Friday Drivetime

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris

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First hour: ‘Senseless’ threats to Bristol Remploy despite it making money; Conservative finance lead & deputy mayor Geoff Gollop says it shows lack of joined up thinking in Coalition government; Geoff, Peter Abraham & Barbara Lewis all in the running for Conservative mayor candidate, one will be chosen on 7th August. Empty offices in Bristol, but will Geoff be able to bring back growth and confidence & fill them with workers? Office for National Statistics and OBR announce 0.7% fall in GDP as commentators talk not of double dip resession but ‘slump’. Chancellor George Osborne is sticking to his deficit reduction plan but on camera looks, sheepishly, as if he did not believe his own words. UK is extremely vulnerable in the Euro crisis despite not being in the Euro zone. Banks are the fiancial services wing of the international drug cartels. Government minister says it’s immoral to pay cash in hand while super-rich stash $21tn in offshore funds out of the reach of the tax man. As the Americanisation of Britain continues Liberal democrats select former police officer and one of our ‘city slackers‘ who does not return emails or phone calls, Pete Levy, to run for Avon & Somerset Police Comissioner. Other candidates so far announced are Conservative Ken Maddock & Bob Ashford for Labour. Voxpop on Olympics security militarisation and G4S fiasco.
[audio: 201207271700]

Second hour: Marina Morris reports on latest developments in Syria with arms finding their way to the rebels through NATO country Turkey. Daily Mail reports that former SAS soldiers are training the ‘Free Syrian Army’ who have been killing people in Damascus over the last few weeks. Who might stand to gain from an attack at the olympics? Sponsors BMW made their money using SS slave labour in World War Two and have ‘taken over’ the iconic British Mini but will not pay reparations. Reference is German documentary The Silence Of The Quandts. Just published into English today is the Secret ‘Plan For Democratic Rebirth’ for a fascist Italy run by Freemasons, police, secret services and corporations of Italian Grand Orient masonry. It was discovered in the lining of Licio Gelli’s daughter Maria-Graxia Gelli’s suitcase at Rome Fiumicino airport 30 years ago this month.
[audio: 201207271800]



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One comment on “Friday Drivetime
  1. dahszil says:

    Hello Tony, Martin and Marina

    If there is going to be a terrorist incident at the London Olympics, it would be definitely an inside job(i.e false flag). Since the London Olympics are reasonably secure(?), the percentages are much higher somewhere else in the west a “terrorist” attack could happen. And the Olympics are a perfect distraction for an incident to occur. Remember the nastiness Georgia pulled on South Ossetia during the last Olympics in China? Of course Russia did not pussy foot around and put the hammer and sickle to Georgia because the usa lackey president of Georgia’s midnight bombing of a civilian area in Ossetia.

    by the way, i no longer listen to the bbc or the us’s national public radio or watch PBS. All of these so called public broadcasters sold out long time ago, at least the crap bbc serve up to us in the usa over there free radio service. You may get some more honest politics programming in the UK from BBC. I sincerely mean it when I say and tell other people that my favorite news and opinion sources are bcfm’s Friday Drivetime and the Pacifica Radio Network here in the states. We use to have an excellent 24/7 indy media internet stream called simply But they have been down for a good year and half “for remodeling”–i.e. they are no doubt defunct, r.i.p.


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