Friday Drivetime

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris

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First hour: Embarassment for Ed Miliband and Labour as Respect MP George Galloway romps home in Bradford West By-Election. Are three main political parties really just three wings of a single party state controlled by the City? How is the new Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority MP’s expenses system working? Avon & Somerset Chief Constable Colin Port gives evidence at the Leveson Enquiry but does anyone believe him when he says his force did not leak Chris Jefferies’ name to the national media? Appaling treatment of Mr Jefferies by Avon & Somerset police. Leaks and off-the-record briefing lies fairly common by the police who know they will suffer no personal consequences. If Avon and Somerset police did not leak Chris Jefferies’ name to the press then who did? Faults with the quasi-judicial ‘media circus’ Leveson enquiry process which has replaced judicial public enquirys. A fiscally neutral millionaire’s budget: Martin Summers’ 2012 Osborne budget report. Cash For Access lobbying: Conservative party treasurer Peter Cruddas resigns after being secretly filmed offering systematic access to top government figures for large sums of money. David Cameron promises enquiry into “the next big scandal waiting to happen” lobbyists in December then changes his mind by the end of January. Squatters who shelter in empty homes to be imprisoned for a year or pay a fine of £5,000 as homelessness is criminalised for the first time in British history. News review with Labour MP for Bristol East Kerry McCarthy & LibDem MP for Bristol West Stephen Williams.
[audio: 201203301700]

Second hour: Former Bristol Respect candidate Paulette North on today’s by-election victory for her party in Bradford West. George Galloway beats the ‘sad old’ Labour party as the community is being “cut to ribbons”. Gerrymandering on the cards to shut Galloway type candidates out of the political system. Sunday’s Bristol Against The Arms Trade anti-drones conference and Monday & Tuesday’s pro-drones conference taking place in Bristol. Breaking a mainstream media taboo: Luton, Bedfordshire free party sound system & Community activist Glenn Jenkins with marshal arts practitioner & engineeer Gerry Coulter discuss evidenced corrupt practices of freemasons. Luton Labour party leader Roy Davies discovered to be a liar and a freemason. Look at the blood-curdling initiation rites of the masonic third degree, extracts from the 1999 HTV documentary ‘Rites and Wrongs’ about Gloucestershire freemasons. Police bullying Jerry. Masonic corruption in the planning system specifically C. G. Fry & Sons who were exposed by BBC Southern Eye in 2000. The same firm are now building Prince Charles’ massive Poundbury estate West of Dorchester. www. Author of Inside The Brotherhood Martin Short uncovering criminal networks in local government & the police. Cotswold District Council LibDem Councillor Esmund Jenkins exposes £700,000 fraud at 85 acre Keynes Country Park and is then persecuted with £60,000 of public money by officials at the ‘Standards Board’. Presume nothing, some councils are being run by corrupt public officials for the benefit of the few and not in the public interest. Developer Dennis Grant took over Keynes Country Park on 114 year long lease for peppercorn £1/year lease and was subsequently convicted of £700k fraud and jailed for 4 years. The real secret is the power of communities to winkle out these criminals and expose them to the light of publicity and justice.
[audio: 201203301800]

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One comment on “Friday Drivetime
  1. frazzel says:

    were Glen and the exodus crew able to expose the 3 judges? if so what happened? did the judges have to stand down from the case? well done for having Glen on he is an inspiration.

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