Neil Faulkner, Military Times editor, on the First World War

Friday 11th July 2014

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First hour: news review with Bristol City Council’s Tory group leader and Hengrove Councillor Mark Weston. Westminster Paedophile enquiries and DRIP bill being bounced through the House of Commons on Monday. Bristol City Council committees – Resources – how the money is spent; the Bristol Mayor George Ferguson; Avon and Somerset Chief Constable, Nick Gargan’s ongoing suspension, is it a witch hunt? Gargan’s involvement with Princess Diana Inquiry. Voting percentages and democracy, voting trades unions; Sir Norman Tebbit explains there may have been a child abuse cover up in Westminster – Kincora Boys Home and blackmail, journalism and libel, Cyril Smith; Detective Sergeant, Jack Tasker who was investigating Cyril Smith MP, talks on Victoria Derbyshire’s BBC 5Live show – senior police took all the evidence but rather than taking over the enquiry they were shutting it down; former Parliamentary lobby journalist and editor of The Sun Trevor Kavanagh talks about paedophile civil servant Sir Peter Hayman and suggests links to Freemasonry, Paedophile Information Network (PIE) was based in the Home Office and funded by government in 1970s; Marc Dutroux scandal in Belgium linked to NATO paedophile ring. Terror threat blown out of proportion, says Sir Richard Dearlove, ex MI6 director general – false flag attacks, NATO, Gladio, Italian supreme court judge Ferdinando Imposimato – banking fraud, connections between banksters and security services, Iran Contra affair; Cameron’s new emergency DRIP law – ‘strategy of tension’, data retention; journalists freedom of speech under attack because suggestion people they are investigating should be contacted first; the nationwide public sector strikes.

Second hour: Investigative reports: Bristol Ukraine Anti-Fascist Solidarity, Giles Shorter and Patrick McInally, from Bristol Ukraine Anti Fascist Solidarity (BUAFS), discuss the fascists in government in Ukraine, and the separatists.  Should people take up arms against the fascists or is this dangerous rhetoric that would cause chaos, death and civil war? Neil Faulkner, editor of Military Times magazine, on the First World War and the 1969 Richard Attenborough feature film: Oh What A Lovely War! Interview with Neil Faulkner, editor of Military from a recent talk organised by Frome Stop the War Coalition, about WWI and a ‘no glory’ alternative to a right wing, Michael Gove style, line – lessons from WWI. Israel/ Palestine crisis over last fortnight – over 100 Palestinians dead, and about 4 Israelis dead – Israeli secret service Mossad have a track record of carrying out false flag attacks. Kidnappers of three Jewish boys were speaking Hebrew, false flags, United Nations say Gaza campaign is against international law, peace deal is being prevented. Fran Scott from London’s PaxVista TV reports on secret EU/US legal bloc deal, Fran Scott from discusses TTIP (Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership) – US and EU trade – companies will have ability to sue governments if they are a barrier to trade – democracy and standards down, European Round Table of Industrialists. The West through the eyes of North Korea.  North Korean propaganda film makes some interesting points about the west – Operation Paperclip and Nazi collaboration with NATO.

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3 comments on “Neil Faulkner, Military Times editor, on the First World War
  1. dahszil dahszil says:

    Wealthy and powerful persons and organizations do not go to jail most of the time mr. Mark Weston. And this cant calling everything that goes against western beliefs a nut bag conspiracy, is evasion of responsibility. The tool of dispensing with a wrong as a conspiracy used by the mainstream corporate movers, shakers, politicians and blind believers(of the status quo) is dangerous to democracy and transparency. And what about the State Terrorism by USA and UK, et al, that is cause and blowback terrorism is the effect? hurrah for Martin Summers!


  2. Shrapnel says:

    Nice work Martin. Mark showed himself completely unable to deal with the facts presented. This is the usual response of those whose comfortable existence becomes highly questionable when the activities of the empire are exposed. (Woo woo conspiracy theorist!)
    Ad hominum attacks, diversions and distractions and ultimately a retreat into jingoistic sloganeering, and nothing whatsoever to say about the facts.

    Mark’s attempt to defend DRIP with obviously rehearsed pat propaganda, was really quite pathetic, after he had shown himself incapable of processing the facts as they related to, for example, security services pimping children in order to blackmail targeted individuals. No doubt he thinks Obama got Bin Laden with Seal Team 6, LOL.

    Useful idiots like this guy help keep the 911 and 7/7 myths alive, because they are altogether too keen to “sleep soundly” while the intelligence agencies take care of them.

    You would have to be asleep to be unaware that the clandestine services have a long history of involvement in the global trade in heroin and cocaine, and also that a huge number of the operations personnel at CIA were Nazis. Only a fool would consider himself safe in those hands.

    • dahszil says:

      Well written Shrapnel


      I pray for the days when the US empire is no more, and USA becomes an equal, peaceful, contributor, and true democratic republic within the world’s family of nations.

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