BCfm election results Politics Show – VE Day + Martin Bormann’s 4th Reich = Nazi victory?

Friday 8th May 2015

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five – discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six –
 straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

Listen live http://www.bcfmradio.com/player

First hour: Are Cameron & Murdoch now going to stitch Britain up to kingdom come? General election results show with Bristol’s former LibDem leader Steve Comer. Conservatives get in power again for another 5 years! What did Labour do wrong? How did they not get their message across properly? At least Labour and Greens did well in Bristol. Lib Dems got trashed – what could they have done differently? PR and first past the post system; media influence; Syria; Russia as threat; NATO; SNP, Scottish independence, and separatist ideals; EU and Maastricht Treaty; banking crisis; QE, bloated markets and further financial crash; government borrowing used for the right things.
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Second hour: Israeli, UK & US ducks are lining up, maybe we’re about to kick over into WWIII? General election results show and Investigative reports: VE day 2015. WWII casualties after six years of war: Germany 8m, Japan 3m, Italy 460k – vs. –  Soviet Union 25m, China 20m, Poland 5.6m, Yugoslavia 1m, India 2m, Britain 460k, US 420k – A global total of around 75 million dead. Worldwide roughly three civilians died for every soldier. 70 years on what really happened to Adolf Hitler’s chief of staff Martin Bormann? CBS wartime reporter Paul Manning. It’s the 70th anniversary of WW2 VE day: after Rudolf Hess came to Britain, on his failed ‘UK Nazi alliance’ mission, did Hitler’s Chief of Staff Martin Bormann survive WW2 and escape to South America with the Nazi loot, to set up a new Nazi network?  As stated in Paul Manning’s 1982 book ‘Martin Bormann: Nazi in exile’ and John Ainsworth-Davies, aka. Christopher Creighton’s book ‘OP JB’. Psychological warfare; west and Nazis joined to fight communist Russian threat; Nazis Reinhardt Gehlen and Klaus Barbie; Dulles brothers; Sullivan and Cromwell law firm laundering Nazi loot; Operation Paperclip; Penny Lane in Guantanamo Bay producing ISIS leaders. Clips of interview with Scott Bennett, former psychological warfare officer, by David Hodges from The Common Sense Show: he explains how terrorist money has been funnelled to ISIS through Swiss bank accounts; psychological warfare;  General Geoff Jones; Edward Snowden’s former firm Booz Allen Hamilton Strategy and Technology Consulting where Scott Bennett worked; Mossad dual US/Israeli citizens involved in carrying out and covering up the 9/11 attacks; Former US Army Psychological Warfare officer Scott Bennett speaks out about the financing of Al Nusra/ISIS Middle East terror groups he found by Saudis and the CIA through Swiss banks. UK Psychological warfare: British army’s new ‘Brigade 77’ (London Bombings?) psychological warfare unit targeting social media; Libya, Muslim extremists and western intelligence services.  Syria, civil war, and both sides to blame for mess in Aleppo; Roland Dumas. Scott Bennett on Israel State and ISIS.  Saudi Arabia bombing Yemen. Scott Bennett on how Netanyahu used to be part of a Mossad ‘assassination team’. Daniele Ganser, from Julian Charles’s show ‘The Mind Renewed’, discusses NATO terrorist infrastructure and gaining hearts and minds. The 2015 BBC: Bullingdon Boy David Dimbleby and ex-Young Tories boss Nick Robinson in the studio. Criminal elite chair Rona Fairhead from HSBC & vice-chair Roger Carr BAe Systems run the board of the BBC.
Maidan Massacre
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