Friday Drivetime

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris

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First hour: News review with South Gloucestershire UKIP Councillor & former Bradley Stoke mayor Ben Walker who, after what he describes as an internal smear campaignleft the Conservative party this week. Report on financial viability of Bristol Remploy which is turning a profit but nevertheless under a 90 day consultation and facing closure. Remploy have not been alowed to hire new staff since 2008 even when vacancies come up and existing staff are having to work overtime. We hear from Tina Fellows, Paul Gane, Sue Marm, Doug Pine & Brian Williams. Scores of disabled workers at Remploy Bristol are facing redundancy. Irish vote ‘yes’ in European fiscal treaty referendum. Trying to resurrect the broken banks now seen as a mistake, & staving off the inevitable. A huge amout of financial scaremongering going on. Greece is in a fiscal prison. Early learning proposals from DoE say 2-5 year olds can have up to 15 hours in nursery a week, Marina Morris reports. Entire Chinese ruling class was shot in the 1940s because they would not give up their unfair share of wealth and power. Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt still in his job, as Labour may force Commons vote over alleged breaches of the ministerial code. Prime Minister David Cameron’s former Head of Communications Andy Coulson arrested for Perjury after testifying against Scottish Socialist leader Tommy Sheridan in another perjury case. John Lister, director of Health Emergency explains that doctors may have the power to keep the NHS exactly as it is and keep private profit out even after the present reforms are implemented. Health and Social Care bill sprung on the electorate two months after the 2010 General Election where David Cameron promised NHS staff there would be ‘no top down reorganisation of the NHS’. Ashton Vale opponents are facing a ‘hate campaign’. Bristol Anarchists sabotage railway signalling as part of their sedition programme to start a civil war. 
[audio: 201206011700]

Second hour: Massacre in Houla, Syria carried out, according to the UN, by ‘Shabiah’ fighters but it appears victims may have been government supporters. BBC use 9 year old photograph from Iraq on their website as if it was from Syria. Syrian government says 800 rebel fighters carried out the massacre and that the victims had refused to oppose the Syrian government. Did the UN question witnesses to the massacre by phone only? We are not hearing about massacres by pro-Western regimes. Israel hints that it may be behind the ‘Flame’ virus the data stealing virus which has been attacking nuclear systems and Siemens software. New York Times says the previous Stuxnet virus was created by US and Israelis and may have played a part in the Fukushima runaway nuclear reactor disaster. Bilderberg 2012Reports on this weekend’s annual Bilderberg conference in the US of NATO’s totalitarian, super-rich, secret government. A look at some of the key participants in the venue where the NATO zone industrialists, royalty and bankers persuade pliable politicians to carry out their plans. Rothschild & Rockefeller families team up for some extra wealth creation. Two centuries old transatlantic dynasties, Rothschilds in Europe and Rockefeller in the US, team up to cash in on the present distressed markets, where they can buy up assets very cheaply and make a killing. Rothschild Investment Trust (RIT) Capital Partners has taken a 37% stake in Rockefeller Financial Services. Victor Rothschild was telling 1970s UK politicians who to appoint as the head of MI5 or MI6. What is Bilderberg? Opinion of author and senior journalism lecturer Stephen Dorril. ‘Martin Bormann, Nazi In Exile’ [PDF] book by former CBS WWII news correspondent Paul Manning reviewed by Martin Summers. Hitler’s deputy Martin Bormann and Nazi flight capital in the years during and after World War II. Dave Emory on his Spitfirelist podcast describes Red House meeting on Thursday 10th August 1944 in Strausbourg, attended by representatives of all main Nazi corporations, which set Bormann’s Nazi flight capital programme in motion. Where did all that looted Nazi wealth end up? Immediate co-operation between the Nazi Bormann network and select Jewish businessmen. Money talks, Nazi money talks, Martin Bormann is dead but his Nazi capital network lives on. Ed Michaud from Trident Research & Recovery describes the laundering of Nazi gold and securities through the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) Sullivan and Cromwell law firm in New York. Daily Mail cover this year’s Bilderberg meeting. Gordon Duff from Veterans Today is one voice no longer heard in Britain since Iranian channel, Press TV, was censored by Ofcom in January 2012. Antidote to the Diamond Jubilee as we hear from John Morgan author of the new book ‘Diana Inquest: Who Killed Princess Diana?’ about the circumstances around the meeting of the royal family’s Way Ahead Group (WAG) on Wednesday 23rd July 1997 and why he believes it was there the decision was made, by senior members of the royal family, to assassinate Diana.
[audio: 201206011800]


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