Politics Show with Tony Gosling

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Marina Morris

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First hour: Independent Councillor for Hartcliffe Derek Pickup who has left the Labour Party in protest at being deselected by a small party de-selection ‘cabal’. Former mayor candidate Tom Baldwin from Trades Union and Socialist Coalition (TUSC). Derek explains how the Bristol Labour group didn’t want him to carry on as a councillor, and the panel that makes these decisions. Labour policies – should they oppose cuts more? Marina Morris’s voxpop about voting and what people think of the Labour Party; the debt and deficit nothing to do with Labour and public spending but this message not getting through to public;  the Bedroom Tax not voted out in commons debate – 31-45 Labour MPs didn’t turn up to vote – private sector versus public sector;  Song: Eff The Bedroom Tax by MC NxtGen;  how is George Ferguson, Mayor, getting on after a year? Bristol City Council has to cut £90 million of spending ordered by Cameron’s Westminster Coalition government;  Police and ‘direct entry’ of senior police officers breaking centuries of ‘best practice’ of an entirely professional police service this will include businessmen and those who have no direct experience of police work; Students outraged as ULU president Michael Chessum arrested in ‘attack on the right to protest’ London Student Union leader arrested after demonstration against the closure of their union.
[audio: 201311151700]

Second hour: Prince Charles and David Cameron attend Controversial Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting hosted by genocidal Sri Lankan president Mahinda Rajapaksa. Sri Lanka born, London based Tamil Ram Selva talks about the history since Ceylon’s dominion status in 1948 and the independent republic of Sri Lanka in 1972. Tory Donor Lycamobile’s Links To Sri Lankan President Rajapaska’s Family Sparks Outrage. Former Northern Ireland RUC policemen used to train Sri Lankan police and army in torture techniques. Ram Selva discusses the history of the troubles in Sri Lanka, the Tamils and tens of thousands of ‘disappeared’  people. Are Charles and Cameron just fixing business deals and ignoring the genocidal regime? Clip from Victoria Derbyshire’s 5 Live show, of interview with Gareth Pierce, lawyer for Mohammed Ahmed Mohammed, supposed terrorist.  He claims he is innocent and was tortured in Somalia by the British.  His Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures (TPim) and Control Orders are discussed. The real question about the terror suspect who fled in a burqa: did MI5 bring him here illegally? BCfm presenter and former infantryman in the British Army Cyrus the Virus discusses his violent initiation, a mock execution for which he still has the scars. As not discussed on mainstream TV.  Gareth  Williams, ‘Spy in a Bag’, and 10 reasons why his case is suspicious, from the Mirror. Police deny obvious murder of MI6 GCHQ staffer Gareth Williams, crime scene wiped clean, a professional hit Cyrus suggests, almost certainly carried out by an intelligence service.
[audio: 201311151800]

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