Friday Drivetime

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris

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Airbus One magazine has a map of the company's production sites which omits Filton.

Airbus One magazine October 2012 has a map of the company’s production sites which omits Filton.

First hour: news review with former mayoral candidate and both Labour and Tory Avon County Councillor. EXCLUSIVE Airbus magazine airbrushes Filton site from in-house production map. Tim Collins, former mayoral candidate. Discussion about the December 2012 closure of Filton airfield and the Airbus’ One in house magazine which excludes Filton in their illustration of production plants. Tory buildin co. boss Cullum McAlpine has been blacklisting builders who report health and safety concerns but doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong, somehow. The Consulting Association (TCA), chaired by Cullum McAlpine. TCA boss Ian Kerr died just before Christmas 2012, here he is, 2 weeks before he died, in front of the Scottish Affairs Select Committee. He  appears to have got hold of copies of police files or had them compiled on workers’ compare with CAPRIM (1990s) and the Economic League (1970s-1980s); employment ‘rises’ but is it only part-time work as wages stagnate – people on benefit ‘work programmes’ included as employed; crime figures – fiddling figures by lowering ‘priority’ of some crimes; Mayor George Ferguson’s new cabinet; but the Greens ask ‘Where is the new blood’? David Cameron’s Europe speech; Yeovil man dies after nurses gave him 21 x dose of his medication but family let down because nurses are unlikely to be prosecuted; PMQs on question about being forced to live on £2 a day.
[audio: 201301251700]

Second hour: Martin Falmer, Labour councillor for Cadbury Heath, discusses the partial closure of Cadbury Heath youth centre and Cadbury Heath Post Office moving to a Costcutter shop away from where pensioners live. Roz Beauhill and DU author Joanne Baker discuss how they would like Bristol to be a nuclear free local authority again. Nuclear Free Bristol campaign launched to persuade Bristol City Council to go ‘nuclear free’. They discuss the dangers and difficulties of nuclear power, it’s direct link through Depleted Uranium (DU) and H bomb core plutonium to the military and how there are plenty of sustainable energies that could be used. Nuclear is not green? Explanation of difference between enriched uranium & depleted uranium. Marina Morris’s Voxpops asking Bristol people if they have heard of the local nuclear trains and what they think of nuclear power. 
Michael Shrimpton, barrister and author of the forthcoming book, Spycatcher, with his theories on why government scientist Dr David Kelly was murdered. Links to French and German shipments of Plutonium to Iran? Murder all but proven by the book The Strange Death of Dr David Kelly by Norman Baker MP.
Real power, financial elite, in the Western world gather at Davos in Switzerland this weekend for World Economic Forum 2013 (WEF). Sitting down with David Cameron and Boris Johnson, the three top Tories were caught on camera flanked by half a dozen aides and security officers eating out at a cosy restaurant in Davos on Thursday night. Greenpeace activist Ben Stewart managed to snap the trio tucking into pizza and fondue at the Alte Post Hotel in the alpine resort during the World Economic Forum. Bloomberg’s spiked World Economic Forum article ‘Davos’ Dubious Strategic Partners’ by James Gibney [article has magically ‘reappeared’ after ‘Your browser sent a query this server could not understand’ 
[audio: 201301251800]


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