Child prostitution drug ring at heart of the US Republican Party

Friday 14th November 2014

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First hour: News review with Green Councillor, and Assistant Mayor number three, Gus Hoyt, also Green Councillor for Horfield Martin Fodor on this week’s TTIP Roadshow event. Update on TTIP meetings that happened in Bristol this week by Martin Fodor, Green Councillor for Redland:  attended by CBI, US Trade Organisation, MPs and councillors, local businesses, big businesses such as bank RBS and Deloittes, Business West, and the public (amongst others); ISDM – could be used by big business in secretive manner;  hosted by accountants Grant Thornton;  environmental and other standards could be diminished;  clip of MP Charlotte Leslie in meeting.  Other stories:  SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) Alliance say the four big banks bankrupted their businesses  – clip of Nigel Henderson from SME Alliance whose hotel business was bankrupted  by fraudulent loan from RBS, who he is now suing;  fines for banks after foreign exchange fraud;  David McLeod, former employee of Bristol City Academy school, brings charges of racism against Bristol City Council after Gill Kelly hired;  Merchant Venturer’s Charter Day at Bristol Cathedral – Bishop Michael Hill made an unfortunate comment in his sermon saying it was speculation about Edward Colston’s business dealings ( a former slave trader) – about 8 million Africans died on crossings;  more than half of people think religion does more harm than good, only a quarter think it does good;  Cameron says some child abuse claims are conspiracies – Wanless report – files going missing when being given to Leon Britton – abuse and Buckingham palace staff – political entrapment – ex MI6 deputy head Peter Hayman was a paedophile.
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Second hour: Investigative reports Avon and Somerset Police Federation Chair Kevin Phillips on Tasers, Nick Gargan, Sue Mountstevens, Direct Entry and Child Protection. Interview with Kevin Phillips from Avon and Somerset Police Federation:  use of tasers; cutting police officers;  clip of Don Hale, local newspaper editor and author of ‘Town Without Pity’, on LBC – Labour Cabinet Minister Barbara Castle gave him documents about child abuse and Cyril Smith came around, threatened him, and demanded documents; next day police more transparent and better at dealing with abuse nowadays.  Award winning documentary film maker Tim Tate discusses the film he made in 1993 about a child prostitution ring at the heart of the US Republican Party ‘Conspiracy of Silence’. Comments too on the post Jimmy Savile UK Child Sexual Abuse inquiry. Interview with Tim Tate, documentary maker and author of books for 30 years. His film ‘Conspiracy of Silence’ about child sex and drug dealing ring in Omaha, Nebraska, was pulled from air by Discovery Channel:  Laurence King started abuse ring at Boys Town in 1980s; senior politicians involved;  witnesses and victims disappeared or died;  lawyers passed film;  police not given enough resources to do job.
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2 comments on “Child prostitution drug ring at heart of the US Republican Party
  1. dahszil dahszil says:

    I thought mp William Wilberforce along with a group of anti-slave-trade activists, including Granville Sharp, Hannah More and Charles Middleton, et al, pushed through a law called Slave Trade Act of 1807 and slavery was abolish in Great Britain. Did the Bristol Merchant Venturers still ship slaves for other slave countries or still to the UK colonies after that law?

    His great grandson Lord Richard Orme Wilberforce and notable high court judge((11 March 1907 – 15 February 2003),…” warned Parliament of a modern kind of “bonded labor.” This, he declared, had taken the place of slavery that William Wilberforce had denounced in the House of Commons as early as the 1780’s.

    He said that whereas people may be freed from chattel servitude by breaking their chains, modern bonded labor enmeshes them in a whole skein of complex economic and political circumstances.

    “You have to provide a system of good employment, schools for the children, and some system of land reform so that people can earn a living,” he told Parliament. “Bonded labor certainly is servitude, and in many ways it is worse.’ ”


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