No more Impunity: Guardian’s Charlie Skelton + Avon and Somerset Police discuss Bilderberg 2015

Friday 26th June 2015

BCfm’s weekly Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

At five – discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six –
 straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

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First hour: News review: Labour councillor Mark Bradshaw. Mark Bradshaw’s move toward Labour Mayor candidacy; the mayoral system pros and cons; why would failed Labour candidate Marvin Rees stand in 2016 when he lost in 2012? Mayor George Ferguson; the proposed Bristol Arena near Temple Meads; the privatisation of over 2000 acres of Avonmouth & Portbury Docks which Mark opposed in cabinet and was then sacked from the cabinet by Mayor Ferguson; Metrobus and £1m spent evicting protesters from Stapleton Allotments; 250,000 turn out to ant-austerity march in London – “The poor have all the money” clip from Mark Steel’s speech; disabled protesters break into PMQs at Parliament, upset about the stopping of Independent Living Allowance (ILA) – clip of Norman Smith from the BBC – poor taking brunt of financial crisis; PMQs Marie Rimmer – Iain Duncan Smith deaths of people claimed fit for work by DWP; St. Paul’s Carnival cancelled; who is St’ Pauls Carnival committee chairman John Farquharson? Secret talks that Bristol has outgrown it’s existing boundaries? Cuts could plunge Britain into recession, warn City of London experts – cuts to benefits weaken local economy; bosses’ earnings surge to 149% more than staff; migrants in Calais take advantage of Lorry strike – how to deal with increasing migration crisis; British population up by 500,000 last year – half of which due to migration; Queen goes to Berlin and talks about keeping the EU together in speech which contrary to what Tony says, was probably written by the Foreign Office.
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Second hour: Investigative reports: Charlie Skelton at Bilderberg 2015 in Austria. Interview with Kevin Phillips, Chair of Avon and Somerset Police Federation:  why aren’t fraudulent bankers arrested? Rowan Bosworth-Davies and the Blue Arrow trial; Crown Prosecution Service;  cuts to Bristol police – 600 less officers;  three police officers deny misconduct in Bijan Ebrahimi murder case; Bradford family say police ‘complicit in radicalising sisters’ – Prevent Strategy. Interview with Charlie Skelton, author of The Guardian BilderBlog covering the Bilderberg Conference, where the richest and most influential people in western world meet in secret: the difference for journalists between G7 in Bavaria, Germany and the Bilderberg conference the weekend after just over the border in Austria; police harassment; press barons attending Bilderberg; new interest in high tech industries – presence of intelligence services; No more Impunity: Guardian’s Charlie Skelton & Avon & Somerset Police discuss Bilderberg 2015, plenty of criminals at Bilderberg including banksters; Bilderberg at Watford, UK; Top Italian judge wrote book: The Republic of the Unpunished Massacres Ferdinando Imposimato explained Bilderberg has been involved in NATO terrorist attacks; NATO heads attend Bilderberg and NATO expansionism; some pressure from alternative media. Will Greece default on its’ debts and exit EU or will a deal be made? – Ukraine defaulting on its EU debts too. Protests in Armenia against electricity price rises – Caucuses border country with Russia and NATO. Israeli government shrugs its shoulders at ‘biased’ UN report which condemns IDF for Gaza assault which killed 551 children. Hilary Clinton is the plan for the future but…
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  1. […] was applied against the Bilderbergers…” (AFP, 22 & 29 Jun. 2015, p.1). Even Skelton, interviewed after the meeting by Tony Gosling admitted that Bilderberg was being “taken seriously” by the mainstream media, citing as an […]

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