Friday Drivetime

BCfm’s weekly politics show presented by Tony Gosling

At five: discussing the big stories in Bristol, Britain and around the world
After six: straight talking and investigative reports with Martin Summers and Marina Morris

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First hour: News review with Staple Hill Councillor Ian Boulton (Lab). Staring world wide banking collapse in the face; CEO of RBS Retail Brian Hartzer cheekily calls time on free banking; youth unemployment passes the million mark; owner BAE Systems says Filton airfield has been ‘loss making’ but BBC discovers it made £1.3m profit in 2010; Cribbs Causeway Christmas traffic jams; MoD spend £564m of equipment budget on consultants in 2009, nearly 100 times figure of £6m in 2006; Military Industrial Complex on warpath for public money; 11 of Bristol’s open spaces earmarked for sell-off could be saved but 38 others face being sold, Ron Stone for Labour & Mark Weston for Tories want local people to decide on all sites but LibDem Gary Hopkins and Green Cllr. Tess Green want 38 sold off without further consultation; possible vote of no confidence looms over Bristol City Council’s proposed green space sell-off; why won’t developers build homes on ex-industrial brown field sites; are Remembrance Sunday & Armistice day becoming propaganda for the ‘War on Terror?’; Communication Workers’ Union (CWU) on strike for inflation pay rise; locations of TV Licencing sites in Bristol; Somerset & Gloucestershire Council attempt to close libraries ruled unlawful at High Court; Zurich Insurance failing to pay out over August riots; EDF Energy customer service disaster invokes fury of Ofgem.
[audio: 201111181700]

Second hour: Author of ‘Untouchables‘ and former World In Action reporter Laurie Flynn on appalling policing standards in South East London and specifically around Stephen Lawrence case. 08:30 – Bristol’s great Business Rate scam, owners of business premises keeping offices empty & rents artificially high to fraudulently boost their balance sheets; mysterious demolition of part of Evening Post building and many others with Eddie James. 19:30 – Palestine bid for UN recognition and William Hague’s statement to the commons last week, visit of war criminal Tzipi Livni to Downing Street with Rita Candaluci of Bristol Palestine Solidarity campaign (PSC). 24:30 – Former Director General of MI5 Eliza Manningham-Buller joins other peers in calling for decriminalisation of Cannabis; Steve Barker from Legalise Cannabis Alliance; Cannabis Legal Support Service helpline: 01508 480528. 32:30 – Preparing for the latest battle in the tenth crusade? Iran and Syria next to be targeted by NATO & financial oligarchy, or as Peter Eyre describes it the New World Order. Christian Zionist religious fanatics explained by Irving Wesley Hall. 46:00 – His book is Earth Into Property, Alberta University’s Professor Anthony J. Hall looks at the process of globalisation since 1492; succession of psychological warfare wars to oppose terrorism; overcoming the monstrosity that is the ‘War on Terror’.
[audio: 201111181800]

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2 comments on “Friday Drivetime
  1. Andrew says:

    Second hour was very powerful – great to hear Martin Summers heatedly suggesting a repeat of 90’s NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. This time the target to be Israel, the point being to persuade the Jewish state to finally provide freedom and justice for Palestinians. One small thing however – United States, United Kingdom and Israel are NATO.

  2. Laura says:

    Yes I agree. They are NATO, they use Nato to stay out of the problem they create around the wold.. Maybe good tactic if was for a justice cause, but is actually just for use against muslims and anyone who dont band their rules.

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