Nazi electronics firm Siemens secretly storing billions of human microchips?

Friday 15th Aug 2014

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five – discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six –
 straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

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First hour: News review with deputy mayor Geoff Gollop. Bristol Council business – Mayor Ferguson’s cabinet of 5, the cost of the Bristol Arena, homelessness; unacceptable and dangerous prison conditions due to cuts – bullying, suicides, self-harm; NHS outsourced cataract operations to private company Vanguard, half of operations went wrong; Euro-zone economic growth stagnating, ‘Paymageddon’: British growth edges up with slave labour jobs & QE … but average wages are falling; sanctions triple in past year for vulnerable people on sickness benefit – half of sanctions for job-seekers are overturned; should undercover cops who have long term relationships with political activists be sent to jail?; G4S profits have turned around after having bad 2 or 3 years – privatising police; ISIS spreading and USA intervention – Syria; Liam Fox MP encourages strikes on ISIS militants in Iraq; Independent on Sunday uncovers Tory party re-employing man linked to the Werritty scandal that forced Fox out of office; the last company of Scottish commercial shipbuilding, Ferguson in Clyde, went bankrupt today.

Second hour: Investigative reports: Ukraine Psychological Warfare latest – . Ukraine: Russian aid convoy stopped at the border, claims this is a cover for troops to enter the country; supplying of weapons; NATO and president Poroshenko accuse Russians of sending an armoured column over the border but looks like this never happened; about 2200 civilian casualties in Eastern Ukraine – the same in Gaza; Malaysian press saying Kiev government responsible for downed MH17 airliner – Kiev security police confiscated the crucial air traffic control tapes; NATO propaganda war & Psychological Warfare in full swing: fake pictures posted on social media as if they were published by the other side, the separatists, to discredit them; What iof NATO chief was behind MH17 shoot-down? The Electric Chair? NATO’s Gladio-style false flag operations murdering innocent people is ‘normal’ NATO M.O.. New interview with Edward Snowden by James Bamford who wrote ‘The Puzzle Palace’ – about an NSA bot called ‘MonsterMind’ that starts cyberwars on it’s own. David Powell from South West Friends of the Earth discusses: solar panels; Hinckley C, nuclear energy and weapons; ‘economic growth at all costs’, government policy, consumption and resources; fracking and ‘the most misleading poll ever’ by UK Oil & Gas. solar farms – UK nuclear power latest – fraudulent fracking surveys – Siemens secretly manufacturing and storing human Microchips: William Paweleck former director of Systems Group of Colorado on microchip technology and how Siemens infiltrated government and defense business meetings and possibly stole the technology.


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