Friday Drivetime

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

BCfm internet nightmare almost over: BCfm Live Stream worked but again no BCfm ‘Listen Again’ on Friday evening – podcast uploaded here at 10pm

At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world TONIGHT’S SHOW
After six:  straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris TONIGHT’S SHOW

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First hour: news review including Residents’ Parking update with Ashley’s new Green Councillor Rob Telford.  Public transport dilemmas, can local councillors really change things? Green Party vision for Bristol. PMQs David Cameron and Ed Miliband on the latest employment figures which are up but we are sceptical about that in the studio – how exactly are today’s employment figures massaged? Unemployed put on to ‘Working Tax Credits’ even though they are not properly self-employed, Work Programme providers getting £15,ooo for every long term unemployed person removed from the figures in this way. Marina Morris: brighter pupils are being let down by our school system. Whistleblower leaks massive illegal NSA PRISM surveillance system – not much reassurance when Foreign Secretary William Hague assures us it’s all legal – intelligence sharing agreements such as UK/USA – Italian Supreme Court judge Ferdinando Imposimato’s evidence Bilderberg of conducting terrorist attacks in Italy. Conservative MP Liam Fox’s defamation case concerning the Werritty affair which lost him his job as Defence Secretary. Fox is accused of trying to manufacture a case to attack Iran with Adam Werritty who, it has been suggested by former Uzbekistan Ambassador & blogger Craig Murray, was an Israeli Mossad agent pretending to be a UK government official with assistance from North Somerset MP Liam Fox. Privatising defence procurement – doesn’t work.  The carriage works on Stokes Croft, Bristol, through compulsory purchase, is becoming flats in 2015.
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Second hour: Round up of international stories:  Turkeys’ protests in Istanbul’s Taksim square, Prime Minister Erdogan asks courts to decide over proposed shopping centre,  Iranian presidential elections today, US announces it will arm the Syrian Al Qaeda terrorist rebels, Greek national broadcaster ERT shut down but it turns out they have paid for satellite uplinks so journalists resume broadcasts from their own studios.  Bee collapse syndrome – one third reduction in UK bee population announced – Mike Birkin from South West Friends of the Earth gives us the latest on what’s killing bees and mentions a conference exploring how to stop population collapse. Dangers of GM foods as a study discovers one third of pigs with deformed uterus and stomachs after eating GM animal feed. This week’s first ever Commons debate about the annual Bilderberg Conference, speeches by Labour MP Dennis Skinner, Conservative MP John Redwood and Labour MP Tom Watson points out that Bilderberg Steering Committee member and Cabinet Minister Without Portfolio Ken Clarke has failed to declare his interests in the Parliamentary Register, he says he ‘forgot’. Discussion of UK government announcements this week which directly affect the profits of companies represented in this secret Bilderberg meeting. MoD Procurement privatisation directly benefits Tomas Enders of EADS and Sherard Cowper-Coles of BAe SystemsGM Foods to be approved for human consumption which benefits Syngenta, secretly meeting with Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and the rest. Justice Secretary Chris Grayling plus former Justice Secretary & Bilderberg Steering Committee member Ken Clarke’s proposed changes to Britain’s Legal Aid programme, it includes defendants not being able to choose a lawyer, instead being allocated a G4S or Eddie Stobart solicitor. Bristol Barrister Michael Fitton opposes proposed changes and has been at the Justice Select Committee this week and reports back. Marina Morris asks you which you’d choose in her voxpop.
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3 comments on “Friday Drivetime
  1. dahszil says:

    Cameron seems to keep banging on about Assad about attacking(and of course)killing his own people. So i suppose its ok that the US/UK, the europeans are attacking, killing, occupying, exploiting foreign nations peoples?! (And I wonder if the anti Assad “spring” protests were really peaceful at the start. I’ve heard Nato had infiltrated the first protest with al qaeda firing at Syrian police and military. i know for sure that that big segments of “free syrian army” is committing atrocities too like Assad’s army/police).

    Martin, thanks for mentioning the US’s Parenti(assume Michael, about 80 yrs now. although his son, a good, at least progressive too)in regards to western corporate/military complex–my words–leading to this apocalyptic explosion of economic crash and world war. Dr. Michael Parenti(pol science) came from a poor working class family in Italian Harlem. He was able to get his phd at Yale(thanks to the social democracy in USA circa 1934 to 1978. yep, near the end of Jimmy Carter’s term we got beginnings of Reagonomics and Thatcherism, even though Carter was one of our most decent leaders since FDR till this day. He had some bad advisors i think), and became one of the USA’s formidable socialists and critical of the complex. On youtube:
    Great speech made by Parenti “The US War on Yugoslavia: to kill a nation”, circa 1996

    What I like about Parenti and you too Martin Summers, Is that mixture of common person(like me) speech and demeanor mixed with technical terms, explaining them, and much knowlege. My hats off to both of you, and Tony, Marina, and everyone at BCFM.

    apropos: just a suggestion. I think Marina should interview vox pops on the poorer side of town(however you say it in English terms). Over here we call it the “other side of the tracks(railroad)” or the working and poor sections of the city…end of my rambling for my and your sakes. thanks for letting me write my “2 cents(2 pence?)worth”


    • Thanks Capt D
      Always good to get your feedback
      We are living in a horribly misgoverned part of the world
      All too like the tyranny General Eisenhower warned us of
      But hey, chin up.
      I suppose the point of the show is to illustrate how diabolically out of chime the mainstream ‘professional’ broadcast media is with the intelligence and aspirations of ordinary Brstolians, and Brits in general.

  2. dahszil says:

    When William Hague, Obama et al say “if you are doing nothing wrong you have nothing to worry about” regarding this ultra surveillance on all of us. Well what is the definition of wrong? Anything can be deemed as wrong for the sake of the government, the wealthy to make peasants, plunder resources or cannon fodder of anyone or any country.


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