Friday Drivetime

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six:  straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris

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First hour: Non story of the week: RBS fined disappointing £380m over Libor, no directors arrested or jailed. News review with Conservative Councillor for Westbury-On-Trym and Deputy Mayor of Bristol Geoff Gollop. Mayor George Ferguson’s three ‘volunteer’ budget advisers: Matt Payne from financial services firm KPMG which signed off accounts of bankrupt banks pre 2008 & is being investigated for fraud by the Competition Commission, Sean Cater from privatised utility firm Wessex Water & Malachy Reynolds from bankrupt chocolate firm Elizabeth Shaw. Privatised ‘Work Programme’ providers fraudulently pushing benefit claimants into self-employment to get 5 figure bonuses and reduce jobless figures. You can download the podcast of this BBC Radio 5 Live programme. Will Osborne’s bedroom tax add more to social security bill? Yes says Channel 4 News. Ed Miliband tackles Cameron at PMQs. Findus lasagne products made from 100% horse meat – France, Poland and Ireland appear to be responsible and this lie not picked up in the UK but in Ireland. Recessions compared by the National Institute for Economic and Social Affairs (NIESR): In May 2011 it became clear this is worst recession for at least a century, 5 years into the 1930s depression growth was 7% higher than 2008 to now; no recovery until 2018 warns NIESR; Iraq war activists to get £4000 compensation over 2003 protest; Metropolitan police behaving like UK Stasi: dead children’s identities used by Scotland Yard police for undercover infiltration of lawful political groups.
[audio: 201302081700]


Second hour: investigative reports – Financial crimes: click on this to read Paul Manning’s book on the Fourth Reich Mafia Finance Network – Round up of international news stories with Martin Summers: trouble between Japan and China; corruption of the Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy being paid from the secret slush funds of private developers; Russian military conscription is being introduced for all new young migrants. Campaign for Accountability of American Bases (CAAB) February 2013 newsletter is just out and contains much to be concerned about including a list of RAF bases which contain only one or two, or ZERO RAF personnel: RAF Croughton 1, RAF Fairford 0, RAF Welford 0, RAF Barford St John 0, Blenheim Crescent 0, RAF Lakenheath 1, RAF Feltwell 0, RAF Menwith Hill 3. RAF Mildenhall 4, RAF Alconbury 1, RAF Molesworth 2. Figures revealed in answer to a parliamentary question by Conservative MP for Rayleigh and Wickford, Mark Francois. Link to the indomitable CAAB website. Interview with Daphne Havercroft from South West Whistleblowers’ Health Action Group (SWWHAG) concerning recent deaths at Mid-Staffordshire Hospital and systemic failings of the NHS. ‘Business’ mentality at the top of Bristol NHS questioned: Bristol UHB Trust chaired by Merchant Venturer John Savage and UHB Trust chaired by Peter Rillet, also a Merchant Venturer. Mike Birkin from South West Friends of the Earth discusses Centrica’s pulling out of the UK Nuclear Power programme and Cumbrian nuclear waste site refused planning permission. What does this mean for the prospects of new nuclear at Hinkley Point? In 1973 Mike attended a lecture by William Sargant, author of the book ‘The Battle For The Mind’ and was impressed with his analysis of cults such as voodoo and how they use rituals to alter members’ thinking. Transfer of these techniques to tell people what to think in the global political arena through the mass media. Journalist and writer for the Guardian and New Statesman Dan Glazebrook on this week’s assassination in Tunisia and the way the so-called Arab Spring is playing out as a fight between Chinese and NATO interests in harvesting the continent’s resources. Dan gives his opinion on who will win this colonial military and economic conflict as it plays out, and why.
[audio: 201302081800]


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