WWII MI6 spy John Ainsworth-Davis: we smuggled Martin Bormann out of Berlin

Friday 5th December 2014

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five – discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six –
 straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

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First hour: News review: Chancellor’s Autumn statement and Bristol Arena discussed with Labour councillor for Windmill Hill Sam Mongon. Bristol City Council Scrutiny Committees; living wage; Bristol Arena;  Green Capital;  Osborne’s Autumn Statement – ideological cuts, Jonathan Freedland on BBC 5Live saying extreme cuts are a form of self-harm to the economy, pointing out that Labour’s Chancellor Alistair Darling said it would take two parliaments to balance the books; Ed Miliband PMQs – living standards going down;  rail and bus fares going up – First Group; Latest Edward Snowden: secret malware in European Union linked to US & British Intelligence – Regin; Dennis Skinner PMQs – Dennis Skinner says Tories added £430bn to National Debt, more than Labour spent in a century – international financial system broken, cancelling debt;  homeless young people on the rise; Three police officers and a PCSO face misconduct charge over death of  Bijan Ebrahimi in Bristol.
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opjbb  PaulManning  JAD

Second hour: Investigative reports: Noam Chomsky on the West’s post-war betrayal of partisans and workers movements. Noam Chomsky: hard-line critic of US foreign policy; professor of linguistics at MIT. End Game of WWII and Nazis being helped by western intelligence services for various strategic reasons:  Nazi Gold; Operation Paperclip, Reinhard Gehlen; NATO; Gladio; Svoboda Pravy Sektor;  ‘America’s Nazi Secret’ by US President Jimmy Carter’s FBI Special Prosecutor John Loftus author of America’s Nazi Secret; WWII US traitor Prescott Bush;  ‘OPJB’ by John Ainsworth-Davies (aka. Christopher Creighton) – Martin Bormann escape from Nazi Germany; South America and Nazis – Klaus Barbie in Bolivia; clip of John Ainsworth-Davies: First airing of Argentina-based British journalist Laurence De Mello’s exclusive interview with author of Op JB John Ainsworth-Davis aka. Christopher Creighton. MI6 ‘M’ Section cell: Ian Fleming, Desmond Morton, Winston Churchill, King George VI, Lord Louis Mountbatten, John Ainsworth-Davis. Sullivan & Cromwell money laundering; Former CBS News Europe correspondent Paul Manning’s book: Martin Bormann Nazi In Exile. Red House Meeting.  Post WW2 era: Lucky Luciano and the Mafia; communist threat and strong unions to placate people;  clip of Noam Chomsky. David Powell from South West Friends of the Earth: TTIP – business led trade deal between US and EU that will degrade regulations – suing governments, secret courts, NHS; doubts that Hinckley Point Nuclear Power Station is still going ahead as one of major backers is in financial trouble.
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Investigative Journalist

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One comment on “WWII MI6 spy John Ainsworth-Davis: we smuggled Martin Bormann out of Berlin
  1. dahszil dahszil says:

    Perhaps one of the major reasons for secretely shuffling off Nazis to Argentina is that Argentina already had a large German population to blend in with especially in the southern half of Argentina. These weren’t nazis but Germans who migrated to temperate regions of North America and South America in the mid to late 19th century. Argentina is in southern south america and is not nearly as tropical as lets say Venezuela or Brazil. Today it has been estimated that German dna is about 15% of the total population of Argentina

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