Housing bubble about to burst? Rightmove say UK property prices slumped £7k last month – Was Genoa’s Morandi Bridge blown up as a threat to Eurosceptic Italian government by the Deep State/ECB?

Friday 24th August 2018

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First hour: news review:  with Green councillor for Ashley Jude English – Average UK worker is earning £680 a year less than a decade ago as low-paid jobs drive rise in employment, think tank claims: The average British worker is earning nearly £680 a year less than they were a decade ago as low-paid jobs have replaced many of those lost in the recession, a think-tank claimed today. Unemployment in the UK might be at a 40-year low of 1.36million – but the report suggests those in work are earning £13 a week less on average than before the recession precipitated by the 2008 financial crisis. The Resolution Foundation observes that more than two million more people have found work since unemployment peaked in that slump – more than half of which are from the poorest third of households. – Property asking prices slump £7k in a month and expert says sellers now need to make more ‘substantial’ discounts to entice buyers. Asking prices fell by £7,218 between July and August to £301,973. But they are still higher than last year, having risen by 1.1%. Major drag came from ‘more subdued’ market in London and the South East. The housing market continues to show signs of a slowdown as asking prices dropped 2.3 per cent over the past month, according to new figures. The average listed home fell £7,218 between July and August to £301,973, dragged down by sharp declines in London, according to Rightmove. The property portal, which has 90 per cent of all estate agent listings on its website, played down the price fall saying it was ‘seasonal’, although it is steeper than the 0.9 per cent fall recorded this time last year. – Labour MP says second Brexit referendum may lead to social unrest. Barry Gardiner says politicians must honour the promise they made to voters in 2016. A second referendum on Brexit could lead to social unrest and embolden the extreme right, a member of Labour’s shadow cabinet has said. The shadow international trade secretary, Barry Gardiner, said that even though he thought Brexit would make the UK poorer in the short and medium term, it would be wrong to try to stop it by holding another referendum because that would appear undemocratic. His comments were immediately criticised by strongly pro-European LabourMPs who argued that dismissing a second referendum on these grounds was illogical. Gardiner told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that, although he supported remain, it was important for politicians to honour the promise they made to voters in 2016 that how they voted in the referendum would decide this issue for good. Although Brexit would be damaging economically, there was “more to this than simple economics”, he said. “If you then say to people: ‘We did give you a vote here and we, the remainers, lost the vote, but because you were stupid enough to do what you wanted rather than what we wanted … we’ll give you another chance to get it right,’ that undermines the whole principle of democracy in this country.” He went on: “You never give as much succour to the extreme right as when you cut off the mechanism of democratic change. “If people want to be able to achieve change through democratic means, if they feel that that is being denied to them, they then turn to other, more socially disruptive ways of expressing their views, and that is the danger here.” – Members of the Satanic Temple used a statue of the occult deity Baphomet to protest a Ten Commandments monument in Little Rock, Arkansas. The 8.5-foot-tall statue, which depicts the winged half-goat, half-man, with two children at its side, was briefly installed in front of the State Capitol building on Thursday as a symbol of free speech and plurality of beliefs, organizers told NPR. It was also meant to protest the explicitly Christian values promoted by a Ten Commandments monument on Capitol grounds, in keeping with the Satanic Temple’s belief that religious displays should not be placed on public property. “We have as little interest in forcing our beliefs and symbols upon you as we do in having the beliefs of others forced upon us,” Satanic Temple co-founder Lucien Greaves said during a rally Thursday, NPR reports.
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Second hour: Investigative reports: Democrats are incredibly cautious about discussing Trump’s impeachment even after 2 of his top aides have been convicted. The possibility of President Donald Trump’s impeachment is center stage after his former longtime lawyer took a plea deal and his former campaign manager was convicted on several felony counts this week. One group avoiding the topic? Democrats. President Donald Trump’s former longtime lawyer Michael Cohen pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court to eight counts of federal felonies on Tuesday — including two in which he implicated his old boss as a co-conspirator. – Lithuania and Israel are “natural allies,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said at a joint news conference held Thursday in Vilnius with his Lithuanian counterpart, Prime Minister Saulius Skvernelis. Netanyahu, the first Israeli prime minister to visit Lithuania, told reporters the two countries “share the values of freedom and democracy” and that both are “proud of our national identity.” He went on to point out that Lithuania “stresses in its constitution that sovereignty belongs to the Lithuanian people while maintaining an unflagging democracy for all. “You take great pride in your customs, in your language, your unique heritage and your historic capital,” Netanyahu said. “I have to tell you, Prime Minister, all that sounds very familiar to us,” he commented, with a clear reference to the recent Basic Law: Nation-State of the Jewish People passed by the Israeli Knesset. “Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people,” Netanyahu said. “We too are proud of our history, our long history, our robust and pluralistic democracy which guarantees the rights of all our citizens. We are proud of our language, an ancient language, Hebrew revived after thousands of years, our traditions and our historic capital Jerusalem to which I invite you and your colleagues.” – Manfred Petritsch at German language Alles Schall und Rauch (ASR) blog: Was Genoa’s Morandi Bridge blown up by Deep State as threat to Eurosceptic Italian government?
– Peripheral CCTV released shows flashes
– Why zero Autostrada CCTV showing bridge made public?
– Eyewitness reports of ‘loud bang’ or ‘explosion’
– Bridge in good condition
– Genoa the home of Peppe Grillo and Five Star (M5S)
– Explosion at Turin Lega party HQ too
– Italy wants parallel currency to the Euro
– Senior government ministers imposed by ECB
– Politicians cannot now do what they promised voters
– Previous acts of state terrorism in Italy
– VIDEO: After roadway fell, double flash before tower collapse – Davide Di Giorgio
– VIDEO: two peripheral CCTV cameras both indicate apparent flashes – released Monday 20th August

Morandi bridge – another witness reports of a blast: After more and more of the Survivors of the bridge no fall in Genoa from the hospital, be discharged, come to her statements. In the previous article, I had reported: “a witness confirmed an Explosion at the bridge in Genoa”. On Friday, the professional told the footballer Davide Capello what he experienced. He drove over the bridge when he heard a blast and the street below him to drop out from under me. As a trained firefighter, he immediately understood the bridge would be on the verge of collapse. Capello was at the center of the Morandi bridge arrived, he told on Friday, as “all the world collapsed.” The 33-Year-old said: “I heard a loud noise, a Bang. I saw the pillar of the road ahead of me collapse. A car in front of me went down. The car disappeared in the darkness in front of my eyes.” Volkswagen Tiguan crashed face-first into the deep and to hit, the Airbags opened around him. He said he saw only gray. Capello then used the Touch-Screen phone in the car, to call in case of emergency, the centre of Savona, the help sent. Then he called his girlfriend and his father, a retired fireman, told him that he should get out now, out of fear that something Heavy might fall on him. Since neither the Windows nor the doors of the car moving, broke he strap his safety, and climbed through the hole in the rear of the car, because the rear window had blown away. Outside arrived, he said, “there was an unreal silence.” “I am using my own legs dropped, “said Capello, for a series-C-Club in Liguria plays. “I don’t know whether anyone else has managed. I was saved by a miracle.” “The car has protected me. But God has the car to his Job, “he said. Capello was sacked on Thursday from the hospital, two days after the collapse. He said he had no major injuries. Thus, there is another direct witness, the of them reported a “thud”the car belongs to, what could have come from an Explosion on the cob. He then looked like this in front of him collapsed. Other witnesses saw a Thunder and a blast have experienced. Italian media reports, witnesses the further away were also a very loud Thunder heard. The Genoa-based newspaper “Il Secolo XIX” quotes a father of a family, who was with his wife and child on the access road to the bridge, as it came to a collapse. “We have a very loud Thunder heard and seen how it all collapses.” Also the region of the bridge was listening to collapse. “At the beginning we thought it would be a clap of thunder, very close, we have an incredible roar heard,“ said one of the witnesses to the bridge no fall, the Agency Ansa. “We live about five kilometers away from the bridge, but we have a hell of a Crash is perceived. We have a very frightened and scared.” But, in my opinion, is the best witness to a demolition of pier Giorgio, the following is told: “I sat with my mother at half past twelve in the car or in our house, almost directly under the bridge, as the environment suddenly brightly lit up, and a blast was, “says the 23-Year-old at the beginning of the accident. “The Funny thing, however, came only after that. Because suddenly the car was shaking. It even jumped up slightly, I couldn’t believe it. ‘Oh fuck,’ I called, ‘an earthquake'”. Note, he said, first of all, the surroundings of the bridge lit up bright and at the same time, there was a Bang. Then the earth that his car shook shook. He describes quite accurately the Detonation of explosives at the foundations of the support. – Italy’s Proposed Parallel Currency Is The Biggest Threat To The Eurozone, by John Mauldin in Forbes magazine. Italy’s new government, an unexpected coalition between two populist parties, could blow up the fragile trust that keeps Europe together. And the leading parties may even be planning for it. The discussions between Lega Nord and Five Star included an idea called the “mini-BOT” that would effectively serve as a parallel currency. The BOT is Italy’s Treasury bill, and as in the U.S., it serves as a kind of cash equivalent in electronic trading. The mini-BOT would be a government debt instrument in paper form that pays zero interest and never matures. The government would use it to pay social benefits and accept it for tax payments. Private businesses would not be required to accept it, but they could. Italy’s Bargaining Chip: You see where this goes. Italy might be able to use mini-BOTs (or let’s be honest and call them the new lira) to finance deficit spending without breaking eurozone rules. This could ultimately debase the euro and blow apart the eurozone. Germany would have to leave. From there, you can draw your own map.  – 65 years on CIA admits role in 1953 Iranian coup. Declassified documents describe in detail how US – with British help – engineered coup against Mohammad Mosaddeq. The CIA has publicly admitted for the first time that it was behind the notorious 1953 coup against Iran’s democratically elected prime minister Mohammad Mosaddeq, in documents that also show how the British government tried to block the release of information about its own involvement in his overthrow. On the 60th anniversary of an event often invoked by Iranians as evidence of western meddling, the US national security archive at George Washington University published a series of declassified CIA documents. “The military coup that overthrew Mosaddeq and his National Front cabinet was carried out under CIA direction as an act of US foreign policy, conceived and approved at the highest levels of government,” reads a previously excised section of an internal CIA history titled The Battle for Iran. The documents, published on the archive’s website under freedom of information laws, describe in detail how the US – with British help – engineered the coup, codenamed TPAJAX by the CIA and Operation Boot by Britain’s MI6. Britain, and in particular Sir Anthony Eden, the foreign secretary, regarded Mosaddeq as a serious threat to its strategic and economic interests after the Iranian leader nationalised the British Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, latterly known as BP. But the UK needed US support. The Eisenhower administration in Washington was easily persuaded. British documents show how senior officials in the 1970s tried to stop Washington from releasing documents that would be “very embarrassing” to the UK.
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Beginning his working life in the aviation industry and trained by the BBC, Tony Gosling is a British land rights activist, historian & investigative radio journalist. Over the last 20 years he has been exposing the secret power of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and élite Bilderberg Conferences where the dark forces of corporations, media, banks and royalty conspire to accumulate wealth and power through extortion and war. Tony has spent much of his life too advocating solutions which heal the wealth divide, such as free housing for all and a press which reflects the concerns of ordinary people rather than attempting to lead opinion, sensationalise or dumb-down. Tony tweets at @TonyGosling. Tune in to his Friday politics show at BCfm here http://www.thisweek.org.uk

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3 comments on “Housing bubble about to burst? Rightmove say UK property prices slumped £7k last month – Was Genoa’s Morandi Bridge blown up as a threat to Eurosceptic Italian government by the Deep State/ECB?
  1. dahszil dahszil says:

    Chicago Tribune , August 22, 2018

    Column: The unindicted co-conspirator in the Oval Office

    by Steve Chapman

    Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit.

    — Matthew 7:17

    There is one apparent reason the president of the United States was not indicted Tuesday in the same case that yielded a guilty plea from his longtime personal lawyer. It’s not because prosecutors think he is innocent. It’s because he is president.

    The U.S. Justice Department has long taken the position that a sitting president is exempt from indictment. Only after he leaves office are prosecutors free to pursue criminal charges against him. Unless that policy changes, Donald Trump will serve the remainder of his time in office under the specter of prison.

    Let that sink in a moment. Prosecutors may postpone his indictment. Congress may refuse to impeach him or convict him. But Americans will be living under the administration of someone who has been implicated in a crime by a close associate — and who they may eventually learn is guilty of one or more felonies. The nation is being governed by an unindicted co-conspirator.

    Trump’s defenders deprecate the importance of the campaign finance violations that Michael Cohen admitted. They make much of the absence of any connection to Russia. They take vindication from a jury’s failure to convict Paul Manafort on 10 of the 18 charges that he faced.

    It’s tempting to call such defenders slavish. But slaves were often unenthusiastic and slow in performing their assigned tasks. Trump’s defenders need no whips to motivate them.

    They are better described as cultlike in their fervent willingness to believe whatever they have to believe to remain faithful. They would rather eat the foul fruit than recognize the nature of the tree.

    If we know nothing else about Trump, we know that he finds the company of criminals as warm and inviting as a Jacuzzi. No president in history has shown such a fondness for employing people of felonious character. So far, five of his associates have been convicted of crimes or pleaded guilty….. click on link to continue


  2. dahszil dahszil says:

    Thatcher and the Coup that Failed 1/2 (2005)

    Equatorial Guinea: An Example of How Corruption Can Destroy a Nation

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