov and Petrov until somebody answers that question. Kiev coup, February 2014 Maidan massacre: REVEALED: The price of Ukraine’s ‘dignity’ – $5,000 – An Italian documentary reveals three Georgians who say they were the snipers on Kiev’s Maidan in 2014. The interviews with three snipers of Georgian nationality, conducted by the Italian journalist Gian Micalessin and aired as a breathtaking documentary on Milan-based Canale 5 (Matrix program) last week, still have not paved its way to the international mainstream media. That is hardly surprising taking into account the bombshell evidence against the real perpetrators and organizers of the 2014 coup d’etat in Kiev, generally known as the “revolution of dignity“. The documentary features Alexander Revazishvili, Koba Nergadze and Zalogi Kvaratskhelia, Georgian military officers who were recruited to carry out a “special mission” in Kiev by Mamuka Mamulashvili, a close aid of Mikhail Saakashvili’s former defense minister Bacho Akhalaia. They claim that on Jan 15, 2014 they landed in Kiev equipped with fake documents and were transfered to Maidan. Having received 1000 USD each one and being promised to be paid 5000 USD after the “job is done”, they were tasked to prepare sniper positions inside the buildings of Hotel Ukraine and Conservatory, dominant over the Maidan SquareSyria front: Terrorists Preparing to Use Chemical Weapons Against Children in Syria – MoD – According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the White Helmets, together with terrorists, have chosen 22 families with children, as well as orphans kidnapped from refugee camps to participate in their staged filming. “Terrorists from a group calling itself Tanzim Ḥurras ad-Din* [The Guardians of Religion Organization] are engaged in the direct preparation of sites for the detonation of containers loaded with poisonous substances during the shooting of a video about ‘chemical attacks’,” the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation reported. As the center reported, the terrorists are preparing to actually use chlorine-based poison substances against the participants of the shooting, in order to then blame the Syrian army for the chemical attack. According to the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation, the terrorists have selected 22 children with parents from Aleppo to participate in the staged attack. “22 children with their parents from… Aleppo province were selected by militants for the participation in the staged chemical attack. Another group, of orphans abducted from refugee camps, intended for the shooting of the lethal scenes, is now held in… the Iqab prison, controlled by the Nusra Front terrorists,” the center said. As the center noted, a number of Middle Eastern news sources and one US broadcaster have shot nine scenes of the staged chemical attack. “According to the irrefutable information of the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation, nine scenes of the alleged use of ‘chemical weapons’ by the Syrian troops against the civilians  were filmed on September 9 in the settlement of Jisr al-Shughur in the province of Idlib by the crews of a number of Middle Eastern channels and the regional affiliate of a US television news channel,” the center said. The White Helmets and Nusra Front terrorists have approved videos of two scenes, which will be transferred to the United Nations and the OPCW; the rest will be distributed in the social networks, the center revealed. “Following the filming in the evening of September 11, at a joint meeting of representatives of the White Helmets and the militants of the Nusra Front terrorist group, only two videos out of nine were approved for transfer to the United Nations and the OPCW following the order. The remaining videos, due to their poor quality, have been suggested for use in social networks,” the center said. As the Russian military unveiled, the White Helmets, a non-governmental organization, has been preparing for the filming of a staged chemical weapons attack with the participation of children in Syria’s Khan Sheikhoun on a daily basis since September 9. “The White Helmets activists have been preparing for the filming of a staged ‘chemical attack’ with the participation of up to 30 civilians, including about a dozen kids aged between 8 and 12, in the settlement of Khan Sheikhoun… on a daily basis since September 9,” the statement said. The Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation went on to say that it had registered signs of the preparation of other false flag chemical attacks taking place in one more town in Syria’s Idlib province. “According to the information received by the Reconciliation Center, provided by Idlib residents, signs of intensified preparation far staging false flag chemical attacks were recorded in the village of Kafir-Zait. Poison substances for use in provocations were delivered to the settlements of Kafr Nabudah and Qalaat al-Madiq,” the statement said. The statement was made a day after the Russian Center for Syrian Reconciliation reported that the mentioned staged footage had begun. As Syrian human rights activist and public figure Ammar Jamal had confirmed to Sputnik, a group of 30 representatives of the White Helmets had arrived to Idlib to organize a provocation. According to human rights activists, the White Helmets arrived on Tuesday morning with tanks containing an unknown gas. As the Russian military explained, the terrorists and militants plan to blame the fake attack on Syrian government forces. The situation is quite tense due to a recent Wall Street Journal report, which said that the US Defense Department might be considering the idea of striking Russian or Iranian military forces supporting the Syrian government if the latter launched an assault on Idlib province. The report added that the United States would specifically decide whether or not to strike Russian air defense installations. The air assault that took place on April 14 happened under similar circumstances; the United States, the United Kingdom and France launched over 100 missiles at multiple targets in Syria in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack in the city of Douma that reportedly took place on April 7. The Syrian government has denied using chemical weapons and said that the Jaish al-Islam terror group had staged the attack in order to summon a foreign intervention in the country. Nuclear expert witness Dr Chris Busby arrested as ‘bomb maker’ after winning cases against the Ministry of Defence. In 2015 and 2016 scientific papers published by members of the ECRR began to put extreme pressure on radiation risk model which is the basis for nuclear energy, nuclear weapons and the use of Depleted Uranium weapons. Furious British nuclear expert, 73, who appears on Russian state TV claims ‘irritating’ police arrested him on suspicion of making a bomb after he criticised the Government over radiation risks. Dr Chris Busby’s home in the sleepy Devon town of Bideford was raided by police. The scientist, 73, was in custody for 19 hours but released with no further action. Chemical weapons expert who appears on Russian TV said he’s irritated by the way police treated him during his arrest. Former research scientist Dr Chris Busby – an outspoken critic of the British Government’s handlings of the Salisbury poisoning – was held after officers reported feeling unwell during a raid on his property on Wednesday morning. Police had initially targeted the address in the sleepy seaside town of Bideford, Devon, over concerns for a woman’s welfare. The 73-year-old was arrested under the Explosives Act and spent 19 hours in custody.  Following his release Dr Busby told the BBC he believed that was down to ‘psychological problems associated with their knowledge of the Skripal poisoning’.
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Beginning his working life in the aviation industry and trained by the BBC, Tony Gosling is a British land rights activist, historian & investigative radio journalist. Over the last 20 years he has been exposing the secret power of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and élite Bilderberg Conferences where the dark forces of corporations, media, banks and royalty conspire to accumulate wealth and power through extortion and war. Tony has spent much of his life too advocating solutions which heal the wealth divide, such as free housing for all and a press which reflects the concerns of ordinary people rather than attempting to lead opinion, sensationalise or dumb-down. Tony tweets at @TonyGosling. Tune in to his Friday politics show at BCfm here http://www.thisweek.org.uk

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  1. dahszil dahszil says:

    No Love for Johnnie (1961) Starring Peter Finch and Donald Pleasence – Full Movie

    approximately 54:26 into video – in private conversation mp warns pm, of same party government , that letting Saudi Arabia smash a fictional smaller but democratically elected led government is against party principles . Same old, Same old : pm tells him this small resource rich nation has ties to the ussr . imho fighting communism, or whatever ism, or spreading democracy(lol) is a distraction from the real purpose : so the western banksters and fat cats can get rich off undeveloped, militarily weak small country’s resources , like what else is not news, : oil

    It is a rather slow mid life male crisis melodrama mixed with British politics . I’ve only watched half of it so far

    Just thought you Tony, Martin, and others might be interested , I’m not pushing the movie . cheers all !

    Thanks Tony

  2. dahszil dahszil says:

    RE : No Love for Johnnie (1961) Starring Peter Finch and Donald Pleasence – Full Movie

    correction: i’m a bit confused . i think the PM answers it will be a direct action by British Forces against this small resource rich democratic middle east country with some concerns of saudi arabia making things worse , and the old USSR getting involved , whatever ….. sort of like US backed Saudi genocide on Yemen in the past few years for fear of Iran getting involved ?! well i’ll let you fully awake viewers of the film get it directly correctly . sorry. my apologies .

  3. dahszil dahszil says:

    Well according to Theresa May we need to censor RT, Press TV, etc . Like BBC doesn’t shovel propaganda ? yeah right…..

  4. dahszil dahszil says:

    Avon and Somerset Chief Constable Andy Marsh seems an aggressive, domineering, evasive pr(propaganda) man for the British police and authorities .

    https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/nov/02/deaths-in-custody-government-report-theresa-may .


  5. dahszil dahszil says:

    Great show Tony and Martin ! From what I gather Tony you are not having a show next week? Please, find a replacement host , of course no one can replace you Tony but it would be better than nothing .

    Martin, If memory serves me you are a bit of a football fan(what we stupidly call soccer here in the US) . Well I gave up on sport back in the 1990’s . I had a nice relapse when the 2010 world cup in South Africa was free everywhere on the internet . I loved it when tiny Ghana beat the US team in and made it to the quarter finals just barely losing to Uruguay in 2010 world cup. I love underdogs and upsets and draws . What did you think of bottom rung Leicester , led by skinny but ferocious striker Vardy , winning the Premier League of 2015-2016 ?! However I think I am going to start watching amateur football more and national matches. Although I suppose National teams are about making tons of money too now . I mean isn’t it a fact that the pro leagues and teams who have the most money and shareholders have the best teams? i don’t like it . Has professional sport ever had something like parity ?

    I look at Paris Saint Germain 2018(i know they are not part of Premier League in the UK) . They already had a fine team and now They’ve bought two of the best footballers in the world , the young wizard Mbappe of France and Neymar of Brazil . They must have one of the wealthiest single pro club organizations in the world ?! no, yes, maybe?

    cheers mates and matettes(?) ! 🙂

  6. dahszil dahszil says:

    Thanks for the replies Martin . Wow , I did not know Bristol beat Man United recently ! thats what i like .

    posting a video here by Robert Fisk . In the beginning he talks about the secular trade unions during the Arab Spring circa 2011 , ISIS in 2016, and so on .

    Robert Fisk – Life after ISIS (2016)

  7. […] involving the two suspects is discussed in hour 2 of the September 14th edition of BCfm’s The Politics Show hosted by Tony Gosling. You can download the mp3 […]

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