Politics Show with Tony Gosling

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris

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First hour: news review with LibDem Councillor for Redland, Fi Hance. Full Council Meetings; arguments about the Bedroom Tax on Tuesday – an unworkable policy; poll this week shows 60% people unsure of Ed Miliband; Nick Clegg’s ratings also low; UK unemployment down – but how accurate are the figures? George Osborne’s claim this week that he has saved the economy; Royal Mail to be privatised and floated on the stock market – yet another thieving from the public purse disaster – but not the pension liabilities; foetus aborted because it was a female but Crown Prosecution Service says there will be no prosecutions; BBC presenter David Attenborough says the world’s population is too big and parents should have no more than two children, but he is one of three siblings. Nigel Evans, Deputy Speaker and MP, is charged with seven counts of rape;  mentally ill people are being held in police cells; 50,000 volt stun gun taser use by the police was doubled in two years;  families now being fined by schools for taking holidays within term time;  Bristol Pound to be accepted as legal tender on Bristol buses.
[audio: 201309131700]

Second hour: Round up of international stories with Martin Summers. Syria latest: Russian plan for Syria to give up chemical weapons seems to be successful but will Israel give up nuclear weapons? Was Sarin used in the WMD attack of 21st August or was it chlorine gas and were the children captured by the rebels and their parents killed beforehand? At last week’s PMQs Sir Peter Tapsell asks what NATO will do if the US illegally strikes Syria and Russia legally comes to its aid? Charlie Rose interviews President Assad and we have a clip where he explains how difficult it is to keep Syria a secular country and how intolerant the religious extremists are. He thinks religion is being used for ruthless people to gather followers. Bob Russell MP at PMQs says Israel settlers are evicting 40,000 Bedouin. Northern Ireland Secretary Theresa Villiers announces there is to be no public enquiry for the 1997 ‘Real IRA’ Omagh bomb disaster;  Forbes Magazine, Digital Carjackers Show Off New Attacks. Explaining how to check your car Unintended Acceleration–The Truth with Car Mechanic Scotty Kilmer Japanese nuclear operator TEPCO insist they still do not have control of the stricken plant, radiation leakage from Fukushima. Was the disaster worsened by Stuxnet, a computer worm discovered in June 2010, created by the United States and Israel to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities? Origins of Friday 13th superstitions – from the French king Philip IV’s arrests of the Knights Templar on Friday 13th October 1307 to burning at the stake of Grand Master Jaque De Molay in Paris on 18 March 1314. Was the French Revolution the Templars’ revenge on the aristocracy? Did Secret Societies later plan three world wars to devastate humanity in an attempt to take over the world? Albert Pike (Scottish Rite)’s letter to Giuseppe Mazzini (Grand Orient). Who were these two high ranking Freemasons? Nuremberg Nazi Rally site in Germany will be refurbished at a cost of £60 million. Jonathan Meades describes the Nazi ideology, extract from his BBC Documentary about Nazi Architecture ‘Jerry Building’ (1993)
[audio: 201309131800]

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