BCfm’s Bristol West Politics Show hustings presented by Tony Gosling – Manchester Arena terror attack review and Bilderberg 2017 preview

Friday 26th May 2017

BCfm’s weekly Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

At five – discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six –
 straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

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First hour: Bristol West hustings with Annabel Tall, Conservative party; Molly Scott Cato, Green party; Stephen Williams, Lib Dems. Labour party candidate Thangam Debbonaire has said she will not be attending these hustings due to ‘a preexisting diary commitment’. Statement by Labour candidate Thangham Debonair; vote count from last election – Greens closest to Labour in 2015: the LibDems were almost twice as far (17%) behind Labour as the Greens were (9%) two years ago; Labour Party infighting – Corbyn’s policies;  is the election about Brexit? Do MEPs have any power? How EU works; Laura Welty, Bristol Disability and Equality Forum manager expresses disabled peoples’ concerns over Tories removing social care funding; Theresa May’s policies of people in care keeping only £100,000 of their house, triple lock on pensions being scrapped, and means testing winter fuel allowance; Education cuts protests on College Green, Bristol losing 1000 teachers, cutting education in cities but more for rural areas; Housing – house prices falling – housing crisis; Manchester terror attack – Salman Abedi was reported several times to anti-terror hotline; Corbyn’s speech today about British foreign policy playing part in terror attacks – failures in the ‘Prevent’ program; Theresa May To Create New Internet That Would Be Controlled And Regulated By Government: Prime Minister Theresa May wants government controlled internet; IFS says Tory and Labour policies don’t add up – Steven Williams tweet – EU directive where can’t send money to tax haven without declaring it first. Sunday Politics, Andrew Neil interviews Theresa May
Lynton Crosby’s silence over tax haven scandal is deafening
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Second hour: Investigative reports: including a look at whether UK secret services, MI5 and MI6, were complicit in Monday’s terrorist attack at Manchester Arena. Manchester terror attack:  was it timed to effect election? History of Western secret services backing Islamic terrorists – Gladio style pattern of destabilisation.  Interview with journalist Amandla Thomas-Johnson from Middle East Eye wrote article yesterday ‘Sorted’ by MI5: How UK government sent British-Libyans to fight Gaddafi – connections between Libya and Manchester; Britain’s foreign policy being main factor in terror;  security services turning a blind eye to terrorists travelling to Syria and Libya.  Manchester terror attack: British secret services interfering in Libya; bomber known by MI5 ‘up to a point’, what does that mean? Links to Syria chemical weapons attacks. Red Lines and Rat Lines by Seymour Hersh; NATO wants to go to war with Syria; bomber’s father Ramadan Abedi has been arrested – to keep him quiet? – he was Libyan Army Intelligence Officer and after moving to Britain was part of Libyan Islamic Fighting Group; Britain a major player in Islamic terrorism over the years.  The Bilderberg Conference is taking place next weekend in Westfields Marriott Hotel, Chantilly, Virginia, USA – Hannah Borno discusses the group and how you find out where they are meeting: Bilderberg is a secretive group of the richest and most powerful in the Western world;  they get funding as a charity; who is on the steering committee? Many hi-tech firms are on it now; Trumps’ links to Bilderberg;  what could be on the agenda? King Makers – Macron was there in 2014; by looking at Bilderberg can predict trends in world events.
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Beginning his working life in the aviation industry and trained by the BBC, Tony Gosling is a British land rights activist, historian & investigative radio journalist. Over the last 20 years he has been exposing the secret power of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and élite Bilderberg Conferences where the dark forces of corporations, media, banks and royalty conspire to accumulate wealth and power through extortion and war. Tony has spent much of his life too advocating solutions which heal the wealth divide, such as free housing for all and a press which reflects the concerns of ordinary people rather than attempting to lead opinion, sensationalise or dumb-down. Tony tweets at @TonyGosling. Tune in to his Friday politics show at BCfm here http://www.thisweek.org.uk

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5 comments on “BCfm’s Bristol West Politics Show hustings presented by Tony Gosling – Manchester Arena terror attack review and Bilderberg 2017 preview
  1. dahszil dahszil says:

    Some more distraction. So a cnn analyst posits a right wing false flag. No, its NATO, UK and big daddy US of A is behind the attacks so as to get europe more involved in the Syria and elsewhere in the middle east. War is good for the economy , terrorists gonna get yo moma, terrorists under your bed at night, etc bullshit. no puny right wing group could pull this off and no rare screwed up european muslim group could pull these off without money and aide from the world’s largest three headed monster : USA, NATO and Great Britain. this is typical gladio style sponsored terrorism. God, when will the meek inherit the earth !

    “….A CNN analyst suggested that the Manchester bombing could have been a false flag during a segment Monday night.

    During Anderson Cooper’s AC360 , CNN terror analyst Paul Cruickshank admitted that a suicide bomber was more than likely responsible for the explosion at Manchester Arena after an Ariana Grande concert ended. However, he floated the idea that the bombing could have been part of a right wing extremist plot.

    “It must also be noted that in recent months in Europe, there’s been a number of false flag plots where right wing have been trying to blame Islamists for terrorism,” Cruickshank said. “We have seen that in Germany in recent weeks….”

  2. dahszil dahszil says:

    thank you so much Tony…..and Martin and guests in second hour . your show is priceless .
    if memory serves me, notable war reporter Robert Fisk said the only way to peace in the middle east is pulling out the US military of the middle east, and no more war machine funding for any country in the middle east. and no more over throwing democracies for plunder and profit in the middle east ever since the toppling of the Iran democracy in 1953 and it’s democratically elected pm Mohammad Mossadegh because he did the right thing nationalized Iran’s oil since BP(British Persian oil company back then) since the UK was giving Iran a tiny percentage from the oil profits.

    • dahszil dahszil says:

      and also decreasing terrorism in the west, the US and western powers is another reason to pull their militaries and black op operations out of the middle east and around the world

      • RFM says:

        But they like the terror attacks to limit our freedoms and install a surveillance police state. Good business too, all the hard and software that is needed to create all these capabilities.

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