Undeclared political attache Shai Masot and the ‘golden chains’ of the Israel lobby: ex-British ambassador Craig Murray

Friday 13th January 2017

BCfm’s weekly Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

At five – discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six –
 straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

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First hour: News review: with Green councillor for Frome on Mendip District Council Shane Collins – Hinkley C nuclear power station:  alternative energy cheaper than nuclear;  nuclear industry – EDF, Chinese companies, corruption and spying; nuclear industry and banks bailed out by public money;  you will be paid £40 if you switch provider – go to www.switchEDFoff.org.uk Politics of Mendip and Frome councils. NHS problems: BBC documentary ‘The Hospital’A&E crisis deepens – ½ of all hospitals in serious trouble; social care budget and local authorities cuts;  Roy Lilley on BBC 5Live, author of ‘Your Health and the Internet’, discussing local councils raising council tax to pay for social care; how to prepare industries for privatisation;  PFIs; Dr. Jackie Davis from Reform and research showing £10bn a year going on just operating NHS market.  Theresa May ‘s speech – injustices and mental health – with no answers.  Jeremy Corbyn’s speech – Brexit, EU rules and cuts to NHS.  Tristram Hunt, Labour MP, leaving.  BBC Points West – council tax rise by 5% but services will be cut, Arena delayed – taxes on wealthy people reduced – Mayor Marvin Rees on these cuts.  Severn Bridge staff sacked and cost of return crossing reduced to £3.
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Second hour: Investigative reports: Israeli diplomat, Shai Masot, filmed undercover by by Al Jazeera Investigates reporters, plotted against government minister also had £1m slush fund to set up political groups in the Labour party. Interview with Craig Murray, journalist and author: Senior Israeli Political Attache Shai Masot was not on the official Diplomatic List so why hasn’t he been expelled? Craig Murray articles: Why Has Israeli Spy Shai Masot Not Been Expelled? Britain’s Most Undesirable Immigrant: Why Was Shai Masot Given a Visa? 2011 Adam Werritty and Liam Fox MP story: Liam Fox, Adam Werritty, and the curious case of Our Man in Tel Aviv – about matters concerning Israel not about them being gay; UK backing Israel; Trump admits Russia and others involved in hacking – his contradicting statements – people with direct link to story said not Russia; ‘fake news’; Wikipedia; information and psychological modern warfare; does propaganda work? George Orwell didn’t think so when he resigned from the BBC in 1943 – Operation Atlantic Resolve: Largest deployment of U.S. troops since Cold War arrives in Germany – NATO troops and tanks to borders of Russia; Trump may reset US and Russia relations; war good for business;  www.craigmurray.org.uk book ‘Sikunder Burnes: Master of the Great Game’ by Craig Murray – a biography of Sir Alexander Burnes. State backing of terrorism – White Helmets, Yinon Plan and Balkanisation of the Middle East. Donald Trump speech: jobs, drugs industry and Lockheed Martin F35 joint strike fighter plane – can he achieve all this? ‘deep state’ and military industrial complex;  far right republicans in Trump’s cabinet Donald Trump’s cordial tone towards Russia contrasts with many of his nominees including Rex Tillerson, Mike Pompeo, and James Mattis – they could remove him; Mad Dog Mattis, The Butcher of Fallujah: ‘Kremlin plotting to break NATO’; US backed coup in Turkey; Germany’s relations with Russia. Intercept – Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State to be, says Saudis need help bombing YemenSpecific evidence now not needed for Drone attacks.
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Beginning his working life in the aviation industry and trained by the BBC, Tony Gosling is a British land rights activist, historian & investigative radio journalist. Over the last 20 years he has been exposing the secret power of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and élite Bilderberg Conferences where the dark forces of corporations, media, banks and royalty conspire to accumulate wealth and power through extortion and war. Tony has spent much of his life too advocating solutions which heal the wealth divide, such as free housing for all and a press which reflects the concerns of ordinary people rather than attempting to lead opinion, sensationalise or dumb-down. Tony tweets at @TonyGosling. Tune in to his Friday politics show at BCfm here http://www.thisweek.org.uk

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3 comments on “Undeclared political attache Shai Masot and the ‘golden chains’ of the Israel lobby: ex-British ambassador Craig Murray
  1. dahszil says:

    If memory serves, There was talk on your show(a week or couple weeks back) about letting whitehall come in and sort out Bristol’s or any metro area in Britain, and do the the budget cutting and allocationg for Bristol, et al. Is it legal under British or English law to, for lack of a better term, for local elected officials to have a sit down strike not to handle budgets ?

    If the onus was put on Westminster wouldn’t this be a plus for Labour chances of being the next national government in next general elections ?

    I’d really appreciate answers from host Tony, commentator Martin, or anyone else out their in internet and radio “land”

  2. martin summers says:

    There are no plans at present for Labour run cities like Bristol refusing to implement cuts and forcing central government to do it’s own dirty work. For better or worse, the pragmatic approach of mitigation is being followed. However, the resignation of Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness in Northern Ireland will lead to a local election and then (because Sinn Fein will refuse to work with the Democratic Unionist Party) to the suspension of the assembly and return to direct rule from London. Thus, the UK Tory goverment will have to carry out their own cuts policy in the Six Counties in the teeth of total opposition from Sinn Fein (and embarrased silence from the DUP – do they like English cuts or not?).

  3. dahszil says:

    Thank you for answering my question and the information Martin

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