Yemen war crimes: Bilderberg 2015 brings together West’s criminal elite to engineer war abroad and slavery at home

Friday 12th June 2015

BCfm’s weekly Politics Show presented by Tony Gosling

At five – discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six –
 straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

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First hour: News review: Bilderberg conference at Interalpen Hotel, Tyrol, near Innsbruck, Austria. What is Bilderberg? former Nazi in his college days then SS officer in a Motorized division Prince Bernhard; Operation Market Garden; Major Desmond Morton; ‘M’ in James Bond novels; special MI6 section; Paul Manning ‘Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile’; Christopher Creighton ‘OP-JB’, NATO Chief of Staff former Nazi Chief of Staff Adolph Heusinger; Arnhem. Interview with Dr. Judith Brown, who worked in Yemen for UNHCR – after massive bombing by Saudi Arabia, she discusses the history and politics of Yemen and how the situation has got to this: Houthis; Prime Minister Hadi; ancient UNESCO site from 10th Century bombed today, psychological warfare to destroy history; media not covering it; good coverage; western intelligence services directing terrorists; documents showing US, Israel, Saudi Arabia collusion – Socotra; ISIS, Sunni, Shia; Syria and Assad; western global war strategy. Cuba: Che Guavara and Cuban revolution. Mansion House speeches – Osborne to sell RBS stake at a £13bn loss after gaining Carney and Rothschild backing: discussion on economy. Ministers treating unemployment as mental problem – report: full employment. Too poor to die – funeral costs up by 80%: poverty map at PMQs Angus Robertson – Britain in top 10 of most unequal societies in world – living wage.
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Second hour: Investigative reports: Bilderberg conference near Innsbruck, Austria. The Bilderberg Conference is taking place in Austria this weekend, the secretive meeting of mainly financiers, politicians and media – some criminal – from mostly NATO countries: technocracy – Google, Total Information Awareness, UK government splash out on mass data gathering on social media activity, Internet of things – Smart technology; BBC info …. website ; people not always on guest list; extreme policing; South Sea Pipeline; Bilderblog – Charlie Skelton’s coverage; Active Denial; Sting Ray; Imposimato – Bilderberg and terrorism; Henry Kissinger. Clip of Chosodosfsky from discussing the increase in global warfare, not just military but also covert. He also discusses the huge influence of mainstream media – psychological warfare, alternative media. Peter Thiel, financier of Facebook and starter of PayPal, is at Bilderberg discussing his Life Extension Project. Social media of ministers to be monitored. Cashless society – PayPal and Total Information Awareness Programme. Clip of Katherine Albrecht, interviewed by Julian Charles from ‘The Mind Renewed’, discussing how opposition levels to implanted chips is decreasing. Duke of Windsor, Prince Edward, and known Nazi sympathiser, said in 1940 he thought Britain should be bombed. Clip of Idris Francis discusses his Royal Artillery Uncle Major who was told by SS officers at Nuremberg that after two victories in world wars the Germans would beat the British and it would happen so slowly we wouldn’t know what was happening until it’s all over. Nazis and the EU.
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Due to radio4all being ‘down’ extra mp3 audio file available this week



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