HSBC whistleblower Nicholas Wilson exposes UK banks, solicitors and regulators flouting the law

Friday 10th October 2014

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five – discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six –
 straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

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First hour: News review with Bristol North West MP Charlotte Leslie. Clacton-on-Sea by-election – UKIP wins – politicians out of touch, EU referendum, Lisbon Treaty; UK Statistics Authority complain about Cameron’s claim in Party Conference Speech that Tories are paying down countries debt – deficit and debt difference, QE; illegal drugs and prostitution now part of official GDP figures – a larger part of economy than house building – drug cartels and banks laundering money, legalisation of drugs; China overtakes US as biggest economy (purchasing power parity model) – BRICS, dethroning of dollar, Africa, oil; ECB to commence QE, even though illegal – economic crash, energy security; British manufacturing slowing – EU, Germany, Russian sanctions, austerity policies, derivative markets growing; Brussels backs Hinkley C Nuclear Power Station – to cost £24.5bn not £16bn as we were previously told – backed by Chinese money, nuclear waste, bills rising; Russia Today adverts banned in Britain – Iraq War; Bristol Rovers Stadium looking unlikely to happen; NHS – personal details put on a database – good for research or being sold to businesses?
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Second hour: Investigative reports: HSBC Whistleblower Nicholas Wilson‘s first broadcast interview after his eight year campaign for justice. Interview with Nicholas Wilson, an HSBC whistleblower in 2006. Weightmans Solicitors; John Lewis Partnership, Dixons, PC World, and other well-known high street names; HFC Bank (Household Finance Corporation), owned by HSBC, – estimated £1bn unlawful charges (under Consumer Credit Agreements) added to peoples debt repayments; solicitor Duncan Hamilton – 2003 charges illegal; Douglas Flint – HSBCs current Chairman; Wrestons Solicitors charging up to £5000 for doing nothing; Class Action against HFC by Leigh Day & Co Solicitors was scuppered at the last minute; Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA); adjudication ignored by HFC; Financial Conduct Authority and Office of Fair Trading. Leaders of two drug cartels arrested in Mexico – brought about by 50 young activists being murdered – US intelligence and drug dealing.
Ebola crisis… Precedents: 1) A CIA gambit in Pakistan threatens a global vaccination program. 2) Experiments could cause deadly pandemic, scientists warn. – Biological research programmes are incredibly dangerous; vaccination programmes used to cover up spying in Pakistan; clip of Dr. Leonard Horovitz discussing the changing of viruses in biological research – Litton Industries and Litton Biotnetics in Bethesda, Maryland – actual contracts this company had in 1962 to develop new primate based bio-weapons – psychological warfare. Ebola virus man made or not? Links to AIDS? A bioweapon that escaped? Dr Len Horowitz on US biowarfare programme – the true origins of Ebola and AIDS? Alex Younger is appointed new Director General at Britain’s professional but shameful and unaccountable international criminal ‘getting away with it’ Secret Intelligence Service MI6.
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