Prevent? MI5 turn Mohammed Emwazi from gentle Muslim into crazed killer

Friday 6th March 2015

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

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 straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

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First hour: News review: with Conservative deputy mayor of Bristol and councillor for Westbury-On-Trym Geoff Gollop. Mayoral system and democracy; housing strategy, affordable housing, empty offices; health of local media – Bristol 24/7, Bristol Post; scrutiny by councillors; Becky Watts murder; UK household incomes near pre-banking crisis levels, think tank claims – QE, social security benefits, still long way to go; Bristol deputy Mayor, Geoff Gollop, opposes library closures – borrowing money, Arena, 6% people use libraries; £600bn bailout of banks, derivatives market bigger than 2008, Enron, the Smartest Guy In The Room (2005), economics, Gordon Brown; PMQs Ed Miliband – reluctance of Cameron to do TV debates – Linton Crosby; PMQs Seema Malhotra MP – tuition fees at Universities – Labour; shock 20-year life expectancy gap between rich and poor people – QE protects assets of the rich without filtering down into the real economy, Von Mises Institute free market, affordable housing; Douglas McWilliams George Osborne’s advisor quits after video showing him off his head smoking crack cocaine in drugs den; Government row over ban on extremist speakers on university campuses Tories and Lib Dems argue over proposed free speech guidelines at centres of learning in wake of claims about former Westminster University student Mohammed Emwazi – if you offend me you’re banned? Freedom of speech for what you profoundly disagree with?
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Second hour: Investigative reports: Interview with professor Stephen Dorril from Huddersfield university, author of MI6: Fifty Years of Special Operations, Inside the Covert World of Her Majesty’s Secret Intelligence Service. He discusses some of the ways MI6 work and mentions his forthcoming book on NATO ‘stay behind’ Gladio forces: clip of Mohammed Emwazi (Jihadi John) recorded in 2009 about MI5 coming to see him – explains how against 9/11 and 7/7 he was and annoyed MI5 were not very persuasive – more like bullying him – the police and secret services’ ‘prevent’ strategy totally failed ex MI6 Director General Sir John Sawers gets 25 minute interview on the BBC Radio 4 Today programme last Saturday playing the role of the clergy or theologians in deciding whether Islam is compatible with 21st century capitalism – compared to cults changing peoples views, brainwashing; scrutiny of security services as Sir Malcolm Rifkind resigns the chair of Intelligence and Security Committee – secret service budget is going up; surveillance of people who go on to carry out terror attacks – Adebolajo, 7/7; IRA; clip from BBC Today Programme of Sir John Sawyers, former head of MI6; state terrorists – Gaddafi; SAS – Iraq killing on industrial scale from MI6, GCHQ information. Interview with Kevin Phillips, Chair of Avon and Somerset Police Federation: Prevent Strategy not working – preventing Muslim extremism;  police discipline; PMQs Diana Johnson –  16,000 job cuts to police preventing proper policing; Chief Constable Nick Gargan suspended with full pay – court hearing in April; custody suites; Crown Prosecution Service. Assassination of Russian neoliberal politician Boris Nemtsov in Moscow, Russia: with Ukrainian model girlfriend; was being followed the whole day; the assassin’s getaway car was from private security firm used by the Russian Finance ministry; happened just as world’s journalists were knocking off for the weekend and only skeleton staff left to analyse the killing while prepared campaign run in Western media pinning the blame on Putin? Putin actually has 85% popularity; was attack a NATO false flag;  Ukraine coup snipers;  Progress Party; evidence Yabloko Party took $2.5m from US Nemtsov progress party disagreed with Yabloko. Editor of Conspiracy Theory Research List (CTRL) and publisher at TrineDay Kris Milligan discusses Colonel Landsdale’s ‘lose scenario on Vietnam war which was all about drug-running. The history of Dutch, Scottish and US HSBC and opium smuggling in Vietnam war – also Afghanistan, CIA and drug smuggling.
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Investigative Journalist

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2 comments on “Prevent? MI5 turn Mohammed Emwazi from gentle Muslim into crazed killer
  1. dahszil dahzil says:

    One of the most powerful men in a media saturated world directly giving an order for a hit on Boris Nemtsov? Vladimir Putin ex kgb, directing such a hack hit, on a bridge a stone’s throw from the Kremlin is outrageous. The Russian mafia is still all over the place in the world’s largest country. And yes, I would not rule out a false flag directed by west security aparatus via some criminals and Russian right wingers. And it’s a possibility of Russian nationalists who have no ties to Putin who did it. But demonized Putin who is number one in the world under the corporate media and western security’s microscope directing this, is a nonsense.

    The US government gave the Southeast Asia golden triangle drug cartels a free reign and the first place and people they distributed heroin and other drugs to was American soldiers in Vietnam. The triangle called their airlines “Air America”.

    Same thing happening here in the states:cutting back on traditional valuable public institutions such as libraries and putting the tax payers money into “bread and circuses” without the bread. Jane Jacobs and notable city development critic and historian, called these public/private partnerships, like building an arena for pop stars and sport, a “monstrous hybrid”.

    Although a yank who deliberately made himself ‘sport spectator free’ for 20 years had a relapse when the 2010 football(soccer in us of a)was freely available over the internet. In 2014 no way could i get world cup over the internet. I think it is the greatest game ever. I mean in the third world kids will tie up some rags and kick that around. But I am just satisfied watching an amateur match as watching a Premier League match. Let me expropriate from Karl Marx and Nancy Reagan: Sport “is the opiate of the masses.” “just say no” to professional sport and super star addiction. btw my favorite national football team is Ghana. In the past ten years you have a poor nation with almost no child to young adult football program(Germany puts more money into German football development)with only 20 million people: In 2010 they went all the way quarter finals. They drew with Uruguay and they lost on those stupid penalty kicks to break a tie. I think they should just keep playing overtimes till someone wins. In 2014 in the round robin they tied eventual world cup champion Germany 2-2 in the first round robin round. I think if there is a draw in the world cup finals then why not have two world champions. When i was a sport addict i even routed for the underdog team against my team if it was better.

    The most infamous “muslim” terrorist was Zbigniew Brzezinski. During the beginning of the 1979 Iran Revolution there was still a strong parliamentary faction and told Carter not to support them and support one of the two extremes. Z started the funding of the mujahedin and helped to create the database “al qaeda” to fight the Soviets in Afghanistan. Brzezinski was a silly russophobe.(i am half Polish and got over the partition of Poland by Germany, Austria and Russia 1790-1918 and it being in the Soviet Iron Curtain long ago. Zbigniew Brzezinski should have spent his reading time about the Polish Empire in the 16th century when it’s empire extended from the outskirts of Berlin and Moscow, and stretched from the Baltic to Black Sea. or King John Sobieski leading his formidable 40 thousand Hussars–cavalry– to thoroughly defeat the “Saracens” at the gates of Vienna. ) And Reagan, George 1, Clinton, George ll, all supported the oppressive Taliban(who probably had nothing to do with 911). In the the 60’s through the 1980’s Afghan women were professionals, no head scarf, wore jeans and tube tops, were doctors, and so on and so forth. In the early 1950’s Iran has a true democracy. The coalition who won the parliament elections were SECULAR, their leader an amazing polyglot, legal genius, loveable eccentric, and never used any public money as leader, Prime Minister Dr. Mohammad Mossadegh. Iran was getting screwed for decades by what we now call British Petroleum. Mossadegh won his case at the international court to nationalize Iran oil. So what else is not news nor new in history, MI6 and CIA overthrow him to get back BP’s ill gotten oil revenues.

    usa(dismantle the empire and restore the US free republic as a peaceful, contributor, compassionate member of the world’s family of nations)

  2. Tim Veater says:

    re. Hampstead alleged abused children

    I feel obliged to write to you regarding the above, in a case that is currently pending before Her Hon. Judge Dame Pauffley. The case has attracted international attention, so I am sure I am not the only one to express concern regarding it. The eyes of the world are upon what has happened to date and the need for a speedy and just resolution in the best interests of the children involved. The process and outcome will be viewed as an acid test, in the context of numerous recent high profile cases, most recently in Oxford, of both Judge Pauffley’s public pronouncements and the whole British justice system.

    We are not in a position to know whether the well publicised claims of the children, are true in fact or not. We are however able to conclude that they have been remarkably consistent and detailed, displaying anatomical, physiological, geographical and procedural information, that in children of that age is highly unlikely to have been gained from imagination or coaching alone, even were that to be the case. Perhaps more importantly the information has been corroborated (incredibly ignored by police) by medical, behavioural and third party evidence. In short their statements have been credible and compelling and must not be dismissed out of hand, as appears to have been done so far.

    Secondly, were we to accept that the children’s testimony was embroidered, exaggerated or even inaccurate, in part at least, it is thoroughly consistent in this regard at least, that the natural father is the subject and focus of the specific claims of abuse. This is corroborated by other evidence of related violence, in which the police were involved, that led to the mother being given full custody and limitations placed on his access, which it is alleged he flouted, seeing the children, it is claimed by them, daily. They also claim they were under threat of death by him were they to reveal what he had done. Yet despite this, quite incredibly, he has apparently been afforded access to the children by the Family Court, whilst the mother, against whom no suggestion of abuse has been levelled, indeed both children in police interviews repeatedly restated her love and care, has been forced to flee the country, on threat of arrest!

    Thirdly, in view of the nature of the allegation by two young children, of both rape and murder, the police approach has been as inexplicable as it has been incompetent. As far as it appears, no concrete steps were taken to properly inquire into the specific allegations, either to substantiate or disprove them. This repeats what has been revealed most recently in the Oxford and Rotherham cases – i.e. a refusal to believe or to act on information received.

    This is then compounded by the way the children were treated in three interview situations that are now widely available on the internet. Can it be right that these highly vulnerable children were questioned by a male officer, alone and unsupported? Has the Metropolitan Police learned nothing in such cases? Further that the evidence is there to see that the officer in question appears unable or unwilling to seek detailed information about the alleged abuse or to follow natural lines of enquiry provided by the children’s statements. Rather quite the opposite, on the third occasion, seeks to prompt confusion and retraction, upon which flimsy basis the police decide no further action is necessary. In contrast to this inactivity, “ten burly officers”, could be provided, to arrest, without warrant, the mother at her home?

    What sort of ‘topsy turvy’ – even corrupt – country are we living in, when officers sworn to protect life and property and uphold the law, operate in such a perverse fashion?

    In the light of all this, I sincerely hope that justice will at last prevail, and the High Court at least can be trusted to secure it, by returning the children without further delay to their mother or at least the maternal grand parents, who appear more than competent to provide them with a safe and caring home, that all the grandeur of the British State has so far, conspicuously failed to do.

    Yours sincerely,

    Tim Veater.

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