Friday Drivetime

 BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers

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First Hour: News review with Councillor for Cotham & Libdem Cabinet member for housing & development Anthony Negus. Bristol General Hospital decision means only luxury flats will be built on the site, no affordable or social housing. Changing rules for planning deals, how is the city going to get developers to build affordable and social housing in the future. Change in the rules with regard to planning agreements. Jimmy Savile scandal let off 7 times by the police with 300 victims of rape and abuse, some below puberty, still no resignations by the BBC after Newsnight editor Peter Rippon spiked Liz MacKean’s ‘Non Story’ in December 2011 to make way for Savile tributes. Comparing with Prince Charles’ Princes Trust ‘Ambassador’ & former GWR, ITV & BBC presenter Peter Rowell jailed for 6 years for molesting young girls here in Bristol. Police and Crime Commissioner candidates announced: Independent: Sue Mountstevens, LibDem: Pete Levy, Labour: John Savage and Conservative: Ken Maddox. Compares poorly with the current Police Authority system. Lowest turnout ever expected for this election on Thursday 15th November at same time as mayoral election. Ford closes last vechicle factory in Britain after making cars here for over 100 years. 500 jobs to go in Southampton as well as knock-on effect of another 1,500. Discussion about structural unemployment, whether we can continue to sack people like this when there are not enough jobs to go round, comparing the ‘Basic Income’ policy to the coalition’s ‘Universal Credit’ in the pipeline. Work Programme delivery firm A4E being paid £46m by government but delivering worse ‘outcomes’ than when Job Centres when they performed this job guidance ‘in house’. Hopes that tolls on Severn Bridges will be reduced to £1 per car in 2018 dashed by transport minister Peter Hammond. He’s decided the Treasury rather likes the annual £80m that’s coming in even though it only costs £18m a year to maintain. Severn Crossing Ltd a government approved racket fleecing motorists. Anthony Negus is against the proposed Severn Barrage.
[audio: 201210261700]

Second hour: Spoof announcement about the resignation of the chancellor. Halloween PsyOp: Orson Welles’ 1938 War Of The Worlds psychological warfare on the public with reactions of AT&T telephone operators. Mack White’s ‘Television and the Hive Mind’ article; BBC caused panic in 1926 with hoax of revolution taking place in London with Savoy Hotel, House of Commons & Buckingham Palace under attack. Broadcasting the Barricades. Executive Board Member of Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) & Business West James Durie discusses City Deal signed by Nick Clegg, Colin Skellett, Nick Clark & Simon Cook earlier this year and Public Property Board which looks set to take over management of vast areas of Bristol’s public land. LEP meets in private & public were always allowed to see how public land was being run when council managed it. Roundup of last fortnight’s world news US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney makes hopeless errors in final TV debate saying that Iran is land locked and has a border with Syria, neither of which is true. Martin believes there will be a war whoever wins the US election. Assassination of Exxon Mobil executive in Belgium but news blackout instituted. My Twitter feed @TonyGoslingCryptogon and Blaclisted News all covered this two weeks ago. PsyOp Now! 19 satellite channels taken down by private company EUTELSAT. Ordered by Baroness Ashton the EU Foreign Minister who has never been elected. 
[audio: 201210261800]


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