Boko Haram and Abu Hamza, ‘Islamists’ run by NATO and MI5?

Friday 9th May 2014

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

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 straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

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First hour: news review with LibDem MP for Bristol West & Coalition government Communities minister (under Eric Pickles) Stephen Williams. Are the UK Independence Party (UKIP) racist? Immigration paving the way for zero hour contracts; HMRC proposal that people who haven’t paid tax can have money taken directly out of bank account; Pfizer’s £63bn attempted takeover of AstraZeneca – Sir Jeremy Hayward, ex Morgan Stanley executive, overseeing it – where does this £63bn come from? Is it ‘funny money’ or QE printed money? LibDem Vince Cable, Labour’s Chuka Umunna, Tory Crispin Blunt discussing it – Ms. Moody worried that local jobs will be lost in Avonmouth; PMQs Ed Miliband on rent control – Unite the Union, housing, council housing; PMQs Andy Slaughter on hospital closures – privatisation of the NHS, cuts, PFIs; shocking YouGov poll that 60% will not vote in 2015 election – Lib all parties the same, compulsory voting, youth unemployment, full employment, low wage/low skill economy; PMQs disabled people and the bedroom tax – 90,000 emergency payments refused, councils don’t have enough emergency money to cover need.


Second hour: Investigative reports: Direct entry for foreigners and corporate bosses into the police force with Superintendent Ian Wylie, Avon & Somerset police. What is a Superintendent? Direct entry process of employment for senior officers, The Winsor Process, fast tracking; CPS prosecuting agency; College of Policing – business community represented more than local community? Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) Sue Mountstevens. Ukraine – piece by Kim Sengupta on how witnesses say western backed mercinaries were killing local Russia supporters in Eastern Ukraine, Martin asks were Western backed snipers used at Kiev uprising? Odessa massacre of 40 trades unionists last Friday is a provocation supported by Washington but will Russia intervene? Syria – rebels leaving Homs and western backed terrorism. Boko Haram kidnap schoolgirls in Nigeria but are they controlled by the West? CIA, Nigerian embassies, AFRICOM, NATO working with terrorists ever since Operation Gladio. Ukraine fascism… Boko Haram & Abu Hamza, ‘Islamists’ run by MI5 & NATO? CIA, Mossad, MI6, Arab Allies Set Up Joint ‘Regime Change’ Operation Room in Amman, JordanAbu Hamza worked with MI5 and police to cool extremist Muslim hotheads – Operation Cyclone. Interview with Joseph Miranda about The Battle for Baghdad war game. Interview with Granville Williams from Press and Broadcasting Freedom – ¾ of media owned by multinationals, cartel? Media barons have a common world view and employ journalists with that view. Collusive relationship between politics and media with the media in charge. Author of Britain’s Media, How They Are Related, Granville Williams from the Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom (CPBF).



Investigative Journalist

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One comment on “Boko Haram and Abu Hamza, ‘Islamists’ run by NATO and MI5?
  1. dahszil dahszil says:

    “Boko Haram and Abu Hamza, ‘Islamists’ run by MI5 and NATO?”

    It would not surprise me. Nigeria is one of biggest oil finds in the world. It is a horrible thing that young girls get sold into slavery or made sex slaves. But 200 girls captured or sold: that is a slow hour on “this bitter earth”. Why not invade Thailand, Vietnam, Europe, USA, UK, et al too?


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