Friday Drivetime

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris

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First hour: News review with Whitchurch Park Councillor and Executive member for Transport Tim Kent. The word Mortgage means ‘the grip of death’ in French. Debt at the heart of the financial crisis. Creation of money sub-contracted to the private sector, better for the Treasury to create debt-free money and spend it directly into the economy. UK finance chiefs expect double dip recession for 2012. US president Barack Obama plans to slash defence spending by half-a-trillion dollars. Cheaper ways to assassinate religious and political leaders with drones – looking to fight future wars with ‘click and kill’ technology but is it a war crime because no-one can surrender to a drone. Grant F. Smith: how Israeli financing of US politicians and publicatons is influencing the US economy and foreign policy. Convicted fraudster Gerald Ronson and hedge fund manager Paul Ruddock who made millions of pounds from the collapse of Northern Rock both awarded knighthoods. Is Diane Abbot MP a racist as she tweets ‘White people love playing divide and rule, we should not play their game’? Labour leader Ed Milliband forces her to apologise and former Labour and Respect MP George Galloway supports Diane Abbott. Tories bring return to 1890s University fees as tuition fees leap to £9,000 per year and government funding for higher education falls by half. Bristol Cathedral announce they will; be taking legal proceedings to evict the Occupy Bristol camp on College Green.
[audio: 201201061700]

Second hour: Super-buses, bus-rapid-transit planned for Bristol but Steve Satan from Rail Future has his doubts. Are these bio-methane powered guided buses as effective as trams and trains at getting people out of their cars? UK train fares have just risen by an average of 9% Britons pay up to ten times more that commuters on the continent to get to work by rail. Oil companies laughing at Bristol’s public transport being in a mess. Creating bio-methane fuel from Bristol’s food waste to power new guided buses. Significant rail transport investments by Bristol City Council being announced next week. The competition commission investigated Bristol’s buses and believe First Bus are profiteering. Police criticise Bristol’s bonkers bus-stops which stick right out into the road on showcase bus routes as ‘unsafe’, forcing cyclists and drivers to pull out into oncoming traffic. Credit cards to be used to pay bus fares? Revelation that MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke Jack Lopresti is a Freemason but what do Masons get up to in their secret temples at the bottom of Park Street? Investigative journalist Martin Short compares Freemasonry to a religious cult based on legend and lies, or a pyramid selling scheme. From a 1989 Granada TV documentary ‘Inside The Brotherhood’, ordinary people of Southend-On-Sea in Essex give their views on Freemasonry. Professor Anthony J. Hall, author of ‘Earth into Property: Colonization, Decolonization, and Capitalism‘. Washington at the core of an informal US empire justifying a permanent war economy. Fraudulent interpretation of 9/11 a diversionary tactic used by Israel to make its Middle Eastern enemies the enemies of the US and NATO. Requisitioning resources from indigenous people and dispossessing domestic middle classes. Great tragedy of our times that certain religions and peoples are demonised just as Hitler did in the 1930s and 1940s and we can’t believe Rupert Murdoch’s News International or the BBC, pollution of the mental environment and poisoning of consciousness. Professor Antony Sutton describes US dark forces The Order of the Skull and Bones at Yale University.
[audio: 201201061800]

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One comment on “Friday Drivetime
  1. dahszil says:

    There is no one who loves riding a train more than I. And the ricketier the better. However I think Councillor Tim Kent has the practical solution and Steve Satan of “Rail Future” not so. Since I am a “yank” I must speak primarily for the USA(once relatively decent republic, post ww2 rapacious empire). However I think my main point could possibly apply to Great Britain also, to a lesser or minor but significant extent. And that is with such a massive motor vehicle(rubber to the road)network, a bus can always turn off onto another road if the main expressway is closed up ahead due to traffic jam up, bridge out, maintenance, natural disaster, etc. With rail, you are pretty much stuck if track is damaged ahead. Or rapid or conventional train, tram etc has to back up for some time before and switch track to another line. And there is the problem of cost. Flexible bus networks with old and newer fast lane buses would seem to be a cheaper solution

    At risk of making an arse out of myself I think Mr.Satan’s position is based on nostalgia and conversely a belief in technology of the future always making life better for everyone. Regarding the true failure of buses to attract riders in the west, is one of stigma: that only we working and underclass with supposed time on our hands don’t require fast transport. Dare I say the main problem is that the bourgeoisie don’t want to rub shoulders with “the rabble”(which I, on piss-ant, under the poverty line US disability benefits, am part of). Lack of Bus riding unfortunately more than anything has to do with petty, trivial class divisions.

    Indeed underground rail is essential to dense mega cities like London and New York. Definitely there is a need to going back to, especially here in America, city to city rail.

    I discovered BCFM Friday Drivetime while searching an alternative media website. I truly love your show, and what a superb duo are Tony and Martin. Keep together guys because you two are like Oscar and Felix of the Odd Couple tv series here in the states in the 1970’s. With out Jack Klugman and Tony Randall together their would have not been the formula for one of the best tv sitcoms in US tv history. Or lets say with one of the members missing from another of my favorite tv shows, UK’s 1970’s “Are you being served” would never have got off the ground. Stick together Tony Gosling and Martin Summers. With one of you gentleman leaving there would be no Friday Drivetime. And your show is certainly not a comedy far from it, just using a not so good analogies at the end of my usual insomnia filled night. My best to progressive mates and… ummh?….mate-ettes!(females, sorry for being silly) of Bristol.

    rust belt town
    (i believe in the UK the term is “crap town”?)
    northeastern usa

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