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At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six:  straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris

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First hour: news review with Councillor for Hengrove and deputy leader of the Conservative group on Bristol City Council Mark Weston. Role in Bristol Conservatives of media shy party whip, Royal Coutts & Co banker John Goulandris. Why did Conservatives vote for blacklisting at last week’s full council meeting? They say there is no evidence that local rubbish collection firm Keir have used blacklists but UNISON have provided evidence in relation to health and safety reps being sacked from Keir’s Crossrail project. 19th December Transport Scrutiny Committee will look thoroughly at strategic public transport for Bristol. Chancellor George Osborne’s ‘we are turning the corner’ speech on the economy. Financial system is not fit for purpose but nobody wants to face up to this. Mark McGowan Chunky Mark The Artist Taxi Driver discusses immigration with Labour MP John McDonnell. The brain drain and should we have free immigration. Former Anti-Money laundering Compliance Officer Everett Stern, HSBC Whistleblower on systematic and continuing money laundering of hundreds of millions of dollars at HSBC talks to We Are Change New York at the second anniversary of Occupy Wall Street. Avon & Somerset Chair of the National Association of Probation Officers (NAPO) Ceris Handley, on proposals to privatise the probation service. Royal Mail privatisation Regional Secretary of the Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) Kevin Beazer. Defining moment in 350 years of Royal Mail postal service. 70% of the public against privatisation: 2012-13 Royal Mail made £404m profit so why not keep it public. Universal Service under threat and CWU announce today they are balloting their members over pay and conditions.
[audio: 201309201700]

Second hour: Multiple bomb attacks in Iraq, Iranian Press TV are reporting former senior Iraqi security officials who believe the Saudi Arabian monarchy are arming and supporting terrorism in Iraq. 58 dead and 120 wounded last Sunday in Hillah near Baghdad. Total Iraqi dead in 2013 so far 4,000 and 10,000 wounded. Syrian helicopter shot down on the Turkish border but the helicopter came down in Syria. After the Egyptian coup the army conducts mass arrests of democratically elected Muslim Brotherhood leaders. Iranian born Bristolian Mehrnaz Shahabi gives us her perspective on the recent Syrian Chemical Weapons WMD attack and other Middle East conflicts. John Kerry’s position on Syrian Chemical Weapons attack. Mehrnaz responds with litany of west supplying chemical weapons to Saddam and other regimes in the Middle East. Use of illegal chemical weapons phosphorous bombs and Depleted Uranium. Israelis hold nuclear weapons. Clear signal sent out around the world by British Parliament voting against a missile strike on Syria. Regime change: no independent thought outside Israel and the US allowed. Turning Syria and Iran into client regimes. Washington Navy Yard killing spree this week by former naval reserve serviceman, appears to be an attack on the US Naval Command Centre which has been preparing for missile strikes on Syria. Attack took place within top Washington security zone. Lt. Colonel Edward Loden murdered earlier this month near Nairobi, Kenya was the Officer Commanding 1 Para that shot unarmed civilians in Northern Ireland on Bloody Sunday. Interview with Stephen Knight about his book Jack The Ripper, The Final Solution, published in the 1980s. He examines Masonic ritual and mythical murders and royal connections to the murders which were to poison then kill prostitutes who were blackmailing the royal family over indiscretions of a young Edward VII.
[audio: 201309201800]

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  1. dahszil says:

    John Kerry would make a great Nazi Death camp director. Like most human beings he feels no twinge of conscience, no cognitive dissonance. He compartmentalizes. He is one of those responsible for the killing of millions in Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya, etc by the US and coalition of the sheep. He is such a hypocrite and does not know it. He is a dangerous man. So I suppose we are supposed to feel that murdering by conventional weapons(including white phosphorous and depleted uranium)follows the rules of war and is just a merry football match. Many more people in Syria, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc have died slow and painful deaths via the US led wolves in sheeps clothing conventional weapons than persons who have died slow and painful deaths by chemical weapons.


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