US takeover of MoD DE/S Abbey Wood, Bechtel (RAF and Navy) and CH2M Hill (Army and Joint Scs)

Friday 22nd Aug 2014

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five – discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six –
 straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

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First hour: News review with Labour councillor for St George West Ron Stone. Privatisation of MoD DE&S division in Abbey Wood, Filton Bristol with a budget of £14bn and 21,000 employees to Bechtel (RAF & Navy) and CH2M Hill (Army & Joint Services). Brings in American giants to manage military procurement – Keith Vaz on Raytheon eBorders contract fiasco; PWC to take over Abbey Wood human resources and NHS whistleblowers sacked by human resources departments; former Bechtel executive took $5m in bribes; Mayor Ferguson attends conference in Amsterdam ‘If Mayors Ruled the World’ – bedroom tax, the economy; Bristol Arena – councillors not allowed to scrutinise figures but expected to allow it; ant-Mayor referendum; Hedy Epstein, 90 year old holocaust survivor, likens police action to Nazis, in Ferguson, Missouri; ‘Do you want us to let you die?’ NHS elderly patients visited and asked about being resuscitated; BMJ stands by claims on side effects of statins; Double Gloucester cheese to disappear from UK as cows die out.

Second hour: Investigative reports: Chaos in Libya:  a mystery air raid on militias – was Egypt behind the bombings? Protests after Libya parliament asks for foreign intervention.  ISIS:  James Foley beheaded by group of British jihadists nicknamed ‘The Beatles’ led by militant called ‘John’; west used ‘Penny Lane’ and ‘Strawberry Fields’ camps to turn Islamic prisoners into fanatics so who are they working for? The CIA? Western security services leading extremist groups and creating psychological warfare;  Iraq; Syria; ISIS taking over methamphetamine factory for drug dealing and CIA insider Mike Baker exposes links to Mexican Drug Cartels; crusaders and the Islam Caliphate; Wahabi regime in Saudi Arabia; chemical weapons in Syria.  Extract from book ‘Secrets and Lies’ by David Southwell:  the false claims about Kwanzaa – Ujima means ‘Collective Work and Responsibility’ or does it? Is the entire thing an insulting fraud? A holiday invented by a former convict and now celebrated by millions of African-Americans. Emergency powers and the Civil Contingencies Act – property now considered most important aspect – US Patriot Act and 9/11. The Changes, 1970s children’s sci-fi TV series, is to be released by BFI.  Clip of Duncan Campbell from ‘In Time of Crisis’, BBC documentary about the Civil Defence Act. BBC lies, national and local: Deliberate propaganda editing in BBC interviews to distort Ghouta Chemical Weapons attack in Summer 2013 ‘Panorama documentary’ ‘Saving Syria’s Children’ – as well as – ‘Phone In’ or ‘Phone Out’? BBC Radio Bristol having such little local interest in their John Darvall morning ‘phone in’, despite having a potential audience of half a million people, the producer has to call out to members of the public instead, without telling the audience, pretending it’s a ‘phone in’ when it isn’t.  NATO leaders are coming to Newport in September for their annual summit. Stop NATO Cymru


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