Evolution debate: creation science outlawed in UK schools

Friday 1st Aug 2014

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five – discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world 
After six –
 straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

Listen live http://icecast.commedia.org.uk:8000/commbrist.mp3

First hour: news review with Bristol’s LibDem leader Gary Hopkins: Mayor Ferguson and Bristol Council matters – cuts to budgets, parks;  petition by Liberal Democrats to abolish Mayor – referendum, scrutiny, residents parking; no parking for the £91m Bristol Arena hopes to bring in £50m a year but will it? Bristol public transport – cancelling park and ride;  removal of Bristol protester, Dee Muir, supposedly ordered by Mayor; The Bristol Post – Northcliffe newspapers; Mayor Ferguson’s new culture and Secrecy, Councillors not even allowed to see Bristol Property Board minutes, Gaza – clip of Gerald Kaufman, irreconcilable  situation, Hamas, ceasefires; US condemns shelling of UN school in Gaza but restocks Israeli ammunition; Israelis getting more slick at public relations; The secret report that helps Israel hide facts: The slickness of Israel’s spokesmen is rooted in directions set down by the pollster Frank Luntz – Dr Frank Lutz on ‘The Politics Show’;  Glastonbury ‘occult’ infiltrated UKIP – electoral reform;  HSBC close accounts of Muslim clients;  former MI5 officer gets top job at HSBC – history of HSBC to fund opium dealing; Bristol to be first city to try out driver-less cars – mechanisation and financial crisis; digital identity cards – Israelis at cutting edge of private security firms, like ICTS who were in charge of 9/11 airport security as well as the Underpants Bomber and the MH17 crash.

Second hour: Investigative reports: Gaza, Libya, CIA spying on US politicians. Creation versus evolution debate with Anthony Bush from Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm and BCfm Dee-Jay Steve Satan. Gaza – Robert Fisk asks about British citizens fighting in Israeli Defence Force (IDF), ISIS. Libya – Islamists take over Benghazi, a failed state?  Special Demonstration Squad.  Jason Ditz – CIA spying on Senate Intelligence Committee who are investigating CIA use of torture yet, unbelievably, CIA director John Brennan continues in his job – Imposimato, MI6, Operation Cyclone.  Argentina defaulting – shock waves across the world? – Evolution versus Creationism debate with evolutionist Dee-Jay Steve Satan versus Anthony Bush from Noah’s Ark Zoo Farm in Wraxall: The big bang? How can an atom form itself? Who made God? How did life begin? Newton’s second law of thermodynamics or entropy. Fossils and the fossil record. How old is the Earth? Are archaeologists allowed to date fossils by the strata they appear in? How accurate is carbon dating? Alteration to a cells DNA announced by the Department of Health this week will mean a child can come from three people – genetic modification. Terrible bad luck that dinosaurs died out ‘when’ an asteroid hit earth. Eugenics UK: Department of Health now funding Designer Babies: Scientists accuse government of dishonesty over GM babies in its regulation of new IVF technique.

Investigative Journalist

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