Bristol City Council surrounded by big business-like secrecy under Mayor Ferguson

Friday 24th October 2014

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five – discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six –
 straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

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First hour: News review How former Independent and Western Daily Press journalist Chris Brown made his local news website Bristol 24/7 pay through advertising etc; Discrepancies over Mayor Ferguson’s involvement in ‘refinancing’ Bristol Ferry Boat Company – Council officers now refusing to answer questions at Scrutiny Committees which Mayor Ferguson also often fails to attend, The Bristol Arena by Temple Meads station is costing £90m at least £10m of which will have to be paid from the council budget but councillors and public still haven’t been shown the figures; The City Deal and Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) is way too secretive, run like a business but spending millions of pounds of public money; £200m Metro Bus project another ‘top down scheme’ with minimal, if any real public consultation – criticised by transport campaigners a tragic waste of money; clip of Rita Lynch, punk singer songwriter, on the reduction of beds in Bush Residential Care Home, Hengrove, for disabled kids – is the city council disabled bashing ‘as a matter of principle’? Residential parking;  British deficit up 10% on last year – deficit rising is why we have growth, taxation;  EU asking Britain for £1.7bn – positive vision of EU not heard much, immigration undermining wages;  Juenker won vote to get a new European Commission starting November – is it relevant? Is it democratic? Sanctions on Russia;  Bristol is European Green Capital for 2015 – head of operations sacked due to organisational chaos –;  Bristol Arena has £10m black hole in funding – parking forgotten, figures not for public view;  Bristol Rovers sue Sainsbury’s for pulling out of Bristol Stadium plan;  Fiona Wolfe appropriate for historical child abuse by government employees inquiry? – enormous child abuse scandal at Kincora Boys Home in Northern Ireland is to be excluded from the inquiry, why? Tory Mayor of London Boris Johnson reminds us all that Chairman of BBCs weekly Question Time David Dimbleby was also a member of the elite Bullingdon Club to which he, David Cameron, George Osborne and many more now in power once belonged, Dimbleby says “but I’m not running for office”, no we can’t get rid of him from the BBC; In the US – a modern day Robin Hood robbed bank and gave money to people who lost their homes.
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Second hour: Investigative reports: Interview with Robert Salisbury, author of ‘Die Dollar Die : The fall of the American colossus’.  He used to work in The City and discusses the casino banking system, and the potential fall of the Dollar:  auditors, toxic assets rated AA, rules not followed; spirituality; US provoking war to prevent death of the Dollar. Colonel Gaddafi and Libya: Libya was most advanced and independent country in Africa under Gaddafi; Libya Gold Dinar; Operation Southern Mistral 2011 war game; Libya in sights of ISIS; Libyan Islamic Fighting group backed by western intelligence services; Alleged Libyan involvement in Lockerbie crash and shooting of PC Yvonne Fletcher entirely fabricated; Dave Roberts on the positive aspects of Libya under Gaddafi; Homes for all; Direct Democracy; Libyan oil. Licio Gelli running Italy’s secret fascist government in the 1970s and 1980s through P2 Masonic Lodge, is a similar secret government in place here in Britain? Daniele Ganser, author of ‘NATOs’ Secret Armies’ on parallel governments: Italy and Operation Gladio; former Nazis used as spies in post WW2 Germany – ‘Stay Behind’ Armies in Germany; Ottawa shootings at parliament and war memorial this week “Ottawa shooter Zehaf-Bibeau has perfect modus operandi for typical directionless loser turned Intelligence Services informant “.  False Flag operations around Europe.  Russia Today shows documentary on downing of MH17 plane over Ukraine:  possibly shot down by cannon fire from SU25 Ukrainian fighter jets. Former Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray blew the whistle on Extraordinary Rendition torture flights ten years ago this week and they were used to create the war on terror, but now the preferred way to kill is using remote control drones.
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