Politics Show with Tony Gosling

3rd January 2014

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five – download: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six – download:
straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris

First hour: Review of the weeks news with Martin Summers. Two terrorist bombings in Volgagrad (used to be called Stalingrad), Russia near Sochi winter Olympics – false flag? Litvinenko, FSB , Prince Bandar Bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia, Syria, Doku Umarov; Knighthood for Paul Tucker, former deputy head of Bank of England – how BoE works, how printing money or Quantitative Easing artificially inflates asset prices and causes a bubble, and creates a fake economic recovery; former Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown says we may be due another financial crash; clip of Mike Maloney describing the origins of money around 650 BC, Gold Silver and Electrum coins minted then still retain their value today, from his documentary ‘The Hidden Secrets of Money’ – does money really represent anything or is it just a bit of paper? The gold standard, 1944 Bretton Woods conference during World War Two, British Economist John Maynard Keynes proposed adoption of the Bancor as an international currency was discarded and the Dollar was made the reserve currency based on oil. How economic crises aid the rise of dictators (e.g. in 1925 and 1930 aiding Hitler); 2014’s local and European elections; 2013 Ghouta, nr Damascus, Sarin attack in Syria conducted by Western Intelligence Services? Was it a simple false flag attack with a major media element to shock NATO public and politicians into war? A rare glimpse inside Americas’ deadly fraternities – the ‘Sigma, Alpha, Epsilon’ fraternity of Salisbury University, Maryland – like being tortured in Guantanamo Bay – these ‘frats’ guarantee students a nice easy career in Wall Street. Comparable to the initiation of freemasonry. 60 odd people have died in these ‘hazing’ initiations in recent years. Cameron ahead in polls – Murdoch media, Martin still believes there will be a financial crash.
programme page http://radio4all.net/index.php/program/73578

Second Hour: Bilderberg chief Kenneth Clarke aided by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling are destroying Legal Aid both civil and Criminal and Bristol’s barristers are striking on Monday for the first time in 700 years because they belive these cuts will create a two tier legal system. Will Stone from the Avon and Somerset Law Centre discusses the rights of employees: legal aid cuts, trade unions, bullying at work, employment tribunals, macro-economics of cuts, equality cases, unfair dismissal. A gaze into 2014: clip of Bill Still on potential financial difficulties in 2014; is Bitcoin a giant ponzi scheme? Hedge funds take over the Co-operative bank but was it Economic Warfare? Derivatives and commodity markets explained, how some are beting now on food shortages and have a vested interest in hunger, war and destruction. Ethical banks and building societies listed if you want to move away from the Co-operative Bank. China’s military presence growing – Hinkley, nuclear power, subsidised by totalitarian China – Japan and China potential conflict Mass surveillance is a problem because 1. it’s a criminal offence 2. the secret service can use information to pull strings and, 3. in many cases, are the terrorists. Snowden revelations.
programme page http://radio4all.net/index.php/program/73579


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