GCHQ Paedophile was Worshipful Master of No. 7507 Mercurius Spies Masonic Lodge

Friday 29th May 2015

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five – discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six –
 straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

Listen live http://www.bcfmradio.com/player

Apologies – BCfm website ‘listen again’ facility has been faulty since before Christmas – any probs? mp3s should be on alternative links below by about 8pm on tx date

First hour: News review: Cameron’s visit to EU conference and travelling around Europe attempting to convince leaders on reform of EU; corruption at FIFA and the attempted removal of FIFA president Sepp Blatter – FBI extending power of arrest to Europe, ant-Russian agenda? The Queen’s Speech – Osborne’s financial plan, possible financial crash, Ed Balls and Bilderberg; election results with First Past the Post system compared to PR; the economy – can we mend it? Benefit sanctions, effect of immigration on unskilled local workforce, decision not to have full employment, crash – banks insolvent, deflation; sell off of housing associations – not free market; snooper’s charter. Paedophile Mason ran lodge set up for GCHQ: One of Britain’s most influential paedophiles was the head of a Masonic lodge founded and frequented by GCHQ spies – paedophile Mason ran lodge set up for GCHQ – blackmailing political figures.
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Second hour: Investigative reports: FIFA congress in First round results and subsequent re-election of FIFA president Sepp Blatter announced live on the show. Jackie Cannon and Aristides Rodrigues, come in to promote talk ‘Cuba Revolution Solidarity and Palestine’ celebrating Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara’s visit to Gaza/Palestine in 1959, six months after the Cuban revolution. They also discuss Cuba generally – what it’s like now, the history and the politics: US embargos; Batista and history of the revolution; socialism in Cuba, not communism; Cuba campaignsCuba Solidarity Campaign, Rock Around The Blockade; JFK assassination and Cuban Missile Crisis; Prescott Bush crime family; the Mafia and Batista’s US controlled Cuba. How to fly to Cuba cheaply via Madrid. or even cheaper from Paris. Clip from Jason Bermas’ documentary ‘Invisible Empire: a new world order defined’ but is ‘New World Order’ a helpful term to use about the NATO/big business takeover of Western politics? Is it fascism? 1961 Bay of Pigs, 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis. Roots of US president JFK’s assassination in 1963. This programme’s 50th anniversary investigation into the Kennedy Assassination. Clip of Dr Katherine Albrecht from Julian Charles’ ‘The Mind Renewed’, about the dangers of human microchip implants.
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